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from the 100th Anniversary Booklet, 1879-1979.






Ahlrich Brother and Sisters
1. Margaretha ( Mrs. Henry Seehusen)
2. Marie (Mrs. John Rickels)
3. Anna (Mrs. Henry Folkers)
4. Thomas and Johanne Frismer
space1. Herman Reinard
space2. William Heinrich
space3. Emma (Etten)
space4. John
Ammeter Godlich and Marie Tautsch
1. Johann Gotthieb
2. Willie Robert
3. Marie
Ammeter Christian and Rose Ausbachan
1. Fredrich
Arnold George Hinrich and Marie Schoon
1. George Edward
Bohlken Carl Friedrich and Patharina
1. Adolph Theador
Bohlken Gerko and Anna Catherine Fyerich
1. Genina Marie
Bohlken Henrich and Anna Seba
1. Fredrich Hinrichs
2. Johann Henrich
Bohs Christian and Maria Brahens
1. Alfred
Broerkens Johann and Catherine Kuper
1. Harm Wilheim
2. August Brunno
Burrach Johann and Angelina Zimmerman
1. A. Henry and Marie Gienapp
space1. John
space2. Louise
space3. Wilma (Koob)
space4. Lorna (Arthur)
space5. Paul
2. Anna Margarella (Willms) Rev. John—Foster Children
3. Augusta Elsie
4. Ludwig Diedrick and
space1. Lois (Senft)
5. Rev. William Richard and
space1. Louis
space2. Richard (Minister at Pallmory)
Burrach Otgss Bernard W.
Caspers Peter C. M.
1. Andreas Caspers and Henrietta Husman
space1. Peter M.
space2. Herman F. Caspers
space3. John G. Caspers
space4. Catherine (Mrs. Mike Tobiason)
space5. Tobe T.
space6. Henry J.
space7. Anna F. (Mrs. Menno Moenk)
space8. Fred
space9. Carl F.
space10. Lena (Mrs. Gerd Mardorf)
space11. Margaret M. (Mrs. Alva Stadtmueller)
Dirksen Peter August and Lacile Lorgensen
1. Herman August
Egge Johann and Katherine Inabrit (Swiss Ancestry)
1. Emil Herman
2. Emma (Mrs. Alfred Yousse)
Eiben Christoph Gerhard and Mary
Eiben Eibo and Hanna Gesina Fehners
1. Emma
2. Garret
3. Mary
4. John
5. Ben
6. Fannie (Mrs. Alva Stadtmueller)
7. Carl
8. Louise (Mrs. Herman Eggers)
9. Gusty
Eiben Gerd and Christine Bohlken
1. Elsie C.M.
2. Marie J.
3. Johann Hinrich
4. Mathilda
Engelbarts Faye Bernhard and Lina Janssen
1. Freida
Engelbarts Martin
1. Aleoinine Ottilda
2. Hanne Margaretha
Fehners Johann D. and Christine Hedden
1. Hanna Gesina
2. John H.
3. Freidrich Martin
4. Herman F.
Folken Diedrich and Etta Bartels
1. Freidrich Johann
Folkers Anna (Mrs. John Lubben)
Folkers Garret
Folkers Fred
Folkers Gesche (Mrs. Albert Weers)
Folkers Harm and Marie Husman
1. Edo Hermann
Folkers Henry and Anna Ahlrich
1. Catherine Marie (Mrs. Mary Knop)
Folkers John and Margeretha Heiken
1. Anke M.
2. Thomas
Folkers Tom
Folkers George and Marie
1. Catherine (Capron)
Fyerichs Adolph Thedor
Fyerichs Carl and Catherine Bolken
1. Renhard Sylvester
Franklin Edward and Louise Meyer
Geyken Martin and Marie Tapken
1. Martin (Minister)
2. Johann
3. Christine Math. Charlotte
4. Freida
5. Lena
6. Emma
7. Hilda
8. Fred
Hagen Menno and Anna Catherine Dirks
1. Sophia Garhardina
Hanken August and Lottie Rickels
Hanken Wilheim and Augusta Stadtmueller
Harms Ed and Amalie Weers
1. Marie Amalie
Harms Heinrich E. and Gerhardina Weers
Hartman C.
1. Mathilda Emma (First Confirmation Class)
Hartmann Christian and Katherine Burkhart
Hauepler Bernhard and Marie Helgens
1. Wilhelm Harms
2. Augusta Emalie
3. Lina Frangusta
Hedden Folkert and Marie Klassen
Hedden Harm and Ferna Folkers
Heiken Albert and ? Bohlken
1. Gerd Henrich
2. Warner
Heiken Albert and Marie Behrends (Founder of Church) First Married in the Church
1. Margaret (Mrs. Henry Johnson)
2. Wilheim
3. Anna Gesina
4. Johann
5. Helene (Mrs. George Specht)
6. Heinrich
7. Fred
8. Carl
9. Bernhard
10. Albert George
Heiken Johann Henrich and Marie Heiken (Founder of Church) Marie Heiken and Albert Heiken were brother and sister.
1. Anna Chaterine
2. Margaret Elizabeth
Heiken Inke Albert and Elsie Eiben
1. Marie Heneitta
2. Henrich
3. Ernie
4. Louis
5. Harvey
6. Emma
7. Irene
8. Caroline
9. Clara (Ratigan)
Huls Bernard and Geska Schaefer
1. Anna Bernhardine
2. Freidrike Elsie
Huls Jaspar and Margaret Edwards
1. Maria Anna
2. Anna Wilhelmina
Hults Henrich and Gascha Schaefer
1. Tamina Johanne
2. Etta Hermine
Husman Freidrich and Herimine Thuman
1. August Herman
Iben Albert
Jacobs Henrich R. and Catherine Stadtmueller
Jacobs Lorenz and Katherine Poppe
Jacobs Wilhelm and Maria Mattiessen
Janssen Johann and Etta Lurkens
1. Christine Genise
Juilf Johann and Cornetia Eiben
1. Cornelius
2. Anna
Juhifs Hinrich Harm
King Allen and Lena Kromminga
Knake Henrich and Anne Taupne
1. Anne Margaretha
2. Martin Edward
Kromminga Folkert
Kuper Herman and Ritta M. Herren Kuper - Johann and Anna Heimirchs
1. Harm Wilheim
2. Ricklefs Henrichs
3. George Herman
4. Gerhard Dietrich
Lehmann Freidrich and Anna Josie
1. Friedrich Edward
2. Nellie May
3. George Wilheim
Lehmkickl Henrich and Louise Burgan
1. Olga Sophia
2. Freidricka
Lubben E. Cornelius
Lubben John and Anna Folkers
Lucken Albert and Maria
1. Maria E.
Lucken Henry
1. Carl Hinrich
Lukens Johann Hinrich and Anna Marie Wilheims
1. Johann H.
Lutz A. Hugo and Florestine Mardolf
1. Christoph Freidrich
2. George Wilheim Ernst
Mauch Johann and Lena Herkins
Meyer Chris and Marg. Meyer
1. Alfred
2. Bertha
Monk Gerd and Hervine Monk
1. George J. Cornelius
Monk Henrich and Gescha Siebels
Niederhausen Jacob and Magdalena Berger
1. Anna Magdalena
Nichols H.
Oltmanns Hilaruis
Oltmanns Johann and Elsie Weers
1. Tina
2. Arnalie
3. John Hinrich
4. Gerhardine Marie Henriette
5. Albert Ludwig
Ommen Peter and Mathilda Hartman
1. John
2. Alvina (Mrs. Walter Fergusen)
3. Emma (Mrs. Gottard Romburg) Gottard Romburg was a Lutheran minister from Germany and a Professor at Waverly teaching high German and music.
Poppe Fahann Diedrich and Maethantha Schaefer
1. Gerd J.
Poppe Freidrich T.
Poppe Johann F.
Poppe John Diedrich and Marg. Kath. Paegeler
1. Anna (Mrs. Henry Arhken)
2. Mary (Mrs. John Zimmerman)
3. Elizabeth (Mrs. A. E. Laude)
4. Margaret (Mrs. L. R. Jacobs)
5. Wilhelmina (Mrs. G. H. Gerdes)
6. Helen (Married Rev. Ewald Senft)
7. George
Poppe John Henrich and Ida Aegeter
1. Johanna Elizabeth
Rieniets Henry and Elsie (Weers)
1. William
2. Geaheart (married Margaret Guyan)
3. Alice (married Tobe Poppe)
4. Elsie
5. George (married Effie Irean Tuel)
6. Henry
7. Theadore (married Mabel Zadon)
8. Carl
9. Martha
Reuter Carl and Meta Siebels
1. Clara Gesina
Reiken Hank and Etta C. Schaefer
Rickels Harm and Marie Catherine Henrichs
1. Johann (married Marie Ahlrich)
2. Margretha
3. Maria (Mrs. Lester Jults' Mother)
4. Henrich
5. Engeline (Mrs. Chris Specht)
6. Emma
7. Wilheim
8. Harmine (Mrs. Minnie Poppe)
9. Gerhard Freidrich
10. Martha (Mrs. Ed Harms)
Rickels Johann and Anna Maria Rickels
1. Anna
2. Friedrich William
3. Daniel
4. Johanna Janssen
5. Freida Marie
Rienitz Henrich and Elsie Weers
1. Wilheim
2. Henrich Gerhard
3. Alice
4. Elsie
5. George
Roth Chris and Anna Meyer
1. Edward
Schaefer Johann O. and Martha Remmers
1. Etta (Mrs. Hank Ricken)
2. Hanna (Mrs. John Siebels)
3. Sena
Schaefer Johann O. and Christine Hedden Fehners
1. Harm
2. Fannie (Mrs. Garret Siebels)
3. Mary (Mrs. Will Poppe)
4. Dena (Mrs. Louis Ortgies)
Scheer Andreas and Ernestine Winter
1. John Carl Edward
Schmidt Oltman and Johanna Weers
Seba Johann H.
Seehusen Garreth and Matigel Hartman
1. Eche Wilhelmina
2. George Rolf
Seehusen Rolf and Mageline Scheer
Siebels Jans Lubben and Margaretha Harms
1. Johann Hinrich
2. Wilheim
3. Nellie
4. Memmo Garret
5. Siebelt Barnhart
6. Johann Anton
7. Etta Marie
Siebels Johann O.
Siebels Menno Lubben and Johanna Mar. Bohlken
1. Rinolt Margaretha
2. Ida L.
3. Margartha Kath.
4. Carl W.
Specht Johann Dietrich and Meta Gerdes
1. Christian
2. Herman
3. Meta Elizabeth
4. Johann Henrich
5. George Friedrich
Stadtmueller Dietrich John and Freidrika Oltmans (Buck)
1. Emil Max (adopted son) 1st Confirmation Class
2. P. W. Augusta
space1. Augusta (Mrs. W. H. Hanken)
space2. Elsa (Mrs. J. H. Hanken)
space3. Austin (mar. Anna Brokens)
space4. Johanna (Mrs. John Lieneman)
space5. Kate (Mrs. H. R. Jacobs)
space6. Ludwig Carl (married Etta Brokens) 1st baptized
space7. Minnie (Mrs. B. H. Hanken)
space8. Fred (married Meta Oltmans)
Stimpson John and Anna Specht
1. Thomas
2. Johannes
3. George William
Tapken Herman and Johanna
Tapken John and Anna Ortgies
Tieken Fredrich and Anke Marie Albers
1. Margaret (Mrs. Albert Folken)
2. John Albers
3. Henry Albers
4. Bill Albers
5. Fred
6. Elizatha
7. Herman
Trefz Wilheim and Marie Spoerrl
1. Wilheim
2. Ludwig Albert
Warner Carl and Minna Striekopp
1. Anna Mar. Emma
2. Bernard Friedrich
Wenger John and Marie Eggers
1. Rose Elisa
Weers Albert and Gesche Folkers
1. Johann Hinrich
2. Katherine Marie
3. Anna Amalia
Married Anna Schrader
4. Garret
5. Fred
6. Marie (Mrs. Raymond Conley)
Weers Johann and Amelia
1. Johann F.
Ulferts Ulferts
1. Elizabeth
2. Etta Margaretta
Zeuch William and Maria Deindoerfer
1. Anna Marie
2. Julus Carl
Zimmerman Friedrich Tjarks and Gesha Marie Tobiassen
1. Engelina Margartha
Zimmerman Gerhard and Gretha Zimmerman
1. Anna Catherine
2. Wilke Janssen
3. Elsie Wilhelmina
Zimmerman Heike Hinrich
Zimmerman Rudolph and Bertha Hedden
1. Emma
2. Johann
Zimmerman Johanna Tobiassen
Zimmerman John and Marie Anke Poppe
1. Alva Ahrendt