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Images of the 1904 phone book were provided by Jim Christianson.

You can help us to give good service by observing the following


Call by number—not by name
Speak in a natural voice and directly into the mouthpiece.
If the name of the desired party does not appear in this directory, call central. Changes are being made every day.
Doctor's calls and business messages will be given precedence over others.
The time limit for messages over the toll lines will be five minutes.
All toll messages will be charged to the instrument from which they come.
Rough or improper language will not be permitted.
Report to the manager at once all disorders of the line or instrument and any error or inattention of the employes.
Don't try to repair any "trouble" which may occur but report it at once to the central office.
In using the lines limit your message to five minutes, using the line as often as you choose. By so doing each one has a chance to use the line without long and tiresome waiting.
Operators are required to be courteous and accommodating to all and are entitled to the same treatment.
Don't visit with the operators. They have work to do which requires their attention. Users of our party lines will please remember—
Never take down the receiver unless in answer to your call or when you wish to use the line. By so doing you at once disable the ringing circuit and impair the talkingg circuit.
Answer only when you are called. Always listen to see if the line is in use before ringing.
Always show the same consideration for others on the line as you would wish from them.

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