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Images of the 1904 phone book were provided by Jim Christianson.

C. P. LATTAManager
Althen, John F., res131
Altman, Wm., res19-F
Anamosa Eureka, office163
Anamosa Journal, office64
Anamosa National Bank94
Anamosa High School173
Anamosa Postoffice155
Anamosa Waterworks19
Armstrong, Chas., res12-H
Atkinson, E. L., res125
Austin Bros., res24-H
American Express Co.71
Barto, M., res3-U
Barrett, Robt., res20
Barret, John, res112
Barker, Wn., grocery80
Barker, Wm., res87
Bailey & Davis, store, Amber13-A
Bailey, John, meat market, Amber21-R
Bailey, J. C., res21-H
Bailey, Philip, res7-K
Baily, Emma, res5
Beam, C. M., furniture and undertaking161
Beam, C. M., res12
Beam, H. E., Drug Co.71
Beam, Dan, res130
Beam, H. E., res279
Beam, John, res156
Beam, Lon, res12-B
Bedell, Geo., res186
Belknap Bros., shop182
Belknap, Oscar, res16-H
Belknap, C., res7-G
Belknap, James, res14-R
Bemrose, Geo., res151
Bemrose, Thos., res12-W
Beardsley, Orange, res86
Beebee, Ed., res3-C
Birk Bros., livery150
Birk, John, res92
Bills, D. B., res17-I
Bills, Fred, res17-K
Bon Ton Restaurant190
Bowers, E. E. res38
Booth, T. E., res179
Bleuski, Frantz, res16-G
Blood, Chas., res16-A
Brasted & Prentice, grocery122
Brasted, I. H., res194
Brady, Dan, res17-S
Brady,John, res17-N
Brickley, Ella, res17-W
Brown, Chas., res40
Brown, C. M., res4-M
Brown, Wm., res185
Bromley, W. T., res14-W
Bruce, Mat., res5-B
Bunce, Lee, res7
Bunker, O. D., res49
Buckner, Wm. Jr., res11-H
Buckner, Wm. Sr., res11-Q
Byers & Bailey, dressmaking parlors5
Byers, Myrtle, res5
Byerly, Alando, res17-A
Byerly, Milton, res4-R
Byerly, Ed., res9-B
Cash & Rhinehart, office134
Cash, C. J., res62
Casteel, M., res24-R
Carson, James, res21-C
Chadwick & Son, shop90
Chadwick, David, res68
Chadwick, Hervy, res15
Chadwick, Nelson, res6-B
Cheshire, Chas., res2-L
Chamberlain, Park, office166
Chamberlain, Park, res184
C. M. & St. Paul Passenger Depot, Anamosa54
C. M. & St. P. Freight Depot, Anamosa135
C. M. & St. P. Depot, Stone City6K
C. & N. W. depot, Anamosa66
C. & N. W. depot, Amber21-B
County Auditor's office127
County Clerk's office145
County Recorder's office51
County Treasurer's office31
County Attorney's office134
County Superintendent's office149
County Jail128
County Farm13-W
Council Room165
Corey A. L., Shady Lane24-E
Connery W. res19-W
Conrad Chris res5-A
Columbia Hotel, Stone City6-R
Cunningham W. A. office115
Cunningham W. A. res108
Cunningham W. A. Icehouse172
Cunningham H. H. res24-A
Cunningham, Hugh, res24-G
Chisman, W. P., res12-E
Dannatt, Dr. E. G., office199
Darrow, Geo., res22
Daly, Phil, res4-F
Davis, S. L., res2-K
Dannerman, Herman, res21-U
Dearborn & Sons, office6-D
Dearborn & Sons, store6-M
Dearborn, Henry, res6-L
Dearborne, Wm., res6-P
Dean, Myron, res5-R
Dennison, C. W., res17-R
Derr, C. W. B., office51
Dierks, Dedrick, res19-D
Dierks, H. M., res19-A
Dorsey, Geo., res9-H
Doyle, David, res9-J
Druet, Dr., res98
Dragoo, I. N., res12-P
Dripps, W. H., res79
Dunn, Thomas, res9-A
Dunning, Mrs296
Easterly Hotel121
Eden, Carl, res7-H
Edwards, T. J., res67
Elevator, Anamosa117
Electric Light Co., office138
Ellis, W., res.14-T
Ellis, Lucian, res59
English, Tom, res2-B
Erb & Dannatt, dentist, office199
Eureka Printing office163
Evans, J., res11-J
Farragher, Sidney, res7-R
Farragher, Frank, res77
Flaherty Dros., res5-F
Flaherty, Wm., res10
Gallagher, L., res14-E
Gillen Hotel169
Glick, Wm., res146
Glick, Ethan, res17-H
Gmehle, G., res295
Gorman, Dr. T. C., res83
Gorman, Dr. T. C., office 139
Gorman, M., res2-S
Gooly, M., res5-Q
Good, John, res11-B
Golden, Mrs. L., res215
Gray, Drs. R. H. & Nettie, office and res106
Gray, W. W., res.9-R
Gray, M. W., res9-S
Green, J. A., res6-A
Green, J. A., office6-E
Green Bros., livery113
Griffith, J., res19
Graft, Frank, res17-D
Grimm, Chas., res9
Grimm, B. F., res46
Grimm, E. H., res14-M
Gerdes, Mrs. Anna, res19-G
Haden, D., res3-D
Hanna, Homer, res9-L
Hartman, T., J., res11-T
Hartman, Clayton, res11-G
Hartman, Mrs. Henry, res35
Hartman, Josh, res89
Hartman & Son, Implements154
Hanson & Fay, grocery187
Hanson, John, res47
Harvey, E. H., office8
Harvey, E. H., res21
Harms, Henry, res21-K
Hale, John K., hardware102
Hale, Mrs. S. D., res18
Haardt, H., res.180
Hay, J. I., res23
Hay, Chas., res25-G
Hay, O. W., res25-F
Hargrave, Chas., res49
Hejinian, Dr. A. G., office143
Hejinian, Dr. A. G., res104
Hellberg & Thoeming, meat market164
Hellberg, Henry Sr., res93
Heitchen, A., res53
Heiken, Warner, res21-T
High School, Anamosa173
Howard, C. R. druggist200
Holtman, Wm., res144
Holt, E. C., res27
Holmes, Ben, res.10-B
Holister Lumber Co., office29
Holister, M. L.,res158
Hopkins, Chas., res16-M
Hultz, Fred, res5-D
Hughes, Ed., res10-E
Huseman, Fred, res24-Q
Hubbard, W. A.,3
Ice House, W. A. Cunningham172
Ireland, Frank, res22-C
Ireland, J. W., res22-A
Jessup, L. P., res22-B
Journal Office64
Johnson, Walter, res4-A
Johnson, Geo., res4-C
Johnson, Ben, res16-P
Joslin, Ed., res11-C
Kaper, J., res.10-A
Kaufmann's Meat Market114
Kelly, James, res97
Ketcham, Louis, res5-C
King, Dr. J. E., office.162
Kilgore, Alex., res153
Kidwell, Chas., res12-C
Kramar, G. W., res16-E
Latta, C. O., office197
Latta, C. P., apartments174
Lamb, Frank, res33
Lawrence, Geo., res73
Lawrence, Geo., office109
Lawrence, Sam, res5-T
Larson, Lee, res3-L
Larson, Chris, res3-F
Leaper, Henry, res3-G
Little, C. D., res189
Lincoln, Peter, res7-B
Loomis Bros., contractors and builders299
Lowe, J. H., res69
Lubben, John, res19-H
Manager's Office100
May, Bert, res12-R
Martin, Mike, res21-I
Martin, Geo., res177
Mallory, J., res48
Masonic Hall152
McCarty, W. F., groceries168
McLaughlin Bros., Harness and Implements110
McLaughlin, S. T. res101
McLaughlin, B., res14
McCarn, D. res276
McCarn, D., office166
McClout, F., res16-U
McGowan, Ed., res12-G
Metcalf Electric Light Co, office138
Metcalf, E. G., res72
Merrill, John, res17-G
Merrill, Frank, res11-F
Merrill, Mrs., res76
Meek & Beam, Furniture and Undertaking118
Meek, I. H., office166
Miller, B. H., office166
Miller, B. H., res195
Miller, Howard, res6
Mills, W. J., office127
Mills, W. J., res45
Milsap, Edw., res9-U
Milliken Poultry House30
Model Grocery80
Morrisey, W. P., res2-A
Morrisey, John, res25-R
Monk, John, res4-B
Monk, Gerald, res4-E
Moss, Walter, res5-G
Moss, Frank, res11-P
Mosher, Mrs., res10-Q
Morey, A. L., res.60
Morey, Bert, res14-A
Moyer, Sam, res11-M
Monroe, Mrs. A. J., res65
Monroe, G. H., res126
Moore, E. R., res107
Moore, E. R., office64
Mussen, J. A., res36
Myrick, Chas., res36
Myrick, Hobart, res36
Newman, Soho, res2-J
Neunaber, Henry, res2-F
Newhart, Mark, Firview, res12-I
Nichols, John, plumbing297
Nichols, John, apartments174
Niles & Watters Bank141
C. L. Niles, res193
Niles, Clifford, res198
Niles, F. C., res70
Noble, G. E., grocery148
Noble, G. E., res52
Mordeman, Henry, res24-P
Northrup, Henry,3-M
Oltmans, Wm., res19-F
O'Connor, Pat, res21-W
Opera House Pharmacy200
Osborne, Wm., res160
Osborne, Ed., res123
Otten, Harry, res14-U
Otten, Otto, res23-A
O'Toole, Mike, res2-H
Palace Saloon11
Parks, Frank, res12-A
Paul, Roy C., dairy18-B
Paul, Clifford B., county superintendent149
Paul, Clifford B., aportments184
Paul, L. H., res18-M
Peet, L. D., Supt. of Poor Farm13-W
Peet, Thos., livery133
Petersen, Peter, res7-E
Petersen, Hans, res9-T
Petersen, Fred, res18-F
Pearson, Lou, res11-A
Peregoy, John, res16-B
Perkins, DeWitt, res37
Petcina, J. F., office31
Petcina, J. F., res13
Pierce, Hosea, res.3-J
Plamadore, Ed., res4
Plamadore, Ed., office30
Powers, Thos., res.2-M
Porter, Frank, res.17-M
Porter, Chas., res4-Q
Postoffice, Anamosa155
Pricon City Laundry61
Penitentiary, [private exchange]2
Poire, Chas., hotel6-R
Prentice, Milo, res42
Prentice, Will, res16
Ray, John, res181
Ramsey, Jap, res158
Ramsey, Jap, office145
Ramsey, E. E., res.24-J
Remley & Remley, law office50
Remley, H. M., res57
Rhinehart, B. E., res.105
Rhinehart, B. E., office134
Ruhe, Till, res21-J
Rigby, M. c., res.39
Richards, Wm., res157
Ristine, W. G., res25-F
Ronen, John, quarries6-W
Robertson, James, res.7-L
Robertson, Peter, res7-A
Robertson, D. A., res6
Rumple, H. A., res22-D
Ryan, Mrs. L., res.74
Schoonover, Geo., res239
Schoonover, A. J., res63
Schoon, Mrs. Mary, res7-D
Scott Bros., Hardware129
Shaw & Dutton, Groceries137
Shaw, Col. Wm., res99
Shapley, T. W., res.192
Sheilds, J., res25-C
Sigworth, Dr. H. W. & Sons, office120
Sigworth, Dr. H. W. & Sons, stables78
Sigworth, Dr. H. W., res.140
Sigworth, Dr. Harry, res75
Sigworth, Dr. Fred, res41
Sigworth, Perry, res259
Sigworth & Dorgeloh, druggists136
Siebels, August, res21-E
Simpson, E. R., res.3-A
Skinner, Wm., druggist111
Skinner, Wm., res55
Smith, Harvey, res11-R
Swartz, peter, res23-B
Scwirtz, N., blacksmith shop.43
Smith, D. C., res3-E
Smith, Wm., res84
Smith, Harry24
Smith, Wylie, res.14-B
Snyder, H. M.,28
Sommers, A.,3-N
Soper, Horace, res34
Soper, Joe, res21.A
Springer, Mrs. Col., res20-C
Sprague, Clyde, res188
Strawman, Chas., res12-M
Strawman, Melvin, res4-J
Strawman, W. F., res25-B
Starks, John, res18-E
Starks, Wesley, res18-A
Starry, Sylvester, res16-C
Stout, Chas., res.9-F
Stout, Dade, res17
Streets, J., res.7-J
Steckel, Walter, res.4-G
Steckel, Nathan, res21-F
Stacy, J. S., office142
Stacy, J. S., res183
Studer, Warren, res25-J
Switzer, Ben, res17-J
Taber, Niles Jr., dray82
Tapper, B., office6-F
Tapper, B., res.6-G
Taylor, J. S., res26
Thomas, Geo., res16-R
Thoeming, L., res132
Thompson, Tobe, res171
Thompson, Tobe, saloon11
The Bon Ton Restaurant190
The Little Chicago Restaurant170
The Oxford116
Tourtellot, Dr. L. J., dentist196
Tobiassen, res.4-K
Tonges, August, res21-X
Trester, D. C., plumber and tinner96
Underwood, James, res.12-S
Underwood, Will, res12-X
Underwood, Van, res91
Vandusen, Walter, res9-K
Van Ness, A. E., barber shop191
Vernon, Mrs. Elmer, res.11-S
Watters Bros., office175
Watters, Al, res159
Watters, Geo., res81
Walker, Geo., res.119
Wallace, W. W., res5-J
Waggoner, Chas., res17-C
Waggoner, Frank, res17-F
Weiss, Thomas, res2-G
Weiss, J. A., res21-P
Wells, Frank, res4-X
Weselman, A., res5-H
Wetrick, D. A., res17-P
Western Union Telegraph Co135
Wink, Archie, res16-F
Wilson, Wm., res95
Wolf, Frank, res11-U
Wolf, P., res21-Q
Wood, E. J., res103
Wood Bros., res17-B
Wroblewski, Frantz, res16-G
Yule, B., res5-I
Zimmerman, Herman, res21-L
Zimmerman, W. R., res.23-K



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