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Images of the 1904 phone book were provided by Jim Christianson.

Altman, Wm., Harness Shop and Implements130
Abendroth & Dantremont, Barber Shop4
Abendroth, Jno., Res192
Ambuhl, Geo., res103
Arduser, Jake, res87
Arduser, Jno. W., res181
Aldrich, Lester, res13
Albinger & Vandermark, Res84
Ambuhl, A., Res13-C
Arduser, J. L., res24-A
Allamand, A. B., res17-I
Applegate, C. S., res6-O
Atchison, W. J., res17-J
Ahrmken, Henry, res18-L
Albertson, U. G., res10-E
Athens, Fred, res5-T
Athens, Francis, res5-N
Arduser, J. U., res25-T
Anderson, J. A., res13-G
Burrichter, H. F., general store16
Brady, D., restaurant8
Brown, C. W., harness shop38
Brown, C. M., retaurant128
Bell, P. D., res90
Bort, C. C., res118
Beatty, Mrs. Bessie, res40
Brazelton, J., res179
(B)aer, N., res190
(Br)icker, Harry, res186
Bohern, R., res21-B
Balster, J. C.22-B
Behrend, Henry, res17-B
Bates, Bert, res26-P
Boss, Jno.25-B
City Water Works184
Canning Factory32
Christionsen, R., saloon39
Coyle, M. L., painter and paper hanger180
Coyle, Luke, painter & paper hanger95
Clarke, L., res185
Carter, J. H., res75
Cramer, Chas., res12
Corbett, W. H., res150
Cooper, Mrs., res173
Clark, N. P., res2-P
Clark, D. D., res6-B
Clark, Robert, res26-H
Clark, Chas. J., res26-R
Corbett, W. H., res6-M
Cunningham, D. D., res9-D
Cramer, A. W., res10-J
Cashman, Maurice, res16-I
Colton, J. A., res12-G
Colton, G. A., res12-J
Conley, Tim, res5-W
Drinkwater, Dr. Vetinary, res82
Depot, passenger55
Depot, freight56
Davis, G. W. hardware store6
Doutrick, J. A., store3
Doxsee, J. W., law office18
Diamond Creamery143
Darroll, J., barber shop148
Dautremont, F., tile and brick office197
Doxsee, J. W., res136
Doutrick, J. A., res126
Dennison, C. C., res147
Dautremont, Vic, res133
Darroll, Jas., res33
Depot, Langworthy5-G
Davidson, Andrew, res23-A
Davidson, Alexander, res7-M
Darling, Lou, res25-T
Depot, Scotch Grove6-L
Darrow, G. W., res12-B
Darrow, C. B., res12-E
Dice, H. C., res6-J
Deischer, N. C., res19-A
Deischer, J. H., res19-B
Deischer, Howard, res19-W
Delay, Dennia, res16-C
Delay, Jno., res16-E
Doran, Frank, res19-R
Dinklage, Chris, res5-R
Dirk, D., res 3-K
Dewitt, A., res10-L
Eiler & Bolton, store22
Electric Light Station189
Erricksen, C. J., res66
Eagen, Thomas, res52
Edwards, Mrs. Anna, res173
Eilers, A., res2-T
Eilers, Ben, res5-J
Eilers, Ed, res2-E
Evans, Jno., res10-F
Evers, Jno., res19-K
Eiben, E. F., res7-F
Fryberger, Jay, grocery69
Feed Mill14
Foster, H. E., res79
French, O. D., res157
Ferguson, Walter, res177
Ferguson, J. A., res196
Fairbanks, Arthur, res2-A
Fairbanks, A. L., res2-F
Fairbanks, C. A., res2-C
Folkerts, Jacob, res22-U
Folkers, J. H., res12-F
Folkers, Jno, res3-T
Folkers, Toby, res22-F
Guynan, Geo., res36
Gardner & Maurice, managers Opera House21
Good, Wm., res168
Gillilan, Jno., res9-T
Glass, A. T., res19=G
Glass, Wm., res5-L
Graves, Jno.10-A
Grover, Steve, res13-J
Gerjets, Henry, res22-T
Hunter, Dr. W. W., office158
Herrick & Bauder, law office49
Hunter & Errickson, grocery17
Hall, J. S., hardware store47
Hogan, M. J., livery63
Haeussler & Sons, market183
Hotel Lovell26
Hoag Duster Co., office35
Hanken, Mrs. M. A., res70
Herrick, M. W., res107
Hogan, M. J., res142
Hubbard, E. A., res127
Hubbard, Bert, res127
Hubbard, Elmer, res110
Henderson, Robert, res67
Haeussler, B. F., res174
Hansen, O. P., res178
Himebaugh, A. E., res146
Hosford, O. F. res129
Himebaugh, E. L., store, Scotch Grove6-T
Heyen, Jno., store, Langworthy5-B
Haley, Mike, res10-O
Hughes, G., res26-C
Howie, Frank, res7-G
Howie, James, res7-F
Howie, Chas., res7-H
Hubbard, Jno., res9-J
Harken, G. N., res7-P
Hedden, Henry, res22-E
Hanken, Fred, res5-E
Hanken, Henry, res5-I
Hankin, Wm., res21-H
Hosford, Alonzo, res3-C
Hosford, S. M., res7-B
Henderson, Wm., res19-O
Head, Ed., res12-O
Hannan, Lee, res12-H
Harms, J. H., res3-F
Harms, Gerd., res3-M
Harms, Herman, res3-I
Hogan, Mrs. D., res10-B
Himes, Ed. J., res9-L
Himes, Wm. L., res19-B
Hogan, Pat, res16-A
Hogan, James, res16-H
Hagen, Mrs. A. K., res17-L
Himebaugh, P. M., res22-H
Hoffacre, Joe. res8-J
Hoyt, B. L., res6-N
Hall, Walter, res10-G
Harmes Bros9-H
Hall, C. N. res96
Inglis, C. N., res116
Innes, Rev., W. J. res109
I.O.O.F. Hall119
Jones, Chas., res154
Johnson Co., clothing store41
Jones County Times office25
Jacobs, Lawrence, res18-I
Jacobs, Carl, res18-D
Jacobs, A. B., res22-A
Jacobs, H. R., res22-J
Kemph, A., druggist46
Klondike Creamery141
K. of P. Hall50
Kettlitz, H. S., res2
Kempf, A., res113
Kiburz Bros., res191
Kiburz, Al., resa188
Kellog, W. F., res198
Kellum, Fred, res161
Kemmerman, G., res19
Kasper, A., res3-O
Kanake, Henry, res2-L
King, Bert, res19-E
Kurt, Frank, res17-H
Kehoe, Peter, res16-P
Kennedy, Mike, res16-K
Kromminga, F., res9-K
King, Steve, res16-S
Kemmerman, D., res22-K
Lovell State Bank1
Lovell Hotel26
Lang, Lewis, feed mill14
Lovell, Geo., res104
Lee, Mrs. Carrie, res162
Lande, Wm. H., res112
Lang, H. J., res289
Liddy, D., res88
Lubben, Jno., res2-J
Langworthy Depot5-G
Like, Orr, res13-K
Like, M. P., res13-A
Mayor's Office30
Mirrick & Inglis, Drs., office10
Maurice, Dr. A. M., dental parlors21
Matthiessen & Himebaugh, office151
Monticello State Bank27
Matthiessen Bros., implements139
Monticello High School152
Meyeer, Peter, ice cream parlors42
Marshal's Office163
Mirrick, Dr. W. A., res131
Maurice, Dr. A. M., res124
Miller, Mrs. Alford, res37
Miller, Mrs. Catherine, boarding house187
Matthiessen, Fred, res53
Matthiessen, Jno., res134
McFarland, R. W., res57
McLaughlin, Michael, res102
Magee, Wm., res94
Monroe, E. B., painter and paper hanger123
McAleer, C., res138
McAleer, M., res106
Mayberry, Mrs. R., res12-I
McLaughlin, Jno., res11-A
McLaughlin, Fred, res10-I
McAleer, Wm., res16-M
Mardorf, Rev., res3-R
Matthiesses, Peter, res10-M
Miller, Geo., res7-N
Miller, Edward, res7-A
Moore, Jno., res17-W
Marugg, S. M., res17-T
Nichols, T. B., res64
Noble, Elmer, res7-Q
Noble, Mrs. Margaret, res7-I
Nimo, Andrew, res60
Owl Restaurant120
Ohee & Morey, res21-A
Oltmanns Bros., res18-Q
Oltmanns, Geo., res18-R
Ommen, Jno., res5-O
O'Rourke, Joseph, res16-O
O'Rourke, Larry, res16-L
Ortgies, Lubbe, res2-B
Puleston, Dr. Fred, office,29
Proctor & Co., grocery194
Perrine, Jno., restaurant23
Pond, D. E., office44
Peet & Peet, osteopaths, office80
Peterson, Joe, second-hand store145
Page, D. E. & Son, foundry195
Page, D. E., res51
Peterson, Joe, res193
Perrine, Jno., res45
Pond, D. E., res166
Palmer, Miss Maud, res144
Pride, L. E., res171
Podhaski, Joe, res132
Pepin, C. F., res140
Pfeil, Sam, res19-C
Poppe, J. D., res7-O
Poppe, Henry, res12-L
Pleuger, Fred, res22-P
Palace Saloon28
Rohn, T., clothing store43
Ruof, Jno., res200
Rodman, A. G., res167
Rehorst, Henry, res93
Reimer, H. J., res176
Rohn, G., restaurant and grocery92
Rodman, Mart, res86
Richmond, Geo., painter and paper hanger81
Reinecke, Rev., res9-I
Rice, S. J., res26-K
Ross, J. T., res3-J
Rickles, Henry, res3-D
Rickles, Gerd, res3-A
Rickles, Herman, res3-N
Rickles, Jno. Henry, res13-R
Ricklefs, J. H., res17-R
Rieken, R.3-H
Steiner, A. W., grocery20
Stuhler & Sons, grocery5
Soetje, O. H., druggist31
Schaeffer, Geo., store7
Sutor, J. G., market34
Starry's Lunch Room120
Stirton, R. C., res68
Schaeffer, Geo., res115
Starks, H. H., res97
Slawson, Fred, res111
Steiner, A. W., res91
Stambaugh, I. G., res172
Smith, Peter, res54
Smith, Douglass, res101
Smith, Daniel, res61
Schneider, Isaac, res169
Sanford, W. F., res135
Sayles, A. B., res226
Stadtmueller, Jno., res165
Skelly, James, res170
Scott, A. V., res117
Smith, N., res108
Stock Yards105
Sutherland, Alex., res6-R
Sutherland, Adam, res26-E
Sutherland, Miss Della, res26-G
Sutherland, Wm., res6-F
Sutherland, Chas., res6-S
Sutherland, Fred, res6-I
Stadtmueller Bros., res9-S
Stadtmueller, Fred, res5-F
Scotch Grove Depot6-L
Skelly, Wm., res20-A
Schatz, Carl, res13-S
Schneiter, Chas., res25-S
Sinclair, Donald, res26-A
Schwartz, Frank, store5-A
Schuetz, Rev. W. H. L., res18-G
Stuhlken, Henry, res12-C
Sanderson, Harry, res3-U
Siebels, J. L., res9-Q
Seiber, Jacob, res13-B
Schaeffer, Jno., res9-A
Shover, Jno., res21-S
Stover, Samuel, res2-H
Stalburg, Jno., res26-J
Stadmueller, Austin, res9-P
Stutt, J. H. J., res5-H
Stutt, Jno., res22-S
Schimage, August J., res26-S
Smith, F. res78
Schatz, August, res59
Thomas, Dr., office153
Teeter, Dr., dental parlors9
Teeter, Dr. M. H., res122
Tremaine, James, res114
Tousley, Geo., res65
Tuel, B. R., res156
Uhr. Bros., res12-K
Voorhees, James, office30
Van Buren, Rev., res89
Van Meter, C. L., res125
Vifian, Ed., res10-K
Wills, H. C., store11
West End Barber shop137
Weir, Mrs., res149
Welch, Wm. W., res182
Welch, Jno., res98
Warner, Henry, res83
Warner, Mrs. Mary A., res199
Watts, Geo., res2-O
Wilkins, H. F., res3-Q
Wilder, C. R., res10-C
Waddick, M. A., res16-J
Weir, Gerd, res22-G
Young, Robert, bakery62
Young, Robert, res121
Zimmerman, Jno., res164
Zimmerman, Fred, res3-P
Zimmerman, Wilkes, res3-L



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