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Janet A. Brandt


Tuesday, January 1st

Pleasant At Home all day

Wednesday, January 2nd

Pleasant - I was up to see Mr. Carr he is sick. - afternoon I made a sled tongue and roller

Thursday, January 3rd

At home. Very warm The snow most all gone

Friday, January 4th

I was to Cascade with C.A. Hall with lumber

Saturday, January 5th

Snowing a little this morning & stoped

Sunday, January 6th

Cloudy - At home all day - Will McGlocklin & Oren was here to dinner

Monday, January 7th

I was fixin Will Mc's sled

Tuesday, January 8th

Snowing hard most all day

Wednesday, January 9th

Snowing & blowing this morning not cold & all day

Thursday, January 10th

Pleasant to day

Friday, January 11th

18 below - At home the first cold day

Saturday, January 12th

I fixed Birt Tebos sled & filed a bucksaw for T Milan

Sunday, January 13th

Pleasant I fixed Harrys sled today

Monday, January 14th

I was to Onslow today

Tuesday, January 15th

It is misting to day

Wednesday, January 16th

It rained most all forenoon - It cleared of afternoon & it was like summer

Thursday, January 17th

Colder this morning - the snow has most all gone - the ground has froze again

Friday, January 18th

18 B - very pleasant to day

Saturday, January 19th

I was at home forenoon & up to Mr Carrs afternoon

Sunday, January 20th

It snowed most all last night - Pleasant to day - it thawed some to day

Monday, January 21st

12 B - Pleasant but very cold in the morning

Tuesday, January 22nd

Pleasant - At home forenoon & up to Mr Carrs & Will Mc's after noon - very warm

Wednesday, January 23rd

I went to Cascade with the Teamsters - very warm

Thursday, January 24th

Bart is filling the Icehouse - it is very mudy now

Friday, January 25th

I stayed all night with Mr Carr - Pleasant & warm to day

Saturday, January 26th

Thare was a Shooting Match here to day

Sunday, January 27th

At home all day

Monday, January 28th

Very warm - at home

Tuesday, January 29th

Warm today - at home

Wednesday, January 30th

Foggy this morning - Mr Carr Died this morning at 2 15 o'clock - I was up thare most all day - It thawed a good deal to day

Thursday, January 31st

Very cold but pleasant - I was helping to dig the grave forenoon - then I went to the house & to the graveyard

Friday, February 1st

Pleasant - I made a sled tongue & put on a Rave for M Kelley

Saturday, February 2nd

At home

Sunday, February 3rd

At home - Louie & Oren was here to dinner

Monday, February 4th

Rain some - I cut 2 loads of poles forenoon & after I drawed one load with Foxes team

Tuesday, February 5th

Colder - Choped my load of wood

Wednesday, February 6th

I was up to Mrs Carrs in the forenoon at home afternoon

Thursday, February 7th

At home all day

Friday, February 8th

Pleasant - At home - I filed a saw for Pat Finn

Saturday, February 9th

Very pleasant - I filed a buck saw for W. S. Carr

Sunday, February 10th

At home

Monday, February 11th

I was chopping wood part of the (day) in the pasture

Tuesday, February 12th

I went to Pete McDermits sale with Fox

Wednesday, February 13th

It is snowing this morning a little

Thursday, February 14th

It snowed a little this morning then cleared off - At home all day

Friday, February 15th

Misting this morning - very icy - rained a little all day - I made a reach for Jas Flanigans buggy

Saturday, February 16th

It rained hard last night & some untill after noon then it snowed a little

Sunday, February 17th

Pleasant to day

Monday, February 18th

It snowed a little last night - I was chopping poles all day for Bart - 1 day

Tuesday, February 19th

Chopping poles all day - 1 day

Wednesday, February 20th

I was to Mrs Carrs sale

Thursday, February 21st

I was to A. P. Ornsbys sale to day

Friday, February 22nd

8 below zero - Very cold & snowed some - we was to C. A. Halls to a party married 13 years to day

Saturday, February 23rd

18 below - At home - the coldest day this winter - Oren went after W. N. Tippett

& wife - They came home to night

Sunday, February 24th

Pleasant & cold - To W.N. Tippetts to dinner

Monday, February 25th

I chopped a little wood

Tuesday, February 26th

At home all day - I split the school wood for Bart - 1/2 day

Wednesday, February 27th

Very warm & pleasant - At home

Thursday, February 28th

Pleasant - Will McGlocklin drawed 2 loads of wood for me & broke his wagon - it is very mudy - the creek is raising

Friday, March 1st

I was chopping stove wood - very muddy

Saturday, March 2nd

I made a wagon tongue for John Herrington forenoon - went to the last day of school - very muddy yet

Sunday, March 3rd

Very mudy - Chas Hall & family was here to dinner

Monday, March 4th

I was up to John Waleses forenoon - I chopped some wood afternoon then I finished the school wood

Tuesday, March 5th

At home - Bart topped the Sugar Bush

Wednesday, March 6th

Like summer - at home all day

Thursday, March 7th

At home - chopped some wood

Friday, March 8th

I was jacking logs to day - 1 day

Saturday, March 9th

At home all day

Sunday, March 10th

W. N. Tippett & wife & Tom Green & family was here to dinner

Monday, March 11th

Bart - Pigs - I was to Robt Whitsons sale

Tuesday, March 12th

Pleasant - I was down towards Ozark to the sawmill

Wednesday, March 13th

I made a hay rack for Wm Dale

Thursday, March 14th

Pleasant - I was to Canton forenoon - Fox drawed me 7 cords of slab wood to day & i piled it up afternoon

Friday, March 15th

I was splitting wood & piling all day

Saturday, March 16th

I split some wood - Fox Ralstons Baby died this evening

Sunday, March 17th

I was to the funeral & graveyard

Monday, March 18th

I went to Cascade with Chas Herrington

Tuesday, March 19th

At home - I made a Harrow for Wm Keating - Thare was a party to Wm Dale's

Wednesday, March 20th

I finished my wood

Thursday, March 21st

At home all day - Very pleasant

Friday, March 22nd

At home all day

Saturday, March 23rd

At home forenoon - I helped to gather Sap after noon - 1/2 day

Sunday, March 24th

I started to go up to Wm McGlocklin but he was not at home - Bart & Willie & Howard went to Dubuque to day

Monday, March 25th

I was helping to gather Sap part forenoon & part of the after noon - 1/2 day

Tuesday, March 26th

At home forenoon - Afternoon W. N. Tippetts went up to Leonards

Wednesday, March 27th

I went to Onslow with Bart & back to E. E. Browns sale

Thursday, March 28th

Went up to E. A. Greens to make window & door frames - worked afternoon - 1/2 day

Friday, March 29th

It snowed a little this morning - we made frames forenoon then came home - 1/2 day

Saturday, March 30th

Thare was a Thief in town last night - I was up to Tom Hamiltons to dinner & back home

Sunday, March 31st

At home all day

Monday, April 1st

I was up to Will McGlocklins in the fore noon at home afternoon

Tuesday, April 2nd

I worked in the Mill to day - 1 day

Wednesday, April 3rd

Worked in the Mill - 1 day

Thursday, April 4th

I walked to Onslow & came back with Reese Taylor

Friday, April 5th

At home all day

Saturday, April 6th

At home

Sunday, April 7th

I was to A. P. Ornsbys funeral to day & was down to Ozark with Chas Herrington

Monday, April 8th

I made a cow yard & fixed the barn - it began to rain at noon a little. I got a hog from Chas Ames & butchered it in the evening

Tuesday, April 9th

I salted my pork forenoon & helped W. N. Tippett make pasture fence after noon

Wednesday, April 10th

I was helping to fence untill 3 - 30 o'clock

Thursday, April 11th

It rained a little this fore noon - I was up to Will McGlocklins afternoon - Chas Herrington plowed my garden - I bought a cow - We had a hard rain this eve the first rain we have had this spring

Friday, April 12th

It rained some today

Saturday, April 13th

It is pleasant to day - I planted some Radishes & Peas

Sunday, April 14th

We went to Charleys to dinner

Monday, April 15th

I went to Onslow with & back with Jas Taylor & planted some Potatoes

Tuesday, April 16th

I worked in the garden planting seeds

Wednesday, April 17th

At home forenoon - I went up to get my cow to Will McGlocklin

Thursday, April 18th

At home forenoon & up to Ike Frenches afternoon - I put my cow in the pasture to day

Friday, April 19th

It rained last night some - I made Tom Heffron a wagon lock & corn plow tongue

Saturday, April 20th

At home all day - Bell went up to Reynors

Sunday, April 21st

Easter - at home all day

Monday, April 22nd

At home

Tuesday, April 23rd

At home all day

Wednesday, April 24th

At home forenoon - I was a fireing for John Herrington after noon 1/2 day

Thursday, April 25th

Fireing the last part of last night & this afternoon - 1 day

Friday, April 26th

Fireing the latter part of last night - 1/2 day - & this afternoon 1/2 day

2 1/2 days in all

Saturday, April 27th

At home all day

Sunday, April 28th

Bell & me and the children was up to I. N. Frenches

Monday, April 29th

I begun to help Bart to saw pickets & I sawed my hand

Tuesday, April 30th

I did not do any thing fore noon - afternoon i helped to fix the fence across the creek

Wednesday, May 1st

I was burning brush all day in the pasture

Thursday, May 2nd

I was to Monticello with Charley Hall

Friday, May 3rd

I was White Washing to day

Saturday, May 4th

At home forenoon I was a fishing afternoon

Sunday, May 5th

At home

Monday, May 6th

At home

Tuesday, May 7th

I walked to Onslow then took the Noon train and went to Anamosa

Wednesday, May 8th

I stayed all night in Anamosa - came to Onslow on the morning train was to Mr. Scroggies to dinner

Thursday, May 9th

Hoeing in the garden

Friday, May 10th

Hoeing and planting seeds - it rained hard this eve - Our cow had a calf to day

Saturday, May 11th

It is rainy to day

Sunday, May 12th

At home forenoon then I went up to Tom Heffrons

Monday, May 13th

At home forenoon - I started to go up to Will McGlocklins and met him and I came back

Tuesday, May 14th

At home all day

Wednesday, May 15th

It rained this morning

Thursday, May 16th

At home - I made Edie a little cupboard

Friday, May 17th

It is raining - It rained all day

Saturday, May 18th

It rained a little in the morning

Sunday, May 19th

At home all day - It rained some to day

Monday, May 20th

At home forenoon - I was up to Wm Reyoners & around by M Lawless & down whare Charley & Reese was planting potatoes then home

Tuesday, May 21st

I was to work for Bart a making a bee house - 1 day

Wednesday, May 22nd

Done the same - 1 day

Thursday, May 23rd

Worked in the Saw Mill - 1 day - It rained hard this morning

Friday, May 24th

We finished the Bee house - 1 day

Saturday, May 25th

Hoeing in the garden

Sunday, May 26th

It rained most all day - Ed Green came after my tool chest this afternoon

Monday, May 27th

I went to Ed Greens this morning - Begun work on his Barn - 3/4 day

Tuesday, May 28th

Frameing all day - 1 day

Wednesday, May 29th

Frameing to day - 1 day

Thursday, May 30th

Frameing to day - 1 day

Friday, May 31st

We put on the sills & raised the South Posts

Saturday, June 1st

We raised the barn to day - 1 day - 5 3/4 days this week

Sunday, June 2nd

At home all day

Monday, June 3rd

Putting up the plates - 1 day

Tuesday, June 4th

Put up Plates & Braces - 1 day

Wednesday, June 5th

Sided around the Squair - 1 day

Thursday, June 6th

Putting up Scaffolds & Rafters - 1 day

Friday, June 7th

It rained forenoon - Went to Onslow afternoon

Saturday, June 8th

It rained & I came home - 4 days this week

Sunday, June 9th

At home - Bell went to quarterly meeting - cold & cloudy

Monday, June 10th

Put up the top set of Rafters & borded up the gable ends - 1 day

Tuesday, June 11th

Sheating - 1 day

Wednesday, June 12th

Putting on Facher Boards & Shingling - 1 day

Thursday, June 13th

Shingling - 1 day

Friday, June 14th

Finished Shingling this morning then laid floor - 1 day

Saturday, June 15th

Putting in 2 windows & dressing Ventilator boards - 1 day - 6 days this week

Sunday, June 16th

At home all day

Monday, June 17th

Putting up Ventilator - 1 day

Tuesday, June 18th

Finished Ventilator & made doors - 1 day

Wednesday, June 19th

Made big door & put hooks on doors - finished work - 19 3/4 days

Thursday, June 20th

It is raining hard this morning - It rained some all day - I was at home

Friday, June 21st

We was screening I. N. Frenches porch - 3/4 day

Saturday, June 22nd

I was hoeing in the garden - I sold my calf for $1.50

Sunday, June 23rd

We was over to Mr Herrington's to dinner to day

Monday, June 24th

I was making gates

Tuesday, June 25th

Made 1 gate & painted gates & screen - 1 day

Wednesday, June 26th

Painted screen & helped to make fence a while forenoon - Came home & afternoon brought home 2 pigs then went back & painted some more - 3/4 day - Took the cow to the barn

Thursday, June 27th

Made 4 window screen frames & painted them - 3/4 day - then came home

Friday, June 28th

I was to Cascade with Chas Herrington

Saturday, June 29th

At home all day - very warm

Sunday, June 30th

At home - very warm

Monday, July 1st

I was painting W. N. Tippetts kitchen

Tuesday, July 2nd

I was making Bell a clothes rack forenoon - went to the last day of school afternoon - it rained some to day

Wednesday, July 3rd

I finished the Clothes rack & stayed around the house

Thursday, July 4th

We was to Barts to dinner - Corn will average waste high

Friday, July 5th

I was tinkering around home forenoon - I was up in the pasture with the gun afternoon

Saturday, July 6th

At home forenoon - Begun Haying for Bart afternoon - 1/2 day

Sunday, July 7th

At home

Monday, July 8th

Worked all day Haying & Fixing the carrier - 1 day

Tuesday, July 9th

Shocking Rye forenoon - then in the Hay untill 4 o'clock - 3/4 day

Wednesday, July 10th

It rained last night - didn't work in the Hay

Thursday, July 11th

Toped a stack & mooved the Hay poles - 1 day

Friday, July 12th

Stacking all day - 1 day

Saturday, July 13th

Stacking all day - 1 day

Sunday, July 14th

I helped Fox to cut 2 Bee trees - It rained hard last night & this forenoon

Monday, July 15th

At home - to wet to work in the hay

Tuesday, July 16th

Haying - Finished one big Stack 42 loads - 1 day

Wednesday, July 17th

It is raining this morning - We mooved the Hay Poles afternoon - 1/4 day

Thursday, July 18th

97 - Stacking to day - very warm - 1 day

Friday, July 19th

Stacked all day - 1 day

Saturday, July 20th

Stacking Hay - 9 1/4 - 3/4 day - 4 days this week

Sunday, July 21st

At home all day - I helped Fox to cut a bee tree

Monday, July 22nd

I was at home forenoon - worked in the Hay afternoon - 1/2 day

Tuesday, July 23rd

Stacked Hay to day - Finished another big stack - 54 loads - l day

Wednesday, July 24th

Finished stacking hay up in the Rye field at noon - then I shocked oats & put up Hay carrier & got through at 4 oclock - 3/4 day

Thursday, July 25th

Working in the Hay in the East field - 1 day

Friday, July 26th

It rained last night - I went with Fox to cut a bee tree - I was up to W. S. Reyners afternoon for Honey - It rained very hard this evening

Saturday, July 27th

I was after Black Berries fore noon & up to I. N. Frenches afternoon

Sunday, July 28th

Bell & me was up to W. S. Reyners to day

Monday, July 29th

I was up to Tom Greens to dinner then home again

Tuesday, July 30th

At home forenoon - Bell & me went a Black Berrying got 14 quarts

Wednesday, July 31st

I was after Black Berrys forenoon got 5 quarts - I worked the roads afternoon

Thursday, August 1st

I worked the roads to day

Friday, August 2nd

I worked the roads a little while then went after some Black Berries forenoon - Shocked oats afternoon for Bart - 1/2 day

Saturday, August 3nd

I & Reese Taylor was drawing Hay from the East field & got through - 3/4 day -$19 1/2 - 13 days

Sunday, August 4th

Howard Walters died this morning at 9 o'clock - I went to Cascade after noon after coffin with Charles Hall

Monday, August 5th

We was to the Funeral to day - I went after Black berries after noon

Tuesday, August 6th

I was a fishing forenoon & after Black Berries after noon

Wednesday, August 7th

I was helping to stack Oats for Bart - 1 day

Thursday, August 8th

I was up to Pete Hertzs this morning - It began to rain at 10 o'clock - I was after Black Berries

Friday, August 9th

It rained a little last night - I was up to Pete Hertzs a putting in some windows and a petition

Saturday, August 10th

Doing the Same - Got through & came home

Sunday, August 11th

At home all day

Monday, August 12th

I was Slashing for Bart on the 190 - 1 day

Tuesday, August 13th

Doing the Same - 1 day

Wednesday, August 14th

Doing the Same - 1 day

Thursday, August 15th

Chopped untill 11 o'clock & cut my face - Gertie Green died this evening - 1/2 day

Friday, August 16th

At home forenoon - was to the Funeral after noon

Saturday, August 17th

I was chopping to day - 1 day - 4 1/2 days

Sunday, August 18th

I started to go to church on The Prairie - met Tom Hamilton's folks & came back home with them

Monday, August 19th

Slashing to day - very warm

Tuesday, August 20th

Finished Slashing - 1 day - 6 1/2 days in all

Wednesday, August 21st

I was around home

Thursday, August 22nd

I was up to help to clean out the grave yard forenoon - at home afternoon

Friday, August 23rd

I was choping cord wood - I cut 1 1/2 cords to day

Saturday, August 24th

Chopping to day - 1 cord

Sunday, August 25th

At home

Monday, August 26th

Chopping wood 1 3/4 cords to day

Tuesday, August 27th

Chopping to day 1 cord Came home at noon

Wednesday, August 28th

I was to the Sale at Lees

Thursday, August 29th

100 deg - I was up to R. J. Snyders to dinner - very hot & dry

Fridary, August 30th

100 deg - I was chopping Picket timber - very hot - 1 day

Saturday, August 31st

I made a wagon Bolster & put 2 new bunks on the mill car - 1 day

Sunday, September 1st

At home all day

Monday, September 2nd

I was working in the mill - 1 day

Tuesday, September 3rd

Doing the same

Wednesday, September 4th

Working in the mill - It rained this afternoon - 1 day

Thursday, September 5th

I made Ike French 2 watter troughs

Friday, September 6th

I was to Onslow with C. A. Hall

Saturday, September 7th

At home

Sunday, September 8th

I was a fishing forenoon & was to Ozark after noon with Chas Herrington

Monday, September 9th

I was helping to Fire the Lime Kiln - 3/4 day

Tuesday, September 10th

I didn't do anything I had a sore throat

Wednesday, September 11th

I was around home all day

Thursday, September 12th

It has rained steady all forenoon - I made gate for Tebo forenoon - at home

Friday, September 13th

It rained a little this morning - I went up in the Pasture & chopped a little wood - I came back - to hot

Saturday, September 14th

I went up to chop wood hurt my finger & came home

Sunday, September 15th

At home - I done C. A. Halls chores while they was to the fair

Monday, September 16th

The first frost this morning - I was to Cascade with Bart

Tuesday, September 17th

I was helping Bart to thrash - 1 day

Wednesday, September 18th

I was up to Robt Snyders a helping him to put some rafters on hog house, Big frost this morning

Thursday, September 19th

I was up to Bill Sinkeys this morning then home & sharpened 20 posts for W.N.Tippett then went & filled straw ticks

Friday, September 20th

I was up to Wm Sinkeys this morning with a butter jar then came home & made cane hook handles

Saturday, September 21st

I was a fishing forenoon got one Bass - Dug W.N. Tippetts potatoes afternoon

Sunday, September 22nd

We was down to Charleys to dinner

Monday, September 23rd

I was makeing Fox Ralston a harrow

Tuesday, September 24th

Doing the same - it rained

Wednesday, September 25th

I & Wm Ralston was a shingleing the School House

Thursday, September 26th

Shingling the School House & got through - 1 day

Friday, September 27th

We was shingleing Barts kitchen - 1 day

Saturday, September 28th

We finished shingleing - 1 day - 4 days this week

Sunday, September 29th

It rained most all day

Monday, September 30th

I put up a leach & fixed the cow barn - I was to Canton with Chas Herrington after noon

Tuesday, October 1st

I was to Ozark with Fox to mill for W. N. Tippett

Wednesday, October 2nd

I was after Hickory Nuts forenoon & drove Charleys Team afternoon for logs 1/2 day

Thursday, October 3rd

At home all day

Friday, October 4th

I was up to Wm Sinkeys forenoon at home afternoon

Saturday, October 5th

At home forenoon - got some walnuts & sawed pickets 1/4 day

Sunday, October 6th

At home forenoon - I was up to Heffrons after butter after noon

Monday, October 7th

I made fence for W. N. Tippett between him and Lee - 3/4 day

Tuesday, October 8th

I was digging potatoes for Bart - 1 day

Wednesday, October 9th

Doing the same

Thursday, October 10th

I was chopping on the 160 - 1 day

Friday, October 11th

Chopping - 1 day

Saturday, October 12th

Chopping - 1 day - 5 days this week

Sunday, October 13th

We was up to Russell Atkinsons

Monday, October 14th

I went to Cascade with Chas Herrington

Tuesday, October 15th

At home all day - Ed Green came after me this eve to finish his cow barn

Wednesday, October 16th

I was cutting joice & laying floor - 1 day

Thursday, October 17th

Doing the same - 1 day

Friday, October 18th

Putting up stantions - 1 day

Saturday, October 19th

Worked untill 4,30 o'clock

Sunday, October 20th

At home to day - I went over to Ed Greens in the eve

Monday, October 21st

At work putting up stantion - 1 day

Tuesday, October 22nd

Makeing a wagon box - 1 day

Wednesday, October 23rd

Putting in windows & finished the box - 1 day

Thursday, October 24th

Finished this morning & he brought me home - I sawed wood at home after noon

Friday, October 25th

I was chopping stove wood & tinkering around home forenoon - I was chopping for Bart after noon - 1/2 day

Saturday, October 26th

Chopping forenoon & pileing lumber afternoon - 1 day - I sold Tebo 1 1/2 cords of wood

Sunday, October 27th

At home all day

Monday, October 28th

Chopping & pileing lumber

Tuesday, October 29th

Jacking Logs - 1 day

Wednesday, October 30th

Jacking Logs - It rained some to day

Thursday, October 31st

Worked in the mill forenoon then we began to plank the Smith Bridge - 1 day

Friday, November 1st

Sawing pickets in the mill untill 2 o-clock then made a cane hook handle & helped to make manger - It rained most all day - 1 day

Saturday, November 2nd

Didn't work - rained some - I settled Accounts with Bart

Sunday, November 3rd

Pleasant this morning - W. S. Reynors folks was here to day

Monday, November 4th

We planked the Smith Bridge - 1 day

Tuesday, November 5th

Didn't work to day - Election - Pleasant to day - I went to Election with Bart & back then went up again with Wm Ralston

Wednesday, November 6th

Began to Husk Corn - 1 day

Thursday, November 7th

Husking Corn - 1 day

Friday, November 8th

Husking Corn - 1 Day

Saturday, November 9th

I didn't Husk Corn - 4 days this week

Sunday, November 10th

Bell & me was up to the Grave yard & back home - was to W. N. Tippetts to dinner

Monday, November 11th

Husking Corn - 1 day

Tuesday, November 12th

It rained last night a little - I didn't work to day

Wednesday, November 13th

I didn't work to day - my hand is lame - Charley Taylor brought me some Hay

Thursday, November 14th

I didn't work my hand lame yet

Friday, November 15th

I was husking corn & got through - 1 day

Saturday, November 16th

At home - 2 days

Sunday, November 17th

I was up to Will McG's & home again

Monday, November 18th

Bart & me was a fishing & got a lot of them - I helped Rese Taylor to kill a beef

Tuesday, November 19th

I was chopping to day - 1 day

Wednesday, November 20th

Started to work in the mill & the boiler leaked & we had to stop them - I piled wood untill noon then Bart & me was fireing the slashing - 1 day

Thursday, November 21st

I was cleaning the Boilers with Will Ralston - It is rainy & mudy

Friday, November 22nd

Tinkering around the mill - 1 day

Saturday, November 23rd

I grubbed out a tree then chopped down second growth by the road - 1 day - 5 days this week

Sunday, November 24th

At home

Monday, November 25th

I went to Onslow with Chas Hall

Tuesday, November 26th

I finished Tom Hamiltons wagon tongue forenoon - afternoon I helped to patch the boiler - 1/2 day

Wednesday, November 27th

Doing the same - 1 day

Thursday, November 28th

Helping to patch the boiler - Thanksgiving - It snowed to day - 1 day

Friday, November 29th

Finished the boiler this morning then Will & me was packing the pipes & fixing up the mill - 1 day

Saturday, November 30th

Fixing the mill - 1 day - 4 1/2 days this week

Sunday, December 1st

At home forenoon - up to W. S. Reynors afternoon

Monday, December 2nd

Worked fixing the mill forenoon - to Mrs. Gilberths Sale after noon - 1/2 day

Tuesday, December 3rd

We was running the mill - 1 day

Wednesday, December 4th

We was chopping - 1 day - It rained some

Thursday, December 5th

Chopping to day - 1 day

Friday, December 6th

I was tinkering around awhile then Bart & me went a fishing - came home & then I worked 2 hours - Went to John Young to a party - 1/2 day

Saturday, December 7th

Worked in the mill - 1 day - 5 days this week - 20 1/2 days

Sunday, December 8th

At home - Bell went to church

Monday, December 9th

I went to Onslow & went to Anamosa

Tuesday, December 10th

In Anamosa - Stayed to Uncle Stanleys last night - It rained last night very hard & to day - I came home with Wm Fletcher

Wednesday, December 11th

Charley Herrington & me butchered a calf for W. N. Tippett & I killed a shoat for my self

Thursday, December 12th

I was takeing down fence & makeing fence - 1 day

Jack & Lizzie was married this evening

Friday, December 13th

Very nice - At home - didn't work

Saturday, December 14th

I plowed all day - 1 day - 2 days this week

Sunday, December 15th

I was up to I. N. Frenches to dinner then went to church

Monday, December 16th

I went to O. E. Greens to make a tank - 3/4 day

Tuesday, December 17th

Makeing tank to day

Wednesday, December 18th

Makeing tank to day - finished at 3 o'clock

Thursday, December 19th

Makeing a tank house - 3/4 day

Friday, December 20th

I was sawing wood at home - It rained & snowed some last night but pleasant to day

Saturday, December 21st

I finished splitting wood & was to the shooting match - It rained some this afternoon

Sunday, December 22nd

Pleasant this morning - like summer

Monday, December 23rd

I went to Onlsow with Bart - The news came of Uncle Stanleys death - he is to be burried tomorrow at Monticello.

Tuesday, December 24th

Very warm - some are plowing - the roads very muddy - I am not working to day - Uncle Stan is burried to day - I was helping Will to make fence by the barn - 1/2 day - afternoon

Wednesday, December 25th

I was makeing fence this morning - Jack & Lizzie & W. N. Tippett & wife was here to dinner - then we had a shooting match - Jack, Charley, Will & my self - 1/4 day

Thursday, December 26th

I was a little off to day

Friday, December 27th

I went to Canton this fore noon - I made P. Hertz a wagon tongue afternoon

Saturday, December 28th

I was makeing fence wire & pickets - 1 day - 1 3/4 day this week

Sunday, December 29th

At home - Charley & Ivah was here to dinner

Monday, December 30th

At home - didn't work - very pleasant - the ground froze up this morning.

Tuesday, December 31st

I was to Dell Reids shooting match - pleasant weather.




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