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Tuesday, January 1st

I went to Jack Orrs & back home - the river is up some

Wednesday, January 2nd

Warm & rain - It rained most all day - Jennie & Lue Mead were here to dinner

Thursday, January 3rd

Pleasant - Matie took Josie back to Streepers this morning

Friday, January 4th

Warm - At home all day - Josie went to Maquoketa

Saturday, January 5th

Like summer - I went to Onslow with Bert Harden afternoon - It is very mudy afternoon

Sunday, January 6th

At home

Monday, January 7th

It rained most all day thunder & lightening - The creek is high

Tuesday, January 8th

The river over the bottom - Bert Harden moving to day

Wednesday, January 9th

Cold - I was to Bob Carsons sale

Thursday, January 10th

A little cooler - I filed a saw for Mal Kelly

Friday, January 11th

I went to Onslow with Irvin Eads

Saturday, January 12th

Nice weather yet - It snowed 2 in last night - Jack & Lizzie came to draw W N Tippett some wood - Rilla & children came over - Purl & i & Rex Spooner went hunting rabbits got 2 - I filed 2 saws for J Roy

Sunday, January 13th

Foggy - it thawed some - at home all day

Monday, January 14th

At home

Tuesday, January 15th

I was up to L Meads afternoon he wasent at home - I filed a saw for Collins

Wednesday, January 16th

Chilly - I was to Tady Milans sale

Thursday, January 17th

Warmer - At home

Friday, January 18th

I was up to Jim Reids in the morning then to Jack Orrs to dinner then home

Saturday, January 19th

It rained hard last night - the watter high - It rained some all day - The ice went out of the creek

Sunday, January 20th

Cold to day zero - The ice went out of the river

Monday, January 21st

Ice all over the bottom - I walked to Canton forenoon after Mate - I was up to L E Meads afternoon

Tuesday, January 22nd

2 Below - At home all day

Wednesday, January 23rd

8 above - chilly - I was up to Jack Orrs untill after dinner then home

Thursday, January 24th

At home all day

Friday, January 25th

Zero - Blustering - I was up to Jack Orrs forenoon then home - I went after Pork

Saturday, January 26th

14 Below - Very cold but pleasant

Sunday, January 27th

4 Below zero - very pleasant - At home all day

Monday, January 28th

At home got a bad cold

Tuesday, January 29th

At home with a cold - It snowed a little - filed a saw for Hertz

Wednesday, January 30th

6 Below - It is trying to snow

Thursday, January 31st

Warmer - Trying to snow again

Friday, February 1st

Warm to day - I walked to Canton & back

Saturday, February 2nd

Clear part of day - Very cold all day - I filed a saw for Jack Obrien

Sunday, February 3rd

10 Below - At home

Monday, February 4th

8 Below - At home

Tuesday, February 5th

10 Below - Cliffords suit of cloaths came to day - I was up to Jim Carpenters afternoon

Wednesday, February 6th

18 Below - It got warmer & snowed all afternoon - I was up to Mr Hertz afternoon

Thursday, February 7th

16 Above - It is snowing this morning yet thare is abought 6 in of very light snow

Friday, February 8th

Pleasant - I went to Onslow with W N Tippett in the cutter

Saturday, February 9th

48 above - I cut some wood - It spoilt the sleighing to day

Sunday, February 10th

Warm to day - Purl & Rilla was over - Cass & Lil Ballou was to our house to dinner

Monday, February 11th

I went to Onslow with Irving Eads

Tuesday, February 12th

It thawed some - I cut a little wood went up to see Lue Mead

Wednesday, February 13th

Very warm - I cut some more wood up on the bank

Thursday, February 14th

12 above chilly & clear - At home

Friday, February 15th

Like summer - I was up to help Bernie Lawless cut rafters for cow shed - The creek is high this evening

Saturday, February 16th

26 above this morning - I was helping Bernie Lawless a while afternoon cutting rafters - very mudy

Sunday, February 17th

20 above - At home all day very mudy

Monday, February 18th

34 above zero - It tried to rain some - Part of the ice went out of the river - The watter over the bottom

Tuesday, February 19th

River all clear of ice - I cut some wood up the hill

Wednesday, February 20th

20 above - It snowed some last night - I cut stove wood

Thursday, February 21st

4 above & clear - The last day of Nellie Crabbs school

Friday, February 22nd

2 Below - At home all day

Saturday, February 23rd

Clifford & i went up to Jacks

Sunday, February 24th

28 above - At home forenoon - Bell & i went up to Jim Carpenters afternoon to see Leon he got his knee sawed

Monday, February 25th

20 above zero - Ma died 35 years ago to day

Tuesday, February 26th

20 below - I was up to Art Alexanders after dinner bought 3 bu of Barley - It is like summer - The river open yet

Wednesday, February 27th

I went to Onslow to help Harry move

Thursday, February 28th

I was helping Harry to move in the house west of the City Hall

Friday, March 1st

Some rain in morning - I was helping to fix things in the house

Saturday, March 2nd

Cold - I walked home this morning the ground froze hard

Sunday, March 3rd

At home & up to Mr Hertz afternoon

Monday, March 4th

At home - Mate went to work for Mr Fisher

Tuesday, March 5th

Chilley - I went to Canton with Irvin Eads to Clarks sale

Wednesday, March 6th

Chilly - I was putting new wire screen on Hertz frames 6 hrs - It snowed a little afternoon

Thursday, March 7th

Rain & sleet to day - At home

Friday, March 8th

Like Summer - At home

Saturday, March 9th

I was up to Hertz & finished there screens - It began to snow in the evening

Sunday, March 10th

Thare is abought 2 in of snow this morning - Tom Green & Bell & Jack Orr & family were here - Snow all gone at night & lots of mud

Monday, March 11th

I walked to Canton & back by 10 o'clock - School Meating to day

Tuesday, March 12th

At home

Wednesday, March 13th

I went up to Wm Leonards to make a buggy shed - came home afternoon - it began to snow at 3 o'clock - 7 hrs

Thursday, March 14th

Worked on the shed - 1 d

Friday, March 15th

Like summer - Put the roof on to day

Saturday, March 16th

Finished at 2 o'clock came home

Sunday, March 17th

At home

Monday, March 18th

Pleasant - I was helping Mal Kelly on his cow shed

Tuesday, March 19th

I begun work on Jim Kennedys kitchen 1 d

Wednesday, March 20th

Pleasant - Working on the kitchen 1 d

Thursday, March 21st

Working on the kitchen 1 d

Friday, March 22nd

I was puting on roof 1 d

Saturday, March 23rd

Very warm - Setting window frames & made one - came home at 4 o'clock

Sunday, March 24th

Very warm to day - Barts & Jacks folks & our family were to Grand Pas to dinner - Grand Mas birthday 72 years of age

Monday, March 25th

I was to Jim Kenedys putting on siding 1 d

Tuesday, March 26th

Laying flooring & putting up partitions 1

Wednesday, March 27th

I was lathing & fitting windows 1

Thursday, March 28th

Finished lathing - went to Canton back to Mrs Englishs then came home - It rained some to day rained hard this eve

Friday, March 29th

I went to Mrs Englishs shingled her porch then came home in the eve

Saturday, March 30th

I was up to Lue Meads in the morning then filed my saws

Sunday, March 31st

Easter Sunday - ground froze hard - Very pleasant - Mate came home from Geo Hannas & went back - Ed Kerr bought our chickens

Monday, April 1st

Chilly - I was shingleing for R W Chatterton 1 d

Tuesday, April 2nd

Came home forenoon & went back & shingled 6 hrs

Wednesday, April 3rd

Some rain afternoon - Finished shingleing at 3 o'clock at 3 o'clock

Thursday, April 4th

At home forenoon - John & Em Young were here to dinner then i went home with them & I went to Onslow was to Barts to supper

Friday, April 5th

I stayed to Harrys last - walked to Jacks was thare to dinner then walked home

Saturday, April 6th

At home most all day

Sunday, April 7th

Rilla & Purl came over after noon

Monday, April 8th

Very cold - I went to Onslow with Purl to begin the kitchen worked 6 hrs

Tuesday, April 9th

Worked 1 day

Wednesday, April 10th

Worked 8 hrs

Thursday, April 11th

Worked 1 day

Friday, April 12th

Very windy - 7 hrs

Saturday, April 13th

Worked 1 day

Sunday, April 14th

Around Onslow all day

Monday, April 15th

Worked 1/2 day

Tuesday, April 16th

7 hrs

Wednesday, April 17th

1 d

Thursday, April 18th


Friday, April 19th

Worked on roof & ceiling 1 d

Saturday, April 20th

Put on ceiling 1 d

Sunday, April 21st

I came home with Will Walters & family & Rilla - went back in the evening

Monday, April 22nd

Working on the kitchen 1 d

Tuesday, April 23rd

Painting & putting up partitions 1 d

Wednesday, April 24th

Hanging doors & finishing 1 d

Thursday, April 25th

Frameing Barts barn 1 d - It snowed some fore noon

Friday, April 26th

We raised the barn & put on siding 1 d

Saturday, April 27th

Finished siding made hay door 1 d - Purl & Sybel brought me home

Sunday, April 28th

At home to day - I went back to Onslow afternoon - It rained

Monday, April 29th

At work putting up Hay Track 4 hrs - Then it began to rain & it begun to snow & snowed hard all afternoon

Tuesday, April 30th

Thare is 5 inches of snow this morning - I dident work to day

Wednesday, May 1st

I began to shingle afternoon worked all day

Thursday, May 2nd

Finished shingleing & doors & finished the barn to night 19 days in all

Friday, May 3rd

It is snowing to day - I came out with Geo French to Scroggies then walked home

Saturday, May 4th

Hard frost - I planted a few potatoes this morning - I went to Canton afternoon with Henry Smith

Sunday, May 5th

At home

Monday, May 6th

I began Bert Garnetts house 1/2

Tuesday, May 7th

Worked all day 1

Wednesday, May 8th

Worked all day 1

Thursday, May 9th

Worked 1

Friday, May 10th

Worked all day 1

Saturday, May 11th

Worked all day

Sunday, May 12th

I was to Roys to dinner

Monday, May 13th

Put on cornice & began to shingle 1 d

Tuesday, May 14th

Shingleing & makeing frames 1

Wednesday, May 15th

Worked to day 1

Thursday, May 16th

Setting frames 1 d

Friday, May 17th

Siding & painting 1

Saturday, May 18th

Siding & painting 1/2 & came home with W N Tippett

Sunday, May 19th

At home to day went to Onslow afternoon

Monday, May 20th

Worked all day

Tuesday, May 21st

The same

Wednesday, May 22nd

Worked to day

Thursday, May 23rd

Worked to day went to Gays Circus at night

Friday, May 24th

Worked at the stairs 1/2

Saturday, May 25th

Finished the stairs & partitions 1

Sunday, May 26th

Some rain - In town all day

Monday, May 27th

Worked untill Saturday noon - came home

EDITOR'S NOTE: No entry for May 28, 29, 30, and 31st

Saturday, June 1st

Came home afternoon - Roy & Kate is here

Sunday, June 2nd

Roy & Kate stayed here last night - Roy & I walked to Onslow afternoon

Monday, June 3rd

I was painting for Bert Garnett 1 d

Tuesday, June 4th

I was tareing down Wm Pauls house 1 d

Wednesday, June 5th

Finished tareing down the house to day 1

Thursday, June 6th

I patched D Miller barn forenoon 1/2 d

Painted for Bart afternoon 12 d

Friday, June 7th

It rained all day - I dident work

Saturday, June 8th

I painted afternoon 1/2

Sunday, June 9th

Around town - It rained

Monday, June 10th

Painting 1 d

Tuesday, June 11th

Painting 1 d

Wednesday, June 12th

Painting untill noon 1/2 - then came home with Mr DeSart

Thursday, June 13th

At home

Friday, June 14th

Bell & Ora went to Cascade

Saturday, June 15th

At home

Sunday, June 16th

I went to Onslow

Monday, June 17th

Finished Barts painting & begun his Separation House 1 day

Tuesday, June 18th

Working on his Creamery 1 d

Wednesday, June 19th

Doing the same 1 d

Thursday, June 20th

Doing the same 1 d

Friday, June 21st

Finished house & made screen frames 1 d

Saturday, June 22nd

I went to Anamosa

Sunday, June 23rd

I was to Harrys to dinner

Monday, June 24th

Finished screens & hung doors 1 d

Tuesday, June 25th

I came home to day with Bert Garnett

Wednesday, June 26th

At home

Thursday, June 27th

Went to Canton forenoon then went to Onslow afternoon stayed all night

Friday, June 28th

Came home

Saturday, June 29th

Went up to Jim Carpenters

Sunday, June 30th

At home

Monday, July 1st

School meeting in fore noon to Dennie Grogans funeral afternoon

Tuesday, July 2nd

Went to Onslow

Wednesday, July 3rd

Went to work on Jack Orrs house

Thursday, July 4th

Worked forenoon went to Canton afternoon stayed all night

Friday, July 5th

Came home

Saturday, July 6th

At home

Sunday, July 7th

At home went to Jacks in evening

Monday, July 8th

At work

Tuesday, July 9th

At work

Wednesday, July 10th

The same

Thursday, July 11th

The same

Friday, July 12th

The same

Saturday, July 13th

The same

Sunday, July 14th

At home

Monday, July 15th

At work

Tuesday, July 16th

The same

Wednesday, July 17th

The same

Thursday, July 18th

The same

Friday, July 19th

The same

Saturday, July 20th

The same

Sunday, July 21st

At home

Monday, July 22nd

At work

Tuesday, July 23rd

At work

Wednesday, July 24th

At work

Thursday, July 25th

The same

Friday, July 26th

The same

Saturday, July 27th

The same

Sunday, July 28th

At home

Monday, July 29th

At work

Tuesday, July 30th

The same

Wednesday, July 31st

The same

Thursday, August 1st

The same

Friday, August 2nd

The same

Saturday, August 3rd

The same

Sunday, August 4th

At home

Monday, August 5th

The same

Tuesday, August 6th

The same

Wednesday, August 7th

The same

Thursday, August 8th

The same

Friday, August 9th

The same

Saturday, August 10th

The same

Sunday, August 11th

At home

Monday, August 12th

Finished the house - went to Wm Fletchers in the evening

Tuesday, August 13th

Began work of Fletchers barn

Wednesday, August 14th

The same - came home in the evening

Thursday, August 15th

At home

Friday, August 16th

At home the river is high

Saturday, August 17th

At home forenoon went to Canton afternoon

Sunday, August 18th

At home went to Fletchers in the evening

Monday, August 19th

At work

Tuesday, August 20th

The same

Wednesday, August 21st

The same

Thursday, August 22nd

At work came home evening

Friday, August 23rd

At home forenoon went to Onslow

Saturday, August 24th

We went to Clinton

Sunday, August 25th

At home

Monday, August 26th

At work to Fletchers

Tuesday, August 27th

The same

Wednesday, August 28th

Doing the same

Thursday, August 29th

Doing the same

Friday, August 30th

Doing the same

Saturday, August 31st

Came home in afternoon 5 1/2 days

Sunday, September 1st

At home

Monday, September 2nd

At Fletchers to work

Tuesday, September 3rd

The same

Wednesday, September 4th

Got through came home

Thursday, September 5th

Went to Maquoketa to the Fair with Fred Smith

Friday, September 6th

At home

Saturday, September 7th

At home

Sunday, September 8th

Went back to Jacks to finish the house

Monday, September 9th

Working in the house

Tuesday, September 10th

Doing the same

Wednesday, September 11th

Doing the same

Thursday, September 12th

Doing the same

Friday, September 13th

Worked forenoon went to Onslow afternoon with Jack

Saturday, September 14th

Worked forenoon got though came home afternoon

Sunday, September 15th

Went to Onslow afternoon

Monday, September 16th

Began work on W Pauls house

Tuesday, September 17th

Working on the house

Wednesday, September 18th

Doing the same

Thursday, September 19th

Doing the same

Friday, September 20th

Doing the same

Saturday, September 21st

Doing the same got through

Sunday, September 22nd

Came home - first frost

Monday, September 23rd

At home

Tuesday, September 24th

At home went a hunting got three squirrels

Wednesday, September 25th

Hard frost - Went with Jack after some tools - Began work on Jim Flanigans barn 1/2 d

Thursday, September 26th

Worked all day sawing lower rafters & raising rafters 1 d

Friday, September 27th

I came home this morning it rained all day

Saturday, September 28th

At home all day

Sunday, September 29th

At home

Monday, September 30th

Worked siding for Flanigan

Tuesday, October 1st

I worked 1/2 day on Flanigans barn - It rained

Wednesday, October 2nd

Worked to day makeing grainery & sheating 1 d I came home

Thursday, October 3rd

It rained hard last night - At home - I was up to Mr Lawless

Friday, October 4th

At home the river over the bottom a little

Saturday, October 5th

I was up to Tom Greens to Dinner

Sunday, October 6th

Very Pleasant - Windy - I was up to Lue Meads in the middle of the night after Jennie - Our baby was born at 3,15 this morning


Monday, October 7th

Very windy - I went up to Mr Lawless & back before noon

Tuesday, October 8th

I went up & painted to day 1 d

Wednesday, October 9th

Windy - Painting all day - Josie came home to night

Thursday, October 10th

Very windy - Painting all day 1 d

Friday, October 11th

Very windy - Painting all day 1 d

Saturday, October 12th

Painting all day 1 d

Sunday, October 13th

Hard frost - At home

Monday, October 14th

I finished painting for Lawless Bros at noon - Went to Wm Keatings to make him a Separator House & do some shingleing

Tuesday, October 15th

Shingleing it rained some to day 1 d

Wednesday, October 16th

Shingleing 1 d

Thursday, October 17th

I begun a cream house 1 d

Friday, October 18th

Pleasant - Working on the Cream House 1 d

Saturday, October 19th

Pleasant - Finished at noon & came home 1/2

Sunday, October 20th

Will & Mate Sears & Harry & Ester were here to day we went hunting got 2 rabbits 2 squirrels

Monday, October 21st

At home forenoon filed 2 saws for Mr Falness

Tuesday, October 22nd

Fixed Robt Scroggies barn forenoon went to Onslow afternoon

Wednesday, October 23rd

I stayed to Roys last night went to Clinton & back to day

Thursday, October 24th

I stayed to Harrys last night came home forenoon at home afternoon

Friday, October 25th

I was patching Lue Butlers house

Saturday, October 26th

I layed hog pen floor for T Moran 3/4 d

Sunday, October 27th

Purl & Rilla & the girls were here

Monday, October 28th

I fixed door locks for T Moran 1/2 d

Tuesday, October 29th

Misting - I went to Hall Bros Sale

Wednesday, October 30th

Misty - I was up to Mal Kellys after potatoes got 20 bu

Thursday, October 31st

I went up to Mike Powers to shingle for him

Friday, November 1st

I finished shingleing for Mike this morning went to see Mike Supple stayed to dinner & came home - It rained some

Saturday, November 2nd

Cold - I was to Canton forenoon Dell Winnegar was here

Sunday, November 3rd

Pleasant - Dell stayed all night

Monday, November 4th

At home

Tuesday, November 5th

I began to tare down the Clay Valley Creamery afternoon - I went to Onslow forenoon

Wednesday, November 6th

Tareing down to day 1 d

Thursday, November 7th

Doing the same 1 d

Friday, November 8th

Began tareing down the boiler room

Saturday, November 9th

Doing the same - I came home this eve

Sunday, November 10th

We were up to Lue Meads

Monday, November 11th

I was to work for J D Neelans 1 d

Tuesday, November 12th

Tareing down Creamery 1 d

Wednesday, November 13th

Doing the same 1 d

Thursday, November 14th

Working to day 1 d - Pete Abrams was burried to day

Friday, November 15th

Working to day 1 d

Saturday, November 16th

Very pleasant all week - Finished taking down the boiler room 3/4

Sunday, November 17th

Pleasant - At home

Monday, November 18th

Working on on the creamery 1 d

Tuesday, November 19th

Doing the same 1 d

Wednesday, November 20th

Finished at the creamery - 1 d - It rained all day

Thursday, November 21st

I drove John Neelans horse to Onslow forenoon Came home afternoon

Friday, November 22nd

I was cutting stove wood to day went to Canton in the evening with Irving Eads he was takeing in the M B A Lodge

Saturday, November 23rd

I cut wood afternoon

Sunday, November 24th

At home

Monday, November 25th

I was at Martin Cartsons sale - Ode Sinkey took possession of the barn

Tuesday, November 26th

I was at C L Butlers sale

Wednesday, November 27th

Very warm - I was at home all day - Bell & Mrs Eads went to Onslow

Thursday, November 28th

Fine - Thanksgiving - Bell & I went to L E Meads & H Smiths in the eve

Friday, November 29th

At home

Saturday, November 30th

Abought 3 in of snow this morning - went a hunting got nothing

Sunday, December 1st

Cloudy all day - I was a hunting in the morning got 1 rabbit

Monday, December 2nd

At home

Tuesday, December 3rd

I helped Lue Mead to put on eave spouts on Noyes barn - He helped me to cut a maple

Wednesday, December 4th

I cut wood to day

Thursday, December 5th

I cut wood all day

Friday, December 6th

Like summer - Mate & I went to Onslow with Irving Eads - I went to Lodge with I Eads had election

Saturday, December 7th

Cut a little wood It rained a little

Sunday, December 8th

Very warm & mudy - Went hunting got nothing

Monday, December 9th

At home

Tuesday, December 10th

I went to Geo Hannas sale with Eads

Wednesday, December 11th

Cutting wood at home

Thursday, December 12th

Very pleasant - We were to W N Tippetts to dinner his birthday 76 to day - Barts folks & Jacks & Wm Orrs were all here Jo & Vick came to day

Friday, December 13th

Cloudy - At home all day

Saturday, December 14th

At home all day

Sunday, December 15th

Jo & Vick & Jacks folks were here to day

Monday, December 16th

At home

Tuesday, December 17th

Clifford & I cut down the maple tree beside the creek

Wednesday, December 18th

Cut a little wood

Thursday, December 19th

Very pleasant - I went to Onslow with Ode Sinkey

Friday, December 20th

Cut a little wood & went hunting got nothing

Saturday, December 21st

Finished the two maple trees here at home was to W N Tippetts to dinner then he took Vick over to Jacks I got 2 rabbits

Sunday, December 22nd

It is misting - At home all day

Monday, December 23rd

Pleasant mudy - I went to Onslow with I Eads very mudy

Tuesday, December 24th

Mudy - At home - I was up to Hannah Snyders afternoon

Wednesday, December 25th

We were to Jacks to day

Thursday, December 26th

At home

Friday, December 27th

Pleasant - At home - Was up to L Meads afternoon

Saturday, December 28th

Pleasant - At home fileing saws

Sunday, December 29th

It snowed some then rained some

Monday, December 30th

It snowed some more last night

Tuesday, December 31st

Very warm - I was up to L E Meads & patched his floor then home rest of the day - Some snow on the ground




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