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Monday, January 1st

Pleasant - I was up to John Dennisons to a shooting match got 1 turkey

Tuesday, January 2nd

At home - Tom Green & Bert Duboises folks was here

Wednesday, January 3rd

Pleasant - at home all day

Thursday, January 4th

Pleasant - At home

Friday, January 5th

At home - I am 39 years of age

Saturday, January 6th

At home forenoon chopped a load of wood afternoon

Sunday, January 7th

8 below zero - At home - pleasant but cold

Monday, January 8th

Cut 2 loads of wood

Tuesday, January 9th

I was up to Tom Hamiltons to a shooting match

Wednesday, January 10th

I cut some wood to day at home

Thursday, January 11th

At home - very windy - Jo Orr was here all forenoon & to dinner

Friday, January 12th

I was helping Jo Orr to put up a wind mill tower to Wm Leonards

Saturday, January 13th

I was doing the same & got done

Sunday, January 14th

Misty all day - I am at home

Monday, January 15th

Fogy - Makeing watter tank for Will Leonard - 1/2 day

Tuesday, January 16th

Very fogy - Doing the same - 1 day

Wednesday, January 17th

Finished the tank at hoon came home & made a neck yoke for Mr. Koppas $3,50

Thursday, January 18th

I made a singletree for Roy

Friday, January 19th

At home forenoon - to Onslow with Roy afternoon - Oren Tompkins shot him self to day - It is snowing a little

Saturday, January 20th

Rained some - I fixed Jas Flaniagans wagon tongue

Sunday, January 21st

At home all day

Monday, January 22nd

At home

Tuesday, January 23rd

I begun to make me a jack for raising poles - It snowed all day steady

Wednesday, January 24th

16 below - Working on the jack to day

Thursday, January 25th

34 below zero - Very cold & pleasant - At home

Friday, January 26th

4 above - To Canton to day

Saturday, January 27th

6 Below - I was over to Jack Orrs to day - Very warm to day

Sunday, January 28th

6 Below - Jas Scroggie died last night - I was at home all day it snowed a little to day

Monday, January 29th

I filed a saw for Mal & Tom Kelly

Tuesday, January 30th

Pleasant to day - I was to Jas Scroggies funeral

Wednesday, January 31st

Pleasant - I went to Maquoketa with Roy

Thursday, February 1st

Pleasant - We stayed to the Otter Creek house - came home in the eve - Elem Ralston 2 1/2 years in the pen & Jack Preston got 2 years

Friday, February 2nd

The last day of school at home

Saturday, February 3rd

Fox Ralston drawed me 5 loads of wood

Sunday, February 4th

12 below - At home with a bad cold

Monday, February 5th

I cut stove wood

Tuesday, February 6th

I went to Onslow with Chas Herrington

Wednesday, February 7th

Very mudy - I was sawing & splitting wood all day

Thursday, February 8th

Very mudy - Doing the same - It is very warm

Friday, February 9th

Makeing a wagon box for Chas Herrington

Saturday, February 10th

Doing the same

Sunday, February 11th

At home

Monday, February 12th

Blustering - At home - it snowd hard all day

Tuesday, February 13th

Very pleasant - cutting wood all day

Wednesday, February 14th

Snowed a little all day - I was cutting wood the most of the day

Thursday, February 15th

Pleasant - Finished my wood pile this morning

Friday, February 16th

Chilly - I was to Jas Carpenters sale

Saturday, February 17th

At home sick

Sunday, February 18th

At home

Monday, February 19th

I cut 2 loads of wood forenoon & Fox drawed it for me afternoon

Tuesday, February 20th

Snowed a little most all day - At home forenoon begun a wagon box for John Leitch afternoon

Wednesday, February 21st

I went to Onslow with Will Mc

Thursday, February 22nd

Blustering afternoon - Finished the wagon box - Bell went over to Jack Orrs with Rilla

Friday, February 23rd

Sawing & splitting wood

Saturday, February 24th

Doing the same

Sunday, February 25th

Pleasant - My mother died 22 years to day - I was at home all day

Monday, February 26th

Very mudy - I went to Onslow with Chas Herrington

Tuesday, February 27th

At home very mudy

Wednesday, February 28th

At home

Thursday, March 1st

Very mudy - at home

Friday, March 2nd

Mudy - At home - the river is coming up

Saturday, March 3rd

Very pleasant snow gone - At home - the river is going down

Sunday, March 4th

I sold my chickens to H. Neal - It is raining this morning - I went up to Geo Hannas afternoon

Monday, March 5th

I stayed last night to Hannas last night - I went to Onslow & went to Anamosa to court

Tuesday, March 6th

Court was called at 10 o'clock - I was called on Jury this noon

Wednesday, March 7th

Called me again

Thursday, March 8th

At court

Friday, March 9th

The same

Saturday, March 10th

Court adjourned untill Monday - I went up to the State Quirrey afternoon

Sunday, March 11th

I went up to the Pen to Sunday School

Monday, March 12th

Called again

Tuesday, March 13th

In Court

Wednesday, March 14th

In Court

Thursday, March 15th

In Court - Discharged this evening

Friday, March16th

I came to Center Junction afternoon at 1,10

Saturday, March 17th

Came to Onslow & rode home with Tom Finn

Sunday, March 18th

At home it is raining to day

Monday, March 19th

At home - Charley & Ivah was down to day

Tuesday, March 20th

At home

Wednesday, March 21st

Pleasant & warm - I was up to Ahab Dewitts sale

Thursday, March 22nd

Chilly - I cut a load of wood in the morning

Friday, March 23rd

Very chily to day - I went to Onslow with Willie Walters

Saturday, March 24th

I cut my wood up - it is very cold

Sunday, March 25th

At home - the creek is froze over again

Monday, March 26th

At home very cold yet

Tuesday, March 27th

Chilly - At home

Wednesday, March 28th

It snowed most all day - 6 in of snow - cleared of after noon

Thursday, March 29th

Pleasant - At home

Friday, March 30th

At home

Saturday, March 31st

I was a hunting got 1 duck

Sunday, April 1st

I was a hunting forenoon got 1 duck

Monday, April 2nd

Pleasant - ground froze - School begun to day - I was white washing

Tuesday, April 3rd

Windy - At home - A white washing forenoon - I hued a few poles for wood house for District

Wednesday, April 4th

Cold - a little rain & snow - I went to Onslow with Rese Taylor

Thursday, April 5th

It snowed a little forenoon - We was makeing a wood house for the District

Friday, April 6th

I was to Cascade with Roy with pickets

Saturday, April 7th

I was makeing picket fence for Wm Fletcher 3/4 day

Sunday, April 8th

I was to Jack Orrs to dinner

Monday, April 9th

At home all day - it rained all day

Tuesday, April 10th

It is a snowing hard this morning - I was makeing fence afternoon for Mr. Fletcher

Wednesday, April 11th

Makeing fence all day got done

Thursday, April 12th

I went to Onslow then to Center Junction

Friday, April 13th

Came to Onslow then home with Rese Taylor

Saturday, April 14th

I was working at the wood house for Clay Mills District most all day

Sunday, April 15th

At home

Monday, April 16th

I was up to the grave yard then home & put on some shingles on the wood house

Tuesday, April 17th

Rained hard - Rese Taylor plowed my garden - I planted potatoes & garden truck

Wednesday, April 18th

I was to Canton

Thursday, April 19th

I was up to Mr Scroggies & to Mrs. Orrs to dinner & to Tom Greens to supper then home

Friday, April 20th

At home all day

Saturday, April 21st

I was fishing afternoon got a lot of chubs

Sunday, April 22nd

At home

Monday, April 23rd

I was makeing picket fence all day for John Dennison

Tuesday, April 24th

Finished the fence & came home

Wednesday, April 25th

I was to Cascade with W. N. Tippett then home & to Center Junction

Thursday, April 26th

Came home this morning

Friday, April 27th

Working in the garden some

Saturday, April 28th

I was a fishing got 5 cat fish 2 suckers

Sunday, April 29th

I got 2 more cat fish & 1 sucker - Jack & Lizzie Orr was here to dinner

Monday, April 30th

At home all day - it rained most all day

Tuesday, May 1st

We went to Canton begun Doctor Beldons barn worked 3/4 day

Wednesday, May 2nd

Doing the same - 1 day

Thursday, May 3rd

Doing the same - 1 day

Friday, May 4th

Doing the same - 1 day

Saturday, May 5th

Finished & came home in the eve - it rained & hailed very hard 4 3/4 days

Sunday, May 6th

At home

Monday, May 7th

I went to Onslow with Willie Walters - I went to Center Junction

Tuesday, May 8th

I caught a mess of fish on set lines - I have caught 7 nice cat fish up to date

Wednesday, May 9th

At home

Thursday, May 10th

At home it is raining

Friday, May 11th

At home

Saturday, May 12th

At home

Sunday, May 13th

Bell & me was over to Jack Orrs

Monday, May 14th

W. N. Tippett & my self was up to Johnson School house & up to the mill

Tuesday, May 15th

Wm McGlocklin took our tools up to Johnson town School House then i went to Onslow - came back & stayed to Chas Ames

Wednesday, May 16th

Begun the school house 1 day

Thursday, May 17th

Put on ship lap 1 day

Friday, May 18th

Rain - cut the rafters & came home

Saturday, May 19th

at home all day

Sunday, May 20th

At home

Monday, May 21st

Working on the school house

Tuesday, May 22nd

The same

Wednesday, May 23rd

Sheating & shingleing

Thursday, May 24th


Friday, May 25th

Makeing window frames

Saturday, May 26th

Setting frames & siding

Sunday, May 27th

I was to Canton to H Wilmond abought painting the school house

Monday, May 28th

Working on the school house

Tuesday, May 29th


Wednesday, May 30th


Thursday, May 31st


Friday, June 1st


Saturday, June 2nd

Came home this morning - got through - 13 days in all - ready for plaster

Sunday, June 3rd

Charley Hall & family was here to day

Monday, June 4th

Begun work for C. S. Ames - worked on the porch 1 day

Tuesday, June 5th

The same - 1 day

Wednesday, June 6th

Worked on the kitchen 1 d

Thursday, June 7th

The same 1 d

Friday, June 8th

The same 1 day

Saturday, June 9th

I went to Onslow in the morning - finished at noon 1/2 day

Sunday, June 10th

At home all day it rained a little bit in the evening

Monday, June 11th

Very warm - at home

Tuesday, June 12th

Very warm - I went to Jack Fagans with W. N. Tippett - got some school house money then I went to Onslow

Wednesday, June 13th

Very warm - I was up to the Creamery in the morning & to Ike Frenches forenoon then home

Thursday, June 14th

I was up to Chas Ames & Bell was to Onslow

Friday, June 15th

At home rain & hale

Saturday, June 16th

I went to Cascade with Willie Walters - It rained hard this afternoon

Sunday, June 17th

At home It rained all forenoon

Monday, June 18th

I was after Gooseberries to day

Tuesday, June 19th

We went to Jack Fagans to begin his barn - worked afternoon 1/2

Wednesday, June 20th

Cutting rafters & put on the sills 1

Thursday, June 21st

Cutting plates & girts & we raised the barn 1

Friday, June 22nd

Raised some more poles & sided 1

Saturday, June 23rd

Siding & put up rafters & it rained afternoon & we came home 3/4

Sunday, June 24th

At home

Monday, June 25th

Worked on the barn 3/4 day

Tuesday, June 26th

Doing the same 1

Wednesday, June 27th

Sheating all day 1

Thursday, June 28th

Sheating all day 1

Friday, June 29th

Shingleing all day 1

Saturday, June 30th

Very warm - shingleing all day 1

Sunday, July 1st

At home

Monday, July 2nd

Finished shingleing & made hay doors 1 d

Tuesday, July 3rd

Made doors all day & layed floor 1 d & came home

Wednesday, July 4th

Very pleasant at home all day - Corn Tasseling about head high

Thursday, July 5th

Putting up stalls 1 d

Friday, July 6th

Finished Jack Fagans barn 1/4 - 13 1/4 days in all

Saturday, July 7th

I made a hay rack for Wm Fletcher

Sunday, July 8th

At home

Monday, July 9th

We was working on the school house 1 day

Tuesday, July 10th

We finished the Scotch Grove school house 1 - 15 days in all

Wednesday, July 11th

I took the lumber & nails back to Onslow that we had left - came back & helped C. S. Ames put up the Black Board & came home

Thursday, July 12th

I went to Canton foenoon at home afternoon

Friday, July 13th

I was over to Ed Greens in forenoon & back home

Saturday, July 14th

I was up to Johnson School House & home

Sunday, July 15th

At home forenoon up to H Neals afternoon

Monday, July 16th

I was makeing a tank for Ed Green 1 day

Tuesday, July 17th

Doing the same 1 day

Wednesday, July 18th

Doing the same - 1 day

Thursday, July 19th

Finished the tank at noon 1/2 day & they brought my tools home

Friday, July 20th

A little rain last night - I was to Canton to pay Henry Wilmond for painting

Saturday, July 21st

I went to Chas Ames & had a settlement with him & went to Mr. Holtz & settled with Al Frey $54,65 then i went to Onslow & Center Junction

Sunday, July 22nd

I was to Center Junction all day

Monday, July 23rd

I was there yet

Tuesday, July 24th

I took Bert & went on the Excursion to Sabula & down the river to Davenport

Wednesday, July 25th

I took Charleys horse & buggy & took E. V. Dubois to Tom Greens then i went back & came to Mr. Scroggies with Chas & came home

Thursday, July 26th

101 in the shade - At home all day

Friday, July 27th

At home all day

Saturday, July 28th

At home all day

Sunday, July 29th

I was up to Wm Carrs forenoon with Chas Herrington - Very hot & dry

Monday, July 30th

I was to Cascade & went to Monticello - stayed all night

Tuesday, July 31st

I went to Center Junction - stayed all night

Wednesday, August 1st

I came to Onslow then home - we had a little rain afternoon

Thursday, August 2nd

I went to H. Corbitts & got 2 pigs

Friday, August 3rd

I was a fishing got 8 Bass & 1 cat fish & put in a wagon tongue for Geo Reid

Saturday, August 4th

I caught 9 Bass to day

Sunday, August 5th

I caught 7 Bass this forenoon

Monday, August 6th

I was fishing again got 5 Bass

Tuesday, August 7th

I was up to Tom Greens

Wednesday, August 8th

I went to Onslow with Rese Taylor

Thursday, August 9th

104 in the shade - I begun a Grainery for Tom Green 3/4 day

Friday, August 10th

Very hot - Frameing & putting up corner stone 1 day

Saturday, August 11th

Very hot - Raised & siding - 1 day

Sunday, August 12th

At home

Monday, August 13th

I was siding & sheating & shingleing 1

Tuesday, August 14th

Finished at 10 o'clock & came home with Lew Mead - 4 days $7,00

Wednesday, August 15th

I was up to Temple Hill to the Prairie

Thursday, August 16th

I was after squirrels got 5

Friday, August 17th

A hard rain last night - The same got 2

Saturday, August 18th

Working roads to day

Sunday, August 19th

I went a hunting this morning got 5 squirrels - went down to Vess Greens with Rese after apples

Monday, August 20th

I was working the roads part of the day

Tuesday, August 21st

I walked to Onslow & back

Wednesday, August 22nd

At home

Thursday, August 23rd

I was up to Wm Kennys forenoon - at home the rest of the day

Friday, August 24th

Very warm - I went a hunting in the morning got 3 squirrels then went up to Lon Watters whare they was a thrashing

Saturday, August 25th

Fishing afternoon got 4 Bass

Sunday, August 26th

I was a hunting got 4 squirrels in the morning - Jacks folks was here & Jack & me went up to Flanigans to a horse race

Monday, August 27th

I was up to Wm Kennys & made a bridge for him

Tuesday, August 28th

I was up to Sinkeys forenoon

Wednesday, August 29th

I was up to Tom Greens & Geo Scroggies

Thursday, August 30th

I was up to Center Junction & to Onslow & rode home with Dennie Grogan

Friday, August 31st

I was makeing a buggy box for Rockey Ralston - 1 d

Saturday, September 1st

Very warm & dry - I was doing the same 1 day

Sunday, September 2nd

At home - Charley & Ivah was down

Monday, September 3rd

I was working for Jas Finn on his Grainery

Tuesday, September 4th

I was working for Jim Finn

Wednesday, September 5th

I came home at noon 2 1/2 days - Edie was to Anamosa

Thrusday, September 6th

It is raining & Bell has gone to Monticello Fair - I made a Molasses Pan for Fox Ralston

Friday, September 7th

At home - It rained hard last night

Saturday, September 8th

At home - It rained hard last night

Sunday, September 9th

At home - It rained hard after noon

Monday, September 10th

I was up to Wm Kennys forenoon

Tuesday, September 11th

I was up to H Neals forenoon - Harry was here to dinner

Wednesday, September 12th

I went to Onslow with Roy - It is raining a little this eve

Thursday, September 13th

I went to Cascade Fair & back

Friday, September 14th

At home

Saturday, September 15th

At home

Sunday, September 16th

At home

Monday, September 17th

Worked the roads forenoon - At home afternoon

Tuesday, September 18th

Bell went to Monticello with her Pa after Vicki - I stayed with the children

Wednesday, September 19th

I am at home all day

Thursday, September 20th

At home

Friday, September 21st

At home - Allen Duke & family was here to dinner

Saturday, September 22nd

At home

Sunday, September 23rd

At home

Monday, September 24th

I went to Ozark with Rese Taylors team after feed

Tuesday, September 25th

I was up to Mr Scroggies & back home again

Wednesday, September 26th

I was up to Wm Kennys forenoon - gathering Butternuts afternoon

Thursday, September 27th

At home

Friday, September 28th

I went to Onslow with Henry Taylor

Saturday, September 29th

I took Bell over to Jack Orrs she stayed all night

Sunday, September 30th

At home all day

Monday, October 1st

I went up to Wm Kennys & home

Tuesday, October 2nd

Wm Kenny came after my tools we went to Cascade after lumber afternoon

Wednesday, October 3rd

I worked on the barn forenoon went to Cascade afternoon

Thursday, October 4th

Hi Neal & me went to John Hamiltons sale

Friday, October 5th

I went to Kennys worked 1 day

Saturday, October 6th

Worked till noon came home

Sunday, October 7th

At home

Monday, October 8th

I raised the barn & girted

Tuesday, October 9th

Borded up the squair

Wednesday, October 10th

Put up the rafters & cut some

Thursday, October 11th

Sheating put on face boards

Friday, October 12th


Saturday, October 13th

Shingleing 3/4 & came home 5 3/4 days this week

Sunday, October 14th

At home - W. N. Tippett & wife & Vickey was here to dinner

Monday, October 15th

Makeing doors & floor 3/4

Tuesday, October 16th

Makeing ventilators & floors

Wednesday, October 17th

Makeing stalls & oat bin - Hi Neal came home at noon - 8 1/4 days for him

Thursday, October 18th

I made a privy & finished the barn

Friday, October 19th

Wm Kenny brought me home, a little rain this morning

Saturday, October 20th

I walked to Onslow - Back to Lue Butlers to dinner

Sunday, October 21st

At home

Monday, October 22nd

I was working on Dennisons barn siding & sheating 1 day

Tuesday, October 23rd

Shingleing 1 day

Wednesday, October 24th

Shingleing all day - 1 day - Isa Orr died this morning

Thursday, October 25th

At home - It is a raining this morning - I was at the funeral afternoon

Friday, October 26th

It is raining this morning - I was a hunting afternoon got 3 squirrels & 1 rabbit

Saturday, October 27th

At home forenoon - up to Neals & Sinkeys afternoon

Sunday, October 28th

Pleasant - At home

Monday, October 29th

I went up to Wm Kennys to paint his barn - I painted the ventilator - we went to Cascade in the evening to hear a Democrat speach

Tuesday, October 30th

Painting all day

Wednesday, October 31st

I finished painting at noon & came home

Thursday, November 1st

I went to Cascade with Rockey Ralston - I was down to Mr Hoveys in the morning

Friday, November 2nd

It rained most all last night - It rained most all day & snowed some the first snow this fall

Saturday, November 3rd

Pleasant - Jas Ray brought me a bu of potatoes

Sunday, November 4th

I was a coon hunting last night - I started to go to Jack Orrs & came back & stayed at home - Bell & the children went to Jacks

Monday, November 5th

I made Lew Mead a wagon bolster - I was a hunting afternoon got 2 squirrels

Tuesday, November 6th

I went to Election this morning

Wednesday, November 7th

Snowed a little - I was a hunting forenoon - chopping wood afternoon

Thursday, November 8th

I went to Onslow with Roy

Friday, November 9th

It snowed a little last night at home all day

Saturday, November 10th

I cut a load of wood in the morning - It snowed hard for a while & afternonn I cut a load

Sunday, November 11th

The creek froze over - At home all day - very pleasant

Monday, November 12th

I was to Jack Orrs until afternoon then home - It is sleeting today - It snowed in the eve

Tuesday, November 13th

I made Cora Taylor a clothes rack

Wednesday, November 14th

I finished the rack at noon then I went up to Mr Fletchers to make a watter tank 1/2

Thursday, November 15th

I finished the tank at noon 1/2 d - then i went to D Orrs afternoon

Friday, November 16th

I went to D Orrs to make some storm doors then home - cold to day

Saturday, November 17th

Pleasant - The gound is froze very hard this morning

Sunday, November 18th

Jacks folks was over to day

Monday, November 19th

I was up to Will Mc in the morning then home again - finished a cross bar for his cutter shaves

Tuesday, November 20th

Helped Rese Taylor butcher a hog - he drawed me two loads of wood afternoon

Wednesday, November 21st

I went to Onslow then to Anamosa & home again

Thursday, November 22nd

At home - I made a stand for Mrs. Herrington & helped Rese to pick a little corn afternoon

Friday, November 23rd

Pleasant - Finished the stand & Rese to finish a little corn then cut wood

Saturday, November 24th

I went to Canton forenoon with Rese Taylor

Sunday, November 25th

At home all day

Monday, November 26th

I was sawing wood all day

Tuesday, November 27th

I was to Canton to a shooting match

Wednesday, November 28th

I was to Mr Fletchers in the morning then home & cut wood

Thursday, November 29th

Chilly - Thanksgiving - I cut a little wood afternoon

Friday, November 30th

Misty - I was helping Mr Fletcher build a tank house - 7 hrs

Saturday, December 1st

Doing the same - 8 hrs

Sunday, December 2nd

At home all day very pleasant

Monday, December 3rd

Pleasant - I went & finished the tank house this morning then home & sawed wood

Tuesday, December 4th

I was sawing wood

Wednesday, December 5th

I went to Cascade with W. N. Tippett - it is like summer these days

Thursday, December 6th

Very pleasant - splitting & sawing wood

Friday, December 7th

I was a hunting forenoon - I put a new bottom on Hugh Corbitts wagon box -

Old Mrs Moncriefe died last night

Saturday, December 8th

Pleasant - I went to the funeral

Sunday, December 9th

Warm - At home all day

Monday, December 10th

Cloudy & warm - Will Mc drawed me 5 loads of wood this forenoon - I split some afternoon

Tuesday, December 11th

It snowed hard this morning - thawed afternoon the first tracking snow this winter

Wednesday, December 12th

I made Lew Mead a gun stock forenoon - We was up to W. N. Tippetts to dinner he is 63 years of age - I split wood afternoon - Bell took Lizze home

Thursday, December 13th

Like summer - Sawing wood part of the time & splitting

Friday, December 14th

Fileing my saw & sawing wood

Saturday, December 15th

I butchered one of my pigs & cut a little wood & it began to rain it rained hard in the evening

Sunday, December 16th

At home the wind blew hard

Monday, December 17th

At home sick

Tuesday, December 18th

I filed a saw for Jas Flanigan

Wednesday, December 19th

I sawed wood forenoon went to Anamosa afternoon with Rese Taylor

Thursday, December 20th

I was in Anamosa all day - Started for home 5,30 got home 9,30

Friday, December 21st

Sawed some wood to day

Saturday, December 22nd

Cloudy to day - I split wood forenoon i sawed some afternoon

Sunday, December 23rd

Cloudy - I was to Jack Orrs to day

Monday, December 24th

It is misty in the morning

Tuesday, December 25th

Clear - Very pleasant - the ground froze hard - at home all day

Wednesday, December 26th

Very pleasant - I cut a little wood forenoon hunting afternoon

Thursday, December 27th

Clear & cold - 2 above - At home

Friday, December 28th

Clear & cold - 8 below zero - At home makeing a chair

Saturday, December 29th

I went to Onslow with John Stearly

Sunday, December 30th

At home - Harry came here to day - It is a little blustering

Monday, December 31st

It is very pleasant - I helped W. N. Tippett to kill a hog & fixed Tom Keatings sled




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