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Janet A. Brandt


Thursday, January 1st

10 above zero - I went up to Rocky Ralstons him & i took the Ferrett & went rabbit hunting got 2 & hunted Foxes the rest of the day - It thawed lots to day

Friday, January 2nd

30 above - It is misting this morning all day - I filed a saw for Jas McManus - Shot 1 rabbit

Saturday, January 3rd

I walked to Canton & back forenoon at home afternoon - Mr Wager & El Hovey was here - Josie went to Onslow with her Grand Pa

Sunday, January 4th

Bell & I & children were up to Jacks

Monday, January 5th

Pleasant - I was up to Chas Duncansons sale - I am 48 years of age to day

Tuesday, January 6th

Pleasant - I sawed a little wood

Wednesday, January 7th

Very blustering - I helped Wager to saw the slab pile

Thursday, January 8th

6 above - Up to Mr DeSarts afternoon

Friday, January 9th

Zero - Bell went to Onslow with her Pa to see Perry Walters he got burnt - I filed a cross cut for B Lawless & 2 hand saws for Wm Fletcher

Saturday, January 10th

2 Below - Instalation to night - at home to day - I walked to Canton & back alone to Lodge - T Keleher died this afternoon - More snow this eve

Sunday, January 11th

2 above - More snow last night - sleighing thin yet - Charley Hovey & I went up to the Wake

Monday, January 12th

6 Below - At home all day

Tuesday, January 13th

I went to Onslow back with Will McGlocklin

Wednesday, January 14th

I went to Canton & back before noon

Thursday, January 15th

22 above - I went to Grogans sale

Friday, January 16th

I went to W N Orrs to help put down some floor in the kitchen Jo Orr helped

Saturday, January 17th

Very pleasant - I stayed untill afternoon then came to D N Orrs then home

Sunday, January 18th

Pleasant to day - At home

Monday, January 19th

I went to Birt Duboises

Tuesday, January 20th

I am at Birts yet we went to Monmouth & back

Wednesday, January 21st

Cold - I stayed to Birts last night started for home - at home in the eve

Thursday, January 22nd

It is snowing a little to day

Friday, January 23rd

I began a carrom stand for Birt Dubois

Saturday, January 24th

It is snowing this morning

Sunday, January 25th

At home

Monday, January 26th

At home

Tuesday, January 27th

At home

Wednesday, January 28th

At home

Thursday, January 29th

I begun to cut wood up on Mr Wagars

Friday, January 30th

Made a watter trough

Saturday, January 31st

Went up to Chas Ames Bell & I & to Jim Youngs sale

Sunday, February 1st

Very Mudy - Birt Duboises folks were here to day

Monday, February 2nd

Pleasant & mudy - I went to Wyoming with Mr Wagar

Tuesday, February 3rd

I filed a saw for Jas Flanigan - It snow hard afternoon

Wednesday, February 4th

Blustering - It is snowing yet today - Cleared off afternoon - School closed

Thursday, February 5th

10 Below - At home forenoon - I cut a little cord wood afternoon - School closed

Friday, February 6th

Zero - I cut some more wood - School closed

Saturday, February 7th

20 above - Snowing a little all day - Thare is no sleighing yet - Josie went to Mrs McGlocklins after butter yesterday - I cut a little wood afternoon - Thare was no school this week Teacher had the measels

Sunday, February 8th

Very pleasant - at home all day

Monday, February 9th

Very pleasant - I cut cord wood Josie & Matie helped me afternoon some

Tuesday, February 10th

Thawing hard - I cut a little wood & Jack Orr drawed me 3 loads & it begun to rain a little - Matie & Josie went to Canton

Wednesday, February 11th

Like summer - I sawed wood at home part forenoon & cut cord wood afternoon - The roads offell mudy - Josie went to Onslow with her Grand Pa

Thursday, February 12th

Little colder - I cut a little wood

Friday, February 13th

Colder - Grand Pa & Ma went to Roys birth day party - I cut a little wood & filed a saw for John Collins

Saturday, February 14th

I cut some wood - Bell went to Will Orrs - It snowed a little afternoon - She got a pair of Bantams from Lizzie Orr

Sunday, February 15th

Not much snow thare is no sleighing

Monday, February 16th

12 below - I cut a little wood at home & was up to Mr Wagars to see him he has the Measles

Tuesday, February 17th

18 below - Cut a little more wood

Wednesday, February 18th

17 below - I was in the house all day

Thursday, February 19th

4 above - Cold to day some blustering I cut some more stove wood

Friday, February 20th

Bell went to Jacks with her Pa - I cut some stove wood - filed a buck saw for Hage - Jack drawed me 1 load of wood

Saturday, February 21st

12 above - I went to I N Frenches stayed to dinner then went to Onslow with him & back with Peter Falness

Sunday, February 22nd

Warm - At home forenoon we went up to Mr Wagars afternoon - I filed a saw for Wm Fletcher

Monday, February 23rd

Warm - I cut stove wood - Wit was here to dinner

Tuesday, February 24th

Like summer - I was to John Dennisons sale - Bell was to I N Frenches

Wednesday, February 25th

Very warm - Matie & I walked to Canton on the ice & back - I was up to Mr Wagars afternoon - My Mother died 31 years ago today - Edie was married this eve

Thursday, February 26th

Very warm 48 above zero - Chas Ames folks were here to dinner & Grand Pa & Grand Ma to - Had a hard rain last night

Friday, February 27th

I went to Onslow with Will Mc - the roads are very mudy

Saturday, February 28th

A little colder - At home all day - the river is over the bottom - it is very blustering - I filed a saw for B Lawless

Sunday, March 1st

10 above very pleasant - At home - Wit Hovey was here to dinner

Monday, March 2nd

I was up to I N Frenches & fixed the posts of his wind mill tower he gave me a chicken - I went across the river - Jane French died to night at 10 o'clock

Tuesday, March 3rd

I went to Tom Morans & back then went to Ike Frenches stayed all afternoon & helped to dig the grave

Wednesday, March 4th

Rain & snow some - I helped to line the grave this morning was to the Funeral - Very mudy - I stayed last night very mudy

Thursday, March 5th

I chopped down 1 big tree up to Mr Wagers afternoon

Friday, March 6th

At home all day the roads are offel mudy

Saturday, March 7th

Like summer - I cut wood all day at home - The ice went out this morning - I rained hard last night it thundered & lightening some

Sunday, March 8th

Summer - Artie & Edie was down to day

Monday, March 9th

Foggy - I went up to Tom Morans & stoped to there School Meeting then home - I went up to Mr Wagers & cut some cord wood

Tuesday, March 10th

Misty - It is raining this morning damp all day - Will Mc was here to dinner - I was at home all day

Wednesday, March 11th

Foggy - I was cutting a little cord wood - Cleared of afternoon - I finished cutting cord wood to day - Josie 15 years old to day

Thursday, March 12th

At home all day

Friday, March 13th

I filed a saw for Mr Hage then went to Chas Ames & helped to shingle

Saturday, March 14th

I stayed thare last night finished shingleing then i came to Jane Hannas then to Jack Orrs & home

Sunday, March 15th

I filed a saw for Koppas

Monday, March 16th

Rain to day - School Meating this morning - I filed a saw for T Kelly

Tuesday, March 17th

Pleasant to day - A hard rain thunder & lightening last night - I filed a saw for Mr DeSart

Wednesday, March 18th

Pleasant - I went up to Tom Kellys in the morning & back up to Mr Wagar - It began to rain at 5,30 & rained very hard offel hard thunder & lightening

Thursday, March 19th

I was at home all day - Warm

Friday, March 20th

It snowed a little - Clarance DeSart was here all day a visiting

Saturday, March 21st

Pleasant - The ground froze hard last night - Very mudy to day - Matie & I went up to Mr Wagars afternoon after Parsnips

Sunday, March 22nd

A little rain in morning - Bell & I were up to Mr DeSarts afternoon

Monday, March 23rd

It snowed hard all day

Tuesday, March 24th

It is snowing & blowing yet to day - It cleared of afternoon - We were all up to Grand Mas to dinner it was her 68 Birthday - I filed a saw for T Moran

Wednesday, March 25th

Very pleasant - At home all day the snow most all gone very mudy - we got no mail to day or yesterday

Thursday, March 26th

I went up to Jim Reids & then over to Jack Orrs went with him to Onslow the roads offel mudy

Friday, March 27th

It is raining a little & trying to snow - I filed a saw for T Milan

Saturday, March 28th

Pleasant - I was up to T Milans & Wagars in the morning then home

Sunday, March 29th

Very Pleasant - Jacks folks & Mr Wagars were here to dinner - The gound froze hard this morning

Monday, March 30th

Very pleasant - I walked to Canton & back

Tuesday, March 31st

Very warm - I helped to wash then went to I N Frenches stayed to dinner then went with him to Jim Carpenters to Mill then home

Wednesday, April 1st

Thundered & lightening this morning & rain - It cleared of nice - Went a fishing afternoon got 4 - Planted radishes & lettuce

Thursday, April 2nd

We had the mail to day the 1st for 11 days the roads were to mudy - Bell went to Cascade with her Pa to get a carpet wove - I went to Wagars after Parsnips Mr Wagar brought me a load of wood

Friday, April 3rd

Mr Wagar finished drawing my wood - I was sawing wood most all day - Edie & Artie brought Josie home

Saturday, April 4th

Cold - I cut stove wood untill noon then went a fishing

Sunday, April 5th

Cold - I was up to Tom Morans after some of my tools then down to Mr Wagars then home

Monday, April 6th

I begun work for Jas Kenedy makeing wood house & hen house & portico 1 day

Tuesday, April 7th

Siding & girting 1 day

Wednesday, April 8th

I worked 1 1/2 hrs - Owen Willman shot him self this morning I went down thare was thare all day

Thursday, April 9th

Very hot - I was to the funeral

Friday, April 10th

Rain - It rained most all day - I worked 1 hr

Saturday, April 11th

Sheating & shingleing to day 1 d

Sunday, April 12th

It rained hard last night - The River is over the Bottom

Monday, April 13th

Rockey Ralston with me last night - Josie took us across the river this morning - I put in a partition in Jims house - It rained most all day - I worked 1/2 day

Tuesday, April 14th

I came home this morning - It is snowing hard - turned to rain afternoon

Wednesday, April 15th

It is raining yet forenoon - I am at home - I worked 1/4

Thursday, April 16th

I raised the hen house girted & siding

Friday, April 17th

Raised rafters & sheating & shingled 1 d

Saturday, April 18th

Shingleing layed floor put in windows made door & came home - Carried home 4 lbs of Butter 1 d

Sunday, April 19th

Edie & Artie were down - She brought 4 lbs Butter

Monday, April 20th

I went to Jim Kennedys & begun a portico 1 d

Tuesday, April 21st

I finished at noon - I killed a fox this forenoon with my hammer - Went to Canton afternoon - I went to Bob Scroggies put up scaffold to shingle corn crib

Wednesday, April 22nd

I put on 3 M shingles 1 day

Thursday, April 23rd

I put on 3 1/4 M to day

Friday, April 24th

I finished at 9 o'clock & came home - spaded in the garden & planted potatoes - set fish lines this eve

Saturday, April 25th

It is a raining this forenoon - I made Josie a stand & fastened on a tire on my bike - Mrs Wagar & Bulah came after noon

Sunday, April 26th

Bell & the children were to Edies - I was up to Miles Millers afternoon

Monday, April 27th

I begun frameing Bob Scroggies grainery 1 d

Tuesday, April 28th

Doing the same 1 d

Wednesday, April 29th

Andrew Grogan helped me to raise the building - a little rain in the eve 1 d

Thursday, April 30th

The ground covered with snow forenoon i came home worked 1/4 d

Friday, May 1st

A hard frost this morning - we was girting & siding 1 d

Saturday, May 2nd

Finished siding & it began to rain - we came home 1/2 d

Sunday, May 3rd

Hard frost - Pleasant at home all day

Monday, May 4th

We raised the rafters & boarded gable ends & put on sheating & face boards - S Hamilton died at 1,30 to day

Tuesday, May 5th

Was shingleing untill 3 o'clock the wind blew so hard we stoped & made stairs & floor - I came home in the eve

Wednesday, May 6th

Very warm - I was to Salone Hamiltons funeral - I came home & white washed - Mate is 12 years to day

Thursday, May 7th

Finished shingleing & put in partitions 1 d

Friday, May 8th

I finished the grainery at noon 1/2 - then walked to Onslow was to Roys to supper

Saturday, May 9th

I stayed to Harrys last night & Mr Bates was coming over to his place & i came with him he was here to dinner - It rained a little in the eve

Sunday, May 10th

At home all day - I went to Jack Orrs in the eve

Monday, May 11th

I begun work for Geo Scroggie on his barn putting on plates 1 day

Tuesday, May 12th

Girting & siding 1 day

Wednesday, May 13th

Siding & sheating 1 d

Thursday, May 14th

Put up rafters & sheating 1 d

Friday, May 15th

Sheating & shingleing 1 d

Saturday, May 16th

Shingleing all day 1 d - I walked to Canton to Lodge - Arther Taylor was taken in this eve - I rode home with Mat Koppes

Sunday, May 17th

At home all day a little shower after noon

Monday, May 18th

I was shingleing & put on ridge boards 1 d

Tuesday, May 19th

I made doors got through with Geo Scroggies barn

Wednesday, May 20th

Lue Mead & I went to H Corbitts & begun shingleing his barn 1 d

Thursday, May 21st

Shingleing & fixing doors 1 d

Friday, May 22nd

Fixing privy & porch & barn 1 d

Saturday, May 23rd

It showered i took my tools to Mr Fletchers then i came home & set my fish lines

Sunday, May 24th

Pleasant - I caught 5 nice catfish

Monday, May 25th

I went to Mr Fletchers to shingle his barn worked 3/4 day & it rained

Tuesday, May 26th

Worked 3/4 day & it rained again

Wednesday, May 27th

Some rain - Worked all day 1 d

Thursday, May 28th

Put in a new track - rain in eve 1 d

Friday, May 29th

Made doors & put on batten got through at noon 4 days in all 1/2 d & came home the River is high

Saturday, May 30th

It is only 4 degs above freezing & raining - It rained steady untill 3 o'clock

Sunday, May 31st

Cold - It is raining to day - Edie was home

Monday, June 1st

Cold - Raining some yet - I went to M Supples to shingle his barn - Worked 2 hrs then it rained

Tuesday, June 2nd

Shingleing 11 hrs

Wednesday, June 3rd

Shingleing 11 hrs

Thursday, June 4th

Worked 9 hrs

Friday, June 5th

Made screen frames forenoon 6 hrs

Saturday, June 6th

Finished shingleing at noon 6 hrs & came home

Sunday, June 7th

At home most all day - Purl Walters was here him & i took his horse & cart & went to Tom Morans & Bob Scroggies & home

Monday, June 8th

I went up to L Meads in the morning & to Tom Greens then to Jo Hannas then home at noon - Howed potaotes & spading a cabbage patch

Tuesday, June 9th

At home all day

Wednesday, June 10th

I went to Onslow with T Milan he took hogs for T Moran

Thursday, June 11th

I went to T Moran to make screen frames he wasent home & i came home & went to Canton with W N Tippett

Friday, June 12th

Frost this morning - The teacher had an Ice Cream Social last night - Lue Mead & family was here to day - Lue & I helped Rocky to dig out a young fox

Saturday, June 13th

Frost - At home & a fishing dident get eny

Sunday, June 14th

I hived a swarm of bees - Harry & Esther & Willie Walters was here to dinner

Monday, June 15th

I begun a cow shed for R A Scroggie - Frameing 1 day

Tuesday, June 16th

Worked all day 1 day

Wednesday, June 17th

Siding & girting 1 day

Thursday, June 18th

I worked 6 1/2 hrs - some rain

Friday, June 19th

Shingleing 7 hrs

Saturday, June 20th

Finished at 2 o'clock came home

Sunday, June 21st

At home all day

Monday, June 22nd

I went to D H Orr to shingle his house & barn worked 1 day

Tuesday, June 23rd

Shingleing 1 day

Wednesday, June 24th

The same 1 d

Thursday, June 25th

I finished shingleing the house & tore the old shingles of 1 side of the barn

Friday, June 26th

I put on 3500 shingles & came home

Saturday, June 27th

At home hoeing in the garden some - I set my fish lines this eve

Sunday, June 28th

I caught 3 cat fish - At home all day

Monday, June 29th

Shingleing 1 day

Tuesday, June 30th

Shingleing untill noon then i went to Onslow with Mr Orr

Wednesday, July 1st

Shingleing all day

Thursday, July 2nd

I finished shingleing & fixed the house & came home 8 1/2 day - 24,000 shingles

Friday, July 3rd

At home all day - Hoed in the garden a while

Saturday, July 4th

Cool to day - It rained hard last night at home all day - Josie & Matie went to Temple Hill with Mr Wagars folks

Sunday, July 5th

At home all day

Monday, July 6th

Hot - I went to W H Orrs to shingle the School House in that Dist 1 d

Tuesday, July 7th

Hot - I shingled untill 3 o'clock & came home

Wednesday, July 8th

93 Degs - I went up to Al Murrys with W N Tippett then to Cascade

Thursday, July 9th

93 Degs - We had a very hard rain this morning at 3 o'clock - The creek is very high this morning - The river over the Bottom - I layed floor 4 hrs afternoon for Mr Falness - Cool this eve

Friday, July 10th

It rained hard last night again - The River very high all over the road from one Creek Bridge to the other - I finished the floor this forenoon - The watter over the River Bridge

Saturday, July 11th

The watter over all of the bridges yet at 5 o'clock - Bell is 40 years old to day

Sunday, July 12th

At home - At home all day - Watter over the Bottom yet - I rode Old Bird across after the Mail up to Wagars - Very deep

Monday, July 13th

Matie & I went up to Edies then i went to Onslow afternoon

Tuesday, July 14th

I stayed to Harrys all last night - came out with Edna Horton was to Jacks to dinner - I signed for the Clinton Daily Herald

Wednesday, July 15th

I walked to Canton was to Cass Ballous to dinner them home - Made T Milan a bugy tongue

Thursday, July 16th

I was grinding tools - Bell & children went to Edies

Friday, July 17th

It rained most all day - Josie went to Onslow with Grand Pa - I was at home

Saturday, July 18th

I went to Canton with Grand Dad - The river over the Bottom again

Sunday, July 19th

The River very high to day going down at 3 o'clock

Monday, July 20th

We began L Murrys barn - 42 x 64 - Worked 1/2 day

Tuesday, July 21st

Frameing 11 hrs

Wednesday, July 22nd

Frameing 11 hrs

Thursday, July 23rd

Frameing 11 hrs

Friday, July 24th

Frameing 11 hrs

Saturday, July 25th

Frameing - 10 hrs - 59 Hrs

Sunday, July 26th

At home - Harry & Ada brought Josie home - Henry Carson & family was here in the evening & Mr DeSart & Wife to

Monday, July 27th

Frameing 10 hrs

Tuesday, July 28th

Very Hot - Frameing 11 hrs

Wednesday, July 29th

We was frameing 1 1/2 hrs then broke the Boreing Machine went to Cascade to get it fixed got back at 2 o'clock Worked 5 hrs

Thursday, July 30th

Frameing 11 hrs

Friday, July 31st

Makeing pins & frameing 11 hrs

Saturday, August 1st

Began work & worked 4 hrs - It began to rain & we came home - I & the girls went after Black Berries & it rained 52

Sunday, August 2nd

At home - Edie & Artie was down - Bell & Josie killed a Rattle Snake by the house

Monday, August 3rd

We went up to Al Murrys to work - It rained - We worked 5 hrs

Tuesday, August 4th

We worked 10 hrs - Lue Mead went to Cascade in the evening

Wednesday, August 5th

It rained hard part of the forenoon then we came home - I went after Black Berries afternoon

Thursday, August 6th

After Berries again fore noon

Friday, August 7th

After some berries

Saturday, August 8th

I helped to cut a bee tree & got nothing - It rained a little in the eve 15

Sunday, August 9th

At home - Rilla & Purl was here to supper - Mr Bates was here to dinner

Monday, August 10th

Worked - 9 1/2 hrs

Tuesday, August 11th

Worked 11

Wednesday, August 12th

We raised this afternoon

Thursday August 13th

Cass & I went to Cascade in the morning then we put on the plates 7 1/2

Friday, August 14th

Girting & siding 11 hrs

Saturday, August 15th

We finished siding & put up lower set of rafters & came home 10 1/2 hrs / 60 1/2

Sunday, August 16th

Artie & Edie & Jacks folks & Mr Wagars folks were here to dinner

Monday, August 17th

Boarded gable ends & put up top scaffols 10 hrs

Tuesday, August 18th

Put up top rafters & began sheating 11 hrs

Wednesday, August 19th

Sheating all day 11

Thursday, August 20th

Sheating putting on face boards & began to shingle 11

Friday, August 21st

Shingleing all day 11 hrs

Saturday, August 22nd

Shingleing & got through - came home - 64 hrs this week

Sunday, August 23rd

At home all day Mr DeSarts were here to supper

Monday, August 24th

We was laying floor 10 hrs

Tuesday, August 25th

Doing same 11 hrs

Wednesday, August 26th

Getting ready to make doors 6 hrs - It rained hard afternoon

Thursday, August 27th

Putting in windows 10 1/2 hrs

Friday, August 28th

Makeing doors 10 1/2 hrs

Saturday, August 29th

Finished out side doors & layed a little floor in the basement 10 hrs / 48

Sunday, August 30th

At home

Monday, August 31st

Finished makeing doors 10

Tuesday, September 1st

Makeing stantions 6 1/2 - then went to Cascade

Wednesday, September 2nd

We finished the barn at noon 6 hrs - then we went to Pat Finns to make a machine house 5 hrs

Thursday, September 3rd

Cutting rafters & raising 11 hrs

Friday, September 4th

We finished Pat Finns shed 10 hrs & came home

Saturday, September 5th

At home all day fileing saws

Sunday, September 6th

It is raining this morning - Lue Mead & family was here we went up to P Hertz afternoon to see a game of ball

Monday, September 7th

I went up to Hertz & made a bill of nails & hinges - was at home afternoon

Tuesday, September 8th

At home all day - I took of some Honey - I filed 2 saws for Mr Wagar & 1 for Mr Falness - It rained last night

Wednesday, September 9th

I went to Canton with T Milan - It rained most all day - very foggy

Thursday, September 10th

I went up to Rockey Ralstons afternoon & came home

Friday, September 11th

I went up to Jack Orrs stayed untill after noon - he came to the timber & i rode home with him

Saturday, September 12th

I was up to Mr DeSarts in the morning - I took my tools to Pete Hertz to begin his barn Monday

Sunday, September 13th

At home - Edie & Artie was home

Monday, September 14th

I begun work on Pete Hertz barn worked 5 hrs

Tuesday, September 15th

Frameing all day 10 hrs

Wednesday, September 16th

Frameing 10 1/2 hrs

Thursday, September 17th


Friday, September 18th

The 1st frost this morning - began to raise 10 hrs

Saturday, September 19th

Raising putting on plates & girts cutting out doors 10 hrs

Sunday, September 20th

I was up to Hertz to see a game of ball

Monday, September 21st

We began siding & flooring 10 hrs & came home - Our last baby was born at 6 o'clock this eve (Maggie)

Tuesday, September 22nd

I went up & begun a door worked 2 1/2 hrs then came home

Wednesday, September 23rd

Makeing doors 10

Thursday, September 24th

Makeing doors & putting up hay track 11 hrs

Friday, September 25th

Putting up track - Putting in windows 10 1/2 hrs

Saturday, September 26th

I finished track - sawed the sheating & put on face boards & begun to shingle - It began to rain at 2 o'clock & I came home 6 hrs

Sunday, September 27th

Pleasant - John Edwards & family were here - Jack Orr & family - Edie & Artie

Monday, September 28th

Shingleing to day 11 hrs

Tuesday, September 29th

Shingleing 11 hrs

Wednesday, September 30th

Shingleing untill noon then began a ventilator 11

Thursday, October 1st

Finished ventilator 11 hr

Friday, October 2nd

Put on ridge boards & finished doors & finished the barn at noon 5 hrs

$81,00 - 155 hrs

Saturday, October 3rd

At home all day

Sunday, October 4th

At home forenoon up to Hertz to see a game of ball

Monday, October 5th

I begun a corn crib for D H Orr worked 9 hrs then went to Onslow to the show

Tuesday, October 6th

Worked on the crib 8 hrs

Wednesday, October 7th

I dident work fore noon it was to mudy - Raised the crib afternoon 4 hrs

Thursday, October 8th

I was siding to day 10 1/2 hrs

Friday, October 9th

Siding 10 1/2 hrs

Saturday, October 10th

Put up the rafters & sheating 10 1/2 hrs

Sunday, October 11th

Edie & Artie were here - Artie & I went to Canton after dinner

Monday, October 12th

Finished sheating & face boards & begun to shingle 10 1/2

Tuesday, October 13th

Shingleing 10 1/2

Wednesday, October 14th

Put on one roe of shingles & ridge boards 10 1/2

Thursday, October 15th

Putting in partitions - began to paint 10 1/2

Friday, October 16th

I painted untill noon 5

Saturday, October 17th

I took off some honey forenoon went to Canton afternoon - I went to Lodge stayed to Mr Hoveys all night

Sunday, October 18th

I came home from Canton

Monday, October 19th

I finished Mr D Orrs corn crib doors 11 days

Tuesday, October 20th

I went to W H Orrs to shingle his house

Wednesday, October 21st

I finished his house at noon then Eliza Orr brought me home - Rockey brought me 24 bu of potatoes

Thursday, October 22nd

I went to Oren Snyders to shingle his house worked 1 day

Friday, October 23rd

I got through at 3 o'clock & came home

Saturday, October 24th

I helped Lue Mead to day

Sunday, October 25th

At home forenoon - Artie & Edie & I & Bell went up to Lue Meads afternoon

Monday, October 26th

Very pleasant - I was up to Tom Morans & made some gates & came home & filed some saws

Tuesday, October 27th

I was up to Lue Meads & made window frames

Wednesday, October 28th

I helped Lue part of to day came home after noon

Thursday, October 29th

Pleasant - I set some traps - Rilla came over to day

Friday, October 30th

I & Clifford went to Cascade

Saturday, October 31st

I caught 2 skunks this morning - I worked Tebos Tax

Sunday, November 1st

We was all to Grand Pas to dinner - He took Rilla to Monticello Josie went with them

Monday, November 2nd

I caught 2 more skunks to day

Tuesday, November 3rd

I went to Election with Lue Mead

Wednesday, November 4th

2 more skunks - I begun work for Mr Falness makeing cupboard 7 hrs

Thursday, November 5th

18 above - I finished the cupboard & started a porch 10 hrs

Friday, November 6th

22 above - I began painting 6 hrs

Saturday, November 7th

painting 8 hrs

Sunday, November 8th

Went up to Edies very pleasant 8 hrs

Monday, November 9th

I painted all day 10 hrs

Tuesday, November 10th

I got 1 skunk & painted 5 hrs

Wednesday, November 11th

I got 1 skunk & painted 4 hrs & went up to Mr Wagers they have broke up house keeping to day - It rained last night

Thursday, November 12th

I went to Wm Reynors sale

Friday, November 13th

I painted 9 1/2 hrs - Thare was a small party of people here this eve

Saturday, November 14th

I painted 3 hrs - Went to my traps got 1 skunk afternoon - Bell went to Onslow with her Pa - Mr Wagers folks came this evening

Sunday, November 15th

Mr Wagers folks stayed all night - Mr DeSarts folks was here to dinner - Mr Wagars folks went to Mr Millers afternoon

Monday, November 16th

Mr Wagars started west to day - I dident catch eny thing to day - It snowed some this afternoon

Tuesday, November 17th

10 above - I caught 2 skunks - It is cold to day

Wednesday, November 18th

7 above - Very cold - The river froze over this morning - I cut a little wood at home

Thursday, November 19th

2 above - I went to my traps got nothing - I begun my winter wood afternoon

Friday, November 20th

16 above - I cut some wood this afternoon

Saturday, November 21st

I got 1 skunk today - I cut some wood to day

Sunday, November 22nd

Bell & i were up to Mr DeSarts to day - Aunt Racheal Jennings died this morning

Monday, November 23rd

I went to Canton forenoon & to traps afternoon got nothing

Tuesday, November 24th

Chilly - I set some traps up in the Koppas Hollow then went up to the grave yard - Aunt Racheal Jennings was burried to day

Wednesday, November 25th

10 above - I dident catch eny thing to day - I cut a little wood to day - I went up to L Meads to a raffel

Thursday, November 26th

2 below - Thanksgiving - the coldest morning yet - got a duck last night

Friday, November 27th

I caught nothing to day - I was up to Lue Meads after dinner - I cut a little wood forenoon

Saturday, November 28th

I went to Ike Frenches this morning & back & cut some wood afternoon

Sunday, November 29th

Grand Pa & Ma was here to dinner - We had duck - Jacks folks came here after dinner & Henry Carson & wife & Mr DeSart & wife were here

Monday, November 30th

8 above - I cut a little wood - very pleasant to day

Tuesday, December 1st

I cut a little wood

Wednesday, December 2nd

I caught a mink & filed a saw for L Mead

Thursday, December 3rd

The first tracking snow - It is light - all gone before noon - It is chilly a little blustering

Friday, December 4th

I cut some wood & filed a saw for Mal Kelley 1 for Mr Falness

Saturday, December 5th

Cut wood

Sunday, December 6th

Edie & Artie were down - Bart was here to dinner

Monday, December 7th

I went down to Will Mcs to get him to draw me some wood - came back & cut some

Tuesday, December 8th

Chilly - I went to Canton forenoon cut wood afternoon

Wednesday, December 9th

I cut wood all forenoon - It begun to snow at 10 o'clock & snowed the rest of the day

Thursday, December 10th

Bell went to Jacks with her Pa - I went to Rockeys & we went a fox hunting - I saw it once - The first good tracking snow

Friday, December 11th

8 above - I went up to whare Jack had his wood & helped to load some wood he had a (?) editor note: can't read word

Saturday, December 12th

It is snowing hard untill 10 o'clock then it got colder abought 3 in of snow

Sunday. December 13th

30 Below zero - Cold all day - Charles Hovey & children were here to dinner

Monday, December 14th

18 B - At home all day - Mr DeSarts was here to dinner

Tuesday, December 15th

20 B - Ora is 10 years old - Mr DeSart drawed me 1 load of wood & we tiped over with the 2nd load then stoped we broke the sled - I filed a saw for L Mead & 1 for Pete Koppas

Wednesday, December 16th

At home forenoon was up to Rockeys afternoon -Lodge Election - I dident go

Thursday, December 17th

I was over to Jacks to day

Friday, December 18th

Bell & I went to Onslow - It begun to rain a little in the eve

Saturday, December 19th

It dident much foggy to day - I was a hunting afternoon with Wit Hovey got 2 rabbits & 1 squirrel

Sunday, December 20th

We went to hunt foxes in the morning then Lue Mead & i went to Will Mcs & back & had dinner then Jennie came down then Lue & i went up to DeSarts & back

Monday, December 21st

I went up to Mr DeSarts in the morning & up to L Meads

Tuesday, December 22nd

I went to Canton back to Rockeys to dinner

Wednesday, December 23rd

Very warm - I went up to Mr DeSarts & got the bolster of his wagon & made a new one & took it back & put it on

Thursday, December 24th

26 above zero - Very warm this morning - It rained a little then turned to snow - It snowed just a little - I was up to Rockeys we was after fox a while was to Henry Smiths to dinner - Matie & Ora went to the Christmas Tree at the church

Friday, December 25th

It is snowing hard - It snowed untill noon then the wind blew hard - Lew Mead & family were here to dinner - afternoon Artie & Edie & Mary & Ada came down

Saturday, December 26th

18 below - At home cut a little wood

Sunday, December 27th

30 above - I went a hunting in the morning got 2 rabbits went again in the afternoon with Witt & Charley Hovey I got 5 more & they got 3

Monday, December 28th

Zero - I cut a little wood in the morning - It snowed from 10 to 4 o'clock - I went up to Mr DeSarts - I shot a rabbit coming home he came with me - I gave him 4 rabbits

Tuesday, December 29th

It snowed hard for abought 15 min then cleared of

Wednesday, December 30th

16 Below - Bell & I took the horse & cutter - the sleighing is poor & went to see Edies baby - It got warmer afternoon - Bell stayed & I & Josie came home

Thursday, December 31st

At home cutting wood most all day - I went up to Lue Meads after dinner a little while - Artie brought Bell home afternoon - Very pleasant to day




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