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Janet A. Brandt


Saturday, January 1st

Very pleasant & cold - I cut a load of wood forenoon

Sunday, January 2nd

Pleasant - At forenoon & afternoon I went to Canton for medicine for Clifford - John Kelly died last night

Monday, January 3rd

Pleasant - I was to Jack Kellys funeral - I cut some wood & filed a saw for Wm Hovey

Tuesday, January 4th

Very warm - I cut a little wood by the sugar house & tending Clifford

Wednesday, January 5th

Like summer - I cut a little wood forenoon & filed a saw for Ed Supple - I went to Canton afternoon for medicine for Clifford - I am 43 years of age to day

Thursday, January 6th

Warm - I cut some wood to day

Friday, January 7th

Colder - At home - I cut a little wood

Saturday, January 8th

Very warm - At home - Clifford is vomiting a good deal this afternoon

Sunday, January 9th

I went to Canton & back by 9 o'clock for medicine for Clifford - Mr & Mrs Fletcher stayed most all night & Rilla - Ed Kerr went after Dr Davis at 8 o'clock

Monday, January 10th

Pleasant - Clifford a little easier this morning - Grandpa went to see the Doctor forenoon - Horace Ames & Bell Green was here to dinner - Clifford was worse at 4 o'clock

Tuesday, January 11th

Misty - Clifford some better in the morning - Grandpa went after more medicine - Roy & Kate stayed till 1 o'clock then Grandpa stayed untill morning - It thundered hard & rain at 11 o'clock

Wednesday, January 12th

I went to Canton a horse back the river is raising & it is raining yet - After noon it turned to snow & it snowed very hard - Will Mc & Tom Hamilton stayed untill midnight with me

Thursday, January 13th

Clifford feels a little better this morning - Jack Orr was here to dinner - It snowed a little more afternoon - Clifford don't feel so good afternoon - Roy stayed with me untill 12 o'clock

Friday, January 14th

Frosty - I went to Canton with the cutter got more medicine - Jo Hanna was here to dinner

Saturday, January 15th

Frosty - Clifford some better - Lue Mead & Gro Shroyer was here to dinner - Jack Orr was here to dinner

Sunday, January 16th

Pleasant - Clifford is a little better - Mary & Chas Ames was here a little while

Monday, January 17th

Pleasant - At home all day - Clifford is on the gain

Tuesday, January 18th

Pleasant - At home all day

Wednesday, January 19th

At home forenoon & to Canton after noon

Thursday, January 20th

It is snowing this morning but cleared of & thawed - Jack and Lizze was over afternoon - I filed a saw for Mat Koppes

Friday, January 21st

I was fileing a saw for Will Mc & a buck saw for Geo Mc

Saturday, January 22nd

I fixed a horse power knuckle for T Milan - It snowed hard most all day

Sunday, January 23rd

Very pleasant - Thare is 8 in of snow this morning & the sky is clear

Monday, January 24th

At home it is pleasant

Tuesday, January 25th

Warm - It snowed & blowed hard untill 3 o'clock thare is a foot of snow - I filed a saw for W. S. Carr - no mail to day

Wednesday, January 26th

Pleasant - I made Roy some cupboard doors

Thursday, January 27th

Pleasant 14 Below - At home - I filed a saw for Tom Kelly

Friday, January 28th

At home - I made Jim Hamilton a bolster - Ernie Hamilton & i drawed 5 loads of wood after school was out

Saturday, January 29th

17 Below - I split & cut wood all day - very pleasant

Sunday, January 30th

It tried to snow a little this morning

Monday, January 31st

I split some wood & filed a saw for Tady Milan

Tuesday, February 1st

28 Below - I was chopping wood - Pleasant - It snowed some this evening

Wednesday, February 2nd

Very pleasant & cold - I finished my hard wood this moning - I done nothing after noon

Thursday, February 3rd

At home forenoon - Hunting rabbits afternoon with Lue Mead & Geo Shroyer with the ferret - got 8 rabbits

Friday, February 4th

I went to Onslow forenoon

Saturday, February 5th

At home very pleasant - It snowed a little last night

Sunday, February 6th

At home

Monday, February 7th

Very warm - I began to cut my summer wood above the bridge - I cut a load

Tuesday, February 8th

The snow going - I put in a runner & rave in W. S. Carrs sled & cut some wood - very warm

Wednesday, February 9th

Thawing fast - I cut some wood in the morning & got through - It rained some this evening

Thursday, February 10th

The creek is coming up - Jack Orr drawed me 7 loads of wood fore noon from above the bridge

Friday, February 11th

Cloudy - I began to cut my summer wood - I began to make a wood rack & wagon box for Jas Hamilton - the river coming up - the last day of school

Saturday, February 12th

Pleasant - I worked all day on Jims box

Sunday, February 13th

Pleasant - At home all day the river going down

Monday, February 14th

Blustering - I cut a little wood & it began to snow - it snowed hard forenoon

Tuesday, February 15th

Chilly - I went to Onslow with W. N. Tippett to meet the Co Superintendent

Wednesday, February 16th

I painted Jim Hamiltons wagon box & filed a saw for B Mulvilhill & H Hertz & Roy Walters & split some wood

Thursday, February 17th

Thawing some - Sawing & splitting wood most all day - I made a pair of side boards for Jim Hamilton

Friday, February 18th

Thawing some - I cut a little wood & Jack Orrs folks came down & was here most all day - I filed a buck saw for Jack

Saturday, February 19th

It snowing hard all day very hard

Sunday, February 20th

It is snowing hard yet & drifting stoped afternoon

Monday, February 21st

I was sawing & splitting wood

Tuesday, February 22nd

Finished my wood pile this morning a little blustering

Wednesday, February 23rd

I finished my wood this morning - I filed a saw for Mal Kelly

Thursday, February 24th

Pleasant - I was up to I. N. Frenches to dinner - It is blustering afternoon - I filed a saw for Earl Mc

Friday, February 25th

Very pleasant - At home - I made John Mondell 4 eveners

Saturday, February 26th

Bell & I were to Jack Orrs with the mare & cutter

Sunday, February 27th

At home all day - I filed a saw for Dom English

Monday, February 28th

Pleasant - I went to Al Murrys sale with Will Mc & Tady & Tom Hamilton

Tuesday, March 1st

At home - it snowed hard all day

Wednesday, March 2nd

Pleasant - It is snowing again this morning a little - I made a barn door for Wm Fletcher

Thursday, March 3rd

Bell & I were up to Chas Ames - it snowed a little then cleared of & thawed

Friday, March 4th

Pleasant - At home - Pleasant - Nancy Orr Balackady died last night

Saturday, March 5th

At home

Sunday, March 6th

At home - It thawed a good lot to day

Monday, March 7th

Very warm - I helped tap the sugar bush

Tuesday, March 8th

I went to Canton on W. N. Tippetts horse the river coming up

Wednesday, March 9th

The river is high the ice went out - 1 year ago to day the ice went out to day - Canton Dam went out to - I filed a saw for Koppas

Thursday, March 10th

I went to Canton with Wm Mc - it is mudy in places & lots of deep snow banks in places - it is raining this eve

Friday, March 11th

Cloudy - I was up the river with the gun - I shot a ground hog

Saturday, March 12th

I went to Jack Orrs & helped him to cut some wood - it snowed 3 in this evening

Sunday, March 13th

Pleasant - At home

Monday, March 14th

Pleasant - I filed a saw for T Moran

Tuesday, March 15th

It rained this morning a little

Wednesday, March 16th

I was over to Jack Orrs this morning then up to Snyders to dinner then came home

Thursday, March 17th

Very pleasant - I went to Canton then up to Walters Mill stayed to dinner then home

Friday, March 18th

Cloudy - It rained a little last night

Saturday, March 19th

Cloudy - It rained a little last night

Sunday, March 20th

At home

Monday, March 21st

Edie began work for Rilla - I was up to Tom Greens to dinner then home

Tuesday, March 22nd

I made a wagon tongue & hounds for J Dennison

Wednesday, March 23rd

The ground froze hard last night - at home all day

Thursday, March 24th

I was up to Ike Frenches then to Jack Orrs to dinner & home - the gound froze hard last night - Grandma 63 years old to day

Friday, March 25th

I went to Canton for medicine for Mrs Herrington

Saturday, March 26th

I helped to gather sap from 8,30 till noon - made Geo Reid a hog rack

Sunday, March 27th

It is raining this morning & all day

Monday, March 28th

Cold & blustering - the ground froze hard this morning - I was up to I. N. Frenches after noon - very pleasant but windy

Tuesday, March 29th

W. N. Tippett & i were to Ike Johnsons 1 1/2 miles south of Emeline then to Morgan Butts to dinner then Canton & home

Wednesday, March 30th

I went to Jack Orrs then to Onslow & home

Thursday, March 31st

I white washed the bedroom

Friday, April 1st

I finished white washing forenoon

Saturday, April 2nd

Pleasant - I went up to Mrs Collins with T Milan in the morning then i went to Canton with Chas Herrington - I was to Cass Ballous to dinner

Sunday, April 3rd

At home all day Aunt Fannie came down

Monday, April 4th

I went to Geo Hannas to lay floor in the house 1 day

Tuesday, April 5th

Chas Hovey burried his wife to day - I finished the floor to day

Wednesday, April 6th

I made a watter trough fore noon then the boy brought me home 2 1/2 days $4,00

Thursday, April 7th

Pleasant - I went to Mal Kellys to make a chicken house - 1 day

Friday, April 8th

Cold - Sheating & shingleing some rain 1 day

Saturday, April 9th

I finished shingleing at 9 o'clock & came home 2 1/4 days $3,50

Sunday, April 10th

At home reading all day

Monday, April 11th

Frost - Pleasant & warm - I was to Canton forenoon & up to the grave yard & fixed the graves

Tuesday, April 12th

Bell & I went to Mr Takes & to Cascade

Wednesday, April 13th

Rain - Rain most all day - I made 2 single trees & 2 picture frames

Thursday, April 14th

3/4 d - W. N. Tippett & I went to J. L. Prouty to repair his house in Scotch Grove

Friday, April 15th

Working to day - 1 day

Saturday, April 16th

I was putting on ship lap 1 day & came home

Sunday, April 17th

Pleasant - At home

Monday, April 18th

We went to Scotch Grove - it rained most all day

Tuesday, April 19th

We worked - 1 day

Wednesday, April 20th

Worked 1 day

Thursday, April 21st

Puting on ship lap 1 day

Friday, April 22nd

Shingleing - War begun to day

Saturday, April 23rd

I was siding - 1 day - Lots of war news to day

Sunday, April 24th

At home the girls had the measels this week

Monday, April 25th

Went to work for Prouty again - I was siding 3/4 day

Tuesday, April 26th

I was siding 1 day

Wednesday, April 27th

I was siding - garden plowed 1 day

Thursday, April 28th

I made a privy & put on some lath 1 d

Friday, April 29th

I shingled the privy & put on lath 1 day

Saturday, April 30th

I put down mop boards finished up the house after dinner - Bell & Clifford & Ora has the measels this week

Sunday, May 1st

I went to Canton forenoon

Monday, May 2nd

Rain in morning - I fixed T Kellys corn planter & set out some onion sets

Tuesday, May 3rd

I planted potatoes & garden truck

Wednesday, May 4th

Hail & some rain - At home - I filed a saw for T Hamilton - Went to Canton a foot afternoon

Thursday, May 5th

It rained all last night - Edie went to Onslow with her Grandpa

Friday, May 6th

I made a hog rack for Bart forenoon

Saturday, May 7th

At home pleasant - I caught 1 cat fish

Sunday, May 8th

Very pleasant - I caught 2 cat fish this morning

Monday, May 9th

I drove Bart's team with hogs & I piled some lumber for L Mead

Tuesday, May 10th

Rain afternoon a little - I caught 1 cat fish 1 big Red Horse

Wednesday, May 11th

Showers - I went to Canton forenoon 1 cat fish - I fixed Fletchers corn marker

Thursday, May 12th

I was over to Jacks after my saw - I cut some wood after noon

Friday, May 13th

I caught 1 cat fish - 6 all together

Saturday, May 14th

At home rain most all day

Sunday, May 15th

Rain yet this morning - At home all day

Monday, May 16th

At home all day

Tuesday, May 17th

I was up to Tom Greens then to the grave yard then home

Wednesday, May 18th

Windy - It rained hard last night & thunder & lightning & this afternoon again & big hail

Thursday, May 19th

I drove a team to Onslow for Tom with hogs - more rain tonight again

Friday, May 20th

Bell went to Jacks with her Pa

Saturday, May 21st

I was sick all last night I went to Jacks forenoon went to Onslow with him after dinner

Sunday, May 22nd

I came home afternoon a foot - Jack & Lizzie brought Bell & the children home after noon

Monday, May 23rd

I was to Canton - I was to Chas Smiths to dinner

Tuesday, May 24th

Very warm - At home I caught 5 cat fish

Wednesday, May 25th

Warm - Bell went to Tom Greens with her Pa - I worked the roads

Thursday, May 26th

Warm - I worked the roads forenoon

Friday, May 27th

I went to P Hertz for seed potatoes in the morning a hard rain

Saturday, May 28th

I caught 6 cat fish - Reese plowed my potato patch

Sunday, May 29th

I shot 2 young squirrels - rain after noon

Monday, May 30th

I planted my potatoes to day & went to the grave yard - I stoped to I Frenches & got 1 1/2 bu of potatoes - I got 3 cat fish

Tuesday, May 31st

I planted some pop corn & howed the garden

Wednesday, June 1st

I was up to Jo Hannas stayed untill after dinner then I went to Tom Greens then home

Thursday, June 2nd

I was at home forenoon

Friday, June 3rd

Hoeing in garden

Saturday, June 4th

At home

Sunday, June 5th

I went & caught me a squirrel

Monday, June 6th

I went to Canton in the morning

Tuesday, June 7th

I was helping W. N. Tippett to put siding on his house 1 day

Wednesday, June 8th

I was siding forenoon & painting afternoon 1 day

Thursday, June 9th

It rained forenoon

Friday, June 10th

I painted window screen frames for W. N. Tippett a while then I went to the School Picnic the last day of school - It is showery afternoon - Bell went to Canton with her Pa afternoon

Saturday, June 11th

At home all day I caught 2 young squirrels

Sunday, June 12th

I was up to Tom Greens - It rained very hard while i was thare

Monday, June 13th

It is very fogy this morning - I was painting 3/4

Tuesday, June 14th

Painting all day 1 d

Wednesday, June 15th

I painted W. N. Tippetts untill noon then painted for Tom Green 1/2 d

Thursday, June 16th

Painting Toms house 1 d

Friday, June 17th

Painting to day 1 d

Saturday, June 18th

Painting untill 2 o'clock & came home

Sunday, June 19th

At home

Monday, June 20th

I went up to Tom Greens & finished painting his house - Mr Fletcher plowed my potato patch I howed it after noon

Tuesday, June 21st

I went to Monmouth with Tom Hamilton

Wednesday, June 22nd

I was cleaning Mr Fletchers wagon so as to paint it

Thursday, June 23rd

I was painting Mr Fletchers wagon forenoon I fixed our screens

Friday, June 24th

I painted 3 windows for W. N. Tippett then finished Mr Fletchers wagon

Saturday, June 25th

At home all day

Sunday, June 26th

At home all day

Monday, June 27th

I went up to Bob Carsons fixed his barn door & screen door - I was to Canton afternoon

Tuesday, June 28th

I went to Bob Carsons & fixed his barn door & tore his hay rack to pieces to get bolts

Wednesday, June 29th

I made a hay rack & came home

Thursday, June 30th

I made a wagon reach for Wm Fletcher in the morning cut stakes for tomatoes

Friday, July 1st

I went to Cascade with W. N. Tippett & Reece

Saturday, July 2nd

I took Edie & Josie to Onslow to take the train to go to Ivahs at Maquoketa - rained in the evening

Sunday, July 3rd

At home all day

Monday, July 4th

I was hoeing potatoes in the morning a while then went up to Toms rye field & helped to shock rye a while - afternoon we went up to Smiths Bridge to a picnic

Tuesday, July 5th

I was hoeing my potatoes fore noon sowed some turnip seed

Wednesday, July 6th

Hot - I made a hay rack & finished another one for Bart

Thursday, July 7th

Hot - I went to Canton forenoon & a raspberries with R Taylor afternoon

Friday, July 8th

At home

Saturday, July 9th

I went after raspberries afternoon got 8 quarts

Sunday, July 10th

At home

Monday, July 11th

I went to Onslow forenoon I was after raspberries afternoon

Tuesday, July 12th

I went & got 10 qts of raspberries

Wednesday, July 13th

I was up to Frenches & to Mr Scroggies to dinner then to Lue Butlers & home

Thursday, July 14th

I was painting I. N. Frenches picket fence 1 d

Friday, July 15th

Painting to day 1 d

Saturday, July 16th

Hot - Finished & came home at noon

Sunday, July 17th

Hot - I made a block for T Morans binder

Monday, July 18th

Hot - I was fixing I. N. Frenches grainery

Tuesday, July 19th

Very hot 96 - I was hunting a bee tree fore noon then helping Tom Hamilton fix his grainery - rain a shower in the eve

Wednesday, July 20th

I helped Tom a while in the morning then went to Cascade

Thursday, July 21st

Thrashing 3/4 day

Friday, July 22nd


Saturday, July 23rd

Thrashing to day 2 3/4

Sunday, July 24th

Very hot to day

Monday, July 25th

Thrashing for Tom Hamilton

Tuesday, July 26th

3/4 d - Thrashing up on his place then we moved to the Watters place 1 day

Wednesday, July 27th

At home to Barts to dinner Henry Stofels folks were thare to - we had a hard rain this eve

Thursday, July 28th

I & D Gilbert & Geo Shroyer a cutting bee trees for me & 1 for Geo & 1 for Dave & 1 for Roy

Friday, July 29th

At home

Saturday, July 30th

At home forenoon up to Hertz afternoon to see them thrash

Sunday, July 31st

Colder - At home all day

Monday, August 1st

I went to Onslow with Roy & Willie he is going to work thare in the station - Jack Orrs folks are here to day

Tuesday, August 2nd

At home - it rained steady all afternoon

Wednesday, August 3rd

I was at home - it rained some afternoon

Thursday, August 4th

W. N. Tippett & I was to Oxford Junction - Ivah came to night

Friday, August 5th

I was helping to cover Smith Bridge

Saturday, August 6th

I was to Jack Orrs - Bell & Ivah & children & Rilla - It rained afternoon & eve - I filed a saw for H Moran

Sunday, August 7th

At home all day - C. A. Hall came up this eve - Bell stayed to Jacks all night last night came home to day

Monday, August 8th

I was down to Parshalls this morning I was up to I. N. Frenches after noon they cleared the grave yard

Tuesday, August 9th

I was putting up a cow shed for I. N. French - 1 day

Wednesday, August 10th

Working on the shed - 1 day

Thursday, August 11th

Pleasant - Working to day - 1 day - Bell Scroggie died this morning

Friday, August 12th

Pleasant - I was to the grave yard helped to line the grave then i went home with Harry Snyder to dinner then to Bell Scroggies funeral

Saturday, August 13th

Rain fore noon - I finished Ikes shed

Sunday, August 14th

I was to Canton in the morning

Monday, August 15th

W. N. Tippett & I went up to Robt Carsons to make a ventilator 1/2 day I went to Onslow with him it rained hard

Tuesday, August 16th

Worked on ventilator 1 d

Wednesday, August 17th

Finished after dinner & came home

Thursday, August 18th

I was shingleing on Frozen Hill school house 1 day

Friday, August 19th

Shingled the school house

Saturday, August 20th

1 d - Rain forenoon I went up to Frozen Hill school house & fixed the seats

Sunday, August 21st

At home forenoon - Bell & I went to Canton after noon

Monday, August 22nd

Hot - We begun Hanna Snyders corn crib 1 d

Tuesday, August 23rd

Hot - Laying piers to day 1 day

Wednesday, August 24th

Doing the same - 1 d

Thursday, August 25th

Finished the stone work & begun framing 1 d

Friday, August 26th

Worked untill noon then came home 1/2

Saturday, August 27th

Josie & I went a fishing - I caught 8 bass 1 cat - Bell went to Canton

Sunday, August 28th

I caught 1 Bass this morning

Monday, August 29th

Hot - I was framing sills after noon 1/2 day

Tuesday, August 30th

Hot - Framing & put on sills 1 day

Wednesday, August 31st

We raised the corn crib 1 day

Thursday, September 1st

Very hot - Siding & put up rafters 1 d

Friday, September 2nd

Sheating & put on face boards 1 d

Saturday, September 3rd

Shingleing & came home 1 d

Sunday, September 4th

I went to Canton forenoon

Monday, September 5th

Finished shingleing & made doors 1 d

Tuesday, September 6th

Made doors & drive way 1 d

Wednesday, September 7th

Cold - Finished the corn crib at 3 o'clock & went to Jim Hamiltons worked 2 hours 12 3/4 days on the crib for Robt Snyder $19

Thursday, September 8th

I went up to Jim Hamiltons stayed untill after dinner then I went to Onslow with Jack Orr then home

Friday, September 9th

At home all day - It rained - Jim Carpenter was here to dinner

Saturday, September 10th

I went to Jim Hamiltons & cut the sills 1 hr then i went to Onslow with him then i came back to Jo Orrs to dinner then i went to see Aunt Fannie then to Jo Hannas & home

Sunday, September 11th

I went up to Mr Fletchers in the morning then i went hunting got 2 squirrels

Monday, September 12th

I was putting up Jim Hamiltons chicken house 1 day

Tuesday, September 13th

Rained forenoon - I worked afternoon 1/2 day

Wednesday, Septemebr 14th

Working all day 1 d

Thursday, September 15th

I layed the floor this morning then went to Lue Butlers & went to Onslow with him & back to dinner then home then to Onslow again after school seats with Wm Fletcher

Friday, September 16th

I was fixing school seats forenoon - Went to Canton afternoon with W. N. Tippett came back & tore out the old school seats & put in new ones

Saturday, September 17th

I finished the school seats - I took my tools up to Jo Orrs after noon

Sunday, September 18th

I was hunting in morning got 3 squirrels - we cut a bee tree afternoon in Mr Fletchers timber

Monday, September 19th

Smoky - We was frameing Jo Orrs corn crib & came home to school meeting 1 day

Tuesday, September 20th

Hot - Frameing forenoon raised after noon 1 day

Wednesday, September 21st

Hot - girting & puting on slats 1 day

Thursday, September 22nd

Rained - Rained all day we came home after noon - Bell went to Calihmus

Friday, September 23rd

1/2 - I went up to Jo Orrs worked after noon made a corner cupboard

Saturday, September 24th

Working on corn crib raised rafters & boarded gable end 1 d

Sunday, September 25th

At home all day

Monday, September 26th

I went up to Orrs worked 3/4 day

Tuesday, September 27th

Sheating & shingleing 1 d

Wednesday, September 28th

Finished shingleing & made doors 1 d

Thursday, September 29th

Boarding inside & finished doors

Friday, September 30th

Finished Jos crib & went to Pat Fagans worked 3/4 day on his corn crib

Saturday, October 1st

We framed untill noon then came home - It rained some - Harry Hall came yesterday he went to Canton with me

Sunday, October 2nd

Misty - at home

Monday, October 3rd

Working on the crib - 1 d

Tuesday, October 4th

Doing the same 1 d

Wednesday, October 5th

Doing the same 1 day

Thursday, October 6th

Sheating & siding 1 d

Friday, October 7th

First frost - shingleing & sheating 1 d

Saturday, October 8th

Finished shingleing & laid floor 1 day

Sunday, October 9th

Harry Hall & I went to Canton forenoon - at home after noon

Monday, October 10th

Makeing doors 1 d

Tuesday, October 11th

We finished P Fagans corn crib this after noon & took the tools to Jas Obriens 3/4 day - 9 days in all 13,50

Wednesday, October 12th

I put 30 bu of potatoes in the celler - rained after noon

Thursday, October 13th

I was diging potatoes & finished - I sold T Hamilton 24 bu & D Gilbert 10

Friday, October 14th

Big frost - At home forenoon - Bart took the engin to Geo Scroggies timber - I was to Canton afternoon

Saturday, October 15th

Josie & I went up to Jo Orrs to dinner then to Onslow

Sunday, October 16th

Rainy - At home

Monday, October 17th

Some rain yet - I settled with Roy paid up rent to January 1st 1899

Tuesday, October 18th

It rained most all day I helped W. N. Tippett shell some corn

Wednesday, October 19th

I went to Canton in the forenoon with Tom Hamilton got 2 squirrels afternoon some rain to day

Thursday, October 20th

Misty - I was hunting in the morning got 6 squirrels I went up to Jas Obriens stayed all night

Friday, October 21st

Came home this morning - Hunting afternoon got 1 squirrel - the last day of school

Saturday, October 22nd

I was helping to shingle Tebos house - cold & chilly

Sunday, October 23rd

The first pleasant morning for 2 weeks

Monday, October 24th

We begun Jas Obriens corn crib 3/4 day

Tuesday, October 25th

It snowed & blowed hard all day a blizard

Wednesday, October 26th

Worked frameing 3/4

Thursday, October 27th

Frameing 1 day

Friday, October 28th

We raised this morning & girting & begun siding 1 d

Saturday, October 29th

Siding untill 10,30 & it begun to rain then came home after dinner

Sunday, October 30th

At home Jo Orr brought Edie home - at home to day

Monday, October 31st

Pleasant - Put up scaffold & rafters & boarded gable ends 1 d

Tuesday, November 1st

Pleasant - sheating & begun to shingle at 3 o'clock 1 d

Wednesday, November 2nd

Pleasant - Shingleing untill 3 o'clock & put down some floor 1 d - Put up track for both doors

Thursday, November 3rd

Pleasant - Working in side untill noon then finished the shingles & came home 1 d

Friday, November 4th

Windy - I was to Mrs Ecklers funeral - We went up to Jas Obriens

Saturday, November 5th

Windy - I made the big doors & we finished the corn crib 9 days in all

Sunday, November 6th

I went to W. S. Carrs then to Canton - came back with Bell

Monday, November 7th

We begun W. S. Carrs barn 1 d

Tuesday, November 8th

I was to Election all day

Wednesday, November 9th

We was frameing 3/4 day waiting for them to finish wall - It snowed some & snowed this eve 3/4

Thursday, November 10th

Geo Shroyer & I was hunting I got 5 rabbits - It snowed most all forenoon cleared off at noon then thawed most all of

Friday, November 11th

Pleasant - I went to Onslow with W. N. Tippett

Saturday, November 12th

I went up to Carrs & worked 4 hrs

Sunday, November 13th

It snowed some this morning - I was up to Mrs Sarah Orrs then to Mr Scroggies to dinner then home

Monday, November 14th

Pleasant - We raised W. S. Carrs barn 1 d

Tuesday, November 15th

Putting on plates & girts 1 d

Wednesday, November 16th

Siding & girting 1 day - Came home in the evening

Thursday, November 17th

Boarded gable ends & put up lower set of rafters & begun sheating & it begun to rain at 3,30 3/4 day

Friday, November 18th

Put up the top set of rafters & put up track 1 day

Saturday, November 19th

We was shingleing 1 d

Sunday, November 20th

Pleasant - I was to Geo Kelsalls funeral

Monday, November 21st

Boarded up gable end & it began to rain & rained the rest of the day - I came home after noon 1/4 day

Tuesday, November 22nd

It was blustering all day

Wednesday, November 23rd

Cold - At home all day - the river froze up

Thursday, November 24th

At home forenoon - Worked on the barn afternoon sheating 1/2

Friday, November 25th

Bell went after Edie to Onslow - It snowed

Saturday, November 26th

Cold - At home all

Sunday, November 27th

At home

Monday, November 28th

I went up to W. S. Carrs to work I put on 1 roe of shingles & it begun to snow & snowed hard forenoon - Bell went to Will Ralstons with her Pa

Tuesday, November 29th

I went to Wm Carrs worked 1 d - Hueing poles put on a few shingles

Wednesday, November 30th

I was hueing joice forenoon shingles afternoon 1 d

Thursday, December 1st

Hueing joice & layed floor - It snowed most all day 3/4

Friday, December 2nd

Shingleing all day & finished 1 d

Saturday, December 3rd

Putting up stantion & finished the barn & came home 3/4

Sunday, December 4th

At home all day very pleasant

Monday, December 5th

Cold - I went to Canton with Arther Taylor

Tuesday, December 6th

Cold - I went to Cascade with Tom Hamilton he took a load of hogs for Walters

Wednesday, December 7th

Cold - At home fileing saws & filed 3 saws for Hertz

Thursday, December 8th

Cold - 8 below - I got a hog from Bart & I butchered it

Friday, December 9th

8 Below - I packed my pork & fixed a saw jack for T Milan then cut a little wood Saturday, December 10th

Pleasant - I cut a little wood

Sunday, December 11th

Warmer - At home

Monday, December 12th

Dave Gilbert drawed me 4 loads of wood

Tuesday, December 13th

12 Below - I split wood most all day

Wednesday, December 14th

14 Below zero - I was sawing Ice 8 hours

Thursday, December 15th

I finished cutting the ice then helped Roy to finish packing 4 hrs

Friday, December 16th

I went to Onslow with W. N. Tippett

Saturday, December 17th

I filed my saws & filed one for B Lawless

Sunday, December 18th

Pleasant - We was to Tom Hamiltons to dinner

Monday, December 19th

It rained some to day - I filed a saw for Wm Fletcher

Tuesday, December 20th

Misty - I went to Onslow with Roy

Wednesday, December 21st

Misty - I cut a little wood in Koppes pasture

Thursday, December 22nd

Like summer - I cut a little wood - Bell went to Canton

Friday, December 23rd

I made a desk for the school house

Saturday, December 24th

Pleasant - I was skating a little while - It snowed in the eve

Sunday, December 25th

Pleasant - Geo Shroyer & family was here to dinner

Monday, December 26th

Pleasant - At home all day

Tuesday, December 27th

Pleasant - At home

Wednesday, December 28th

Pleasant - I was up to Jack Orrs i caught Francis a squirrel

Thursday, December 29th

Summer - At home & up R J Snyers - It thawed a lot today

Friday, December 30th

14 Below zero - I was a makeing a squirrel house for T Hamilton

Saturday, December 31st

14 Below - At home forenoon went to Canton with a lot of the children skating afternoon - very pleasant all day




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