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Janet A. Brandt


Wednesday, January 1st

At home - We had a shooting match - It is foggy & misting part of the day - We was to Charleys to dinner

Thursday, January 2nd

Pleasant - I was makeing Woven Fence - A little colder - 1 day

Friday, January 3rd

I was helping to load minure & pileing wood - 1 day

Saturday, January 4th

I was chopping walnut - 1 day - 3 days this week - very warm yet this winter

Sunday, January 5th

Misting all day & mudy - I am 35 years of age to day

Monday, January 6th

Chopping walnut up the crick - 1 day

Tuesday, January 7th

Doing the same - 1 day

Wednesday, January 8th

Very Pleasant - Doing the same - 1 day

Thursday, January 9th

Will & me was chopping in the calf pasture - very pleasant - 1 day

Friday, January 10th

We was to Jennette Orrs funeral - Then went to see Aunt Fannie - Foggy to day - Misting in eve

Saturday, January 11th

I was jacking logs - It rained hard last night - The crick is up some - The ice went out - 1 day - 5 days this week

Sunday, January 12th

At home - It began to snow & then turned to rain - It rained most all day

Monday, January 13th

It snowed last night hard - the ground is covered with snow - I didn't work in forenoon - our children are sick with colds - I jacked logs afternoon - 1/2 day

Tuesday, January 14th

Jacked logs - some snow - Fox is loging on sleds - 1 day

Wednesday, January 15th

Sawing pickets & jacking logs 1 day

Thursday, January 16th

12 below - The coldest morning we have had - I was chopping by the River Bridge in the morning then came back & helped Charley & Will to butcher beef - We was chopping & sawing afternoon - 1 day

Friday, January 17th

I was jacking walnut logs to day again - 1 day

Saturday, January 18th

Very pleasant - I was jacking logs to day - A few logs drawed on sleds - 1 day - 5 1/2 days this week

Sunday, January 19th

At home - Bart & Rilla was here to dinner

Monday, January 20th

I was jacking logs - 1 day

Tuesday, January 21st

12 below - Jacking logs - 1 day

Wednesday, January 22nd

14 below - jacking logs - 1 day

Thursday, January 23rd

Jacking logs - 1 day

Friday, January 24th

Jacking logs - 1 day

Saturday, January 25th

Jacking logs - it is warmer to day - 1 day - 6 days this week

Sunday, January 26th

It is foggy & raining this morning

Monday, January 27th

Cleaning out from under the boilers & chopping - 1 day

Tuesday, January 28th

Jacking logs - 1 day

Wednesday, January 29th

I went to Cascade with Chas Herrington

Thursday, January 30th

At home - very foggy this morning - It thawed a good deal to day - very mudy

Friday, January 31st

Charley & me was makeing Ivah a cloths rack - 21 1/2 days this month worked

Saturday, February 1st

I was at home - 2 days this week

Sunday, February 2nd

Misty all day

Monday, February 3rd

Misty all day

Tuesday, February 4th

Very mudy - Misty forenoon then broke away some

Wednesday, February 5th

I walked to Onslow & went to Anamosa stayed with Aunt Martha all night

Thursday, February 6th

Came back to Onslow & walked home - the River is high - I crossed at the Smith Bridge

Friday, February 7th

At home all day

Saturday, February 8th

I was chopping - 1 day this week

Sunday, February 9th

Warm - At home - very pleasant

Monday, February 10th

Slashing forenoon - Butchering & slashing afternoon - 1 day - pleasant

Tuesday, February 11th

Slashing to day - 1 day

Wednesday, February 12th

Very warm - jacking logs & grinding - 1 day

Thursday, February 13th

Jacking logs - 1 day

Friday, February 14th

Jacking logs & sawing pickets - 1 day

Saturday, February 15th

Jacking logs - 1 day - 6 days this week - Very nice weather like summer

Sunday, February 16th

Bell & me was up to Wm Reyners & they was sick & we came home again

Monday, February 17th

I butchered a pig this forenoon - It is as warm as summer - I was helping to pile walnut lumber - 1/2 day

Tuesday, February 18th

Pileing lumber - 1 day

Wednesday, February 19th

Slashing & pileing brush - It snowed & rained some - 1 day

Thursday, February 20th

Ilander & me was drawin picket edgins & straw & wood - 1 day

Friday, February 21st

I was slashing - It is colder - 1 day

Saturday, February 22nd

I was chopping logs forenoon - We was slashing afternoon - It snowed hard this afternoon - 1 day - 5 1/2 days this week

Sunday, February 23rd

At home - It is warmer - W. N. Tippett & wife was here to dinner

Monday, February 24th

Jacking logs forenoon - Was grinding & sawing pickets afternoon - 1 day

Tuesday, Febraury 25th

Sawed pickets forenoon & done some grinding for Herrington & jacked logs afternoon - It snowed this afternoon - 1 day

Wednesday, February 26th

Jacked logs all day - 1 day

Thursday, February 27th

Jacked logs forenoon & sawed pickets afternoon - It snowed a little all day & afternoon very hard - 1 day

Friday, February 28th

Sawing pickets & sawing slabs - 1 day - 17 1/2 days this month

Saturday, March 1st

23 below zero - Sawed slabs forenoon - jacked logs afternoon - 1 day - 6 days this week - It is the coldest day this winter

Sunday, March 2nd

23 below - At home forenoon & up to Reyners afternoon

Monday, March 3rd

Jacking logs - 1 day

Tuesday, March 4th

Pleasent - Put teeth in the saw & jacked logs - 1 day

Wednesday, March 5th

Jacked logs in the morning a while then sawed pickets the rest of the day - 1 day

Thursday, March 6th

Finished the pickets then jacked logs the rest of the day - 1 day

Friday, March 7th

Jacked logs - it snowed some last night - 1 day

Saturday, March 8th

Very pleasant - Jacking logs to day - Sleighing is gone - 1 day - 6 days this week - I traded my cow for a gun

Sunday, March 9th

I was up to Reyners after my gun in the forenoon then back & made a bunk for the log car - Jack & Lizzy & Will Ralston was here this eve - It is snowing as hard as it can

Monday, March 10th

Misting to day - jacked logs - 1 day

Tuesday, March 11th

Jacked logs to day - 1 day

Wednesday, March 12th

I made a cane hook handle & fixed the track 1/4 day then I was to Tebos sale

Thursday, March 13th

We tapped the sugar bush in forenoon then sawed pickets - The river is very high - It began to snow at 6 o'clock & snowed hard - 1 day

Friday, March 14th

Cold - It is blustering some - Tebos folks left to day - Fox & me finished tapping the bush & sawed pickets fore noon & after noon - 1 day

Saturday, March 15th

Finished sawing pickets - then jacked logs the rest of the day - 1 day - 5 1/4 days this week

Sunday, March 16th

Pleasant - At home - Charleys folks was here to dinner

Monday, March 17th

Jacked logs forenoon - was sick afternoon - 1/2 day

Tuesday, March 18th

Jacked logs - 1 day - It rained & snowed in the evening

Wednesday, March 19th

Jacked logs forenoon - gather sap afternoon - 1 day

Thursday, March 20th

Jacked logs - 1 day

Friday, March 21st

Jacked logs - 1 day

Saturday, March 22nd

Jacked logs - 1 day - 5 1/2 days this week

Sunday, March 23rd

Very warm & pleasant - I was up the River with my gun - came home & stayed thare

Monday, March 24th

Sawed pickets forenoon & gathered sap afternoon got 7 barels - 1 day

Tuesday, March 25th

Sawing pickets all day - very windy - 1 day

Wednesday, March 26th

Finished the pickets & I jacked logs - 1 day

Thursday, March 27th

Jacked logs - It began to snow at noon & it is the worst storm this winter - 1 day

Friday, March 28th

It thawed a good deal to day - jacked logs - 1 day

Saturday, March 29th

Finished the logs this morning then sawed pickets - It snowed hard this morning - 1 day - 6 days this week

Sunday, March 30th

At home - Bell & Edie & Josie went on the Prairie to church

Monday, March 31st

Gathering sap got 14 bbls - 1 day - 24 3/4 days this month

Tuesday, April 1st

Pileing walnut lumber & gathering sap forenoon - Oiling harness - 1 day

Wednesday, April 2nd

Oiling harness & gathering sap 11 bbls - 1 day

Thursday, April 3rd

Oiling harness to day - it rained some all day - 1 day

Friday, April 4th

I was oiling harness forenoon & after noon I was up to Heffrons & Russell Atkinsons - 1/2 day

Saturday, April 5th

Gathering sap & takeing down fence - 1 day - 5 1/2 days this week

Sunday, April 6th

Mr Herringtons folks was here to dinner - It rained a shower afternoon - Easter

Monday, April 7th

Gathering sap forenoon & boiling afternoon - rained some - 1 day

Tuesday, April 8th

Pleasant - I was to Wm McGlocklins sale - Mr E Ralston died last night

Wednesday, April 9th

I went after B Hall to come & see Charleys cow & then I went to Onslow to telephone to Charley

Thursday, April 10th

Pleasant - I was makeing fence - 1 day

Friday, April 11th

Making fence - 1 day

Saturday, April 12th

I was to Onslow with Roy - 3 days this week

Sunday, April 13th

At home all day

Monday, April 14th

Makeing fence - 1 day

Tuesday, April 15th

Makeing fence North side of the garden & cleaning up Oats - 1 day

Wednesday, April 16th

Makeing some board fence then fixed the calf pasture fence then made some picket fences behind the mill - Charleys folks moved to day -1 day

Thursday, April 17th

Made fence behind the lumber yard forenoon then I was burning brush - 1 day

Friday, April 18th

Fixed fence up the road then worked in the lumber yard - 1 day

Saturday, April 19th

Gathering sap buckets fore noon then was fireing the 160 - 1 day - 6 days this week

Sunday, April 20th

We was up to Mikes ford a fishing a while

Monday, April 21st

Setting posts around from the Old Grist Mill up the creek - 1 day

Tuesday, April 22nd

I went to Onslow with Jas Taylor - It rained some to day

Wednesday, April 23rd

We was grinding forenoon - I was makeing picket fence from the Old Mill up Creek - 1 day

Thursday, April 24th

Makeing fence part of the day - Henry Smith plowed my garden forenoon - 3/4 day

Friday, April 25th

Makeing fence - 1 day

Saturday, April 26th

Sawing logs & pickets forenoon & pickets part of afternoon then piled pickets - 1 day - 4 3/4 day this week

Sunday, April 27th

We was up to W. S. Reyners to day

Monday, April 28th

I was to Cascade with Chas Herrington

Tuesday, April 29th

I was sawing & splitting my wood

Wednesday, April 30th

We was cleaning house - 17 1/4 days this month

Thursday, May 1st

I was a fishing to day

Friday, May 2nd

Makeing Bart a corn marker - 1 day

Saturday, May 3rd

Makeing fence - 1 day - 2 days this week

Sunday, May 4th

Bell & me went with Barts folks up to Charleys to Center Juntion - it rained some this after noon

Monday, May 5th

We was grinding feed a while in the morning then I was chopping picket timber the rest of the day - 1 day

Tuesday, May 6th

Thare is a big frost this morning - the ground is froze this morning - John Orr is burried to day - it began to rain at 10 o'clock & snowed some - I was up to the Graveyard afternoon

Wednesday, May 7th

I was a fishing forenoon got 2 bass - at home afternoon

Thursday, May 8th

I was dropping corn most all day then made a gate - 1 day

Friday, May 9th

I was a fishing forenoon didn't get eny - at home afternoon - It is a raining some this afternoon

Saturday, May 10th

Cutting picket bolts part of the forenoon sawing pickets afternoon - 3/4 day - 2 3/4 this week

Sunday, May 11th

I was up to Garryowen with Chas Herrington

Monday, May 12th

Sawing pickets forenoon then made fence - 1 day

Tuesday, May 13th

I took down the old Ice House forenoon then made fence by the garden - 1 day

Wednesday, May 14th

Put up some garden fence then droped corn the rest of the day - 1 day

Thursday, May 15th

Droped corn in the West field - 1 day

Friday, May 16th

A big frost this morning - I carried Josie up a far as Frenches then she was going to Hamiltons & Lizzies - I made a little fence - shelled some seed corn then went up on the grubbing afternoon - 1 day

Saturday, May 17th

Frost this morning - Grubbing & planting corn - 1 day - 5 3/4 days this week

Sunday, May 18th

I was over to Jack Orrs

Monday, May 19th

I was dropping corn & burning grubs - 1 day

Tuesday, May 20th

I went to Monticello with Chas Herrington to Ringling Bros Circus

Wednesday, May 21st

We came home this forenoon - at home afternoon

Thursday, May 22nd

Sawing pickets - it rained to day - 1 day

Friday, May 23rd

Fixing fence & planting potatoes - 1 day

Saturday, May 24th

It rained this forenoon - I didn't work to day - 3 days this week

Sunday, May 25th

Up the River with the gun a while then home

Monday, May 26th

We went up to Geo Scroggies & begun work on his barn - 1/2 day

Tuesday, May 27th

Hueing poles to day - 1 day

Wednesday, May 28th

Doing the same - 1 day

Thursday, May 29th

Cutting joice & rafters - 1 day

Friday, May 30th

Decoration day - I was shooting squirrels in Scroggies pasture - came home afternoon - 3 1/2 days

Saturday, May 31st

I was to Onslow - Mr. Underwood & wife was burried to day

Sunday, June 1st

At home forenoon - I went up to Geo Scroggies afternoon

Monday, June 2nd

We raised the barn to day - 1 day

Tuesday, June 3rd

We was girting & putting up the plates - 1/2 day

Wednesday, June 4th

Girting to day - 3/4 day

Thursday, June 5th

I was to Onslow

Friday, June 6th

We was putting up the top plates & begun the siding - 1 day

Saturday, June 7th

We was siding - 3/4 day

Sunday, June 8th

W. N. Tippett & wife & Henry Tippett & wife were here to dinner

Monday, June 9th

Put up scaffolds & rafters - 1/2

Tuesday, June 10th

Put up rafters & borded gable end - 3/4

Wednesday, June 11th

Finished gable end & put on some sheating - 1 day

Thursday, June 12th

Put on sheating & put up the track & begun to shingle - 1 day

Friday, June 13th

Finished sheating took down the scaffol & put the face boards on & it rained some - 3/4

Saturday, June 14th

Laying floor untill 8,15 - came home after noon

Sunday, June 15th

At home forenoon - the River very high - Bart took me over the River in the boat I went up to Geo Scroggies

Monday, June 16th

Was shingling part of the day then it rained - 1 day

Tuesday, June 17th

Finished the shingles & laid floor - 1 day

Wednesday, June 18th

Made doors & put in windows - 1 day

Thursday, June 19th

Put in the ventilator - 1 day

Friday, June 20th

Makeing stalls - 1 day

Saturday, June 21st

Putting up partitions & doors forenoon then Geo brought us home - the River high - 1/2 day

Sunday, June 22nd

I was a hunting in the morning - at home the rest of the day

Monday, June 23rd

Very warm - I was hoeing in the garden forenoon - At home afternoon - Geo Scroggie came down & we went up with him - thare is a dance to night

Tuesday, June 24th

Put up the stantions to day - 1 day

Wednesday, June 25th

Finished the barn to day - I came home - the river is high to day - 1/2 day - 18 3/4 days

Thursday, June 26th

At home

Friday, June 27th

I walked to Onslow - took the train for the Junction

Saturday, June 28th

I was up to the Junction all day

Sunday, June 29th

Bart came up to see Jas Hall - he is very sick - I came home with Bart

Monday, June 30th

At home - I had a settlement with Bart $15,00 my due

Tuesday, July 1st

At home forenoon up to Wm Reyners afternoon

Wednesday, July 2nd

I was working the road - 1 day

Thursday, July 3rd

Working roads forenoon - up to Jake Watters & bought 2 pigs

Friday, July 4th

I was a fishing with Mike Rhodes forenoon at home afternoon - very cool

Saturday, July 5th

At home all day

Sunday, July 6th

At home

Monday, July 7th

I went to Onslow took the train for Center Junction

Tuesday, July 8th

At the Junction all day - J. L. Hall is no better

Wednesday, July 9th

At the Junction yet

Thursday, July 10th

Thare yet - Uncle Jim is worse

Friday, July 11th

Uncle Jim Died 10 minutes before 12 last night - I came home to day

Saturday, July 12th

At home forenoon & afternoon Bart & me cleaned of J. L. Hall's Graveyard lot

Sunday, July 13th

We went with Barts folks to J. L. Hall's Funeral - very warm

Monday, July 14th

At home all day

Tuesday, July 15th

At home

Wednesday, July 16th

At home forenoon up to Wm Reyners afternoon

Thursday, July 17th

At home forenoon up the River afternoon

Friday, July 18th

I was a huntin to day got 6 squirrels

Saturday, July 19th

At home

Sunday, July 20th

At home

Monday, July 21st

I was to Mike Rhodes funeral then home then to Monticello with Chas Herrington then i went to Center Junction - stayed to Charleys all night

Tuesday, July 22nd

Came to Onslow then home this morning at home

Wednesday, July 23rd

At home & hunting

Thursday, July 24th

I was a hunting to day got 4 squirrels

Friday, July 25th

I was a fishing got 3 Bass

Saturday, July 26th

At home all day - I went to Cascade in the evening with Chas Herrington after a keg of Beer for the Monty Boys got back at midnight

Sunday, July 27th

Around home all day

Monday, July 28th

I was up to Tom Greens & Geo Scroggies - back home - to Ozark in the evening

Tuesday, July 29th

I was after Black Berries in the fore noon got 10 qts - Bell went after noon got 5 qts - Ivah & Eva & Harry came down this evening

Wednesday, July 30th

Windy & warm - Ivah & Harry stayed all night with us - I went after Black Berries got my pail full - Bell went after noon

Thursday, July 31st

Warm - Bell went after Berries - I stayed with the children

Friday, August 1st

Very warm - I was a Berring this morning & Bell - at home the rest of the day

Saturday, August 2nd

At home

Sunday, August 3rd

We was up to Jim Taylors - it rained a small shower to day

Monday, August 4th

At home fore noon after Black Berries after noon got 12 qts - It rained most all last night

Tuesday, August 5th

Very cool morning - I was a hunting fore noon got 2 - At home after noon

Wednesday, August 6th

At home fore noon - Bart is planking the creek bridge - I was a hunting afternoon got 1 squirrel

Thursday, August 7th

I was up to I. N. Frenches fore noon & helping Charley Herrington stack Oats after noon 1/2 day

Friday, August 8th

I was helping Chas Herrington to stack Oats part of the fore noon & part of the after noon - 1/2 day

Saturday, August 9th

At home fore noon & was a hunting after noon

Sunday, August 10th

I was to Fred Taylor & Childs funeral fore noon at home after noon

Monday, August 11th

I went up to D. Orrs & Jack & me went up to Geo Scroggies after tools - Worked after noon framing - 1/2 day

Tuesday, August 12th

We raised & put on sheating - 1 day

Wednesday, August 13th

We put up the rafters & borded up the gable ends & got out cornices & put some on - 1 day

Thursday, August 14th

Put on cornice & sheated - 1 day

Friday, August 15th

Finished sheating & shingled the house - 1 day

Saturday, August 16th

Laying floor - It rained hard in the evening - 1 day - 6 1/2 days this week

Sunday, August 17th

At home

Monday, August 18th

Dressing window & door frames & corner boards - 1 day

Tuesday, August 19th

Makeing frames put on Corners & ridge board - 1 day

Wednesday, August 20th

I was siding & setting frames - 1 day

Thursday, August 21st

Doing the same - 1 day

Friday, August 22nd

Siding - 1 day

Saturday, August 23rd

Laying floor siding - putting up partitions & filling corners & put up collar beams - 1 day - 6 days this week

Sunday, August 24th

It is raining this morning

Monday, August 25th

At home fore noon up to Mrs. Milans after noon

Tuesday, August 26th

Frameing to day - 1 day

Wednesday, August 27th

Frameing - 1 day

Thursday, August 28th

Frameing - 1 day

Friday, August 29th

Raised the Grainery this morning & sided to day - 1 day

Saturday, August 30th

Put on sheating & shingles - 1 day

Sunday, August 31st

I was to Canton then to Garryowen with Denny English & Toby Milan

Monday, September 1st

We finished the building - came home 1/2 day - 5 1/2 days in all

Tuesday, September 2nd

We went up to Tom Morans to make a tank we dressed the plank then I went to Onslow after noon with Tom then home 1/4 day

Wednesday, September 3rd

It rained most all fore noon - I was up to Russell Atkinsons after noon

Thursday, September 4th

It is raining hard this fore noon - I went to Canton after noon

Friday, September 5th

Monticello Fair this week - a very bad time - I filed a saw for Wm Leonard - We worked on Morans tank after noon - 1/2 day

Saturday, September 6th

Working on the tank got through - 1 day 1 3/4 days

Sunday, September 7th

I was after squirrels in the morning shot 4 It began to rain at home the rest of the day

Monday, September 8th

I was to Onslow to Sinkeys & Uras lawsuit - came home with Chas Herrington

Tuesday, September 9th

I was a hunting got 9 squirrels

Wednesday, September 10th

I was up to Russells in the morning came home & made a wagon seat - Chas Herrington drawed me 5 loads of wood

Thursday, September 11th

Begun frameing Mal Kellys house - 1 day

Friday, September 12th

I was a hunting fore noon got 7 squirrels - at home after noon

Saturday, September 13th

First Frost - didn't work fore noon - Worked frameing part of the after noon then Henry Taylor & me cut a bee tree - 1/4 day

Sunday, September 14th

Frost in the morn - Mike Rhodes & me went a hunting fore noon got 10 squirrels at home after noon

Monday, September 15th

We was a frameing for Kelly & cutting rafters for Foley

Tuesday, September 16th

1/2 scant 1 1/2 hrs - Frameing part of the fore noon - At home the rest of day 1/4 day

Wednesday, September 17th

Barnums Show at Maquoketa - I was a hunting in the morning got 7 squirrels & after noon a while got 6

Thursday, September 18th

I was to Onslow to Wintermute Bros Circus

Friday, September 19th

I finished my wood pile & helped W. N. Tippett make a pig pen - I went & got 2 squirrels afternoon

Saturday, September 20th

Raised Kellys house 1 day

Sunday, September 21st

I went up to Tom Greens to see Fannie Mears

Monday, September 22nd

We was sheating to day - 1 day

Tuesday, September 23rd

Put up the rafters borded the gable ends & sheated - 1 day

Wednesday, September 24th

Getting out Cornice lumber & put some on - 1 day

Thursday, September 25th

Put on cornice one side & shingled one side - 1 day

Friday, September 26th

Done the same - 1 day - Ivah is here to night

Saturday, September 27th

Getting out windows & door frames & set 2 - 1 day 6 days this week - Charley & Harry came down

Sunday, September 28th

At home - Charleys folks was here to dinner - I was up to Pete Hertzs after noon - Big frost

Monday, September 29th

I was a siding & takeing down scaffold & putting it up - 1 day

Tuesday, September 30th

I was siding to day - 1 day - Bell went to Geo Reids childs funeral

Wednesday, October 1st

I was siding - 1 day

Thursday, October 2nd

Siding & got out caseing - It rained last night - 1 d

Friday, October 3rd

Finished siding - 1 d

Saturday, October 4th

Dressing caseing & setting windows 1 day

Sunday, October 5th

To Canton fore noon - took my gun with me got 4 squirrels

Monday, October 6th

Caseing windows & getting out door frames & caseing & mopboard - 1 day

Tuesday, October 7th

Dressing caseing made door frame put up pertition & put on chair bords & put down some mop board - 1 day

Wednesday, October 8th

Putting on mop boards - made door frame & put it in & hung a door - 1 day

Thursday, October 9th

I was to work fore noon - I hung 2 doors & put down quarter round & finished at noon - it rained hard this fore noon - 1/2 day - Finished Mal Kellys house 18 1/2 days - 32, 37 1/2

Friday, October 10th

I was to Canton fore noon at home after noon

Saturday,October 11th

At home all day - It rained most all day

Sunday, October 12th

It rained hard last night & fore noon - I was over to D Orrs after noon I shot 5 squirrels - It rained this eve

Monday, October 13th

It is raining yet this morning - Jack Orr came after our tools - I went with him & begun to rip out caseing - 1/4 day

Tuesday, October 14th

I was dressing caseing - 1 day

Wednesday, October 15th

Doing the same & putting on caseing - 1 day

Thursday, October 16th

Doing the same & putting down mop boards

Friday, October 17th

Hanging doors & makeing doors - 1 day

Saturday, October 18th

I made one door for celler & finished the pantry shelves - 1/2 day 4 3/4 days Then came home - it rained to day

Sunday, October 19th

I was to Canton fore noon - at home after noon

Monday, October 20th

I walked to Onslow & back then over to D. Orrs

Tuesday, October 21st

I was hanging doors & made a privy & came home - 3/4 day - Finished - 17 days - $29,75

Wednesday, October 22nd

We went up to Supples to work on there house - 1 day

Thursday, October 23rd

Siding to day - 1 day

Friday, October 24th

Siding & sheating - 1 day

Saturday, October 25th

Siding to day 3/4 - Came home

Sunday, October 26th

At home fore noon & up to Heffrons after noon to see a game of ball

Monday, October 27th

We went up to Supples worked 3/4 day Hanging doors & blinds 4 1/2 days


Tuesday, October 28th

I came home at home the rest of the day

Wednesday, October 29th

I was to Cascade to day with Birt - i took W. N. Tippetts horse & bugy

Thursday, October 30th

Up to Wm Reyners fore noon to see if i could get some potatoes & then to Fletchers after noon couldn't get eny

Friday, October 31st

At home most all day - i was a hunting a while got 2 squirrels - It is a raining a little this evening

Saturday, November 1st

At home fore noon & up to Hugh Corbits after noon

Sunday, November 2nd

We was to Mike Rhodes to dinner then him & me went up the creek

Monday, November 3rd

I was up to Mr Hughs after some potatoes didn't get eny - Ilander Shirley & me went to Cascade after noon & got some

Tuesday, November 4th

I went to Election

Wednesday, November 5th

At home - I got some turnips from Herrington

Thursday, November 6th

At home fore noon - hunting after noon got 1 Pheasant

Friday, November 7th

I was up to Jas Taylors fore noon - I was a hunting after noon got 1 squirrel

Saturday, November 8th

I was a husking corn for Bart fore noon & it snowed hard - rained all after noon 1/2 day

Sunday, November 9th

At home fore noon - I was up to Mal Kellys after noon

Monday, November 10th

I makeing doors for Mal Kelly - 3/4 day

Tuesday, November 11th

I was working for Mal a while this fore noon - came home at 11 o'clock & got ready to butcher - Henry Taylor & me got a hog from Bart - 325 lbs

Wednesday, November 12th

I put up 2 shelves & cut down door this fore noon then i came home & begun a cutter box for Tom Heffron

Thursday, November 13th

I was makeing Bart a wood rack - 1 day

Friday, November 14th

I finished the wood rack 1/4 day - Then i worked on Heffrons cutter box then it rained begun at 3 o'clock

Saturday, November 15th

It is a damp day - I worked at the box part of the day

Sunday, November 16th

Mike Rhodes & me was a hunting fore noon got 2 rabbits & 2 squirrels - We was to Barts to dinner to day

Monday, November 17th

Rainy & foggy this morning - I put the cutter box together

Tuesday, November 18th

I begun to cut some poles for stove wood

Wednesday, November 19th

Cutting wood in the morning a little while - a dance to Rockeys

Thursday, November 20th

Jas Taylor drawed me 4 load of poles in the fore noon - I was a cutting stove wood after noon

Friday, November 21st

I was shingleing for Heffron - 1 day

Saturday, November 22nd

I was to Heffrons fore noon at home after noon - I got 3 bu of corn from W. N. Tippett

Sunday, November 23rd

Rockey & me was a hunting got 4 rabbits & 1 squirrel

I went up to Fletchers to meet Bell from church

Monday, November 24th

Pleasant - I split some wood & worked on Tom Heffrons cutter

Tuesday, November 25th

Worked on Heffrons cutter & finished it

Wednesday, November 26th

I went to Onslow a foot - Bell & the children went with the horse & buggy

Thursday, November 27th

Thanksgiving - I was at work on Fletchers barn - 8 1/2 hrs

Friday, November 28th

Doing the same - 9 hours

Saturday, November 29th

Pleasant - Raised the poles & put up girts & plates - 8 1/2 hrs

Sunday, November 30th

I went over to Jack Orrs - I shot Jake Watters dog

Monday, December 1st

I was siding & cutting rafters & putting them up - It was some cold today - 9 hrs

Tuesday, December 2nd

At home fore noon - It began to snow & snowed hard all the rest of the day - Rockey & me went a rabbit hunting - got 5 & 13 quails - Bart & Will got 5 rabbits

Wednesday, December 3rd

Chopping wood at the house - it is snowing part of the time

Thursday, December 4th

I was chopping & sawing wood - it snowed hard after noon - H. Taylor & me went a rabbit hunting got 2

Friday, December 5th

Thare is lots of snow abought 4 or six inches - I made a sled bolster for C. McMaster

Saturday, December 6th

At home fore noon - Hunting after noon got 1 rabbit

Sunday, December 7th

At home all day - The boys got 29 rabbits & 1 squirrel

Monday, December 8th

At home - I made Birt a sled - pleasant to day

Tuesday, December 9th

I chopped some poles for wood

Wednesday, December 10th

Very warm - I white washed & cut some poles

Thursday, December 11th

I made Heffron a wagon reach then i went to Fletchers I shingled & put up the top set of rafters - 6 hrs

Friday, December 12th

We put up the track & scaffold 6 hrs

Saturday, December 13th

We was a sheating 6 hrs

Sunday, December 14th

We was to Rockeys to dinner

Monday, December 15th

At home fore noon - shingleing for Fletcher after noon 5 hrs

Tuesday, December 16th

We was all a hunting We got 37 Rabbits 1 Pheasant 1 quail & 1 squirrrel - It snowed last night

Wednesday, December 17th

I was up to Fletchers makeing doors 6 1/2 hrs

Thursday, December 18th

I went to Onslow with Bart after his father - I went to the Junction - Stayed to Charleys

Friday, December 19th

I came home - very mudy

Saturday, December 20th

At home

Sunday, December 21st

Henry Taylor & family was here to dinner

Monday, December 22nd

I chopped poles in the morning then I fixed Heffrons bob sled

Tuesday, December 23rd

Cold & windy - I was to Onslow to a shooting match

Wednesday, December 24th

At home

Thursday, December 25th

At home to W. N. Tippetts to dinner

Friday, Decemebr 26th

Harry & me was up to Heffrons fore noon at home after noon

Saturday, December 27th

At home all day

Sunday, December 28th

I was up to Geo Scroggies & Tom Greens

Monday, December 29th

At home to day - It is like summer

Tuesday, December 30th

I was cutting a few poles - At home the rest of the day

Wednesday, December 31st

I was to Cascade with H. Neal - very foggy all day




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