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Janet A. Brandt


Monday, January 1st

Very pleasant - At home all day skating some - Ernie Hamilton & i went to Canton to the dance on skates.

Tuesday, January 2nd

Warmer - At home forenoon went to Canton after noon on the ice after a pair of overshoes.

Wednesday, January 3rd

I went to Onslow with N Hertz was to Roys to dinner

Thursday, January 4th

Very warm - I was sawing & splitting wood most all day I filed a saw for Phelix

Friday, January 5th

Sawing & splitting wood forenoon went to Walter Carrs on skates afternoon - the ice is getting soft - I am 45 years old to day

Saturday, January 6th

Fogy & misting - At home all day

Sunday, January 7th

Very mudy - I took H H Carson to Onslow to have his hand dressed

Monday, January 8th

I made a wagon tongue for Bart & cut some stove wood

Tuesday, January 9th

It is raining to day

Wednesday, January 10th

I went to Canton forenoon back & cut wood

Thursday, January 11th

I took H Carson to Onslow then to Center Junct

Friday, January 12th

Pleasant - I finished my wood to day

Saturday, January 13th

It snowed last night abought 2 in - I went a hunting a while afternoon got nothing

Sunday, January 14th

Cloudy - At home all day

Monday, January 15th

I filed a saw for Henry Collins & Wm McGlocklin & made a sled tongue for B Lawless - It was misting afternoon

Tuesday, January 16th

Fogy - I took H Carson to Onslow to get his hand dressed - very mudy

Wednesday, January 17th

Mudy - At home - I was making a Carrom stand

Thursday, January 18th

Foggy & misty - I was makeing Perl Walters a Carrom stand

Friday, January 19th

Foggy - It has been cloudy all of this month

Saturday, January 20th

Clear - I went to Jack Orrs then to Lue Butlers then home to dinner - very pleasant to day & mudy

Sunday, January 21st

Like summer - At home

Monday, January 22nd

Begun to cut some more wood on the hill & filed a saw for Phelix

Tuesday, January 23rd

I killed my hog to day - Will Mc helped me - it is very warm

Wednesday, January 24th

At home forenoon cut a little wood afternoon - very hot today again

Thursday, January 25th

Frosty & cold - It is very cold all day - I cut a little wood forenoon filed 1 saw for Mat Koppas

Friday, January 26th

Pleasant - 2 below zero - I chopped some to day

Saturday, January 27th

Very cold - I was up to Wm Fletchers in the morning - I filed a saw for Wig Duffy - I went to Lodge with Wm Fletcher - the roads are very rough - Ira Sinkey & Sam Streets & Geo Shroyer were taken in to the Lodge

Sunday, January 28th

Very cold - 12 below - At home all day

Monday, January 29th

Cold yet - At home

Tuesday, January 30th

12 below - I made a wagon tongue & made hound for another tongue & sand board & reach

Wednesday, January 31st

16 below zero - at home

Thursday, February 1st

8 below zero - At home

Friday, February 2nd

Pleasant & cold - I went to Canton forenoon with Old Bird for groceries

Saturday, February 3rd

I cut wood on the river bottom forenoon went to Canton on skates afternoon - It began to snow at 4 o'clock & snowed hard - 2 inches of snow

Sunday, February 4th

Very pleasant to day

Monday, February 5th

I cut two loads of wood

Tuesday, February 6th

At home forenoon went to Jo Orrs sale

Wednesday, February 7th

Very fogy - I cut a little wood - it rained a little

Thursday, February 8th

It rained all night the creek & river is high this morning - it is freezing this morning & blustering from the N. W. - The ice brok up & moved down the river some

Friday, February 9th

8 below - at home forenoon went to Carr Bro afternoon

Saturday, February 10th

At home forenoon - Ed Kerr drawed me 3 loads of wood afternoon - Henry Carson & Will Mc & I walked to Lodge - very pleasant - Emery Nab was taken in

Sunday, February 11th

At home all day

Monday, February 12th

I sawed a little wood

Tuesday, February 13th

Clear & cold - I was to Tom Hamiltons sale

Wednesday, February 14th

It is snowing this morning - it snowed all day

Thursday, February 15th

20 below - clear to day - I am sawing a little wood then i made Dom English a sled bench & rave

Friday, February 16th

Very cold - 18 below - Sawing wood - the last day of school - I finished my hard wood

Saturday, February 17th

Cold & pleasant - 18 below - At home forenoon went to Canton afternoon

Sunday, February 18th

Cold - At home - Jack Orrs family & L Meads boy was here to dinner - we took his Ferret after dinner & caught 3 rabbits

Monday, February 19th

Fine - At home - Bell went to Chas Ames with her Pa - I filed a saw for Jas Kennedy & R Taylor

Tuesday, February 20th

At home - I filed a saw for Geo Reid - Made some hammer holders

Wednesday, February 21st

It is snowing hard to day - Bob Scroggie was to have a sale

Thursday, February 22nd

Warm - It is a very nice day - the best sleighing for 2 years - The snow most all gone this evening - I went to Canton dance

Friday, February 23rd

It is snowing again to day forenoon

Saturday, February 24th

Blustering - At home the worst storm this year

Sunday, February 25th

Very fine - I went up to see how Mr Fletcher was then came home

Monday, February 26th

Chilly - Josie & i went to Canton with the cutter - Bob Scroggie had his sale to day

Tuesday, February 27th

Chilly to day - At home part of the day then i was helping Mr Fletcher get his things ready for the sale

Wednesday, February 28th

Chilly - I was to Mr Fletchers sale

Thursday, March 1st

I filed a saw for Duffy & fixed T Suttons sled

Friday, March 2nd

Thawing a little - Reese Taylor draw me 6 loads of wood forenoon - Andrew Duncanson is burried this afternoon

Saturday, March 3rd

I filed a saw for R Taylor & E Kerr - it thawed to day

Sunday, March 4th

It rained some last night

Monday, March 5th

Blustering - Blustering - Snowing a little to day - Edie begun work for Rilla at noon to day $2,00 per week

Tuesday, March 6th

Cleared off - I filed 2 saw for Felix & 1 for Koppas

Wednesday, March 7th

Thawed - cutting my summer wood

Thursday, March 8th

Split some wood - the snow went fast to day - Bart is loging on the river bottom

Friday, March 9th

Pleasant - It tried to rain in the morning then cleared of & thawed a good deal - I cut stove wood most all day filed 1 saw for H Carson - Charley Raynor died to day

Saturday,March 10th

Pleasant - The ice broke up & went out after noon - Charley & Ivah & Eva Walker came up to day - very mudy

Sunday, March 11th

Charleys folks stayed all night went home afternoon - Charley Raynor was burried to day

Monday, March 12th

Pleasant - I finished my summer wood to day - the river very high to day

Tuesday, March 13th

Pleasant - They went & met the mail - we chopped ice out of the road

Wednesday, March 14th

I was over to Jack Orrs - The ground was froze hard to day

Thursday, March 15th

A little snow this morning - blustering all day - I filed a saw for P Deveny 1 for J McManus 1 for M Koppes 1 for Jack Orr 1 for Mike Hughs

Friday, March 16th

A little blustering - thare is just a little snow - very cold all day

Saturday, March 17th

Chilly - A little blustering to day - I filed a saw for Mat Koppes & 1 for John Collins

Sunday, March 18th

Very pleasant - I filed a saw for T Kelly

Monday, March 19th

I walked to Canton forenoon - coming back it snowed & blowed very hard

Tuesday, March 20th

Blustering all day - I was at home

Wednesday, March 21st

Pleasant - I went to Hugh Corbitts to make a cupboard - worked afternoon

Thursday, March 22nd

Very warm - worked all day & came home

Friday, March 23rd

Very warm - I was down to Walter & Claud Carrs in the morning - Josie went to Canton with her Grand Pa

Saturday, March 24th

Pleasant - Thare was a party for Barts folks - had a large crowd

Sunday, March 25th

At home - it snowed some in the morning

Monday, March 26th

I made a wagon tongue for Jas McManus & filed a saw for Tom Green

Tuesday, March 27th

Sleet - It began to snow after noon & came hard

Wednesday, March 28th

Stormy yet - Thare is more snow to day than we have had this winter before - still a snowing in the eve

Thursday, March 29th

Stormy yet - At home - it has snowed a little all day

Friday, March 30th

Very pleasant - M C Walters & wife left here for the East & S O Carr & wife starte for home in Neb

Saturday, March 31st

Very pleasant - it is very mudy the creek is coming up

Sunday, April 1st

It is raining - cleared of & was very nice - the creek is high - river is over the bottom

Monday, April 2nd

Very pleasant - the river very high - offel mudy

Tuesday, April 3rd

Pleasant - the watter going down

Wednesday, April 4th

Pleasant - I was around the saw mill all day - I filed a saw for H Carson

Thursday, April 5th

Pleasant - at home - very mudy

Friday, April 6th

Bell & I were to Bessie Rosses funeral & back to C M Ballous to dinner

Saturday, April 7th

Very hot - at home

Sunday, April 8th

At home forenoon up to Wm Fletchers afternoon - Fred Heister was burried to day

Monday, April 9th

At home all day

Tuesday, April 10th

I went to W Leonards & put up a scaffold to shingle & it was to windy - Mrs Jane Kirkpatrick died last night - I was up to Tom Greens to dinner

Wednesday, April 11th

It snowed hard most all day

Thursday, April 12th

At home all day - It snowed hard after noon the ground was covered with snow to day - I filed a saw for L E Mead

Friday, April 13th

At home forenoon - I went to Canton afternoon - Bell went to Jim Kennedys

Saturday, April 14th

At home forenoon - Bell & the children went over to Jack Orrs - I went in the afternoon

Sunday, April 15th

We were to Jack's all day

Monday, April 16th

It rained most all day

Tuesday, April 17th

Rain all day

Wednesday, April 18th

I was down to Walter Carrs & back home

Thursday, April 19th

I went to Will Lenards & shingled one side of his house

Friday, April 20th

I shingle all day

Saturday, April 21st

I took down the scaffolds & came home

Sunday, April 22nd

Bell & Edie & Josie went to church

Monday, April 23rd

I went to Canton a foot in the forenoon - Bell & I went a fishing afternoon

Tuesday, April 24th

Bell & I went to Onslow

Wednesday, April 25th

Mr Fletchers Sail for Ireland to day

Thursday, April 26th

Very pleasant - at home forenoon a fishing afternoon

Friday, April 27th

Pleasant - Helped W N Tippett stretch some wire on the hill forenoon went a fishing afternoon

Saturday, April 28th

Pleasant - I was helping to put joice under Tebo house - had garden plowed afternoon - planted truck afternoon

Sunday, April 29th

At home forenoon went up the creek a fishing afternoon caught some chubs

Monday, April 30th

Bell & I went to Canton forenoon - I went up to Hertz with our tools

Tuesday, May 1st

We began Pete Hertz house frameing 1 day

Wednesday, May 2nd

Doing the same - 1 day

Thursday, May 3rd

We raised the house to day 1 d

Friday, May 4th

Lineing the house 1 day

Saturday, May 5th

Doing the same - I rode Old Bird to Lodge

Sunday, May 6th

At home

Monday, May 7th

At home all day - It rained by spells all day

Tuesday, May 8th

At home forenoon - It rained by spells all day - I was at home all day

Wednesday, May 9th

Putting on ship lap & cutting rafters 1 d

Thursday, May 10th

Boarded gable ends & got out cornice & corner boards 1 d

Friday, May 11th

Put on cornice 1 d

Saturday, May 12th

Put on sheating 1 d

Sunday, May 13th

At home all day

Monday, May 14th

Shingleing 1 d

Tuesday, May 15th

Finished shingleing & started window frames 1 d

Wednesday, May 16th

Cold - Makeing frames - some rain 1 d

Thursday, May 17th

Put frames to gather - rain 1 d

Friday, May 18th

Set frames - some rain - 1 d

Saturday, May 19th

Cold - Came home - thare all day - went to Lodge with Riley Stowers

Sunday, May 20th

Bell went with her Pa to see Hazel

Monday, May 21st

I went to Mr Hertz & put on siding 1/2 d - then went over to Jacks - Hazel died this morning at 8 o'clock

Tuesday, May 22nd

I stayed to Jacks last night - the funeral was at 11 o'clock - I came home afternoon & went to bead

Wednesday, May 23rd

It is a raining this morning - I worked afternoon siding 1/2 d

Thursday, May 24th

Siding & putting up porch 1 d

Friday, May 25th

Shingled the porch & put on siding - 1 d

Saturday, May 26th

Hot - Siding - Bell went to Canton

Sunday, May 27th

Pleasant - At home

Monday, May 28th

Rain in morning - I was laying flooring forenoon siding afternoon 1 day

Tuesday, May 29th

Siding all day - 1 d

Wednesday, May 30th

I planted my potatoes forenoon

Thursday, May 31st

Siding - 1 d - 25 1/2 days to Hertz

Friday, June 1st

I was makeing screen frames 1 d - Thare was a dance in the new house

Saturday, June 2nd

Put screen frames to gather 1 d - Went to Lodge with H Carson - Wm Sinkey was taken in

Sunday, June 3rd

At home - Bell over to Jacks

Monday, June 4th

Finished screen frames & put up partitions 1 d

Tuesday, June 5th

Made a wagon tongue & finished untill after plastering 1 d

Wednesday, June 6th

We went to I N Frenches to being his barn & he wasent ready than we came home

Thursday, June 7th

I went to Cascade with W N Tippett

Friday, June 8th

We went to Ed Greens to begin the shed on the side of his barn framed it & came home 1 d

Saturday, June 9th

At home - Edie & the little girls went to Onslow - I sent for a bicycle to day

Sunday, June 10th

At home

Monday, June 11th

We went to E Greens raised his barn 1 day

Tuesday, June 12th

Girting & siding 1 day

Wednesday, June 13th

It rained in the morning a little 3/4 d

Thursday, June 14th

Puting up plates & rafters & sheating 1 d

Friday, June 15th

Finished sheating begun shingleing at noon & afternoon made a big door 1 d

Saturday, June 16th

I made a big door & put in windows & shingled afternoon - my bicycle came to day

Sunday, June 17th

At home forenoon - Ed Kerr went to Canton afternoon with me

Monday, June 18th

We finished Ed Greens barn & took our tools to Ike Frenches 7 3/4 days to Eds $13,25

Tuesday, June 19th

Begun I N Frenches barn to day - frameing 1 d

Wednesday, June 20th

Raised the barn 1 day

Thursday, June 21st

Put up plates & girts 1 day

Friday, June 22nd

Siding 1 day

Saturday, June 23rd

Put up rafters & scaffold 1 d

Sunday, June 24th

At home

Monday, June 25th

Working for Ike French on barn 1 d

Tuesday, June 26th

Put up track & sheating 1 d

Wednesday, June 27th

Sheating & begun shingleing 1 d

Thursday, June 28th

Shingleing 1 d

Friday, June 29th

Shingleing & makeing doors 1 d

Saturday, June 30th

Made doors & got though & went to Lodge 11 days

Sunday, July 1st

At home - Jack & Lizzie was here

Monday, July 2nd

Went to Hertzes to finish his house 1 d

Tuesday, July 3rd

Hanging doors 1 d

Wednesday, July 4th

We was to Canton to day

Thursday, July 5th

Hanging doors afternoon 1/2

Friday, July 6th

Finished doors & put on wenscoating - a hard rain last night - 1 day

Saturday, July 7th

Put on wenscoating & base boards 1 d

Sunday, July 8th

Cool - I went after a few Raspberries

Monday, July 9th

Finished base boards & put up butry shelves 1 d

Tuesday, July 10th

Finished the house excepting the window screen 1/2 day 6 days this time

Wednesday, July 11th

I went up to Chas Ames then to Onslow on my bike

Thursday, July 12th

I made a hay rack for Carson forenoon - made a wagon hound for Bert Walters afternoon - Aunt Fannie came with the mail

Friday, July 13th

Cold to day - I went after raspberries afternoon got 8 quarts

Saturday, July 14th

Went again to day got 20 quarts

Sunday, July 15th

I went to Canton forenoon on my bike

Monday, July 16th

We had a hard rain this forenoon went to Hertzes afternoon 1/2

Tuesday, July 17th

Putting on wire on the screen frames 1 d

Wednesday, July 18th

Finished the porch - came home after dinner - 33 days $59,85 cts

Thursday, July 19th

I went hunting in morning got 3 squirrels - Mary Ames was here to day - rain in the evening

Friday, July 20th

At home all day - rain untill noon

Saturday, July 21st

I begun Bart wood rack for Bart - we went after rasperries afternoon - it is the last of them got 3 quarts - we put up 102 1/2 quarts

Sunday, July 22nd

I went & got 2 squirrels

Monday, July 23rd

I went to John Dennisons to make 2 wagon boxes 1 d

Tuesday, July 24th

I got through after dinner came home - rained last night & this forenoon 1 3/4 days

Wednesday, July 25th

Pleasant - At home

Thursday, July 26th

Josie & I went after black berries - Harry came this eve

Friday, July 27th

I made a wagon tongue for H Carson

Saturday, July 28th

Went a hunting - Harry & i got 3 squirrels - went a fishing afternoon got 3 fish

Sunday, July 29th

At home

Monday, July 30th

We went up to Smith Bridge a fishing - got none - Harry the girls & I

Tuesday, July 31st

I made a wagon tongue for D Milan

Wednesday, August 1st

I went to help Cass Ballou on a Curtis house - we had a hard rain forenoon - I began work at 10 o'clock - 1/2 day & 2 hrs

Thursday, August 2nd

I worked untill 4 o'clock then came home sick 3/4

Friday, August 3rd

At home all day - Harry went to Center Junction afternoon - Bart finished thrashing

Saturday, August 4th

Hot - At home - went a fishing afternoon got 1 bass

Sunday, August 5th

Hot - at home all day

Monday, August 6th

Worked on Curtises house 1 d

Tuesday, August 7th

Doing the same 1 d

Wednesday, August 8th

Working 1 d

Thursday, August 9th

Makeing window frames 1 d

Friday, August 10th

Setting frames 1 d

Saturday, August 11th

Setting frames laying floor & siding - put in one window 1 d W N Tippett came after me - we had a nice rain this eve

Sunday, August 12th

At home

Monday, August 13th

I was siding for H Curtis 3/4 day

Tuesday, August 14th

Siding all day 1

Wednesday, August 15th

Siding all day 1

Thursday, August 16th

I was putting on wenscoating for J Boyd 6 hrs - went to Monmouth with him after noon - finished for him in the eve & came home

Friday, August 17th

We had a nice rain untill 8 o'clock then cleared of - We cleaned the grave yard

Saturday, August 18th

Hot - I was up to Pete Hertz afternoon

Sunday, August 19th

At home

Monday, August 20th

Hot - Went to Cascade with W N Tippett

Tuesday, August 21st

Hot - At home forenoon - went up to John Dennisons to work on his barn repairing came back home with Bob Scroggie

Wednesday, August 22nd

I went down to H Curtises then to Canton & Jack Orrs to dinner then to Onslow with him after lumber

Thursday, August 23rd

At home all day - Lizzie Orr was here

Friday, August 24th

It is raining this morning - at home

Saturday, August 25th

I went with the milk wagon to D Orrs & back

Sunday, August 26th

Went hunting got 2 squirrels - Jack Orr came over & got my chest

Monday, August 27th

I went to D Orrs & begun a kitchen 1 d

Tuesday, August 28th

Working at the same 1 d

Wednesday, August 29th

The same 1

Thursday, August 30th

The same 1

Friday, August 31st

The same 1

Saturday, September 1st

I hung 2 doors & put in windows 1 d

Sunday, September 2nd

I came home this morning

Monday, September 3rd

I went to D Orrs & finished the kitchen forenoon then went to J Dennisons to repair his barn

Tuesday, September 4th

Worked forenoon then came home - went up to Milans on my wheel 1/2

Wednesday, September 5th

I went to Maquoketa Fair on my wheel

Thursday, September 6th

At the fair

Friday, September 7th

At the fair

Saturday, September 8th

I came home - I was to Birt Duboises to dinner got home at 5 o'clock

Sunday, September 9th

At home

Monday, September 10th

I took the shingles of John Dennisons barn & begun to shingle 1 d

Tuesday, September 11th

Shingled 3/4 day the wind blew to hard

Wednesday, September 12th

I finished at 9 o'clock went to I N Frenches & begun a wagon box 1/2

Thursday, September 13th

Finished the box & put in 1 window 1 d

Friday, September 14th

I put in 2 windows in the morning then stayed thare & saw them thrash & Ed Kerr brought my tools home

Saturday, September 15th

I went to Will Kinneys then to Tom Greens then to Chas Ames to dinner then to Wyoming then back to Onslow to see a game of ball - then to a speach - stayed with Roy all night

Sunday, September 16th

Came home this morning

Monday, September 17th

First frost - I went up to Wm Kinneys & back forenoon on my wheel - D Springer stayed here last night

Tuesday, September 18th

Cloudy - D Springer stayed here last night - It rained part of the afternoon

Wednesday, September 19th

It rained most all day - I was at home

Thursday, September 20th

We begun frameing Wm Kinneys corn crib 3/4

Friday, September 21st

Frameing forenoon went to Cascade afternoon 1/2

Saturday, September 22nd

Frameing untill noon came home afternoon

Sunday, September 23rd

Will & Dess Hogeboom & Tom & Bell Green were here to dinner - I went to Canton in the eve with Will Mc

Monday, September 24th

At home all day it rained

Tuesday, September 25th

We went up to Kinneys worked 1 day

Wednesday, September 26th

We was siding 1 day

Thursday, September 27th

Shingleing 1 d

Friday, September 28th

Made doors 3/4 day - came home - it rained afternoon

Saturday, September 29th

I was hunting got 1 squirrel

Sunday, September 30th

Got 1 squirrel

Monday, October 1st

Bell & I went to Onslow forenoon & up to Kinneys afternoon

Tuesday, October 2nd

It rained hard forenoon - we worked afterooon put up the foundation for cow barn 1/2 day

Wednesday, October 3rd

Warm - worked all day

Thursday, October 4th

Warm - worked 3/4 day & came home

Friday, October 5th

Warm - I went a hunting forenoon got 4 squirrels - Rill Greens baby died this morning

Saturday, October 6th

Very warm weather - I was to the funeral to day - I went to Canton with Riley - thare was no Lodge - it rained

Sunday, October 7th

Colder - at home

Monday, October 8th

Went to Kinneys 1 day

Tuesday, October 9th

We was sheating & puting up rafters

Wednesday, October 10th

Pleasant - shingleing 1 day

Thursday, October 11th

Pleasant - put down some floor & put in windows 1/2 11 days

Friday, October 12th

Pleasant - We dug our potatoes to day

Saturday, October 13th

I put my potatoes in the celler 40 bu - I went to Canton on my wheel - the girls went down with Old Bird

Sunday, October 14th

Jack Orrs folks were here

Monday, October 15th

Tom Sutton came after our tools to work on Mrs R Greens house 1 d

Tuesday, October 16th

Worked all day 1 d

Wednesday, October 17th

Worked 1 d

Thursday, October 18th

The same 1 d

Friday, October 19th

The same

Saturday, October 20th

Worked 3/4 day - came home - then went to see John Lasure then to Lodge

Sunday, October 21st

At home all day

Monday, October 22nd

Siding 1 day

Tuesday, October 23rd

Siding 1 day

Wednesday, October 24th

Hanging doors & ceiling the porch 1 d

Thursday, October 25th

Puting window weights on & lathing - got though & Tom Sutton brought our tools home 9 1/2 days $16,50

Friday, October 26th

We went to Wm Kinneys & finished his cow barn 3/4 day $1,50

Saturday, October 27th

I went to Will Ralstons to work on his barn - worked 4 hrs & went with him to Ronicks saw mill then home

Sunday, October 28th

It rained hard this morning

Monday, October 29th

Warm - it rained to day - I was at home

Tuesday, October 30th

The same

Wednesday, October 31st

It thundered hard last night - rain some to day very warm

Thursday, November 1st

I went to Will Ralstons raised his top rafters & started to put up the track 3/4 day

Friday, November 2nd

Put up track & made big doors 1 d

Saturday, November 3rd

I was shingleing & came home 3/4 - 3 days $5,25

Sunday, November 4th

At home - Bell & i were up to W S Carrs afternoon

Monday, November 5th

I began work on Wm Carrs tank house 1 day

Tuesday, November 6th

Election - it is sleeting some forenoon - cleared of afternoon

Wednesday, November 7th

I went to Wm Carrs & raised the rafters & put in girts 1/2 day then came home

Thursday, November 8th

Cold & chily - Siding & sheating 1 day - the first tracking snow

Friday, November 9th

I went up to Carrs & put on sheating & face boards & shingled untill 2 o'clock & came home to cold

Saturday, November 10th

Cold & chily - I finished shingleing & put on ridge boards - took my tools to Walter Carrs 4 hrs - 34 hrs to W S Carr

Sunday, November 11th

Some Cold - I was up to see Geo Hannas & back to Bob Scroggies then to I N Frenches then home - a little snow this morning

Monday, November 12th

Pleasant - I was putting up collar beams & door frames & partition 1 day

Tuesday, November 13th

Blustering - I finished to Walter Carrs & came home be fore noon - Bell & Clifford was down with me - I began to chop a little wood afternoon

Wednesday, November 14th

The river froze over first - I went to Canton in the morning - chopped a little afternoon

Thursday, November 15th

Pleasant but cold - It snowed a little last night - I went out with the gun got one rabbit in the morning

Friday, November 16th

It snowed most forenoon - I went out with the gun shot 1 mink 1 rabbit - I cut a little wood afternoon

Saturday, November 17th

I cut a little wood - misting to day

Sunday, November 18th

It is raining this morning

Monday, November 19th

Cloudy - I finished Barts wood rack

Tuesday, November 20th

I was up to W S Carrs & layed the floor in his tank house 1/2 d

Wednesday, November 21st

It snowed a little last night - Wm Fletcher was here to dinner & afternoon Bob Scroggie was here

Thursday, November 22nd

I was around with petition for Rural Free Delivery of Mail - I chopped some afternoon - Maggie stayed here last night

Friday, November 23rd

Ernie Hamilton stayed here last night - I chopped some - Maggie & Ernie was here to dinner

Saturday, November 24th

I was up to Carrs & Hertz fore noon - it snowed some all day - Bart went to make the contract for his place

Sunday, November 25th

I was to Jack Orrs - Geo Hanna died this morning at 3 o'clock - I came home from Jacks & went up to Geo Hannas

Monday, November 26th

I stayed to Hannas last night - went to the funeral & home - a heavy frost stayed on all day

Tuesday, November 27th

I cut a little wood & went hunting afternoon got nothing

Wednesday, November 28th

Cloudy - I made a wagon tongue for Bart - he finished sawing forenoon

Thursday, November 29th

Thanksgiving - all to Barts to dinner - was hunting some I got nothing

Friday, November 30th

Pleasant - Bell & Ora went to Wyoming with her Pa - I went to John Connols sale

Saturday, December 1st

Cloudy & chilly - At home all day

Sunday, December 2nd

At home - misty & foggy

Monday, December 3rd

I went to Onslow with Riley Stowers - misty to day

Tuesday, December 4th

I went to Mrs Greens to finish there house worked 8 hrs

Wednesday, December 5th

Pleasant - Finished the house to day $2,50

Thursday, December 6th

At home forenoon - I went to Canton with W. N. Tippett - it snowed all afternoon

Friday, December 7th

Pleasant - I made a planter tongue & 3 sweeps for horse power for Bart

Saturday, December 8th

Warm - Will McGlocklin drawed me 5 loads of wood forenoon - I sawed stove wood afternoon - Chas Ames was here to dinner - I filed a saw for John Collins

Sunday, December 9th

Pleasant but cold - At home - Will McLaughlin was here to dinner

Monday, December 10th

Barts sale was to day - It snowed part fore noon very pleasant afternoon - Landis & Taylor was here to supper

Tuesday, December 11th

Was here to breakfast - paid - I was cutting some wood part of the day

Wednesday, December 12th

Pleasant - I went to Jack Orrs in the morning - back afternoon & cut some wood

Thursday, December 13th

I sawed some wood & helped the men take the old iron out of the mill 1/2 day

Friday, December 14th

Cloudy - I was takeing out the old iron out of the mill 1 day

Saturday, December 15th

I worked at the same forenoon 1/2 day - Sawed a little wood & filed a saw for Curly Bro

Sunday, December 16th

I went to Canton with the crowd on the ice - it is fine - Jack & Lizzie were here to dinner - I went afternoon again after butter - Kert Landis & John Taylor came at noon started to take out the mill boilers

Monday, December 17th

I helped to load 2 loads of iron then they went home - i worked till 10 o'clock - Bell went to Wyoming with her Pa - I cut some wood

Tuesday, December 18th

I sawed wood forenoon - worked in the mill tareing out old iron the men came at noon 1/2 day

Wednesday, December 19th

I worked in the mill forenoon 1/2 day - they got though & went home after noon - 34 meals & 3 1/2 days work

$7,00 $5,25 = $12,25

Thursday, December 20th

Pleasant - I went to Jo Orrs to work on his hog house - worked 7 1/2 hrs - Bart mooved to day

Friday, December 21st

Pleasant - worked 9 1/2 hours

Saturday, December 22nd

I worked 7 hours then came home - Bell went to Canton - Jo here - 7 meals for Bart - It began to rain in the evening

Sunday, December 23rd

It is freezing a little this morning - snowing a little

Monday, December 24th

I sawed some wood went & got 1 rabbit then filed 2 of my saws & 1 for Mr Wager - it is a little blustering all day

Tuesday, December 25th

Pleasant - Pleasant forenoon a little blustering afternoon - I went to Canton afternoon with Artie Ames - Artie & Jo Ralston was here to dinner - it is getting colder this eve

Wednesday, December 26th

Jo Ralston began to board to day - I was fixing my work bench forenoon - I got got a rabbit afternoon

Thursday, December 27th

I was up to Mr Koppas & fixed a door lock & i helped to make 2 wood racks - Edie & Artie & Eva Hall was here this eve - Bell went to Onslow

Friday, December 28th

I cut wood & filed 2 saws for Mat Koppas - Will Walters was here to dinner

Saturday, December 29th

I made a wagon house for Mat Koppes forenoon - I went to Lodge with Will Mc

Sunday, December 30th

It was like summer forenoon then clouded over - it began to snow in the eve

Monday, December 31st

Thare is abought 3 inches of snow this morning - I am abought sick with a cold




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