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Janet A. Brandt


Sunday, January 1st

34 above zero - Very fogy all day - Chas Hovey & family & Ell Hovey were here to dinner - It thawed all day

Monday, January 2nd

32 above - I filed a saw for B Lawless - I was up to Lue Meads afternoon - It snowed a little this afternoon

Tuesday, January 3rd

At zero - I went to Onslow with Peter Falness - The sleighing is poor

Wednesday, January 4th

10 above - I went up to Jack Orrs - It snowed hard in the morning & stoped then we went to Jack Stickleys sale

Thursday, January 5th

22 above - I am 50 years of age to day - It has tried to snow a little all day - I shot a rabbit to day

Friday, January 6th

18 above - It snowed a little last night - I went to Canton afternoon with W. N. Tippett

Saturday, January 7th

14 above - I went to H Smiths & got some horse shoes then went to Scroggies & got my horse shod - It is drifting

Sunday, January 8th

5 Below - At home all day - Ell Hovey & Chas Heister was here to dinner - Lue & Jennie Mead were here after noon a while

Monday, January 9th

4 above - It snowed some last night - To day it is blustering - No mail to day

Tuesday, January 10th

20 Below - Very Pleasant - Jack & Lizzie were down to day

Wednesday, January 11th

10 above - It snowed hard all day - We got 2 letters from Josie

Thursday, January 12th

10 above - Bell & I were up to Henry Smiths all day good sleighing

Friday, January 13th

20 Below - Very pleasant at home all day - Henry Smith brought me a cord of wood

Saturday, January 14th

20 Below - At home - Henry Smith brought me a cord of wood - I filed a saw for L Mead Lue & Jennie were here afternoon

Sunday, January 15th

18 Below - I went up to Jacks after dinner they wasent at home - I came back - Lue & Jennie were here we took the Ferret & got 3 rabbits & lost the ferret

Monday, January 16th

Chas Hovey took me to Onslow to take the train for Cedar Rapids had dinner then to Iowa City & back to Cedar Rapids

Tuesday, January 17th

Warm - Stayed in Cedar Rapids last night - Took the 6,45 train to Anamosa got dinner came to Onslow on the 2 o'clock train - Jack Orr brought us to his place had supper then they brought us home

Wednesday, January 18th

Very warm - I went up to Rese Taylors to tell them of Jim Taylors girls death

Thursday, January 19th

Very pleasant - I was up to Lue Meads in the morning then back home - Edie was here to day

Friday, January 20th

I made Lue Mead a cutter box - Old Mr Hovey died this evening at 10,45

Saturday, January 21st

I cut a 1/2 cord of wood & split it for kindling for the school - Henry Fredlansky stayed here last night

Sunday, January 22nd

Pleasant - Bell went with her Pa to Mr Hoveys funeral - I was to sick to go - Jack & Lizzie were down this evening

Monday, January 23rd

It is snowing this morning - Cleared of then thawed some

Tuesday, January 24th

10 Below wind blew - Very blustering to day

Wednesday, January 25th

10 Below - No mail - I shot 1 rabbit - I filed a saw for Miller Bros

Thursday, January 26th

22 Below - At home - I filed a saw for Chas Hovey

Friday, January 27th

4 above - Bell went to Onslow with Jennie Mead - Josie & i kept Maggie

Saturday, January 28th

18 Below zero - At home all day

Sunday, January 29th

2 Below - I was up to Henry Smiths afternoon

Monday, January 30th

22 Below - It begun to snow at noon & snowed all afternoon

Tuesday, January 31st

18 Below - Clear & cold - I filed a saw for Harrold Hage 1 for Jack Orr & 2 for Jas Kennedy - Jack was here to dinner

Wednesday, February 1st

2 Below - It got colder all day - I went up to Mr Lawless after dinner - It is 14 Below at 6 o'clock

Thursday, February 2nd

36 Below & clear - I filed a saw for Mal Kelley - 20 Below zero at 8 this eve

Friday, February 3rd

14 Below & cloudy - At home all day

Saturday, February 4th

24 Below & clear - Chas Hovey drove my horse to Onslow - I shot 3 rabbits this afternoon

Sunday, February 5th

12 above - It snowed most of last night - Thare is abought 4 in this morning & still snowing - It snowed most all day abought 6 in

Monday, February 6th

8 Below & clear - At home - I filed my buck saw

Tuesday, February 7th

28 Below - Pleasant - At home i filed a saw for Pete Hertz

Wednesday, February 8th

12 above - It snowed most all day very hard

Thursday, February 9th

14 above - It is snowing hard this morning - It cleared of at 11 o'clock - I am not feeling well to day - Frank Johnson has a sale to day

Friday, February 10th

14 Below - I have the grip to day

Saturday, February 11th

Zero - I am a little better - It is snowing we have lots of snow

Sunday, February 12th

4 Below - Pleasant - It has been cold all day drifting some

Monday, February 13th

36 Below zero clear - 12 below at noon very cold all day - L Mead was here to dinner he choped for Eckler

Tuesday, February 14th

4 above - It is blustering

Wednesday, February 15th

37 Below zero - Very pleasant all day - I am a little better

Thursday, February 16th

4 above & cloudy - The snow is offel deep - Jack & Lizzie came down to day - Jo Orr was here the Assessor - It was warmer to day - Jo came back here this evening

Friday, February 17th

10 above - Jo Orr stayed untill after dinner - Mr Hages mooved 2 more loads to day - drifting to day again

Saturday, February 18th

12 Below & pleasant -I was up to Henry Smiths afternoon

Sunday, February 19th

1 Below - At home all day - It got a little warmer

Monday, February 20th

28 above - Mr Hages folks are going with 3 more of there goods - Bell & i went to Canton afternoon

Tuesday, February 21st

28 above - Mr Hage moved the last of there goods to day

Wednesday, February 22nd

32 above - Bell & I were over to Jacks - It thawed a lot to day

Thursday, February 23rd

Foggy to day - I drove to Onslow - W N Tippett went with me to Jo Pauls sale - We had a surprise for the Teacher at Mr Falness to night

Friday, February 24th

30 above - It is raining a little this morning - It is the last day of school - It rained most all day

Saturday, February 25th

Like summer - At home cutting a little wood

Sunday, February 26th

Pleasant - We went up to L Meads to day - Jack & Lizzie brought Josie home - She had been over thare for 10 days - It began to snow this eve & snowed abought 4 inches

Monday, February 27th

Zero - Pleasant - Chas Hovey is moving in Roys old house

Tuesday, February 28th

I layed floor in his old house 5 1/2 hrs - Dolph Hoffman & Millers moved to day - It thawed a lot to day - Jack & Lizzie came down this afternoon him & i went up to Mr Lawless & got a pup

Wednesday, March 1st

30 above Foggy - I helped Mr Falness make a manger in the Old Black Smith Shop 2 hrs

Thursday, March 2nd

30 above Foggy - I made 2 hamer handles - It is sloppy to day

Friday, March 3rd

30 above - At home - It thawed a lot to day

Saturday, March 4th

34 above & clear - At home - I filed Lue Meads new saw - We were all over to Mr Huffmans in the eve

Sunday, March 5th

Foggy - 30 above - The Hage boys left this morning - The sleighing abought gone - The river is coming up some - Henry Smith & family were here

Monday, March 6th

30 above - Josie & i went to Onslow with Tom Lawless - Was to Harrys to dinner & supper then we went to Anamosa - Stayed to the Commercial Hotel

Tuesday, March 7th

Came to Onslow on the 2 o'clock train - I came to Jack Orrs - Josie stayed to Harrys Wednesday, March 8th

Very pleasant - I stayed to Jacks last night & walked home this morning - I filed a saw for Koppes 2 for Fletcher

Thursday, March 9th

30 above - It thawed a lot to day - I cut some wood in the timber

Friday, March 10th

16 above - At home all day - It began to snow hard at 5 o'clock - It just snowed a little while

Saturday, March 11th

At zero - I filed 4 saws for Mr Falness 75c - I split some wood up in the timber - The river over the bottom a little - The ice melted out of the river again this year

Sunday, March 12th

18 above - Pleasant - At home

Monday, March 13th

20 above - It is snowing a little the roads are very rough - It snowed all day - School Meating

Tuesday, March 14th

It is snowing hard yet this morning

Wednesday, March 15th

At home - Thare is some sleighing again

Thursday, March 16th

I went up to I N Frenches & got the shoes pulled of my horse - It is offel sloppy to day - The sleighing all gone again

Friday, March 17th

It is raining this morning

Saturday, March 18th

Very fine afternoon - I made a cross bar for bugy shaves - It thundered this eve - The river over the bottom a little

Sunday, March 19th

It was sleating & turned to snow & it came hard then cleared of - we were to Mrs Millers afternoon untill after supper - the river is high to day

Monday, March 20th

The river going down a little this morning the ground froze hard

Tuesday, March 21st

The river gone down again

Wednesday, March 22nd

I was at home forenoon - I was up whare Jack Orr was cutting wood on Milans

Thursday, March 23rd

It rained some to day

Friday, March 24th

Pleasant - I filed a saw for Dolph Huffman & 1 for Miller Bros - I helped Jack Orr cut wood on Milans afternoon

Saturday, March 25th

I went to Canton a horse back forenoon was up to Mr Lawless with a Message after dinner from Benie

Sunday, March 26th

Very fine - At home all day

Monday, March 27th

Jack Orr drawed me 3 small loads of wood we had dinner then went to Mal Kellys sale - The first Easter flowers

Tuesday, March 28th

I cut a little wood

Wednesday, March 29th

The roads good & dry - Wit Hovey was here to dinner

Thursday, March 30th

Cut a little wood

Friday, March 31st

Very warm - I finished my wood

Saturday, April 1st

Very fine - I planted some radishes & lettuce - Josie went to Nard Streepers to work

Sunday, April 2nd

We were up to Lue Meads to day

Monday, April 3rd

I was up to Ward Hicks & Geo Scroggies to dinner - It rained very hard a while - I was thare then i went to Jack Orrs & home

Tuesday, April 4th

It rained a little this morning then cleared off - I was up to Wig Duffys afternoon to see his wall for the house - I shot a ground hog - It is showery afternoon

Wednesday, April 5th

A big frost - Mr Falness is moving to Benton Co. - It snowed several times to day

Thursday, April 6th

I drove to Onslow got a spool of wire & a sack of flour - It snowed a little to day

Friday, April 7th

I was fixing the garden fence 1/2

Saturday, April 8th

I was making fence to day

Sunday, April 9th

Very warm - At home all day

Monday, April 10th

Cold - I planted some potatoes

Tuesday, April 11th

Cold - Planted carrots & onions - Went a fishing I & the children got 2 bass 2 suckers 1 carp

Wednesday, April 12th

I was up to Tom Greens to day

Thursday, April 13th

Chilly - I was up to I N Frenches

Friday, April 14th

The ground most covered with snow this morning

Saturday, April 15th

Very windy & cold - I fixed the corn crib & set out some onions

Sunday, April 16th

The ground froze hard - very cold & windy - At home

Monday, April 17th

Cold & windy - I & Clifford & Ora went to Canton forenoon then i went up to Pat Deveneys

Tuesday, April 18th

Horse turned out - I was up to Lue Meads forenoon then I went up to Jo Orrs & to Jack Orrs to supper then home at 8 o'clock

Wednesday, April 19th

I white washed the butery this morn

Thursday, April 20th

It begun to rain last night & is raining yet afternoon & all day

Friday, April 21st

Cleared of frost - I was fishing afternoon got nothing caught my horse & put her in barn from pasture

Saturday, April 22nd

I took my tools to Geo Scroggies then home to dinner then Bell & I went to Canton - began to wean Maggie this morning - Josie was home to supper

Sunday, April 23rd

Easter - At home - I took Josie to Mr Streepers this afternoon

Monday, April 24th

I began Geo Scroggies horse barn 1 d

Tuesday, April 25th

I worked 1 1/2 hrs then it rained - I went to Lue Butlers afternoon

Wednesday, April 26th

I worked on the barn 9 hrs

Thursday, April 27th

Worked all day 1 d

Friday, April 28th

Putting on siding & rafters

Saturday, April 29th

Finished siding put up top rafters & sheating 1 d - I walked home

Sunday, April 30th

Frost - Bell & i were to Jack Orrs to day

Monday, May 1st

It rained a while this forenoon - I went to work at 10 o'clock

Tuesday, May 2nd

Finished the manger & begun to shingle 10

Wednesday, May 3rd

Finished shingleing & made 2 doors & came home afternoon

Thursday, May 4th

I & Clifford & Ora went to Onslow & back to Nard Streepers to dinner then to By Halls got some linement

Friday, May 5th

At home - put paper on the kitchen

Saturday, May 6th

Bell & I were up to Tom Greens - I hung 2 screen doors

Sunday, May 7th

Bell & I went up to Jim Carpenters to dinner to Jim Reids a while then to Lue Meads to supper then home

Monday, May 8th

I was up to Mr Lawless afternoon plained 2 doors so they would shut & masured windows for screens - D Huffman plowed my potato patch

Tuesday, May 9th

It rained by spells most all day - We planted our potatoes to day

Wednesday, May 10th

It rained hard last night - I shot 4 ground hogs afternoon

Thursday, May 11th

It rained to day rained hard afternoon

Friday, May 12th

At home most all day - I got 1 ground hog

Saturday, May 13th

It rained some this morning - Bell & i went to Cascade

Sunday, May 14th

Rain again - At home all day

Monday, May 15th

Rain - Helped to wash then put on paper till noon then went & got 3 wood chucks

Tuesday, May 16th

Rain - Papering to day fixed Dolphs plow tongue & made a shelf for Miller

Wednesday, May 17th

Cold to day - Makeing window screen frames 1 d - I sold my horse this eve $35,00

Thursday, May 18th

I was makeing frames 3/4 day & came home & howed in the garden

Friday, May 19th

I went up to Mr Lawless put on the wire on the frames & hung them & came home

Saturday, May 20th

I went up to Tom Greens then to Hannah Snyders shot 7 ground hogs coming home

Sunday, May 21st

Josie came home at noon - I went up to Lawless got my tools

Monday, May 22nd

I went up to Hannah Snyders & fixed some doors & came home

Tuesday, May 23rd

I walked to Onslow & back

Wednesday, May 24th

I was up to Jack Orrs to dinner got 3 ground hogs

Thursday, May 25th

rain - I went up to Lue Meads after dinner

Friday, May 26th

I went above Supple Bridge a hunting ground hogs got 6

Saturday, May 27th

Went up by Hugh Corbitts got 4 to day

Sunday, May 28th

It is raining in the morning - Lue Meads folks were here to dinner & supper - Lue & I went & shot 8 wood chucks - Raining hard this eve

Monday, May 29th

I went to Onslow to day with W.N.T. & back with DeSart - i took over my ground hog skelps 36 of them - It rained to day

Tuesday, May 30th

Was up to the grave yard afternoon

Wednesday, May 31st

I went to Canton forenoon with Mat Noyse

Thursday, June 1st

Hoeing potatoes forenoon went to Duffys after dinner shot 3 ground hogs coming home

Friday, June 2nd

I was ground hogs got 4 - Bell went up to Tom Greens after potatoes

Saturday, June 3rd

Bell & Matie went to Onslow I went after ground hogs got 5

Sunday, June 4th

Warm - Birt Dubois came after me - Matie & i went home with them

Monday, June 5th

Hunting ground hogs got 2

Tuesday, June 6th

To Birts him & i went to Monmouth

Wednesday, June 7th

To Birts all day

Thursday, June 8th

I walked to Monmouth came back & got a ground hog

Friday, June 9th

I drove Birts horse home with me - It rained hard forenoon & in the evening

Saturday, June 10th

I was up to Lue Meads - I hung a screen door for Mrs Miller - Bell went after Josie after noon

Sunday, June 11th

Jack Orrs folks were over - Josie was home - I went back to Birts afternoon

Monday, June 12th

Begun work on Birts house getting out cornice & window frames 1 day

Tuesday, June 13th

Putting on cornice 1 day

Wednesday, June 14th

Working all day 1 d

Thursday, June 15th

Working on the house 1 d

Friday, June 16th

Putting up the frame for bed room & porch 1 d

Saturday, June 17th

Sheating & shingleing 1 d & came home in the evening

Sunday, June 18th

Rain to night - At home - went back to Birts at 5 o'clock

Monday, June 19th

I took sick at breakfast & had Dr Staggs

Tuesday, June 20th

I feel better went to work at noon 1/2 d

Wednesday, June 21st

Work all day 1

Thursday, June 22nd

Worked to day 1

Friday, June 23rd

the same 1

Saturday, June 24th

Working on the porch & came home - Matie came home 1 d

Sunday, June 25th

Ivah is 45 years old to day

Monday, June 26th

I went to Birt Duboises this morning - we began a barn for Birt 1 d

Tuesday, June 27th

Setting poles all day 1

Wednesday, June 28th

Working on the barn 1

Thursday, June 29th

Doing the same 1

Friday, June 30th

Putting on siding - It rained hard for a while afternoon - I layed floor in the house & lathing 1 d

Saturday, July 1st

Boarding gabel ends & began the sheating - I started for home at 3 o'clock 3/4 d

Sunday, July 2nd

At home - It began to rain at 6 o'clock & rained hard

Monday, July 3rd

It rained all last night - I mowed some weeds forenoon - Picked 4 quarts of raspberries afternoon - It rained again in the evening

Tuesday, July 4th

Showers all day - Bell & i were over to Lue Butlers to a picnic

Wednesday, July 5th

I was after Raspberries forenoon got 5 qts - I go to Birt Duboises afternoon

Thursday, July 6th

I was shingleing all day 1 d

Friday, July 7th

Doing the same 1 d

Saturday, July 8th

Working on the house 1 d

Sunday, July 9th

I went to the Creamery with Birt

Monday, July 10th

Siding & set one frame in the gabel end 1

Tuesday, July 11th

Siding all day 1

Wednesday, July 12th

Cut a hole for chimney & siding 1 day

Thursday, July 13th

Very hot - Layed kitchen floor 1 d

Friday, July 14th

Very hot - siding all day 1

Saturday, July 15th

Very hot - Siding - Bell came after me 3/4 I brought my tools home

Sunday, July 16th

Hot - At home all day

Monday, July 17th

I went to Onslow with W N Tippett & back

Tuesday, July 18th

I was siding for Will Duffy 1 d

Wednesday, July 19th

Siding for Duffy 1 d

Thursday, July 20th

I went to Onslow & got Josies money that was due her from Ames 38,57

Friday, July 21st

I was siding for Duffy 1 d

Saturday, July 22nd

Cool - Siding & painting 1 day

Sunday, July 23rd

Cool - I was up to T Kellys & L Meads this morning

Monday, July 24th

I walked to Onslow & rode back with Martin Deveny

Tuesday, July 25th

I was up to L Meads in the morning then home went after Dew Berries Bell & i went afternoon

Wednesday, July 26th

I went up to Tom Kellys to paint there house 3/4 day

Thursday, July 27th

Painting all day 1 d

Friday, July 28th

Painting 1 d

Saturday, July 29th

Painting 1 d

Sunday, July 30th

I was up to Mr Lawless in the morning after paint brush - Jack & Lizzie were down to day

Monday, July 31st

W. N. Tippetts folks started to Barts to day - I painted 1 d

Tuesday, August 1st

We went to Onslow to the Harvest Home Picnic

Wednesday, August 2nd

Painting all day - 1 d

Thursday, August 3rd

The same 1 d

Friday, August 4th

Painting & came home 1 d

Saturday, August 5th

Went a fishing got 1 cat & 1 bass - went to Canton afternoon stayed to Lodge Wm Keating went in this evening

Sunday, August 6th

At home all day - Frank & Alace Larkey were here after noon

Monday, August 7th

At home forenoon up to Kellys afternoon - I painted layed some floor on porch & came home 1/4

Tuesday, August 8th

At home most all day - Went to Kellys in the eve painted porch posts & 2 windows

Wednesday, August 9th

I painted all day got through & came home

Thursday, August 10th

They began to tare down the Walters Stores Chas Hovey

Friday, August 11th

I went to Onslow fore noon with Huffman up to Lue Meads afternoon & was up whare they were setting the well drill up on Noys place

Saturday, August 12th

I begun work for Mat Noyse tareing down the store 1 day - we had a hard rain this afternoon - the girls went after Josie

Sunday, August 13th

It rained most of the day

Monday, August 14th

Bell took Josie home & went to Onslow - I worked on the store tareing down 1 d

Tuesday, August 15th

Tareing down to day 1 d

Wednesday, August 16th

Tareing down to day 1 d

Thursday, August 17th

We went to Anamosa Fare Bell, Ora & Clifford & my self

Friday, August 18th

Tareing down the store 1 d

Saturday, August 19th

We finished tareing down the store 1 d

Sunday, August 20th

At home all day

Monday, August 21st

I took down one of the houses up by the School House in the forenoon then we begun to take down the Old Saw Mill 1 d

Tuesday, August 22nd

Tareing down the mill - W. N. Tippets came home from the west were gone 3 weeks 1 d

Wednesday, August 23rd

Worked all day at the same 1 d

Thursday, August 24th

It rained most all day

Friday, August 25th

We finished takeing down the Old Saw Mill at noon & begun a grainery after noon up on the upper farm - The last day School 1 d

Saturday, August 26th

Working on the grainery 1 d

Sunday, August 27th

I filed a saw for Mal Kelly - I sold my buggy & harness $10,00

Monday, August 28th

I was sheating & shingleing 1 d

Tuesday, August 29th

Shingleing 1 d

Wednesday, August 30th

Siding the grainery 1 d

Thursday, August 31st

Siding 1 d

Friday, September 1st

I went to Onslow with Dolph Hoffman - It rained a little

Saturday, September 2nd

At home we had a good rain last night

Sunday, September 3rd

Bart was here to day

Monday, September 4th

I begun a corn crib for Jas Kenedy 1 d

Tuesday, September 5th

Working on the crib 1 d

Wednesday, September 6th

Doing the same 1 d

Thursday, September 7th

The same 1 d

Friday, September 8th

Doing the same 1 d

Saturday, September 9th

Finished shingleing to day 1 d

Sunday, September 10th

At home

Monday, September 11th

Working on for Jim 1 d

Tuesday, September 12th

Doing the same 1 d

Wednesday, September 13th

Working on the tool house 1 d

Thursday, September 14th

The same 1 d

Friday, September 15th

I finished for Jim Kennedy 1 11 days

Saturday, September 16th

At home to day Cass Ballou was here to dinner

Sunday, September 17th

At home

Monday, September 18th

We began work on Mat Noyes house - 1 d - Cass began to bord here

Tuesday, September 19th

We raised the house 1 d

Wednesday, September 20th

Raising to day again 1 d

Thursday, September 21st

Putting up rafters & sheating 1 d

Friday, September 22nd

We shingled the house to day 1 d

Saturday, September 23rd

We layed the floors to day 1 d

Sunday, September 24th

Like summer - Nard Streeper & family were here to day & Ollie & Alace & Howard Green

Monday, September 25th

We worked on the house 1 d

Tuesday, September 26th

Worked to day siding - a hard rain this evening 1 d

Wednesday, September 27th

Siding 1 d

Thursday, September 28th

Siding 1 d

Friday, September 29th

Siding 1 d

Saturday, September 30th

Finished the house today except fitting 3 windows

Sunday, October 1st

Hunting got 1 squirrel no frost yet

Monday, October 2nd

Working on barn 1 d

Tuesday, October 3rd

Summer - Frameing barn 1 d

Wednesday, October 4th

Summer - We raised the barn to day 1 d

Thursday, October 5th

Like summer - Put up Perloin posts & plates & some siding - No frost yet 1 d

Friday, October 6th

Siding to day 1 d

Saturday, October 7th

Like summer - Finished siding & made hay door & hewed rafters afternoon 1 d

Sunday, October 8th

Summer - Up to L Meads afternoon

Monday, October 9th

Hueing rafters & joice 1 d

Tuesday, October 10th

Finished putting up rafters & began to put on sheating 1 d

Wednesday, October 11th

Cold to day - Sheating to day - began to shingle forenoon then layed floor afternoon 1 d

Thursday, October 12th

1st Frost - I cut wood forenoon was shingleing 1/2 d

Friday, October 13th

Summer - Put up hay track finished sheating & shingleing North side forenoon & shingled on South side & run out of shingles 1 d

Saturday, October 14th

Rained all day

Sunday, October 15th

At home all day

Monday, October 16th

Working on the chicken house 1 d

Tuesday, October 17th

Hard rain - Worked in the house 1 day

Wednesday, October 18th

Pleasant - Putting down base boards till noon then put sheating on chicken house 1


Thursday, October 19th

Rain all day - Finished base boards & 1/4 round 1 d

Friday, October 20th

Chilly - I dident work

Saturday, October 21st

Finished shingleing barn - Jake Carmi died - Went home this afternoon we got through 1 d

Sunday, October 22nd

Josie came home last night - Lue & Jennie Mead were here to day - Jennie & Bell took Josie back to Streepers

Monday, October 23rd

Cass & i finished the hen house & barn 1 d

Tuesday, October 24th

finished primeing the house out side 1 d

Wednesday, October 25th

Painting in side 1 d

Thursday, October 26th

Painting in side & finished work for Mr Noyes

Friday, October 27th

I filed a saw for L Mead then went up & helped him to raise the rafters on his barn & sheat it - came home - Bart is here this eve

Saturday, October 28th

Bart & i went up to Mr Lawless & Hertz fore noon - I went a hunting after noon with my new gun got 3 squirrels

Sunday, October 29th

John Edwards & family were here to dinner

Monday, October 30th

It rained most all day - I sawed some wood - I sent out order to S & R

Tuesday, October 31st

Very pleasant - I set some traps & cut a little wood

Wednesday, November 1st

I set some more traps to day

Thursday, November 2nd

I caught a civit cat & went up to help Jack to husk corn & worked a little while

before noon then it begun to rain & I came to the grave yard & home

Friday, November 3rd

I caught 1 skunk - we moved the School house privy

Saturday, November 4th

I went to traps then went up to Jacks & helped to husk corn from 9,30 till 2

came home

Sunday, November 5th

It is raining to day

Monday, November 6th

I went to my traps

Tuesday, November 7th

I cut some wood on the river bottom

Wednesday, November 8th

I cut wood & went to traps

Thursday, November 9th

I was sick

Friday, November 10th

Very warm - I helped L E Mead on his hen house

Saturday, November 11th

Like summer - Went to traps - cut wood afternoon

Sunday, November 12th

We were up to Jacks to day

Monday, November 13th

I was cutting some wood

Tuesday, November 14th

Went to traps got 1 skunk - Bell went to Onslow got a box of hardware from S R & Co

Wednesday, November 15th

I went to Will Ralstons sale with Henry Smith

Thursday, November 16th

Like summer - H Smith drawed me some wood

Friday, November 17th

Went to traps got nothing & cut a little stove wood - Bell went to B Duboises

Saturday, November 18th

Cut a little wood

Sunday, November 19th

Josie was home to day

Monday, November 20th

Very warm - I cut wood forenoon helped H Smith butcher hog afternoon

Tuesday, November 21st

I walked to Canton & back forenoon - cut wood afternoon

Wednesday, November 22nd

Very warm - I went to traps got 1 civit cat then cut wood on the river - I sent an order to Sears & RoeBuck - Bell went to John Neelans to a party

Thursday, November 23rd

Very warm - 52 above - I cut wood to day - It is raining this eve - Jas Boyd had a sale to day

Friday, November 24th

Cut wood - the wind blew very hard

Saturday, November 25th

Very nice weather - cut some wood

Sunday, November 26th

We were up to Henry Smiths to day

Monday, November 27th

Cut wood - It began to rain at 3 o'clock

Tuesday, November 28th

Very warm - Cut wood on the river bottom

Wednesday, November 29th

Very cold all day - At home - cut a little wood went to traps got nothing - It is blustering - The ground froze hard to day

Thursday, November 30th

River froze over to day - 4 above - W. N. Tippett & wife & Jack Orr & wife were here to dinner - Thanksgiving - very pleasant all day but cold

Friday, December 1st

Skating on creek to day - I filed a buck saw for Hoffman & 1 for Miller & cut wood

Saturday, December 2nd

1st tracking snow - I went to traps got nothing back & filed a saw for F Whitmore & 1 for T Lawless & 1 for D Hoffman - Mrs Hertz died this morning at 7 o'clock

Sunday, December 3rd

Blustering 4 above - Bell & i were up to Mr Hertz afternoon - Purl Walters brought Mate home from Onslow

Monday, December 4th

2 above - Mrs Hertz was burried to day - I was cutting wood at home - Mate went to Wyoming with Hoffman to day

Tuesday, December 5th

Warm & pleasant - Lue Mead drawed wood for me to day

Wednesday, December 6th

Very warm - I cut some wood at home

Thursday, December 7th

Like summer - Cutting wood again to day

Friday, December 8th

Very warm - I was cutting wood on the bottom

Saturday, December 9th

Colder - I took up some of my traps - cut some wood - Bell & the children went to Canton

Sunday, December 10th

At home - Josie was home

Monday, December 11th

I was cutting wood on the bottom

Tuesday, December 12th

Pleasant - Roads dusty - Cutting wood on the bottoms - I sold 4 skunks & 5 civit cats for $5,00

Wednesday, December 13th

Very nice - I walked to N Streepers stayed to dinner then rode up to Onslow stayed to Barts all night

Thursday, December 14th

I was to I N Frenches sale then home

Friday, December 15th

Like summer - At home all day

Saturday, December 16th

I cut a little wood on the bottom went up to Lue Meads afternoon

Sunday, December 17th

Very nice - Purl brought his Ma & the girls & Josie over here - the roads are dry & dusty - Bell went home with them

Monday, December 18th

Cutting wood - Bell came home to day with her Pa

Tuesday, December 19th

I cut wood on the river bottom

Wednesday, December 20th

Cut wood at home went to Lue Meads & carried a tick full of straw afternoon - the roads dry & dusty

Thursday, December 21st

It snowed most all last night damp snow - I went out & shot 1 rabbit - I went up to L Meads afternoon they wasent at home - It thawed a lot to day & snowed some by spells

Friday, December 22nd

Cloudy all day - At home all day - thare is no snow for sleighing - thare is abought 2 in

Saturday, December 23rd

At home forenoon rabbit hunting afternoon got 4

Sunday, December 24th

10 Below - At home - Roy & Kate Walters were here to day

Monday, December 25th

Like summer - Lue Mead & family were here to day - Jack & Lizzie were here a while afternoon

Tuesday, December 26th

Very warm - Bell took Josie back to Streepers & took Mate to Onslow to begin to go to school

Wednesday, December 27th

It is getting sloppy - I cut wood at home today - filed a saw for T Kelly

Thursday, December 28th

It is raining to day - It turned to snow

Friday, December 29th

Thare is abought 6 in of snow

Saturday, December 30th

Zero - I was cutting wood - D Hoffman & I shot at a fox on the river bottom - It was like summer to day

Sunday, December 31st

4 Below - Very pleasant not very good sleighing




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