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Janet A. Brandt


Wednesday, January 1st

Pleasant - Lizzie Orr & children were here to day - the 1st day of F. R. D. Mail

Thursday, January 2nd

Colder - I cut a little wood - Edie went to Onslow with her Grand Pa

Friday, January 3rd

Zero - At home - I filed a saw for Geo Reid

Saturday, January 4th

6 Below - Pleasant - I filed a saw for Tom Sutton - Bell & I were up to Mr DeSarts afternoon

Sunday, January 5th

Warmer - I am 47 years old to day - At home

Monday, January 6th

Pleasant - I cut a little wood forenoon - I was over to Jack Orrs afternoon

Tuesday, January 7th

Very Warm - Jack drawed me 5 loads of wood

Wednesday, January 8th

Like summer - Bell went on the prairie with her Pa - I sawed stove wood

Thursday, January 9th

I was up to Pete Hertzs in the forenoon then home & cut wood

Friday, January 10th

Chilly - Cut some wood forenoon - went to Canton Bell & I afternoon was to Instelation

Saturday, January 11th

Warm - I made a seat for Kelly - filed a saw for Tom Kelly & a buck saw for Flanigan

Sunday, January 12th

I & the girls skated part of the way to Lue Meads & then walked the rest of the way to see his Oposum - Harry & Esther & Rilla was over to day

Monday, January 13th

Like summer - I filed a saw for T Sutton & cut some wood

Tuesday, January 14th

Fine - Cut wood forenoon - filed a saw for W Hovey - Tom Greens folks were here to day

Wednesday, January 15th

Fine weather - I filed a saw for J Collins & cut wood

Thursday, January 16th

Pleasant - I helped to make a bridge across Bare Branch

Friday, January 17th

Pleasant - I filed a saw for L E Mead then Bell & I went to I N Frenches

Saturday, January 18th

Bell & the teacher went to Onslow - Matie & I went down on the ice to Mr Underlys Saw Mill

Sunday, January 19th

Very pleasant to day - I was skating some to day - Jacks folks came over this evening - E Horton & wife & Sutton & wife & Mr Hages young folks were here

Monday, January 20th

It is snowing - It snowed all day steady

Tuesday, January 21st

The first selighing - Kate Ornsby is dead - I filed a saw for W Hovey

Wednesday, January 22nd

Fogy - I finished my wood pile untill i get more - I filed my saws

Thursday, January 23rd

Pleasant - It is very warm this winter yet - Kate Ornsby was burried to day - I was to the funeral

Friday, January 24th

10 Below - very pleasant - I was a fox hunting fornoon with Wit Hovey at home afternoon - Andrew Scroggie died to day

Saturday, January 25th

At home all day - It began to snow at 4 o'clock & snowed hard

Sunday, January 26th

Cleared off - 2 below - Thare is abought 4 in more snow this morning - Mr Scroggie was burried to day - very cold

Monday, January 27th

24 below but pleasant - I filed a saw for W Hovey - in the house the rest of the day

Tuesday, January 28th

32 Below - Pleasant - At home got warmer at noon

Wednesday, January 29th

8 above zero - At home all day

Thursday, January 30th

8 above - It snowed a little more last night - Mrs DeSart was here to day

Friday, January 31st

I went to Canton with the cutter - very pleasant

Saturday, February 1st

4 above - pleasant - at home

Sunday, February 2nd

10 below - very fine - at home - cleare all day

Monday, February 3rd

18 B - W Hovey went to Canton on the ice with horse & cutter - It began to snow at 3 o'clock a little - I filed a cross cut for B Lawless a buck saw for H Carson

Tuesday, February 4th

14 Below - At home - It was a blustering day

Wednesday, February 5th

10 Below - I filed a saw for T Sutton one for J Collins & one for Wit Hovey

Thursday, February 6th

10 above - I filed a saw for H Carson - Mr Wagar brought me a cord of wood

Friday, February 7th

4 Below - I filed a buck saw for Charles Heister - I went down the river to see them come up the river with the engin they broke through

Saturday, February 8th

18 Below - I went to see them come up this morning - I went to Lodge with Geo Shroyer - cold

Sunday, February 9th

At home

Monday, February 10th

17 above - I was up to Mr Hertz in the morning - I was up to the saw mill afternoon - they began to saw on Mr DeSarts place

Tuesday, February 11th

4 above - It snowed most all day - At home all day

Wednesday, February 12th

22 Below - Pleasant - Thare is good sleighing & has been for 3 weeks

Thursday, February 13th

At home - At an Entertainment at the School House

Friday, February 14th

Pleasant - The last day of school - I filed a buck saw for P Deveny - Made 2 sled bolsters for Wagar

Saturday, February 15th

10 Below - At home

Sunday, February 16th

Very fine - At home - Lue Mead & Jennie was here afternoon a while

Monday, February 17th

Bell & i went to Canton with the horse & cutter on the river - I filed a cross cut for P Deveny & a one man saw & hand saw for Mal Kelly & a buck saw for E Carr

Tuesday, February 18th

Cold - I filed another buck saw for P Deveny

Wednesday, February 19th

Cold - At home - Willie Walters stayed to Grand Pas last night went home this morning - Hage filled his ice house to day - Thare is a party to H Carsons to night

Thursday, February 20th

10 Below - At home - was up to Crabbs Mill after noon

Friday, February 21st

7 Below - I was up to Crabbs Mill a while - very warm to day - the sleighing getting thin

Saturday, February 22nd

10 above - At home - getting slopy

Sunday, February 23rd

At home - It thawed a good deal to day - the sleighing is gone

Monday, February 24th

We cleaned out the well by the old store this morning

Tuesday, February 25th

I & Wit Hovey went fox hunting in the morning a while - came home & cut a little wood - It is very slopy

Wednesday, February 26th

Bell & children went to Jack Orrs - It thawed a lot to day

Thursday, February 27th

It rained all day - The ice went out to day

Friday, February 28th

It is raining yet all day

Saturday, March 1st

A change in the weather - The watter in the River has gone down so they can cross - It is freezing some - It is snowing a little

Sunday, March 2nd

Colder - At home all day a little blustering - Mr ____ came to day

Monday, March 3rd

Pleasant - At home all day - I filed 2 saws for Jack Orr 1 buck saw for C Heister

Tuesday, March 4th

Pleasant - H Carson Mooved to day - I filed a saw for T Lawless

Wednesday, March 5th

At home forenoon up to the mill afternoon

Thursday, March 6th

At home - Edie & Josie went to Canton after groceries - very mudy

Friday, March 7th

At home

Saturday, March 8th

At home forenoon - up to Tady Milans to see them saw wood

Sunday, March 9th

Bell & I went to John Roehrs to day

Monday, March 10th

Misting - At home - It rained afternoon

Tuesday, March 11th

At home very mudy

Wednesday, March 12th

It is raining yet - Stella Hage was married to day

Thursday, March 13th

I went to Jack Orrs helped him cut wood

Friday, March 14th

I stayed all night cut wood untill noon then came home

Saturday, March 15th

At home all day it rained hard forenoon

Sunday, March 16th

It is a hard blizzard to day

Monday, March 17th

2 Below - Blustering to day again - I shot a duck couldent get it

Tuesday, March 18th

At home forenoon went up the river with gun afternoon shot 2 ducks

Wednesday, March 19th

I went up to Tom Greens came back afternoon shot 1 duck

Thursday, March 20th

It thundered a little this morning & hailed & rained a little then it snowed Big Flakes a while

Friday, March 21st

W Tippett & I went to Pat Burks & home to see abought building his house

Saturday, March 22nd

Pleasant - I went up to see Mr Green & back to John Dennisons to dinner then to Ike Frenches a while then home - I went to Lodge with Tady & Rockey

Sunday, March 23rd

At home all day - L E Mead & wife were here in the evening

Monday, March 24th

Pleasant - The roads are getting good - I was up to Pete Hertz this morning then home

Tuesday, March 25th

At home forenoon - went to Canton afternoon with Wit Hovey

Wednesday, March 26th

It is raining forenoon - I was up to Lue Meads afternoon

Thursday, March 27th

At home

Friday, March 28th

Good Friday - Mr Rubin Green died at 3 o'clock this morning - I went up thare afternoon

Saturday, March 29th

I stayed all night last night - came home forenoon went back afternoon

Sunday, March 30th

Easter - I sat up last night again then I went to the Funeral - Cold to day - Quinsey

Monday, March 31st

Cold - At home sick all day

Tuesday, April 1st

At home no better

Wednesday, April 2nd

Throat getting worse

Thursday, April 3rd

Throat no better - Charley Hall was here to dinner - My throat broke this evening

Friday, April 4th

At home all day

Saturday, April 5th

I was up to Victory Dist & made a Book Case & came home - Bell & Clifford & Ora went to Jacks

Sunday, April 6th

I went to Canton with W Hovey - Bell came home

Monday, April 7th

I went to Ed Greens & layed floor all day

Tuesday, April 8th

Laying floor all day

Wednesday, April 9th

Laying floor to day

Thursday, April 10th

Layed floor untill noon then came home & planted some garden seed

Friday, April 11th

Spading in the garden & planted seed & potatoes - It is an offel wind storm all day

Saturday, April 12th

Cold - I planted some garden seeds & was up to the mill afternoon I shot 2 ducks

Sunday, April 13th

Pleasant - At home - Edie came home from Stimpsons

Monday, April 14th

Chilly - Bell went to Garryowen with her Pa - Mr Underly finished sawing up in Carr Hollow

Tuesday, April 15th

At home all day

Wednesday, April 16th

Went a fishing dident get eny

Thursday, April 17th

I was up to Crabbs Mill forenoon went fishing afternoon got a string of suckers

Friday, April 18th

Very dry - White washed the butery in the morning then got some more suckers

Saturday, April 19th

At home & a fishing

Sunday, April 20th

At home - I caught 2 cat fish this morning - Bart & family was here to dinner Jacks folks was over

Monday, April 21st

School began to day - we began work on Pat Burks house - Frameing 3/4 day

Tuesday, April 22nd

Raised house to day 1 d

Wednesday, April 23rd

We put on ship lap 1 d

Thursday, April 24th

Put on cornice & sheating 1 d

Friday, April 25th

It rained forenoon - we put on sheating & framed summer kitchen 1/2 d

Saturday, April 26th

We cut out the caseings 1/4 - The wind blew hard to day came home

Sunday, April 27th

At home

Monday, April 28th

Sheating & shingleing house 1 d

Tuesday, April 29th

Shingleing & made frames 1

Wednesday, April 30th

Makeing window frames 1

Thursday, May 1st

Setting frames & sided gable end 1 d

Friday, May 2nd

Raised kitchen & shiplap 1

Saturday, May 3rd

Laying porch floor came home 1 d - We worked 11 hrs every day for 5 days

Sunday, May 4th

At home - It rained a lot to day

Monday, May 5th

Raised porches 1 8 1/2 hrs

Tuesday, May 6th

Siding & cornice 11 1/2

Wednesday, May 7th

Setting frames & siding 11 1/2

Thursday, May 8th

Siding 11 1/2

Friday, May 9th

Shingling 11 1/2

Saturday, May 10th

Rained - we came home after dinner

Sunday, May 11th

At home

Monday, May 12th

I was shingleing porches & siding 9 1/2 hrs

Tuesday, May 13th

Siding 12 1/2

Wednesday, May 14th

Ceiling porches 13 hrs

Thursday, May 15th

Laying floor & makeing screen frames 13 hrs

Friday, May 16th

Makeing screen frames & door frames - set partitions - hung one door & got through came home - 22 days $38,50 - 10

Saturday, May 17th

At home - Planted Popcorn & Parshnips

Sunday, May 18th

92 - At home very hot

Monday, May 19th

Pleasant - Bell & I went to Cascade - The River is all over the bottom

Tuesday, May 20th

I walked to Canton & back forenoon - Helped to put on paper in bed room - The watter gone down

Wednesday, May 21st

At home all day planting truck in garden

Thursday, May 22nd

At home forenoon up to John Neelans with tools afternoon - Bert Bates had a keg of beer in town this eve - It rained hard last night

Friday, May 23rd

At home - it rained most of the forenoon - I put a new tire on my wheel

Saturday, May 24th

It rained again last night - the river is up bank full yet - I caught 3 cat fish

Sunday, May 25th

Pleasant - it rained again last night

Monday, May 26th

We went to John Neelans - began his barn frameing 1 d

Tuesday, May 27th

Frameing 1 d

Wednesday, May 28th

We raised to day 1 d

Thursday, May 29th

Putting on plates 1 d

Friday, May 30th

Putting on plates & girts 1 d

Saturday, May 31st

Siding - putting up door posts 1 d

Sunday, June 1st

At home

Monday, June 2nd

Worked 1/2 day on John Neelans barn & then it blew down - It was badly damaged - I came home afternoon - We had some hail & some hard showers

Tuesday, June 3rd

I stayed at home last night - Worked to day takeing the barn down 1

Wednesday, June 4th

Taking the barn apart to day 1

Thursday, June 5th

Doing the same & raised the poles again 1 d

Friday, June 6th

Had a hard rain last night again & afternoon then we came home

Saturday, June 7th

At home - It rained hard this forenoon - the river over the bottom again

Sunday, June 8th

Pleasant - The river going down some - Jack Orrs folks were over here to day & Barts folks

Monday, June 9th

Put on plates & siding 1 d

Tuesday, June 10th

Siding & put on lower rafters 1 d

Wednesday, June 11th

Putting up scaffolds 1 day

Thursday, June 12th

Put up top rafters & gable end 1 d - Rain & wind in the eve

Friday, June 13th

Sided gable end put up track & sheating

Saturday, June 14th

Rained part of forenoon - Put down kitchen floor forenoon was sheating afternoon 1 d

Sunday, June 15th

At home

Monday, June 16th

Finished sheating & put on face boards 1

Tuesday, June 17th

Shingleing all day 1

Wednesday, June 18th

Shingleing all day 1

Thursday, June 19th

Finished shingleing in the morning - Put in windows started the doors 1

Friday, June 20th

Made doors all day 1 d

Saturday, June 21sat

Cold - Finished doors & I got through 21 1/2 days $37,60

Sunday, June 22nd

Cold - Roy & Kate were here to dinner - Leona Hamilton & girls were here to

Monday, June 23rd

I went to Onslow forenoon & to Canton afternoon with Wit Hovey

Tuesday, June 24th

Rain forenoon - I am at home

Wednesday, June 25th

A hard rain this morning - At home to day

Thursday, June 26th

Begun on Jim Reids kitchen - Frameing & raised & put on ship lap 1 d

Friday, June 27th

Finished ship lap Put up rafters - It begun to rain at 10 o'clock - came home 4 hrs

Saturday, June 28th

Put on cornice & sheating forenoon - It begun to rain - i made door frames 6 1/2 hrs

Sunday, June 29th

It rained all afternoon - It is very cold - corn is looking some yelow

Monday, June 30th

Shingleing & siding 11 hrs

Tuesday, July 1st

Finished Jim Reids kitchen & came home 4 days

Wednesday, July 2nd

It rained a little last night

Thursday, July 3rd

It rained hard last night - Bell took us to Onslow - I was to Roys to dinner - went to Maquoketa Josie & Matie & I stayed to Charleys

Friday, July 4th

To Charleys all day - Came to Onslow at night

Saturday, July 5th

Hot - I stayed to Roys last night - Rilla & children brought us home

Sunday, July 6th

It is raining again - Pleasant part of the day - Rilla went home afternoon - rain at 4 o'clock again

Monday, July 7th

Went to Pat Burks commenced hanging doors

Tuesday, July 8th

Rain very hard - Hanging doors & putting up weinscoting

Wednesday, July 9th

Rain - Hanging doors finished Weinscoting

Thursday, July 10th

Screening porches & windows

Friday, July 11th

Putting molding on screens - Finished P Burks house & came home

Saturday, July 12th

Went after raspberries got 20 qts

Sunday, July 13th

At home

Monday, July 14th

Went to H Orrs to make a granery for Mrs Sims - worked afternoon 6 hrs

Tuesday, July 15th

Worked 11 1/2 hrs

Wednesday, July 16th

Worked 8 hrs

Thursday, July 17th

Very hot - Worked 8 1/2 hrs - a hard rain in the evening

Friday, July 18th

Worked 4 hrs

Saturday, July 19th

Finished shingleing & begun floor 5 1/2 hrs - Then went up town then home with Bell - she was to Onslow the last 2 days

Sunday, July 20th

At home

Monday, July 21st

I went to Tom Greens afternoon

Tuesday, July 22nd

Stayed to Toms all night - walked to Harb Orrs worked 10 hrs

Wednesday, July 23rd

Shingleing 12 hrs

Thursday, July 24th

The same 12

Friday, July 25th

The same 12

Saturday, July 26th

The same 8

Sunday, July 27th

Josie & I went to Clinton on the train

Monday, July 28th

Shingleing 12 hrs

Tuesday, July 29th

Shingleing - Very hot - 12 1/2 hrs - We got through at Harbs

Wednesday, July 30th

Shingleing Mrs Sims barn in town

Thursday, July 31st

The same 10 hrs

Friday, August 1st

I was makeing Coal House 11 1/2

Saturday, August 2nd

Siding forenoon - came home with W N Tippett 6 hrs

Sunday, August 3rd

At home - went to Orrs with Jo Ralston then to Onslow with John Alexander

Monday, August 4th

Worked on the Coal House 11 1/2 hrs

Tuesday, August 5th


Wednesday, August 6th

Worked on Fard Fosler 11 1/2

Thursday, August 7th

Shingleing 11 1/2

Friday, August 8th

Finished for Mrs Sims 21 days $32,75

Begun for Bart 8 1/2 hrs

Saturday, August 9th

Finished shingleing Barts store at noon - Was in town all afternoon

Sunday, August 10th

I came to Mr Ames with Artie - stayed all night - it rained most all forenoon he brought me home afternoon

Monday, August 11th

I was up to Hertz in the morning - at home the rest of the day

Tuesday, August 12th

I & Edie & Clifford went to Onslow - It rained in the eve

Wednesday, August 13th

It rained most all last night - I am at home

Thursday, August 14th

I went to Onslow with I N French

Friday, August 15th

At home all day - some rain

Saturday, August 16th

I was shingleing Ike Frenches old house - the south side

Sunday, August 17th

It is raining

Monday, August 18th

I was shingleing for I N French

Tuesday, August 19th

At home

Wednesday, August 20th

I finished shingleing for Ike French 3 days in all

Thursday, August 21st

Begun work for Mr Falness tareing down the old house 12 hrs

Friday, August 22nd

Makeing window frames 12 hrs

Saturday, August 23rd

Set window frames & was tareing down old kitchen 12 hrs

Sunday, August 24th

At home forenoon up to Mr Wagars afternoon

Monday, August 25th

Setting windows & door frames & corner boards forenoon 5 hrs - Then it rained the rest of the day - W Tippetts to T Morans to make out a bill for him for kitchen - I filed 2 hand saws for P Deveny

Tuesday, August 26th

Putting up kitchen 12 hrs

Wednesday, August 27th

Sheating kitchen 12

Thursday, August 28th

Putting on cornice 11 1/2

Friday, August 29th

Shingleing all day 12

Saturday, August 30th

Shingleing 5 hrs - Bell & I went to Onslow afternoon - Went to Anamosa took the train for Lake Okaboji

Sunday, August 31st

We were on Okaboji all day started for home at 6,30 was on the train all night

Monday, September 1st

Got to Anamosa at 6 this morn then to Onslow then home at noon - I worked afternoon siding 5 1/2

Tuesday, September 2nd

Siding 11 1/2

Wednesday, September 3rd

Siding 11 1/2

Thursday, September 4th

Siding 11 1/2

Friday, September 5th

Laying floor & siding 11 1/2 - A hard rain - Robt Carsons barn was burned - I Brazelton stayed here to night

Saturday, September 6th

Ceiling porches & puting down 1/4 round 11 1/2

Sunday, September 7th

Bell & I went to Canton after medicine for Clifford

Monday, September 8th

School began - Laying floor finishing the house for Mr Falness

Tuesday, September 9th

I was fixing the Tebo barn & went hunting afternoon got nothing - I filed a saw for Wager

Wednesday, September 10th

Bell went up to Tom Greens with her Pa - I worked Tebos Road Tax

Thursday, September 11th

Begun work on Tom Morans house 1 d

Friday, September 12th

1st Frost - We raised part of the house 1 d

Saturday, September 13th

Frost - Raising & put on ship lap 1 day

Sunday, September 14th

At home

Monday, September 15th

I was putting on ship lap & makeing window frames 1 d

Tuesday, September 16th

I went to Onslow was to Roys to dinner

Wednesday, September 17th

I went to Maquoketa on Clarks & Davis law suit

Thursday, September 18th

The case was dismissed this morning

Friday, September 19th

I stayed to Charleys last night & went to the Theater last night - Came to Onslow this morning came to Jack Orrs then home

Saturday, September 20th

We went up to Morans but came home again dident work - after Hazel nuts

Sunday, September 21st

At home

Monday, September 22nd

It rained last night - We raised the rafters & put on some cornice 1 d

Tuesday, September 23rd

Rained all forenoon hard - we put on some cornice 4 hrs then it rained again

Wednesday, September 24th

Put Molding on cornice I put one window frame to gather then came home not feeling very well - It rained a little afternoon 4 hrs

Thursday, September 25th

At home - misting to day

Friday, September 26th

I was up to Will Mc & Wm Carrs then up to Tom Morans then home again

Saturday, September 27th

It rained some again

Sunday, September 28th

At home

Monday, September 29th

Finished shingleing made & set window frames 1 d

Tuesday, September 30th

Was siding some 1 day

Wednesday, October 1st

Seting frames & siding 1 d

Thursday, October 2nd

Siding 1 d

Friday, October 3rd

Laying floor 1

Saturday, October 4th

Put cornice on porch then layed floor - it rained most all day 1 d

Sunday, October 5th

At home

Monday, October 6th

Shingleing porch forenoon laying floor 1

Tuesday, October 7th

Finished porch & siding 1

Wednesday, October 8th

Worked on front porch & siding 1

Thursday, October 9th

Laying floor & puting in thresholds 1

Friday, October 10th

Finishing cutting window caseing 1

Saturday, October 11th

I was lathing 1/2 day came home afternoon - Pleasant all week

Sunday, October 12th

Rain at home

Monday, October 13th

I went to H Snyders to make a hog house

Tuesday, October 14th

Worked to day for the first 1 d

Wednesday, October 15th

Frameing 1 d

Thursday, October 16th

Raised the house to day 1 d

Friday, October 17th

Siding & girting 1 d

Saturday, October 18th

Shingleing 1/2 - Henry & Lee Tippett came to day

Sunday, October 19th

At home - was up to W N Tippetts to dinner they were all here to supper

Monday, October 20th

I went to Snyders shingleing & makeing doors 1 d

Tuesday, October 21st

Finished at noon & came home 1/2

Wednesday, October 22nd

I went up to R Carsons to work on his barn 1/2 day

Thursday, October 23rd

Getting ready to raise 1

Friday, October 24th

Raised the barn to day 1 d

Saturday, October 25th

Finished raising put up plates & girts & came home 3/4

Sunday, October 26th

At home all day

Monday, October 27th

I walked up to Carsons got thare at 6,30 - Worked siding to day - thare was a rain & sleet at 4,30 1 d

Tuesday, October 28th

Cold & chily - Siding untill 9,30 then went to Tom Greens to dinner then home afternoon

Wednesday, October 29th

I was to John Rohers sale

Thursday, October 30th

I worked on Carsons barn 1 d

Friday, October 31st

Working 1 d

Saturday, November 1st

Worked part of the day then walked home 3/4

Sunday, November 2nd

At home

Monday, November 3rd

Walked to Carsons & worked all day - A heavy frost 1 d

Tuesday, November 4th

Election I dident go - Was shingleing part of day 1 d

Wednesday, November 5th

Shingleing part of day 1 d

Thursday, November 6th

Shingled 1 d

Friday, November 7th

Big frost - I was makeing doors & shingled some 1 d

Saturday, November 8th

Finished shingleing afternoon then i walked home 3/4 d 13 days

Sunday, November 9th

Bell & I were up to Tom Greens to see Chas Dubois

Monday, November 10th

I went to Tom Morans to finish his house 1 d

Tuesday, November 11th

Doing the same 1 d

Wednesday, November 12th

The same 1 d

Thursday, November 13th

The same 1 d

Friday, November 14th

Finished Toms house then went to D Orrs then came home 1/2 d

Saturday, November 15th

I took up a hive of bees was up to T Milans then to Rockys then home - went to a little show at night

Sunday, November 16th

At home all day - Will Mc was here to day a little snow & misty

Monday, November 17th

I was over to Jack Orrs to dinner I shot at a fox home afternoon

Tuesday, November 18th

I was to Canton forenoon at home afternoon

Wednesday, November 19th

I was hunting got 4 squirrels

Thursday, November 20th

At home most all day got 3 more squirrels

Friday, November 21st

I was up to Tom Greens a little while then home forenoon got 3 more squirrels very fogy & misty

Saturday, November 22nd

At home all day got 1 squirrel

Sunday, November 23rd

We was up to Mr Wagers afternoon

Monday, November 24th

I made a wagon tongue for Mr Wagar & filed 3 saws he was drawing wood for me

Tuesday, November 25th

I went to Ed Greens to shingle & I started him to shingle then i went to Dave Orrs to make a privy worked afternoon - finished drawing wood 5 cords 1/2 d

Wednesday, November 26th

I worked on the privy forenoon then I came home after more tools than back again it is snowing this eve

Thursday, November 27th

I finished the privy & made a sink for Mrs Orr then came home - Thanksgiving - the first snow - pleasant to day

Friday, November 28th

Frosty - At home fixing windows & killed a swarm of bees got 125 lbs honey

Saturday, November 29th

Thare is abought 2 in of snow & still a snowing

Sunday, November 30th

Jack & Lizzie were here to dinner

Monday, December 1st

School began to day we began to finish Mr Falness house 8 hrs

Tuesday, December 2nd

Working on the house 4 1/2 hrs - It snowed very hard afternoon - M Butt & bro was here

Wednesday, December 3rd

Working to day 8 hrs

Thursday, December 4th

2 below - We finished the house forenoon 3 1/2 hrs then i made Fred Lueing a sled tongue

Friday, December 5th

At home cut a little wood

Saturday, December 6th

I went to Onslow - it snowed hard all afternoon

Sunday, December 7th

2 below zero - At home all day

Monday, December 8th

18 below - At home - cold all day

Tuesday, December 9th

8 above - At home forenoon - Bell & I was up to Mr Wagars afternoon

Wednesday, December 10th

Misty - I was up to Tom Greens - I shot a rabbit going up

Thursday, December 11th

Mrs Wagar & Minnie were here to day

Friday, December 12th

I was up to Tom Greens & Robt Carsons to dinner then to Jim Carpenters & I Frenches then home

Saturday, December 13th

Pleasant - Grand Pa & Matie went to Cascade - Rocky Ralston was here to dinner - We went rabbit hunting with his ferret got 2 rabbits - I took the handle out of an ax for Mal Kelly

Sunday, December 14th

At home all day

Monday, December 15th

Misty - It snowed most all day

Tuesday, December 16th

It is snowing to day again a little

Wednesday, December 17th

8 above zero - at home

Thursday, December 18th

Very nice day - I was to Wm Carrs sale

Friday, December 19th

Misty in morning - at home all day

Saturday, December 20th

It is raining to day

Sunday, December 21st

At home

Monday, December 22nd

At home

Tuesday, December 23rd

Bell & Edie went to Onslow went with the bugy

Wednesday, December 24th

Blustering - at home

Thursday, December 25th

cold - At home

Friday, December 26th

Pleasant - At home - Edie & Josie went to Canton

Saturday, December 27th

At home

Sunday, December 28th

We was up to Mr Wagers - It snowed this evening

Monday, December 29th

Pleasant - I was up to I Frenches - hunting afternoon got nothing

Tuesday, December 30th

6 Below - At home - Pleasant - Sleighing good

Wednesday, December 31st

10 above - Pleasant - at home all day - sleighing getting thin




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