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Janet A. Brandt


Tuesday, January 1st

24 Below but pleasant - Bart was here to dinner - he was over a packing some of his goods

Wednesday, January 2nd

Pleasant & cold - Bell went to Onslow with her Pa to make out papers for P.O. Willie & Purl & Georgie Reid was here to dinner

Thursday, January 3rd

Pleasant - At home forenoon up to P Hertz after noon

Friday, January 4th

Pleasant - I walked to Canton & back forenoon filed a saw for Earl McLaughlin afternoon

Saturday, January 5th

Cloudy - At home forenoon - I was up to W S Carrs afternoon - Mr Koppes died this afternoon

Sunday, January 6th

At home - Edie came home to day from Rillas

Monday, January 7th

Frosty - I was to Mr Koppes funeral - I begun Ed Kerr a roller for sled tongue

Tuesday, January 8th

It is misting this morning - cleared of afternoon - Jack & Lizzie were over this afternoon - Sutton & Fisher began to saw to day - I filed a saw for B Lawless 2 for Jack Orr I filed a buck saw yesterday for Wager

Wednesday, January 9th

Snow afternoon - Bart & Rilla & Willie was here to dinner

Thursday, January 10th

Warm - I helped Will McGlocklin to fix his sled - thare is 3 inches of snow to day

Friday, January 11th

I made 2 cant hook handles for the mill - filed a saw for Earl Mc & 1 for Wit Hovey

Saturday, January 12th

Foggy - Cleared of & was warm - I filed 2 saws for E Kerr buck saw & cross cut & made a sled tongue for T Kelly - Jo Ralston & i went up to R Stowers stayed to supper went to Lodge - Rockey Ralston & Dennie Grogans name went in the Lodge

Sunday, January 13th

Warm - Lue & Jennie Mead were here - we went & got 3 rabbits with the Ferret after dinner

Monday, January 14th

Very pleasant - The sleighing is all gone to night very sloppy - I filed a cross cut for Fred Lueing & a buck saw for Mr Wager made two eveners for him & split some slab wood - Bell went to Canton with Minnie & Bulah Wager afternoon

Tuesday, January 15th

Very warm - I filed a saw for W Hovey - made a log scoot for I N French - getting mudy

Wednesday, January 16th

Colder - I filed a saw for I N French & T Sutton & made a saw buck they are sawing to day - I filed a hand saw for Mal Kelly

Thursday, January 17th

Cold - I made out a bill of lumber for John Rohr & filed a saw for Rocky Ralston

Friday, January 18th

Cold - I filed a saw for W Hovey

Saturday, January 19th

Pleasant - I filed a saw for B Lawless

Sunday, January 20th

Bell & I went over to Jacks - it thawed a lot today

Monday, January 21st

I was over to Ed Greens in the morning & back - Edie came home from Rillas - I filed a hand saw for Jim Reid

Tuesday, January 22nd

Warm - I made a brass malet

Wednesday, January 23rd

Foggy - At home all day - very warm

Thursday, January 24th

Blustering - I made a mallet & filed a saw for Wig Duffy

Friday, January 25th

Pleasant - I filed a saw for Wit Hovey - Cass Balou got his leg broke this eve - I filed the slab saw for the saw mill

Saturday, January 26th

Thare is abought 7 in of snow this morning - I filed a buck saw for T Milan - we all went to Lodge with Riley Stowers - D Grogan was taken in to night

Sunday, January 27th

Very pleasant - Harry & Bert Hall & Frank Ralston were here to dinner

Monday, January 28th

Pleasant - I filed a saw for Wit Hovey - Jo & Ella Orr were here this eve

Tuesday, January 29th

Abought 2 in more snow this morning good sleighing now - Bart & Jo Orr was here to dinner & Willie Walters to - I went to Canton afternoon with W N Tippett - I was to see Cass - Mr Desart mooved to day

Wednesday, January 30th

Colder - I made a sled bolster for Fred Lueing filed a saw for James Flanigan

Thursday, January 31st

Kate was here to dinner - they are getting ready to move the saw mill - they moved the engin afternoon

Friday, February 1st

Cold - I made 2 sled benches for Jas Orr & filed a saw for T Milan

Saturday, February 2nd

11 Below - I filed a saw for Earl McGlocklin

Sunday, February 3rd

It snowed hard all day

Monday, February 4th

Pleasant - The snow very deep to day - I was sawing up some slabs that Mr Fisher gave me

Tuesday, February 5th

26 below zero - I filed a saw for Will McGlocklin & 2 for Jas McManus & i sawed some wood after noon - Mr Hages folks moved here to day

Wednesday, February 6th

16 Below - At home forenoon after dinner I went out with the gun got 1 rabbit then Bart come - him & i went up to the ford to the saw mill

Thursday, February 7th

Chilly - It is snowing some to day - I filed a saw for W Hovey - I was up to the saw mill afternoon

Friday, February 8th

Cloudy - I went to Cascade with W Tippett - it snowed hard all afternoon

Saturday, February 9th

Very pleasant - I filed a saw for N Hertz - Will Mc & i started for Lodge got as far as Raynors - the snow is very deep - it is very cold this eve - we came back it is to cold

Sunday, February 10th

Pleasant 20 below - Roy & Kate were here to dinner - thare is lots of sleighing & good

Monday, February 11th

Very pleasant - I cut a little wood forenoon

Tuesday, February 12th

Cold - I filed a saw for W Hovey & 2 for Martin Deveny - Bell & Minnie Wager went to I N Frenches - very nice day - I sawed some wood

Wednesday, February 13th

Cold in the morning - I fixed Bert Bates sled this morning - I sawed some wood & filed a saw for Earl McGlocklin & 1 for Mr Hage

Thursday, February 14th

Very pleasant - I sawed a few slabs & filed a saw for Lue Mead than i went to the mill afternoon

Friday, February 15th

Pleasant - Filed a saw for Tom Kelly 1 for Wit Hovey 1 for T Milan & made a sled tongue for Fisher - Bell went to Onslow with her Pa afternoon

Saturday, February 16th

Pleasant - I was to Cass Ballous wood chopping

Sunday, February 17th

It snowed some last night thawed some to day

Monday, February 18th

Pleasant - I filed a saw for Koppes 1 for Wager 1 for Fred Lueing - I sawed some wood

Tuesday, February 19th

Cold today - I got a letter from Mr Fletcher - Board 8 weeks to night - I am not very well to day

Wednesday, February 20th

Pleasant - I filed a saw for F Lueing 1 hand saw & buck saw for Wager 2 buck saws & 1 hand saw for myself 1 cross cut for W Hovey

Thursday, February 21st

Pleasant but cold - sleighing good yet - I filed a saw for W Hovey - I was up to the mill after noon

Friday, February 22nd

Very cold - Bell & i went to Tom Greens in the cutter Tom is 46 years of age to day

Saturday, February 23rd

Pleasant - At home all day - Jo Ralston & i drove Old Bird to Lodge

Sunday, February 24th

Pleasant - at home all day

Monday, February 25th

Pleasant - I was sawing slabs part of the day

Tuesday, February 26th

Pleasant - Sawing a few slabs - Bell & Minnie Wager went to Canton with the cutter afternoon

Wednesday, February 27th

16 below - I made E Kerr a sled tongue for a log scoot - I sawed some slab wood - very warm afternoon sleighing getting thin

Thursday, February 28th

Dom English sale to day - Clifford was sick last night - E Kerr drawed me 7 loads of slab wood - I filed a saw for N Hertz - Clifford is sick

Friday, March 1st

Very warm - I split some wood - Lizzie Orr & children were here - it is the last day of school

Saturday, March 2nd

Thawing - I sawed a little wood afternoon - i filed a saw for H Neal 1 for D English 1 cross cut 1 buck 2 hand saws for J Kennedy - Edie & Josie went to Canton with the cutter - getting mudy

Sunday, March 3rd

I sold an ax handle to Jack Lang - it thawed some to day the creek came up some

Monday, March 4th

I went to Onslow with Will McGlocklin - we had to come home by Canton

Tuesday, March 5th

The river is high - cold & blustering - I filed a saw for N Hertz - took an ax of the handle for Mal Kelly

Wednesday, March 6th

Warm - I filed a buck saw for Mr Wager & a hand saw for Mr DeSart - the children are skating some - I filed a saw for T Lawless

Thursday, March 7th

Pleasant - I made a pair of crutches for Mr Wagar - I was a skating in the morning - the creek very high in the evening

Friday, March 8th

Little fogy - I finished my wood - I went up to Underlys Saw Mill

Saturday, March 9th

Cold & chilly - at home - it began to sleet in the eve

Sunday, March 10th

sleating yet - began to snow & it snowed hard all day - a blizzard

Monday, March 11th

Clear & pleasant - It thawed some to day - I & W N Tippett went up to Underlys Saw Mill

Tuesday, March 12th

Bell & i went to Canton with the cutter - it thawed some afternoon - Jack Orr was over - it thundered & lightning in the eve

Wednesday, March 13th

It rained a little all day with a little snow - the creek came up a good deal afternoon

Thursday, March 14th

Snowing a little forenoon - Jo Ralston stoped boarding here this morning - begun work for W S Carr to day

Friday, March 15th

Pleasant - it froze a little last night - I was up to Pete Hertz to dinner then to Mr Lawless & home - it thawed some to day

Saturday, March 16th

Pleasant - It thawed a lot to day - at home - very mudy

Sunday, March 17th

Very pleasant - the river is over the bottom the ice has not gone out the river yet - the ice went out afternoon

Monday, March 18th

Pleasant - the river is very high - the ice all gone - I was down the river to Jim Hamiltons timber

Tuesday, March 19th

Cloudy - It rained last night - the ice went out of the creek last night - I filed a saw for Mal Kelly - It rained some all day

Wednesday, March 20th

Blustering - The river is very high yet - it is snowing all day

Thursday, March 21st

At home - it is very mudy the ground froze hard this morning - I filed a saw for H Carson hand saw for Will Mc

Friday, March 22nd

Pleasant - I was up to I N Frenches untill after dinner then to Reids & Meads & home - froze hard this morning & very mudy afternoon - Josie got her watch this eve - Jo Ralston stayed all night

Saturday, March 23rd

I filed a saw for Koppes afternoon - Quinsy started at noon

Sunday, March 24th

I got the Quinsy yet

Monday, March 25th

Throat getting worse

Tuesday, March 26th

Throat no better yet

Wednesday, March 27th

My throat broke & gathered again

Thursday, March 28th

Gathered & broke again & is gathering yet

Friday, March 29th

My throat broke last night - the ground froze hard this morning

Saturday, March 30th

It is snowing hard to day - thare is as much snow as eny one time all winter - I am not feeling very well

Sunday, March 31st

Very pleasant - Artie Ames & Jo Ralston were here to dinner - Artie took Edie up to John Letzirs to work

Monday, April 1st

Miss Lamey & Mr Foot was here to dinner - She came after the school - very mudy

Tuesday, April 2nd

It began to rain & turned to snow - it snows & rains all day - Will McGlocklin mooved to day

Wednesday, April 3rd

Very pleasant - I rode Old Birt to Canton - it is very mudy

Thursday, April 4th

Pleasant - I went to Oren Snyders & put down kitchen floor

Friday, April 5th

Ed Kerr was drawing my stove wood to the Tebo Place - it rained some all day - I filed 2 saws for T Kelly & 1 for Mal Kelly

Saturday, April 6th

We moved our fruit to the Tebo Place - I walked to Canton afternoon stayed to Cass Ballous to supper - I went to Lodge - we put through Fox Ralston & Tady Milan - i rode home with Tady then i walked home

Sunday, April 7th

At home - Edie was home to day - Jo Ralston & Artie Ames was here to dinner

Monday, April 8th

I moved on the Tebo Place to day

Tuesday, April 9th

We was fixing up things 1/2 day

Wednesday, April 10th

I was fixing the Orcherd & barn part of the day 1/2 d 75 cts

Thursday, April 11th

I went to Jim Flanigans in the morning after chickins dident get eny - fixing things on the place 1/2 75 cts

Friday, April 12th

I cleaned out the barn forenoon 1/2 - It is a little rainy to day

Saturday, April 13th

Pleasant - At home all day - I filed a saw for H Carson

Sunday, April 14th

Edie was home to day - Artie Ames & Jo Ralston & Jack Orrs folks was here to dinner - The teacher came this afternoon

Monday, April 15th

Pleasant - I planted some radishes & lettuce & onions - Ed Kerr drawed the rest of my wood

Tuesday, April 16th

Cloudy - It is raining all forenoon most all day some

Wednesday, April 17th

I was up to Will Mc in the morning & back home again

Thursday, April 18th

Pleasant - The ground froze hard this morning - I was up to Lue Meads & Mrs Greens forenoon then to Jim Carpenters to dinner & home

Friday, April 19th

I went up to Mrs R Greens fixed a door & put latice work around the porch then i went to Tom Greens

Saturday, April 20th

I stayed to Toms all night then came to Jo Hannas a while then to Lue Meads then home with the mail - Barts folks came over - I went with him to Kellys & Koppes to put up a tanks

Sunday, April 21st

Cold - Edie came home to day - Jim Carpenter & wife were here - the ground froze hard this morning

Monday, April 22nd

I put up a track for a big door then tore of some shingles forenoon - I shingled some afternoon 1 d

Tuesday, April 23rd

Shingleing all day 1 day

Wednesday, April 24th

Finished shingleing & began to screen the porch 1 d

Thursday, April 25th

I finished the porch made 2 screen frames hung 2 screen doors got though at 4 o'clock went to E Hortons

Friday, April 26th

I put down porch floor for Edna 3/4 day & came home

Saturday, April 27th

Hot - I was up to Will McGlocklins to get him to plow my garden - I came back & spaded up the garden some fore noon - I planted some potatoes - I & Bell went to Canton afternoon

Sunday, April 28th

Hot 82 - I had a little ride on my wheel for the first - Bell went to church with her Pa

Monday, April 29th

I caught 2 red horse this morning - I was spading & planting garden seeds

Tuesday, April 30th

Mr Wager let me have his team to plow my garden - I planted my potatoes

Wednesday, May 1st

Warm - I fixed the cistern curb forenoon - I was up to the saw mill afternoon 1/2

Thursday, May 2nd

Warm - I helped to plank the creek bridge

Friday, May 3rd

I went to Onslow on my wheel was to Roys to dinner

Saturday, May 4th

Bell & i papered over head in the kitchen - Josie & Matie went to Onslow with Jo Ralston - Harry & Ester Hall came at 11 o'clock went a fishing dident get eny

Sunday, May 5th

At home - It rained a nice shower at noon - Harry & Ester went home after dinner

Monday, May 6th

Bell went to Jacks to see Edna - she is sick went with her Pa

Tuesday, May 7th

It is raining this morning a little - I fixed T Milans plow - I went over to Jacks to see how Edna was

Wednesday, May 8th

I was over to Jacks this fore noon & home again - it rained afternoon by spells

Thursday, May 9th

At home forenoon I went up to Tom Greens afternoon

Friday, May 10th

I spaded in the garden planted some cucumbers & watter mellons & raked the potatoes it is showery afternoon

Saturday, May 11th

At home - the wind blew hard to day

Sunday, May 12th

We went to L Meads up the river

Monday, May 13th

Cold - Thare was a hard frost this morning - I was to Bob Scroggies & to Jack Orrs to dinner then home

Tuesday, May 14th

At home all day

Wednesday, May 15th

Pleasant - I started to go to Chas Hoveys boys funeral & my pedel came of & i came home - Bell went to Onslow with Minnie Wager

Thursday, May 16th

We began Mr Wagars kitchen 3/4 d

Friday, May 17th

Very warm - Sheating put up rafters & cornice 1 d

Saturday, May 18th

Shingleing & got through 3/4 d - I went to Lodge with Tady Milan

Sunday, May 19th

At home most of the day - we was all down the river afternoon

Monday, May 20th

I was siding 1 day

Tuesday, May 21st

I finished for Mr Wager at noon 1/2 4 days $7,00 - I was lathing after noon for T Moore 1/2

Wednesday, May 22nd

I was lathing 1 day

Thursday, May 23rd

Lathing it rained last night 1

Friday, May 24th

Cold - I lathed to day 1 day 3 1/2 $7,00

Saturday, May 25th

Cold - I was fileing my saws & grinding tools to go to B Leonards - I worked in the garden afternoon

Sunday, May 26th

A hard frost this morning

Monday, May 27th

We began B Leonards barn - laid the rock 1 day

Tuesday, May 28th

Frameing 1 d

Wednesday, May 29th

Frameing - Earl Mc came to day - 1 d

Thursday, May 30th

We raised the barn 1 d

Friday, May 31st

Girting puting on plates & straightening up 1 d

Saturday, June 1st

Siding & puting up scaffolds 1 d - 3 days for Earl

Sunday, June 2nd

At home - Cass & Lib Ballou were here to day

Monday, June 3rd

Borded gable ends & put up lower rafters 1 d

Tuesday, June 4th

Sheating - W N T went to get another man this eve 1 d

Wednesday, June 5th

He got Guss Barrenger - we put up top set of rafters - it rained by spells all day 1/2

Thursday, June 6th

Put up track made hay door finished sheating - Guss went home 1 d

Friday, June 7th

The wind blew so hard we couldent shingle & we came home - it is very cold

Saturday, June 8th

Cold - At home - I howed the garden through - Bell went to Canton afternoon - I hived a swarm of bees

Sunday, June 9th

We went to Hammonds goat farm Mr Wagars & DeSarts folks

Monday, June 10th

It is raining morning we went to Leonards & begun shingleing 3/4

Tuesday, June 11th

The same 1

Wednesday, June 12th

The same 1 d

Thursday, June 13th

Hot - finished shingleing 1

Friday, June 14th

Makeing ventilators 1

Saturday, June 15th

Finished ventilators started floor came home at noon - I went to Lodge with T Milan - H Alberry went in to night

Sunday, June 16th

At home - Barts folks were over

Monday, June 17th

I made doors 1 d

Tuesday, June 18th

Finished doors & made stalls 1

Wednesday, June 19th

Put in windows laid floor & made cow manger & got through & came home 18 days makeing B Leonards barn $90,00 for job 44x66

Thursday, June 20th

At home forenoon went fishing afternoon set my lines got one cat fish - Was up to Mr Wagars to see them drill well

Friday, June 21st

Got 2 cat fish this morning we had a hard rain in the morning

Saturday, June 22nd

Very hot - at home

Sunday, June 23rd

Hot - Barts folks brought Ivah here to day was all here to dinner

Monday, June 24th

Very hot - I went to Cascade on my bike

Tuesday, June 25th

100 degs in shade - Ivahs birthday 41

Wednesday, June 26th

Very hot - I was to Jack Orrs in the morning then to Tom Greens untill 4 o'clock then home - I was on my bike - Ivah & Bell was up to - it rained a little

Thursday, June 27th

Very hot - I went to D Orrs to make a hay rack - it rained very hard afternoon - it hailed some

Friday, June 28th

I stayed to Jacks all night - Came home this morning - Bell & the children went to Onslow

Saturday, June 29th

Very hot - At home forenoon - I hung 3 screen doors for Mr Wager afternoon

Sunday, June 30th

Very hot - at home - W N Tippett was here to dinner

Monday, July 1st

Very hot - I went to Canton in the morning on my bike

Tuesday, July 2nd

Very hot 97 - I was after raspberries got 26 quarts

Wednesday, July 3rd

Rain forenoon - went after berries afternoon got 20 quarts

Thursday, July 4th

99 dgs - At home all day untill eve then Bell Clifford & i went to Canton to the dance

Friday, July 5th

Cooler wind - I went to J Dennisons to fix his barn that was stuck by lightening

Saturday, July 6th

The wind blew hard - I went after raspberries forenoon got 6 quarts - Bell went afternoon

Sunday, July 7th

At home all day - Bell went up to Mary Snyders

Monday, July 8th

We went after raspberries got 25 qts I went to Jack Orrs afternoon - I sold my bicycle yesterday to Arthur Taylor for $15,50

Tuesday, July 9th

At home all day Lizzie & Eliza Orr came over this eve to go after berries

Wednesday, July 10th

Hot - We went after berries got 20 qts

Thursday, July 11th

I went to W Carrs to screen his porch & went to Onslow to get screen

Friday, July 12th

I went up & screened his porch - Bell went to Onslow

Saturday, July 13th

At home all day - Bell & Edie went & got 7 qts of raspberries & 5 of gooseberries

Sunday, July 14th

Chas Ford, Jo Ralston, Artie Ames & I went & cut a bee tree - I got stung in the eye

Monday, July 15th

At home all day - Sam Reid & Purl Walters was here to dinner

Tuesday, July 16th

100 - Sam & Purl stayed here last night - I went up to Curleys with Sam to start a binder then went to Oren Snyders was thare till after dinner then home

Wednesday, July 17th

Bell & i went a fishing got 7 bass & cat fish

Thursday, July 18th

At home all day

Friday, July 19th

I went to Onslow this morning - Bart & i went to see Krouse thrash then to Wyoming - I came to Lue Butlers with him

Saturday, July 20th

Hot 102 - I stayed to Lues all night came home this morning - Edie & Josie went to Ringling Bro show

Sunday, July 21st

102 At home

Monday, July 22nd

At home forenoon - Bell & i went a fishing afternoon got 7 bass & 1 cat fish

Tuesday, July 23rd

103 - Bell & I & the little girls went a fishing - Edie & Josie & Clifford went to Canton afternoon - 15 bass & cats

Wednesday, July 24th

105 - I went up to L Meads & went to Onslow with him - my wheel came this morning - I sent the tire back

Thursday, July 25th

100 - Barts folks was over here to day - Went fishing afternoon - Willie came with them

Friday, July 26th

100 - At home all day

Saturday, July 27th

95 - At home all day

Sunday, July 28th

A small shower last night - we went up to Mr Wagers afternoon - we got caught in a hard rain up the road - Edie went to Browns to work

Monday, July 29th

Cooler 90 - It rained some last night - Bell & I & the children went up to Smiths Bridge a fishing afternoon got 22

Tuesday, July 30th

I was up to I N Frenches to dinner then home

Wednesday, July 31st

I went up to Tom Greens back to Jim Carpenters to dinner stayed afternoon rode home to Lue Meads with him then walked home

Thursday, August 1st

At home

Friday, August 2nd

Bell & I & children went up the river a fishing got 14 bass & catfish

Saturday, August 3rd

I went to Onslow with Ed Kerr afternoon came back to Jim Hamiltons - met Jacks folks going to town i went back with them

Sunday, August 4th

I stayed to Jacks last night came home afternoon

Monday, August 5th

Was up to W Carrs forenoon - Bell & I went a fishing afternoon got 5

Tuesday, August 6th

Bell went to Canton after groceries - I was at home all day - my tire came to day for my bike - I filed a saw for Mr Wager

Wednesday, August 7th

Was cleaning grave yard went to Jack Orrs to dinner

Thursday, August 8th

I went to Onslow with Harrold Hage - My tube came from Sears & Robuck - we had a small shower this eve

Friday, August 9th

At home - I filed a saw for Wagar

Saturday, August 10th

A tire came from S & R Co - I went to Onslow afternoon with Tom DeSart to see a game of ball Monticello & Onslow teams

Sunday, August 11th

Jack Orr & family & Alfred Hanna were here to dinner

Monday, August 12th

I was up to Jas Obriens place & helped Bart put a tower togather was to T Greens to dinner I was to Mike Powers & masured the porch for screen wire then home on my new wheel

Tuesday, August 13th

I went to Mike Powers to screen his porch

Wednesday, August 14th

I was doing the same & came home

Thursday, August 15th

Hot - I went to Canton on my wheel - Bell & the 2 little children went to Onslow

Friday, August 16th

Hot - Matie & i went up to Mr Hertz in the morning - went a fishing afternoon got 1 bass

Saturday, August 17th

At home all day - Matie went to Onslow with the Mail - Bell came home to day

Sunday, August 18th

At home

Monday, August 19th

At home most all day - I was up to Mr Grogans whare they were a thrashing a while

Tuesday, August 20th

I went up to I N Frenches & begun a hog house came home in the eve 1 d

Wednesday, August 21st

I went up to Harry Hertz & made a watter tank 1/2 day

Thursday, August 22nd

I went to Ikes to day again layed floor siding & cut rafters 1 d

Friday, August 23rd

Raised rafters & siding 1 d

Saturday, August 24th

Hot - Sheating untill noon came home - Bell & I went to Canton - I went to Lodge

Sunday, August 25th

At home

Monday, August 26th

I was shingleing I N Frenches hog house 3000 m 4 1/2 days

Tuesday, August 27th

I was up to Jim Taylors forenoon

Wednesday, August 28th

Matie & I went a fishing afternoon got 3 bass

Thursday, August 29th

Hot - I was up to Mr DeSarts in the morning at home the rest of the day

Friday, August 30th

We went to shingle Mr Ecklers hay barn 1 day

Saturday, August 31st

Shingleing all day 1 day

Sunday, September 1st

Cold 38 - At home

Monday, September 2nd

37 was shingleing 1 day

Tuesday, September 3rd

Finished shingleing at noon - came home 3 1/2 days

Wednesday, September 4th

Hot & dry yet - Bell & I went to Cascade

Thursday, September 5th

I went to Hertz in the morning then at home

Friday, September 6th

I was helping Nick Koppes thrash - Pre'd McKinley was shot to day

Saturday, September 7th

I helped Koppes finish thrashing then went to Tom Kellys I dident help

Sunday, September 8th

It is raining a little this morning

Monday, September 9th

We had a nice rain all last night - I was up to Will Mc afternoon

Tuesday, September 10th

At home all day

Wednesday, September 11th

It is raining this morning it rained nice all day

Thursday, September 12th

Cloudy & very windy - Cascade Fair this week

Friday, September 13th

Rained at night - I was up to Robt Snyders to day - President McKinley died at 6 o'clock this evening

Saturday, September 14th

Rain at night - At home

Sunday, September 15th

I got 3 squirrels forenoon

Monday, September 16th

Cloudy - I was to P Hertz forenoon - made out a bill for his barn afternoon

Tuesday, September 17th

Cold - I went to Onslow with H Carson - he brought me some shingles to shingle the Tebo house 4 1/2 m

Wednesday, September 18th

I helped Jack Orr thrash

Thursday, September 19th

It rained all day

Friday, September 20th

I shingled all day 1 day

Saturday, September 21st

I shingled 1 d

Sunday, September 22nd

At home - Bell went to church

Monday, September 23rd

I helped Mr Hage to thrash fore noon - I went after Mrs Boyd for Henry Carson - Hovey rented barn

Tuesday, September 24th

We began to repare the Moran school house took of the old siding put on ship lap 1 d

Wednesday, September 25th

Doing same & put on siding 1 d

Thursday, September 26th

The same 1 day

Friday, September 27th

The same 1 d

Saturday, September 28th

Flooring & siding 1 d

Sunday, September 29th

Mrs Jas Moran died this morning

Monday, September 30th

We finished the school house to day

Tuesday, October 1st

I went to Canton on my wheel forenoon - worked the roads 2 hrs 30 cts for Tebo

Wednesday, October 2nd

I was up to Jack Orrs & Lue Butlers then back to I N Frenches to dinner then home & got Hoveys shot gun & went up the river & got 4 ducks

Thursday, October 3rd

Clifford & I went to Onslow after a stove & home

Friday, October 4th

Hard frost - I was fixing windows most all day took some Honey - filed saw for Wager

Saturday, October 5th

Hard frost - I was up to Jack Orrs fixing his house

Sunday, October 6th

I was up to Will Mc in the morning - Jacks folks was here - Filed a saw for Hovey

Monday, October 7th

I went to Onslow forenoon on my wheel roads good

Tuesday, October 8th

Rain all day by spells

Wednesday, October 9th

Cloudy - We went to Wm Kinneys begun a little horse barn & took down the old cow shed 1/2 d

Thursday, October 10th

Worked on the barn all day 1 d

Friday, October 11th

Finished at noon & came home to wet to do eny more 1/2

Saturday, October 12th

Cloudy - at home all

Sunday, October 13th

I went to Jack Orrs - Bell & the children went - I got 3 squirrels

Monday, October 14th

Went to Kinneys worked all day 1 d

Tuesday, October 15th

Worked to day 1 d

Wednesday, October 16th

The same 1 d

Thursday, October 17th

The same 1 d

Friday, October 18th

Finished shingleing cow barn 1 d

Saturday, October 19th

Pleasant - made cow shed 1 day

Sunday, October 20th

At home - cut a bee tree - Harry & wife came this morning

Monday, October 21st

Pleasant - We went to Kinneys came home 9 days

Tuesday, October 22nd

Pleasant - At home forenoon went to Martin Devenys to make a tank

Wednesday, October 23rd

Makeing tank 1 d

Thursday, October 24th

Like summer - Finished tank & came home 1 d

Friday, October 25th

Pleasant - Worked on Wm Carrs cow shed 3/4 d

Saturday, October 26th

I went to Onslow with Jo Ralston & back & filed a saw for W Hovey

Sunday, October 27th

Hunting forenoon got 1 squirrel - went to Canton afternoon on the wheel - paid my Lodge dues

Monday, October 28th

I begun work on W H Orrs barn 1 d

Tuesday, October 29th

Putting on plates 1 d - Czolgosz Electrocuted to day

Wednesday, October 30th

Siding & girting putting up lower rafters 1 d

Thursday, October 31st

Girting & boarding - it rained in the morning 3/4 day

Friday, November 1st

Sided gable ends - 1 d

Saturday, November 2nd

Raised top set of rafters & finish siding - made hay doors & begun sheating 3/4

Sunday, November 3rd

Colder - the first tracking snow

Monday, November 4th

Cold 12 above - At home

Tuesday, November 5th

8 Above zero - Election

Wednesday, November 6th

Went to Will Orrs made doors 3/4

Thursday, November 7th

Put up braces & sheating & came home 3/4

Friday, November 8th

I went to Canton forenoon over to Will Orrs in the eve

Saturday, November 9th

Shingleing all day 1 d

Sunday, November 10th

Earnie Hamilton & Leona was here

Monday, November 11th

Finished shingleing at 3 o'clock - put up braces the rest of the day

Tuesday, November 12th

Finished the braces & i walked home 9 days in all $15,75

Wednesday, November 13th

I went to Hertzes & home

Thursday, November 14th

I went to B Halls to begin his corn crib worked 4 hrs

Friday, November 15th

Cold & windy - worked 5 hours & came home after dinner

Saturday, November 16th

6 above zero - At home forenoon went to Canton to Lodge & back alone

Sunday, November 17th

At home all day

Monday, November 18th

Went to B Halls worked 7 hrs raised the hog house & corn crib

Tuesday, November 19th

Worked 9 hrs

Wednesday, November 20th

Worked 9 hrs

Thursday, November 21st

Worked 9 1/2

Friday, November 22nd

Worked forenoon 5 hrs - rained afternoon

Saturday, November 23rd

Raised top rafters - Bell went afternoon after me - borded gable ends then came home - 7 hrs

Sunday, November 24th

The gound covered with snow - I filed a saw for W Hovey

Monday, November 25th

I went to B Halls at noon worked makeing doors 5 hrs

Tuesday, November 26th

Very warm - Makeing doors & started then to shingleing 9 1/2 hrs

Wednesday, November 27th

Frosty - I put on face boards & finished a door came home after noon - 7 days in all $12,25

Thursday, November 28th

Pleasant - Thanksgiving - we were all to the Old Folks to dinner

Friday, November 29th

Like summer - I was up to Carrs & Will McGlocklins then home - I filed I filed 2 hand saws for Jim Kennedy 1 for Martin Deveny

Saturday, November 30th

Very warm - I went a rabbit hunting with Wit Hovey got 5 rabbits 1 squirrel - Filed a buck & cross saw for J McManus - I went to Lodge with W Carr

Sunday, December 1st

Pleasant - At home

Monday, December 2nd

I went to Jim Kennedys to make a cow shed cut rafters & put on plates 8 hrs - Mr Wager brought me 2 cords of wood

Tuesday, December 3rd

It snowed a little & chilly - I came home - I filed a saw for Curley 2 for Mr Lawless

Wednesday, December 4th

I filed a saw for I Wagar & cut some wood

Thursday, December 5th

I went to Onslow with Will Mc after my Mail Box

Friday, December 6th

I sawed some wood thare is a little snow this morning

Saturday, December 7th

I was a hunting got nothing - filed a buck saw for T Milan a cross cut saw for J Flanigan

Sunday, December 8th

Hunting forenoon got nothing - Roy & Kate was here to day

Monday, December 9th

Pleasant - I sawed wood forenoon - I went to L E Meads afternoon he wasent at home

Tuesday, December 10th

I went up to Will McGlocklins & cut a load of wood came home Jack Orr came & drawed me a load of grubs for heating stove - I filed 2 saws for Jack

Wednesday, December 11th

I went up to J Dennisons to make some doors for his wagon shed - Bell & Vick went to Canton - I came home after dinner

Thursday, December 12th

The ground covered with snow turned to rain & rained hard afternoon & part of the night - I filed a saw for E Hovey

Friday, December 13th

It is froze up this morning - it is trying to snow at noon & colder

Saturday, December 14th

19 below zero - Cold & clear very cold all day it was 10 below all day - I made a carrom stand - I dident go to Lodge it is election to night

Sunday, December 15th

14 Below zero - At home - Jack & Will Orrs folks was over to see Vick - she is going home tomorrow - Barney Grogan died this afternoon at 1 o'clock

Monday, December 16th

14 above at noon - Vick started for home this morning - it is snowing a little - I filed a saw for H Carson - I cut some wood

Tuesday, December 17th

Cold 10 below - At home - Edie went to Mr Grogans funeral then went to Cascade

Wednesday, December 18th

10 Below - I was up to Jack Orrs & shelled some corn for meal

Thursday, December 19th

10 Below - Robert Young is burried to day

Friday, December 20th

15 Below - I filed a buck saw & cross cut for H Carson - sawed some wood filed my buck saws - I went to Onslow with H Carson for flour

Saturday, December 21st

Chilly - I went to Onslow with Hovey Boys

Sunday, December 22nd

Pleasant - Tried to get some fish through the ice forenoon - Lue Mead was here to dinner - we all a rabbit hunting afternoon got 6 rabbits

Monday, December 23rd

I walked to Canton on the ice - Bell went to Onslow with her Pa

Tuesday, December 24th

Misty - I cut a little wood - went a hunting after noon got nothing - I wasent very well in the eve

Wednesday, December 25th

The children crazy - at home all day - Fred Lueing brought me a load of wood for my Carrom board

Thursday, December 26th

It snowed a little - Bell & Matie went to Onslow & bought another Carrom board

Friday, December 27th

Foggy - I cut some wood & finished my Carrom stand

Saturday, December 28th

Foggy - I finished my pole wood this morning - I was up to John Rohr was thare to supper then Rockey & I went to Lodge with T Milan - Mat Koppes was taken in the Lodge to night

Sunday, December 29th

At home all day

Monday, December 30th

Like summer - I went up to T Greens back to Jo Hannas to dinner then home

Tuesday, December 31st

Pleasant - I filed a saw for W. Hovey fore noon - cut some wood afternoon - I filed a saw for J Flanigan - Bell went to Canton afternoon




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