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Janet A. Brandt


Thursday, January 1st

Very mudy - At home - it rained & snowed all day

Friday, January 2nd

Very pleasant - At home fore noon a hunting afternoon got 2 squirrels 1 rabbit

Saturday, January 3rd

At home & to Mike Rhodes to supper

Sunday, January 4th

To Henry Taylors to dinner him & me went a hunting afternoon got one rabbit

Monday, January 5th

Pleasant & warm - I was up to see how Grand Ma French was - I went a hunting afternoon got 2 rabbits 1 squirrel

Tuesday, January 6th

I was jacking logs - 1 day

Wednesday, January 7th

Grand Ma French died this morning at 5 o'clock - I was jacking logs - 1 day

Thursday, January 8th

I drove Barts team to the Funeral - chilley weather - Roads some rough

Friday, January 9th

I was up to W. Reyners fore noon - At home after noon

Saturday, January 10th

At home all day - 2 days this week

Sunday, January 11th

Mike Rhodes & wife was here to dinner

Monday, January 12th

I cut wood a while was up to W. Reyners fore noon at home after noon

Tuesday, January 13th

Wm Reyner drawed me 6 loads of wood

Wednesday, January 14th

Very pleasant - I was sawing & chopping wood - Bell went with her Pa to see how Mrs. Hamilton was

Thursday, January 15th

Very pleasant - Sawing & splitting wood fore noon hunting after noon

Friday, January 16th

Cutting wood

Saturday, January 17th

Pleasant like summer - At home cutting wood & hunting - Mrs Hamilton died this eve at 9 o'clock

Sunday, January 18th

Summer weather - at home

Monday, January 19th

I was to Mrs. Hamiltons funeral - very warm & pleasant

Tuesday, January 20th

Snow a little - At home cutting wood

Wednesday, January 21st

I butchered a pig this morning then cut wood - I went to Canton with Chas Herrington in the eve

Thursday, January 22nd

I cut wood to day - It snowed a little last night all gone this afternoon

Friday, January 23rd

A little snow - I was helping to make an Ice House for Bart - 1 day

Saturday, January 24th

Finished the Ice House & filled it - 1 day

Sunday, January 25th

At home hunting afternoon

Monday, January 26th

Jacking logs - 1 day

Tuesday, January 27th

Sawing stove wood at home

Wednesday, January 28th

It haled then snowed then it rained a little this forenoon

Thursday, January 29th

It rained last night & misty part of to day

Friday, January 30th

Pleasant & warmer - A hunting & fileing saws

Saturday, January 31st

Misty & foggy - At home

Sunday, February 1st

At home - Rockeys Folks was here to dinner - Pleasant the most of the day

Monday, February 2nd

Cloudy - Cold last night - At home - it is snowing afternoon a little - cold this eve

Tuesday, February 3rd

11 below - Pleasant but very cold all day

Wednesday, February 4th

12 below - Pleasant - At home

Thursday, February 5th

Warm - I was up to Tom Greens

Friday, February 6th

Warm & pleasant - I was chopping my self some cord wood

Saturday, February 7th

Foggy to day - At home - Tom Greens Folks was here to day & Fannie Mears was here

Sunday, February 8th

I was over to the cave on the North Fork - It snowed after noon

Monday, February 9th

Jacking logs - 1 day

Tuesday, February 10th

Jacking logs - 1 day

Wednesday, February 11th

Jacking logs - 1 day

Thursday, February 12th

Jacking logs - 1 day

Friday, February 13th

Jacking logs - 1 day

Saturday, February 14th

Jacking logs - 1 day

Sunday, February 15th

I was to Wyoming & Onslow to send for Mrs. Herringtons sister

Monday, February 16th

Jacking logs part of the day then sawing pickets - It began to rain - 1 day

Tuesday, February 17th

Sawing pickets most all day then jacked logs - very icy - 1 day

Wednesday, February 18th

Pleasant - jacking logs - 1 day

Thursday, February 19th

Jacking logs - It began to snow at 11 o'clock & snowed all day - Old Mrs. Hanna was burried to day.

Friday, February 20th

Jacking logs - Misty in the morning - Pleasant the rest of the day

Saturday, February 21st

Jacking logs - 1 day - 6 days this week

Sunday, February 22nd

John Herrington died this morning at 3,30 o'clock - I stayed thare all day & am going to stay to night

Monday, February 23rd

I was to the Funeral - It thawed some & raised the creek

Tuesday, February 24th

Jacking logs - 1 day - the river is high

Wednesday, February 25th

Jacking logs - colder - the river is very high - 1 day

Thursday, February 26th

Jacking logs - 1 day - going down

Friday, February 27th

Jacking logs - 1 day

Saturday, February 28th

Jacking logs most all day - Thare is a hole in the boiler - 1 day - 5 days this week

Sunday, March 1st

It is snowing a little in the morning then cleared off - Bells Pa & Ma was here to dinner

Monday, March 2nd

I went to the Junction - It snowed to day

Tuesday, March 3rd

I came home - It snowed in the morning - Cold afternoon

Wednesday, March 4th

Sawing pickets - 1 day

Thursday, March 5th

Sawed pickets untill noon - had the tooth ache afternoon - 1/2

Friday, March 6th

It snowed some last night - I sawed slabs - 1 day

Saturday, March 7th

I was sawing slabs - It begun to snow at 4 o'clock - 1 day

Sunday, March 8th

3 1/2 ds this week - It is snowing yet untill 9 o'clock - Abought 18 inches of snow - Big snow

Monday, March 9th

I was sawing slabs - 1 day

Tuesday, March 10th

Sawing slabs fore noon - Jacked logs after noon - 1 day

Wednesday, March 11th

Jacking logs - It snowed all fore noon - 1 day - 28 1/2 days up to date

Thursday, March 12th

Jacked logs - 1 day

Friday, March 13th

Jacked logs - I had a settlement with Bart - 1 day - 30 1/2 days

Saturday, March 14th

I went to Cascade with W. N. Tippett I got one tooth pulled

Sunday, March 15th

At home all day - Barts Dan horse was sick all day & died

Monday, March 16th

I jacked logs - 1 day

Tuesday, March 17th

Jacked logs - 1 day - it thawed & raised the creek

Wednesday, March 18th

Jacked logs - 1 day

Thursday, March 19th

Jacked logs - 1 day

Friday, March 20th

Jacked logs fore noon then Tapped the Sugar Bush - It thawed to day snow most gone - 1 day

Saturday, March 21st

It rained all last night - Snowed all fore noon - Jacked logs until 3,30 o'clock then the watter ran in the mill - 3/4 day - 5 3/4 days this week

Sunday, March 22nd

The River on the raise

Monday, March 23rd

I dident work to day the watter in the mill going down a little

Tuesday, March 24th

I was to Mrs. Betsa Ralstons funeral & to Wm Tippetts for supper

Wednesday, March 25th

Jacked logs - 1 day

Thursday, March 26th

The same - 1 day

Friday, March 27th

The last day of School - Made a sap rack & jacked logs - 1 d

Saturday, March 28th

Cloudy - Jacked logs fore noon got through Sawed pickets afternoon 1 day

Sunday, March 29th

Easter - We was to Rockeys to dinner

Monday, March 30th

Finished the pickets - 1 day

Tuesday, March 31st

10 3/4 up to date - I was around home all day I filed up my wood pile

Wednesday, April 1st

I was splitting my wood

Thursday, April 2nd

I was to Tom Walters Sale - Chily & cold

Friday, April 3rd

The ground covered with snow this morning nearly gone at noon

Saturday, April 4th

Pleasant - Splitting wood fore noon & i was a hunting afternoon shot 2 Ground hogs - 1 day this week

Sunday, April 5th

At home - I was down the river after noon

Monday, April 6th

I finished splitting my slab wood fore noon - the Boys gathered 14 lbs sap

Tuesday, April 7th

I was makeing wire spools fore noon & gathering sap afternoon - 1 day

Wednesday, April 8th

Gathering up wire on the calf pasture forenoon & boiled sap afternoon - Mal Kelly & Katie Lawless were married to day - 1 day

Thursday, April 9th

Rockey & me was rolling fence wire this forenoon It rained afternoon

Friday, April 10th

13 1/4 days - 1/2 day - I went a fishing in the forenoon with Mike & Rockey - I dident get eny - I went a hunting after noon dident get eny thing - It rained some forenoon & snowed some after noon

Saturday, April 11th

I was makeing a Hay Rack for Tom Kelly

Sunday, April 12th

At home all day - Charleys Folks & Dr. Scotts were after Hot sugar - Thare is no farming done yet

Monday, April 13th

I was to Cascade to day with Charley Herrington

Tuesday, April 14th

I was White Washing & getting ready to move

Wednesday, April 15th

We moved down by the store

Thursday, April 16th

I finished T. Kellys hay rack this forenoon then i made some steps for our house - It is a raining afternoon

Friday, April 17th

I butchered my pig & tinkered around the rest of the day - It rained some afternoon

Saturday, April 18th

Pleasant - Tinkering around & a fishing afternoon

Sunday, April 19th

At home forenoon & up to Tom Greens afternoon

Monday, April 20th

Takeing down old fence & setting posts - 1 day

Tuesday, April 21st

Setting posts - Made a fence machine & streached wire - 1 day

Wednesday, April 22nd

I was a weaving fence - 3/4 day & came home

Thursday, April 23rd

Makeing window screen & plowed my garden forenoon - Drawed my wood afternoon

Friday, April 24th

I helped Charley Herrington make fence forenoon & after noon i planted potatoes & garden truck

Saturday, April 25th

I went to Cascade with the Mail Carrier

Sunday, April 26th

I was a fishing to day got a good mess

Monday, April 27th

Sawing & splitting wood - went to Tom Greens afternoon

Tuesday, April 28th

Setting poles all day - 1 day

Wednesday, April 29th

Weaving fence - 1 day

Thursday, April 30th

Doing the same - 1 day

Friday, May 1st

Makeing gates forenoon - 1/2 d - came home afternoon

Saturday, May 2nd

At home - Planted some sweet corn - It rained to day

Sunday, May 3rd

Frost this morning - I went a fishing dident get eny

Monday, May 4th

Trying to rain - At home

Tuesday, May 5th

Frost - At home & a fishing

Wednesday, May 6th

Pleasant & clear - I made a Corn Marker for Hugh Corbitt - Our baby was born at 5 o'clock this afternoon Matie

Thursday, May 7th

I was up to Dick Hoveys after his girl to work for us

Friday, May 8th

I was up to the grave yard this morning came home & finished H. Corbitts Marker

Saturday, May 9th

I walked to Onslow after School Books

Sunday, May 10th

Jack & Lizzie Orr & Rilla was here to dinner - Louie Bodenhoffer was here afternoon

Monday, May 11th

Washing fore noon up the river afternoon

Tuesday, May 12th

At home - I made a screen door

Wednesday, May 13th

At home forenoon up to E. Harts afternoon to plant & dident

Thursday, May 14th

I was dropping corn for E. Hart - 1 day

Friday, May 15th

Dropping corn for Harts - 1 day

Saturday, May 16th

At home

Sunday, May 17th

At home

Monday, May 18th

Begun work on Isaac DeWitts cow barn - 1 day

Tuesday, May 19th

Frameing - 1 day

Wednesday, May 20th

Raised the barn - 1 day

Thursday, May 21st

We was raising forenoon - It rained afternoon - 1/2

Friday, May 22nd

Rained most all day

Saturday, May 23rd

4 1/2 days - Girting & boarding - 1 day

Sunday, May 24th

At home

Monday, May 25th

At home untill noon went to DeWitts worked on the barn - 1/4 day

Tuesday, May 26th

Siding & girting - 1 day

Wednesday, May 27th

Raised the center poles & put up plates - 1 day

Thursday, May 28th

Boarded the gables & put up the top rafters -1 day

Friday, May 29th

Sheating to day - 1 day

Saturday, May 30th

Put up the Hay track & finished sheating & put on face boards & came home - 1 day - 5 1/4 days this week

Sunday, May 31st

Charley & Ivah stayed here last night - It rained to day a nice shower

Monday, June 1st

Begun to shingle - 3/4 day

Tuesday, June 2nd

1 day - Shingleing Jo Hanna came to help us at noon

Wednesday, June 3rd

Very hot - Doing the same - 1 day

Thursday, June 4th

1 day - Cold to day - Finished shingling & layed some floor

Friday, June 5th

Makeing doors & cutting out windows & getting out ventilators & laying floor

Saturday, June 6th

1/4 day - Laying floor & getting out ventilators - Came home afternoon - 5 d this week - Jo worked 3 3/4 days

Sunday, June 7th

At home

Monday, June 8th

We put up the ventilators

Tuesday, June 9th

Putting up the Stantions

Wednesday, June 10th

Finished the barn this morning then i went to the Junction

Thursday, June 11th

I came to Onslow then came home a foot - I howed my garden through this afternoon

Friday, June 12th

Putting up screens forenoon & a fishing afternoon - got 1 big Red horse, 1 Bass

Saturday, June 13th

I made H. Corbitt a plow tongue

Sunday, June 14th

I was a fishing got one Red horse, Aunt Fannie came here from Church

Monday, June 15th

Begun work on Finley McDonalds barn - 3/4 day

Tuesday, June 16th

Working on the barn - 1 d

Wednesday, June 17th

Doing the same - 1 day

Thursday, June 18th

1/4 day - Worked a while in the forenoon - I went to the Junction afternoon

Friday, June 19th

3/4 d - Worked

Saturday, June 20th

Worked 3/4 then came home

Sunday, June 21st

At home a shower afternoon

Monday, June 22nd

Finished putting up rafters & sidid Gable ends & ripped out face boards & began to shingle

Tuesday, June 23rd

Shingleing & putting up hay track

Wednesday, June 24th

Shingleing & finished sheating

Thursday, June 25th

Prop up the hay door & shingleing

Friday, June 26th


Saturday, June 27th

Finished sheating at 3,30 then I put on ridge boards & took down scaffolds

Sunday, June 28th

I was down to Charleys

Monday, June 29th

Putting in windows & making door

Tuesday, June 30th

Making doors & cutting manure holes

Wednesday, July 1st

F. McDonald brought our tools home

Thursday, July 2nd

I was hoeing in the garden forenoon went up to the grave yard & mowed my lot

Friday, July 3rd

At home

Saturday, July 4th

Rockey & Hi & me was a fishing forenoon at home then

Sunday, July 5th

At home

Monday, July 6th

I was after Goose berries forenoon - I was to Cascade with Bart & Rockey - It rained very hard this eve

Tuesday, July 7th

At home all day

Wednesday, July 8th

I went to Onslow & Bell & children went to Center Junction - Bart & me went up on the train

Thursday, July 9th

We was all thare to day - Bell & the children came home at 2 o'clock & I came home in the eve - Our teacher went home to Davenport Lulu

Friday, July 10th

At home forenoon - Up to Pete Hertz to buy a pig then to Sinkeys for butter

Saturday, July 11th

I was helping to put Iron Roofing on Barts barn - 1 day

Sunday, July 12th

I was up to Sinkeys in the morning after butter then home & Charley Herrington & me cut a bee tree - Very warm

Monday, July 13th

1 day - I was shocking Rye part of the forenoon then put on Iron Roofing - a shower afternoon

Tuesday, July 14th

Putting on roofing - 1 day

Wednesday, July 15th

1/2 - Finished the roof & shocked Rye forenoon - Afternoon I went up to Denisons with Jas Carpenter

Thursday, July 16th

I was after raspberries & hoeing in the garden forenoon - Rockey helped me to hive a swarm of bees in the eve

Friday, July 17th

It rained forenoon - I helped Bart cut a bee tree afternoon - I brought my bees home this eve

Saturday, July 18th

At home forenoon - We went to Jacks afternoon stayed all night

Sunday, July 19th

Came home after noon - stoped to Tom Hamiltons

Monday, July 20th

I was Haying for Bart - 3/4 day

Tuesday, July 21st

Haying part of the forenoon & part of the afternoon & it rained some - 1/2 day

Wednesday, July 22nd

It rained hard this morning - At home to day

Thursday, July 23rd

I was a hunting in the morning got two squirrels - Working at the Hay afternoon 1/2 d

Friday, July 24th

Haying to day - 1 day

Saturday, July 25th

3 3/4 days haying - Haying - Finished the North field - 1 day

Sunday, July 26th

Rockey & me was a hunting got 2 squirrels 3 pheasants - Found 1 bee tree

Monday, July 27th

At home all day - went a hunting in the eve got 2 rabbits

Tuesday, July 28th

Bell & me went to Cascade

Wednesday, July 29th

I was after Black Berries forenoon - Then I was working the roads

Thursday, July 30th

Working the roads

Friday, July 31st

I was a fishing got 2 Bass

Saturday, August 1st

It rained forenoon - At home forenoon & hunting afternoon got 2 squirrels & 1 rabbit

Sunday, August 2nd

It rained all last night - Rockey & me was a hunting got 1 squirrel then cut a bee tree then went & got 3 qts of Black Berries

Monday, August 3rd

I was up to Sinkeys after butter then Bell & me went & got 4 qts of berries

Tuesday, August 4th

At home forenoon got 3 qts of Berries afternoon

Wednesday, August 5th

I was after Berries got 6 qts

Thursday, August 6th

I went to Cascade with Chas Herrington

Friday, August 7th

Very warm - I was after berries got 3 qts - I was to Canton afternoon

Saturday, August 8th

3/4 day - I was helping stack Rye for Bart

Sunday, August 9th

Very warm - At home

Monday, August 10th

We spread out Barts oats in the morning - Afternoon Bell & me was after Berries afternoon got 12 qts - It rained afternoon

Tuesday, August 11th

It rained very hard last night - At home & after berries got 2 qts

Wednesday, August 12th

Hunting forenoon got 2 squirrels - At home afternoon

Thursday, August 13th

Rain - Patching the plaster forenoon - After berries got 3 qts - Bart begun to Thash this evening at 5 o'clock

Friday, August 14th

Helping Bart to Thrash - 1 day

Saturday, August 15th

At home forenoon up to Sinkeys after Butter afternoon

Sunday, August 16th

Very warm - Rockey & me cut 2 bee trees got 10 lbs honey

Monday, August 17th

Very warm - Thrashing all day - 1 day

Tuesday, August 18th

Thrashing all day - 1 day

Wednesday, August 19th

W. N. Tippett & me was a fishing got 6 Bass

Thursday, August 20th

Raining to day at home

Friday, August 21st

Rainy - At home - Fishing afternoon got 1 Bass

Saturday, August 22nd

Hunting forenoon got 2 squirrels - Caught Chubs for Bass

Sunday, August 23rd

Cold to day - Rockey & me was a fishing got 4 bass & 1 cat fish

Monday, August 24th

I went to Onslow Bell went to Lizzies

Tuesday, August 25th

We begun Deveneys house 3/4 d

Wednesday, August 26th

Frameing 3/4 d

Thursday, August 27th

Frost the first - Getting out the Cornice - 1 day

Friday, August 28th

Dressing window & door frames - 1 d

Saturday, August 29th

Rain - Came home this morning

Sunday, August 30th

Fishing dident get only 1

Monday, August 31st

We raised the house -1 day

Tuesday, September 1st

Putting up rafters & sheating 1 d

Wednesday, September 2nd

Sheating & putting on cornice 1

Thursday, September 3rd

Doing the same 1

Friday, September 4th

Putting on cornice & shingled the kitchen & put on sheating 1

Saturday, September 5th

Shingleing & finished the cornice 1 day

Sunday, September 6th

At home

Monday, September 7th

Shingleing & flooring 1 d

Tuesday, September 8th

Setting window frames & siding 1

Wednesday, September 9th

Siding 1

Thursday, September 10th

To Cascade Fare with Charles Herringtons team

Friday, September 11th

Siding all day - 1 day

Saturday, September 12th

Siding - 1 day

Sunday, September 13th

At home

Monday, September 14th

3/4 d - I was laying Floor then came home to School Meating

Tuesday, September 15th

3/4 day - Laying floor & shingleing porch

Wednesday, September 16th

Siding - 1 day

Thursday, September 17th

1 d - Siding some & fitting windows

Friday, September 18th

Finished siding & made door frames - 1 day

Saturday, September 19th

Put up partitions & filling corners & chimney rests & collar beams & got through ready for plastering

Sunday, September 20th

3/4 day - After hickory nuts forenoon then home afternoon

Monday, September 21st

I went to Onslow with Rockey

Tuesday, September 22nd

At not very well - W. N. T. begun work on Canton Mill

Wednesday, September 23rd

I went to Canton to work put in 3/4 day

Thursday, September 24th

Hot & dry - Laying porch floor - 1 day

Friday, September 25th

Hot - Put up scaffold forenoon - Went to Geo Dukes funeral - 1/2 day

Saturday, September 26th

Hot - Raised the Corn Crib - came home - 3/4 - 3 days this week

Sunday, September 27th

Very dusty - At home Jack & Lizzie was down

Monday, September 28th

Rain last night - Bells Mother & Rilla went to Clay Co to day - & Bell and me went after Hickory Nuts

Tuesday, September 29th

I was a fishing forenoon & to Canton afternoon & back

Wednesday, September 30th

After Hickory nuts forenoon went to Canton afternoon we riped out face boards 3/4 day

Thursday, October 1st

Put on face boards then put on roofing - 1 day

Friday, October 2nd

Put on roofing - 1 day

Saturday, October 3rd

Finished the Mill roof & put on some siding then it rained & we came home

3/4 d

Sunday, October 4th

I was to W. S. Reyners to day with Chas Herrington after his dog - It rained most all of last night - Cold to day

Monday, October 5th

I went to Canton forenoon put on siding & set window frames - 1/2

Tuesday, October 6th

Rained - Siding forenoon & layed floor afternoon - 1 d

Wednesday, October 7th

Siding & setting window frames - 1 day

Thursday, October 8th

Siding & makeing scaffold - 1 day

Friday, October 9th

Doing the same - 1 d

Saturday, October 10th

Siding & takeing down scaffold finished the East end of the mill - 1

5 1/2 days this week

Sunday, October 11th

At home

Monday, October 12th

Siding got to Canton at 8 o'clock - 1 day

Tuesday, October 13th

Siding & setting frames - 1 d

Wednesday, October 14th

Siding & takeing down scaffold - 1 day

Thursday, October 15th

Siding - 1 d

Friday, October 16th

Siding the porch & put up scaffold & put up Corn Crib - 1 d

Saturday, October 17th

Roofing the porch & caseing windows - 6 days this week - 1 d

Sunday, October 18th

At home

Monday, October 19th

We gathered W. N. Tippetts apples then i went to Tom Hamiltons & got some molasses

Tuesday, October 20th

Caseing windows 1 d

Wednesday, October 21st

Caseing windows forenoon & roofing Corn Crib afternoon 1 d

Thursday, October 22nd

Finished the Corn Crib roof then layed floor 1 d

Friday, October 23rd

1 d - Finished the floor then made doors & hung them

Saturday, October 24th

Finished setting the scales & the siding then begun in the office 1 d - 5 days this week

Sunday, October 25th

At home forenoon

Monday, October 26th

Put on Iron Cealing 1 d

Tuesday, October 27th

Finished the Cealing made a door frame 1 d

Wednesday, October 28th

Borded the out side of the Office & hung the door & helped on the Ice House 1 d

Thursday, October 29th

Finished the Ice House & made fence 1 d

Friday, October 30th

Finished fence & wood shed 1 d

Saturday, October 31st

Came home

Sunday, November 1st

Hunting forenoon - Charley brought Edie home this eve

Monday, November 2nd

Begun work on Hugh Corbitts barn 1 day

Tuesday, November 3rd

1/2 d - Frameing forenoon then went to Election afternoon

Wednesday, November 4th

We raised the barn - 1 day

Thursday, November 5th

Girting & leveling - 1 day

Friday, November 6th

Boarded the barn to day - 1 day

Saturday, November 7th

We went up to Hugh Corbitts - worked 1 hour then came home - it rained

Sunday, November 8th

At home forenoon hunting afternoon

Monday, November 9th

1 d - Put up scaffolds & the rafters

Tuesday, November 10th

Borded up Gable Ends & put up track - 1 day

Wednesday, November 11th

Put on sheating & begun to put on the iron - the first snow -1 day

Thursday, November 12th

Put on some iron & begun the Manger - 1 day

Friday, November 13th

Done the same - 1 day

Saturday, November 14th

It snowed most all day - We put on some roof & worked inside - 1 d - 6 this week

Sunday, November 15th

It rained all day

Monday, November 16th

Working at the Manger & finished the roof - 1 day

Tuesday, November 17th

Made doors & corn crib - finished Hughs barn

Wednesday, November 18th

12 days - We went to Deveneys to day - Begun to finish the house - 3/4 d

Thursday, November 19th

Hanging doors - 1 day

Friday, November 20th

Snow - working inside - 1 day

Saturday, November 21st

Doing the same - 1 day

Sunday, November 22nd

Cloudy & mudy - At home all day

Monday, November 23rd

Was to Deveneys - 3/4 day

Tuesday, November 24th

Putting down mop boards & hanging doors - 1

Wednesday, November 25th

Finished cealing the porch & put up brackets & put some hooks & got through - 1/2 day - Finished Deveneys house

Thursday, November 26th

Thanksgiving at forenoon - Chopping afternoon

Friday, November 27th

At home forenoon - It snowed hard Bart & me went a hunting afternoon got 2 rabbits

Saturday, November 28th

I went to Ozark with Rockey he got a load of hay to Abe Heister

Sunday, November 29th

18 below zero - We was a hunting a while got 11 rabbits

Monday, November 30th

Warmer - I drove W. N. Tippetts mare to Onslow

Tuesday, December 1st

I filed a saw for Dom English & chopped some wood

Wednesday, December 2nd

Chopping wood

Thursday, December 3rd

It rained all day steady

Friday, December 4th

Froze a little this morning & snowed some - I helped W. N. T. to butcher a hog forenoon - At home afternoon - the wind blew hard

Saturday, December 5th

I was over to Jack Orrs - It is a nice day

Sunday, December 6th

It is snowing hard all day - Rockey & Bart & me went a hunting got 2 rabbits

Monday, December 7th

I was a hunting got 5 rabbits & 2 squirrels

Tuesday, December 8th

Geo Shayer & me went up to Fox Ralstons & shot 7 rabbits

Wednesday, December 9th

Fox helped me draw 3 loads of wood forenoon - At home afternoon

Thursday, December 10th

Pleasant - Splitting wood & hunting forenoon got 2 squirrels at home afternoon

Friday, December 11th

Very pleasant - Splitting a little wood & fileing my saws

Saturday, December 12th

Very pleasant & mudy - Louie Bodenhoffer helped me to butcher a pig

Sunday, December 13th

Like summer - At home

Monday, December 14th

It rained last night & part of the forenoon, at home

Tuesday, December 15th

Rainy - At home

Wednesday, December 16th

I was up to Fletchers & put on a piece of hay track - At home after noon - Oren is going to stay all night - Dennis & Will Springer came down to day

Thursday, December 17th

Very pleasant - at home

Friday, December 18th

Pleasant again - at home

Saturday, December 19th

At home - I cut a little wood

Sunday, December 20th

Pleasant to day - We was to Barts to dinner

Monday, December 21st

I went to Maquoketa with Bart

Tuesday, December 22nd

Very Mudy - Stayed to the Ryle House - Came home to day

Wednesday, December 23rd

At home

Thursday, December 24th

Mudy - I was a hunting & up to Wm Fletchers after a chicken - It misting afternoon

Friday, December 25th

W. N. Tippett & wife & Bart & Rilla & Jack & Lizzie was here to dinner - misty forenoon - It turned colder afternoon - Blustering a little - It began to freeze up a little

Saturday, December 26th

Colder - Pleasant - At Home

Sunday, December 27th

Pleasant - I took my gun & went up to Tom Watters in the morning - at home the rest of the day

Monday, December 28th

I was chopping cord wood up the Carr Hollow

Tuesday, December 29th

Very pleasant - Chopping wood - I filed hand saw for Ed Hart

Wednesday, December 30th

Very warm - Chopped a little while in the morning - Harry came down - I was up to Ike Frenches after noon

Thursday, December 31st

I chopped wood a while & came home - It begun to rain a little




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