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Janet A. Brandt


Sunday, January 1st

9 belo zero & pleasant - At home - I was a skating a while in the morning - Jack Orr & family & Tom Hamilton & family was here to dinner

Monday, January 2nd

Pleasant - At home a fileing my saws

Tuesday, January 3rd

Pleasant - I went to Canton on skates - It thawed some to day

Wednesday, January 4th

Colder this morning - I went a hunting with D Gilbrath got nothing

Thursday, January 5th

We played cards untill 12,30 last night - I am 44 years of age - I went to Canton on skates afternoon came back with Bart

Friday, January 6th

Cooler - I put a shoe on Tom Hamiltons bob sled - It snowed a little last night - I went to Onslow with Tom H

Saturday, January 7th

Cold - At home

Sunday, January 8th

I was a skating a while - Jim Hanna & Perry Scroggie was here to dinner

Monday, January 9th

I went to Canton on skates fore noon & up to Ike Frenches after noon

Tuesday, January 10th

I went to Cascade with Dave G & Will Mc & Tom Hamilton

Wednesday, January 11th

At fore noon Arthur Taylor drawed me 3 loads of wood

Thursday, January 12th

Misty - Roy Walters & I went to Canton on skates - Cut wood afternoon

Friday, January 13th

Misty - It rained some last night the creek is up a little - I cut some wood to day

Saturday, January 14th

Bell went to H Corbitts to day - I fixed H Corbitts quilting frames & filed a saw for Tom Moran & finished my wood pile till i get some more - very mudy

Sunday, January 15th

Mudy yet - At home all day

Monday, January 16th

Like summer - At home

Tuesday, January 17th

At home - Bell sick to day with grip

Wednesday, January 18th

I went to Jack Orrs him & i went to Onslow to the Farmers Institute

Thursday, January 19th

I filed a saw for Neal Hertz - Made two wagon reaches for Mat Koppas & cut a little wood after noon

Friday, January 20th

I cut some wood

Saturday, January 21st

At home forenoon - Arthur Taylor drawed me 3 loads afternoon

Sunday, January 22nd

We all went to Canton on the ice

Monday, January 23rd

I went to B Grogans sale & it snowed so hard forenoon that it was postponed - It cleared of at noon - I went a rabbit hunting afternoon got 1

Tuesday, January 24th

Like summer - Cutting wood a while

Wednesday, January 25th

Warm - Cut wood forenoon went hunting afternoon got 1 rabbit

Thursday, January 26th

Blustering - It rained a little last night colder this morning snowing a little & blowing

Friday, January 27th

I fixed Tom Hamiltons wood rack forenoon - begun to cut my summer wood on the river bottom afternoon

Saturday, January 28th

Blustering a little to day

Sunday, January 29th

22 Below but pleasant - At home

Monday, January 30th

22 Pleasant - At home very cold

Tuesday, January 31st

24 Below pleasant - At home forenoon - i cut a little wood afternoon

Wednesday, February 1st

I chopped wood & filed 2 saws for Jas Kenedy

Thursday, February 2nd

Pleasant - I was to B Grogans sale

Friday, February 3rd

Cold - I was chopping most all day

Saturday, February 4th

Cold - Uncle Jack Harris came to day

Sunday, February 5th

Cold - At home all day - Sam Ross was burried to day - I filed 2 saws for Mal Kelly

Monday, February 6th

Cold - I cut a little wood & stoped

Tuesday, February 7th

22 Below Zero - At home all day - Uncle Jackson & Aunt Rachel & W. N. Tippett was here to day

Wednesday, February 8th

26 Below zero & blustering - very cold 12 below zero was the warmest - Tom Hamilton drawed me 5 loads of wood afternoon - blustering

Thursday, February 9th

30 Below - Uncle Jackson was here to dinner - I filed a saw for T Hamilton

Friday, February 10th

30 Below Zero - Uncle Jack Harris went from here to day - I sawed & split some wood to day

Saturday, February 11th

30 Below Zero - In the house all day

Sunday, February 12th

26 Below zero - At home - no snow yet this winter

Monday, February 13th

20 Below - I sawed & split wood forenoon - Jack & Lizzie was over after noon - I made a wagon reach for T Kelly & filed a saw for Jack Orr - It is warmer to night

Tuesday, February 14th

15 Above Zero - It is snowing a little this morning a light snow

Wednesday, February 15th

Like summer - The first warm day for 3 weeks - I sawed & split wood all day

Thursday, February 16th

Very warm - I finished my wood pile at noon - Bell went to Onslow with Roy & Kate

Friday, February 17th

Like summer - The last day of school - Hilah had a sociable took in $17,00

Saturday, February 18th

Very nice & pleasant - at home all day

Sunday, February 19th

Chilly & cloudy - At home - Jacks folks was here

Monday, February 20th

I was cutting a little more wood above the river bridge

Tuesday, February 21st

Rainy - I filed a saw for Mat Koppes

Wednesday, February 22nd

It was a snowing a little all day - It is very mudy - Tom Hamilton moved some things up on the Grogan Farm

Thursday, February 23rd

Tom Hamilton mooved to day - It snowed some last night & forenoon - Thawing off afternoon

Friday, February 24th

10 Below Zero - It is very pleasant this morning - I chopped some wood above the bridge

Saturday, February 25th

It is snowing hard - I helped Tom Hamilton drive his hogs up to the Grogan farm - It snow hard in the evening then turned to rain

Sunday, February 26th

It is sloppy this morning - Freezing some afternoon

Monday, February 27th

Pleasant - 10 Below Zero - It is cold this morning - I was to Tom Watters sale - Reese Taylor drawed me 3 loads of wood in the morning

Tuesday, February 28th

Pleasant - I was sawing & splitting wood

Wednesday, March 1st

Pleasant - I sawed & split wood forenoon & afternoon i cut 1/2 cord wood for Tom Hamilton

Thursday, March 2nd

I finished 1 cord at noon & stayed at home afternoon

Friday, March 3rd

I finished my summer wood to day - It thawed some to day - H Carson moved to day

Saturday, March 4th

It thawed some afternoon - I was at home

Sunday, March 5th

Pleasant - At home all day

Monday, March 6th

10 Below zero - I went to Canton forenoon & back - It is very blustering all day from the N.W.

Tuesday, March 7th

6 Below zero - I was up to I. N. Frenches most all day

Wednesday, March 8th

Pleasant - At home - It thawed some afternoon - the skating the best this forenoon that it has been this winter

Thursday, March 9th

Bell & I went to Jack Orrs - It thawed some to day

Friday, March 10th

I filed a saw for T Kelly & one for Wig Duffy

Saturday, March 11th

No mail untill evening - the river coming up - I was out to the river some to day watching for the ice to go but it dident

Sunday, March 12th

It rained some last night the ice went out this morning - It is snowing & blowing - It is a blizzard all day - The river was a raising untill 6 o'clock in the eve

Monday, March 13th

The ground froze hard this morning - I went to Canton forenoon & back

Tuesday, March 14th

The river is down - I went a cross & helped Wm Fletcher to saw wood - It snowed all forenoon then it rained & we came home

Wednesday, March 15th

Stormy forenoon - At home - I helped Wm Fletcher saw wood all afternoon

Thursday, March 16th

I went up to Jas Carpenters then to Mike Powers whare they was a sawing wood - I stayed untill after dinner then to Mr Koppesas helped them to set the saw

Friday, March 17th

It snowed & rained all day - Edie went to work for Mary Ames

Saturday, March 18th

The ground covered with snow this morning - Thawed off before night

Sunday, March 19th

Very mudy - At home all day - I filed a saw for D Grogan

Monday, March 20th

Ground froze hard - Cold this morning - Will Mc & I went to Canton a foot & back before noon

Tuesday, March 21st

I went to Onslow with Roy - it is very mudy

Wednesday, March 22nd

At home all day

Thursday, March 23rd

I was up to Jo Hannas, Lue Meads, Tom Greens to dinner then Jo Orrs then to Tom Hamiltons then to Tady Milans & home & filed a saw for Collins

Friday, March 24th

Pleasant - I was up to Tady Milans in the morning then helped to tap sugar bush then filed a saw for H Carson then up to Tom Greens & back

Saturday, March 25th

At home all day

Sunday, March 26th

At home all day - I filed a saw for H Corbit

Monday, March 27th

I was up to Mr Koppes to make a tank - worked untill noon & came home

Tuesday, March 28th

Blustering - The ground covered with snow again - I went to Canton with W. N. Tippett then i filed a saw for T Hamilton

Wednesday, March 29th

Cold - I went up to Chas Ames to see Edie

Thursday, March 30th

At home - I filed a saw for T Milan

Friday, March 31st

I was helping Reese to draw rock in the ditch behind the school house - went to Koppes afternoon put a tank togather & came home & filed a saw for Pat Deveny

Saturday, April 1st

Blustering - I went up to Mr Koppes worked 3 hrs came home

Sunday, April 2nd

Edie came home from Chas Ameses

Monday, April 3rd

I helped W. N. Tippett to blast rock out of the garden - Bell went to Minervia Shroyer she is sick

Tuesday, April 4th

I went up to Koppeses & finished fixing the porch went after Bell up to Shroyers - I got timber for my work at Koppes the piece at the top of the hill

Wednesday, April 5th

The ground froze hard yet - At home most all day - I went out to Geo Shroyers afternoon & in the evening again

Thrusday, April 6th

Misty - Bell & Roy went to Georges this morning - Bell & I went to Canton with H. Carson to the M. B. A. Supper

Friday, April 7th

At home most all day - I went up to see Minervia Shroyer

Saturday, April 8th

I took my tool chest up to Jo Orrs

Sunday, April 9th

Minervia Shroyer died this morning at 6 o'clock - I was thare all day

Monday, April 10th

I & Matie & Sadie French & Jas Reid stayed all last night & went to the funeral at Canton at 11 o'clock then to Hickory Grove

Tuesday, April 11th

I begun work for Jo Orr 8:30 3/4 day

Wednesday, April 12th

Finished the tool house & begun a hog house 1 d

Thursday, April 13th

We raised to day 1 d

Friday, April 14th

Girting & siding 1 d

Saturday, April 15th

Finished siding & put on sheating & came home 1 day

Sunday, April 16th

At home - I was to Hannah Snyders to supper then up to Lue Meads

Monday, April 17th

I stayed to Lue Meads last night went to Jo Orrs finished sheating & shingled afternoon 1 d

Tuesday, April 18th

Shingled all day 1 d

Wednesday, April 19th

Finished shingleing at noon then i made a door for tool house

Thursday, April 20th

Made doors & layed floor 1 d

Friday, April 21st

Finished floor & put in the partitions 1 day 9 3/4 days

Saturday, April 22nd

Jo brought my tool chest to Hannah Snyders then i came home - Bell & I were to Canton after noon

Sunday, April 23rd

At home most all day - I went to Jim Kennedys in the evening

Monday, April 24th

I was shingleing for Jim Kennedy 1 d

Tuesday, April 25th

I was a shingleing got through & made a celler door 1 d

Wednesday, April 26th

I was makeing a cuppboard & came home 3 days $5,25

Thursday, April 27th

I went to Hannah Snyders & begun work on her house 3/4 d

Friday, April 28th

I was makeing window & door frames - cut rafters - went to Onslow in the eve

Saturday, April 29th

I cut studing & put on ship lap on the old house 3/4 d 2 1/2

Sunday, April 30th

It rained hard this morning the creek is high

Monday, May 1st

I was shingleing 1 day

Tuesday, May 2nd

I begun siding the old house 3/4 d

Wednesday, May 3rd

Siding & striping caseing & cornice 1 day

Thursday, May 4th

Siding 1

Friday, May 5th

Finished siding old house 1 d

Saturday, May 6th

I cut some joice put in 1 sill 1/4 5 days - Henry Carson plowed my garden we planted potatoes and truck

Sunday, May 7th

It rained most of the day by spells

Monday, May 8th

At home forenoon went to Hannah Snyders afternoon worked 1/4 day

Tuesday, May 9th

We raised the house to day 1 day

Wednesday, May 10th

Raising & sheating 1 day

Thursday, May 11th

Sheating 1 d

Friday, May 12th

Put up the rafters & put up the porch 1 d

Saturday, May 13th

Sheating - put on porch rafters & begun cornice & came home - 1 d - 5 1/4 - It rained in the evening

Sunday, May 14th

It rained most all day

Monday, May 15th

It rained all forenoon we went to Snyders afternoon worked 1/4 d

Tuesday, May 16th

It rained this morning hard put window frames togather 1 d

Wednesday, May 17th

Sheating & put on cornice 1 d

Thursday, May 18th

Shingleing 1 d

Friday, May 19th

Finished shingleing at noon then put on siding 1 d

Saturday, May 20th

Put on siding all day 1 d 5 1/4 days

Sunday, May 21st

It rained this forenoon - I went to Snyders this eve

Monday, May 22nd

Siding to day 1 d

Tuesday, May 23rd

Siding to day 1 d

Wednesday, May 24th

Siding & putting on ceiling 1 d - They had a dance to night

Thursday, May 25th

Ceiling 1 d

Friday, May 26th

Ceiling & siding the celler way 1 d

Saturday, May 27th

Finished the celler & layed floor up stairs & came home - 6 days this week

Sunday, May 28th

At home - went to Snyders afternoon went with Jo & Mary Hanna - It rained offel hard in the eve

Monday, May 29th

I was layin floor & got through then made wood house door & hung the other wood house door 1 d

Tuesday, May 30th

Hung celler door & made one 1 d

Wednesday, May 31st

Made celler door & frame & made celler window frame & put in the windows & came home 1 d - Edie came to stay - 27 in all

Thursday, June 1st

Arthur Taylor plowed my potato patch & i planted potatoes & garden truck

Friday, June 2nd

I went to Onslow with Roy forenoon - I made Hugh Corbitt a corn plow evening - we had a hard rain this eve

Saturday, June 3rd

I caught 1 cat fish this morning - I went to Canton afternoon

Sunday, June 4th

I was at home all day - Caught 1 cat fish - It rained in the evening

Monday, June 5th

I walked to Canton & back

Tuesday, June 6th

We went to Geo Scroggies to work on his corn crib 3/4 d

Wednesday, June 7th

Frameing & came home 3/4

Thursday, June 8th

I draged my potato patch & howed in the garden then went & got 2 squirrels

Friday, June 9th

I went to Onslow with Roy back to Jack Orrs to dinner - Bell went to Canton afternoon after butter

Saturday, June 10th

At home all day - Josie & Mate went over to Jacks to the last day of school they stayed all night

Sunday, June 11th

Jack & Lizzie was over to day - no rain to day the first Sunday for a long time

Monday, June 12th

We put up the stonework for Geo Scroggies corn crib to day 1 d

Tuesday, June 13th

We raised the corn crib to day 1 d

Wednesday, June 14th

Girting & putting up posts 1 d

Thursday, June 15th

Siding to day & sheating begun to shingle a 4 o'clock

Friday, June 16th

Finished shingleing begun the big doors 1 d

Saturday, June 17th

Finished the doors & layed floor 1 d - I got a pig from Geo Scroggie - we was to Roys had Ice Cream - rain to night - 6 days this week

Sunday, June 18th

At home

Monday, June 19th

We went to Geo Scroggies & finished his corn crib forenoon 8 days in all then we took our tools to Hannah Snyders - very hot to day

Tuesday, June 20th

I went to Canton in the morning

Wednesday, June 21st

I was hoeing in the garden a while - Bell went to Onslow with her Pa

Thursday, June 22nd

I was hoeing potatoes part forenoon - Harry Hall came to day - it rained hard this afternoon

Friday, June 23rd

The last day of school had a Picnic - Mary Bates teacher

Saturday, June 24th

At home all day

Sunday, June 25th

Harry is here yet - I went to Hannah Snyders in eve

Monday, June 26th

We was finishing the house 1 d

Tuesday, June 27th

The same 1 d

Wednesday, June 28th

The same 1 d

Thursday, June 29th

The same 1 d

Friday, June 30th

Doing the same 1 d

Saturday, July 1st

Makeing screen frames 1 d - I was taken in to the M B A Lodge this eve

Sunday, July 2nd

At home all day

Monday, July 3rd

It is raining this morning - it rained all day long

Tuesday, July 4th

It rained most all last night & it is raining yet this morning - I have a tooth ache

Wednesday, July 5th

I was putting wire on windows & hanging screen doors

Thursday, July 6th

Doing the same forenoon got through at noon & Willie Reid brought us home - We finished the house 34 1/2 days in all - I howed some in the garden

Friday, July 7th

I howed some in the morning - After raspberries after noon 15 quarts

Saturday, July 8th

I was hoeing potatoes

Sunday, July 9th

I was after Raspberries - Went to Birt Duboises

Monday, July 10th

I went to Monmouth then to Maquoketa

Tuesday, July 11th

At Maquoketa all day

Wednesday, July 12th

To Maquoketa all day

Thursday, July 13th

Rain - We came home forenoon

Friday, July 14th

Some rain - at home all day

Saturday, July 15th

Hot - At home all day went to Lodge in the evening

Sunday, July 16th

Hot - Jacks folks came over him & i went to Ozark & to Canton then home after hay hands

Monday, July 17th

I was up to on the Prairie Tom Geeens to dinner then to I. N. Frenches to supper

Tuesday, July 18th

I tried to catch some Bass & couldent then home the rest of day

Wednesday, July 19th

I was to Onslow with Willie Walters I came back to Chas Ames to dinner then to Mr Scroggies then to see Old Mrs Butler then home

Thursday, July 20th

I went & shot 3 squirrels at home the rest of the day

Friday, July 21st

Very hot - I was to Canton forenoon at home afternoon - Pickey Jacobs died this morning

Saturday, July 22nd

Hot - I went hunting got 2 squirrels in the morning at home rest of day

Sunday, July 23rd

At home Hot

Monday, July 24th

I started to go to Mr Parshalls & it began to rain I came back home

Tuesday, July 25th

W. N. Tippett went to Richard Demoss (es) looking for a job back by Canton

Wednesday, July 26th

I was shingleing R Greens kitchen 1 day

Thursday, July 27th

At home all day

Friday, July 28th

I went to Canton with H Carson forenoon - Bell & May went to Jim Boyds

Saturday, July 29th

At home all day after black berries in the morning got 5 quarts - I am going to Lodge to night

Sunday, July 30th

At home all day

Monday, July 31st

I was helping Pete Hertz to stack oats

Tuesday, August 1st

It rained a nice shower this morning - I made Fletcher a wagon reach then went to Onslow with him

Wednesday, August 2nd

I was helping Pete Hertz stack oats 1 d

Thursday, August 3rd

It is raining this morning hot afternoon

Friday, August 4th

Bell went to Monticello with her folks to bring the team back - they are going to Clay Co - Edie went to - I went to Hertz to stack oats - It was to wet i came home - went up after dinner stacked 4 loads then it rained i came home

Saturday, August 5th

It rained in the morning - the Woodman Picnic to Onslow - I was at home all day

Sunday, August 6th

Bell & i were to Jack Orrs to day

Monday, August 7th

I was helping P Hertz stack oats got through

Tuesday, August 8th

Josie & I started to Cascade & it began to rain we came back

Wednesday, August 9th

Hot - Josie & i went to Cascade very hot afternoon

Thursday, August 10th

Hot - I drove to Canton after ground feed & dident get eny

Friday, August 11th

100 deg in shade - I was helping Roy to stack oats - nearly played out very hot

Saturday, August 12th

At home all day - I drove Bell to Canton to Lodge in the eve

Sunday, August 13th

At home - Bell went to Church

Monday, August 14th

I took Mag Kerr to see the Dr at Canton forenoon went to I. N. Frenches afternoon

Tuesday, August 15th

Pleasant - At home forenoon & to the Picnic to Temple Hill - Bell & i & the children

Wednesday, August 16th

I was cutting rafters & shingleing for T Keating 1 d

Thursday, August 17th

Shingleing all day 1 d

Friday, August 18th

Very hot - Finished shingleing made a wood box then put up the posts & frame for a cow shed 1 d

Saturday, August 19th

At home forenoon - Bell & I went to Canton afternoon

Sunday, August 20th

At home forenoon - Bell & I was up to Geo Reids & Jim Carpenters to supper

Monday, August 21st

I made Pete Hertz a tank

Tuesday, August 22nd

Hot - I was working roads

Wednesday, August 23rd

Worked roads forenoon - dident do eny thing after noon

Thursday, August 24th

I went a fishing forenoon got 3 Bass at home afternoon - Went to Jim Boyds to a dance

Friday, August 25th

Old Mrs Kelly is burried to day - I was up to the graveyard helping to clean the yard

Saturday, August 26th

At home all day - went to Lodge in the evening

Sunday, August 27th

Hot - Bell & i & the children went to Lue Butlers

Monday, August 28th

Hot - I went to Scotch Grove to see the plan of a new school house - Bell went to T Greens

Tuesday, August 29th

At home all day

Wednesday, August 30th

I went to Canton afternoon - H Carson went with me - at home afternoon - Old Mrs Butler died this fore noon at 10 o'clock

Thursday, August 31st

Very hot - Bell & i were to the funeral

Friday, September 1st

Hot - H Carson & i went to Monmouth to the M W A Picnic

Saturday, September 2nd

Bell & Josie went to Monticello after her folks & Edie

Sunday, September 3rd

I went a hunting in the morning got 4 squirrels

Monday, September 4th

Very hot - W. N. Tippett & I went to R Demosses to day

Tuesday, September 5th

I went to Onslow with Willie Walters forenoon at after noon

Wednesday, September 6th

W. N. Tippett & I went to begin a barn for Dan Magee - worked 1/2 day

Thursday, September 7th

Frameing 1 day - hot to day

Friday, September 8th

We raised the barn to day 1 d

Saturday, September 9th

Worked to day forenoon 1/2 day & came home afternoon - I went to Lodge

Sunday, September 10th

At home untill evening then went up to D Magees

Monday, September 11th

Put up top plates 1 day

Tuesday, September 12th

Worked all day 1 day

Wednesday, September 13th

First frost - worked all day 1 day

Thursday, September 14th

Shingleing 1 day

Friday, September 15th

1 d - shingleing part of the day

Saturday, September 16th

Makeing doors came home 1 day

Sunday, September 17th

I went to Canton with Reese Taylor

Monday, September 18th

We went to Dan Magees worked 3/4

Tuesday, September 19th

Worked to day 1 d

Wednesday, September 20th

We finished D Magees barn this after noon - I went to Monticello with him after our money 22 3/4 days $20,00

Thursday, September 21st

We went to R Demosses worked 3/4 days frameing on his house

Friday, September 22nd

Rain - frameing 1/2

Saturday, September 23rd

Worked 1/2 d came home - I went to Lodge with Carson

Sunday, September 24th

Tom Greens folks was here

Monday, September 25th

Finished frameing then raised the house 1 d

Tuesday, September 26th

Sheating sides 1 d Wednesday, September 27th

Sheating 1 d

Thursday, September 28th

The wind blue hard I was working on window frames 1 d

Friday, September 29th

Raised the rafters 1 d

Saturday, September 30th

Putting on cornice 1 day came home in the evening - the first hard frost this morning

Sunday, October 1st

It is trying to rain

Monday, October 2nd

Finished cornice & sheating 1 d

Tuesday, October 3rd

Sheating & shingleing 1 d

Wednesday, October 4th

Finished shingleing & put on a little siding

Thursday, October 5th

Made window frames 1 day

Friday, October 6th

Made frames & set them 1 day

Saturday, October 7th

Put up collar beams & laid floor 1 day & came home - I was to Lodge Jas Sinkey was took in last night

Sunday, October 8th

I filed a saw for Mal Kelly

Monday, October 9th

Worked to day laying floor 1 day

Tuesday, October 10th

Laying floor 1 d

Wednesday, October 11th

Makeing porches & set window frames

Thursday, October 12th

Makeing porches 1 day

Friday, October 13th

Finished porches then begun siding 1 d

Saturday, October 14th

Siding all day came home 1 day

Sunday, October 15th

At home

Monday, October 16th

Siding 1 day

Tuesday, October 17th

Siding 1 d

Wednesday, October 18th

Siding 1 d

Thursday, October 19th

Siding in the morning finished the house at noon untill after plastering - came to Canton to Dr Beldens sale then came home

Friday, October 20th

Began a cow barn for N. L Sutton

Saturday, October 21st

Worked on the barn then stayed untill after Lodge - came back with Reese & Henry Carson & Wm Fletcher

Sunday, October 22nd

Henry Carson & i went to Jas Carpenters & T Greens & back to dinner

Monday, October 23rd

We was siding Ned Suttons barn 1 d

Tuesday, October 24th

Sheating & shingle 1 day

Wednesday, October 25th

Shingleing untill noon then rain 1 d

Thursday, October 26th

Finished shingleing - I put in 2 windows made doors

Friday, October 27th

Finished the stantion then i went to help Will Nichols

Saturday, October 28th

We finished Wm Nichols shingleing 3/4 - 7 days for N. L. Sutton $12,25

Was to Lodge Reese Taylor went in

Sunday, October 29th

At home - C. S. Ames & wife was here to dinner

Monday, October 30th

Frost - very pleasant - I walked to Onslow came back to Jo Orrs to dinner then home

Tuesday, October 31st

I was up to W. S. Carrs then down to whare Walter & Claud are building there house

Wednesday, November 1st

Cloudy & chilly - I went down to work for Walter Carr & I dident feel well enough & i came back

Thursday, November 2nd

Cloudy & cold - Bell went to Onslow - It is snowing a little

Friday, November 3rd

At home all day

Saturday, November 4th

Like summer - Bell went to Canton to get shoes for the girls got Mate & Ora a pair - I went to Lodge with Carson

Sunday, November 5th

Very pleasant - Artie Ames brought Edie home - John & Em Young was here

Monday, November 6th

I went to R Demosses after some of my tools

Tuesday, November 7th

Election - I went forenoon & began work on Walter Carrs house 1/2 d

Wednesday, November 8th

I was caseing frames & setting them 1 d

Thursday, November 9th

I was siding 1 day

Friday, November 10th

Siding 1 day

Saturday, November 11th

Hung 1 door & case 1 finished the floor down stairs & put down threshold 1/2 d

Sunday, November 12th

Bell & I were to Jacks

Monday, November 13th

I went to buy some corn from E Legget then went up to Mr Scroggies Old Mrs Scroggie died 10 o'clock last night

Tuesday, November 14th

Bell & I went to Mrs Scroggies funeral with Mr Fletcher - I got a load of corn this afternoon from E Leggett

Wednesday, November 15th

Finished siding made 2 window frames 1 day

Thursday, November 16th

Fitting windows hung 1 door 1 day

Friday, November 17th

I made the stairs & layed the up stairs floor 1 day

Saturday, November 18th

I went down to Carrs & finished & came home 7 1/4 days $12,50 Went to Lodge in eve Wm Ralston & Geo Plunket joined

Sunday, November 19th

Bell & I was up to W Carrs

Monday, November 20th

I worked on Jas Johnsons house 1 d

Tuesday, November 21st

Cloudy - worked to day 1 d

Wednesday, November 22nd

Worked all day 1 d

Thursday, November 23rd

We finished the floor at noon & i came home 3 1/2 days $6,00

Friday, November 24th

Cloudy - I was chopping some wood

Saturday, November 25th

Pleasant - I went to Canton to help clean the Hall

Sunday, November 26th

At home all day

Monday, November 27th

Pleasant - I was chopping a little - School began to day Mattie Carson teacher

Tuesday, November 28th

Pleasant - I was cutting wood

Wednesday, November 29th

Like summer - I was chopping wood - I filed a hand saw for T Milan

Thursday, November 30th

Cloudy & rainy - I cut some wood went up to Mr Hertz to stake out the ground for a new house

Friday, December 1st

Pleasant - I chopped some wood - we went to Jas Boyds with H Carson to a dance was thare all night

Saturday, December 2nd

At home we cleaned the school house & put up the flag pole - Edie & Josie went to Onslow with Grand Pas horse - I went to Lodge with H Carson - Bert Potter & Chas Ross was taken in to night

Sunday, December 3rd

Snowing most of the day a little the first tracking snow - Jack & Lizzie were here to day

Monday, December 4th

Ed Kerr drawed me 8 loads of wood fore noon then i went to Canton after noon a foot

Tuesday, December 5th

I was cutting wood

Wednesday, December 6th

Cut wood forenoon then went down to R Demoss to finish his house worked 2 hrs

Thursday, December 7th

Very warm - Hanging doors & getting out caseing 1 day

Friday, December 8th

Like summer - ceiling porches 1 d

Saturday, December 9th

Putting down base boards & hung 2 doors - came home at 2 o'clock - It rained most all day

Sunday, December 10th

Foggy - At home - Lizzie & Lya Orr came over after noon & Bell went home with them

Monday, December 11th

It rained forenoon rained all day afternoon hard - it began to snow at 6 o'clock

Tuesday, December 12th

The trees are bent over with snow - we went to Demosses forenoon worked after noon 1/2

Wednesday, December 13th

I was weinscoting the kitchen 1 day

Thursday, December 14th

I hung 2 doors up stairs got through at noon - came home afternoon - we worked 28 days on Demosses house - he brought our tools home - the roads are some rough not enough snow for sleighing $49,00

Friday, December 15th

I was at home sharpening my tools - I went a hunting afternoon got 1 rabbit

Saturday, December 16th

I cut some wood & filed a saw for H Carson 2 for H Moran & 1 for Jack Lang went to Lodge with H Carson

Sunday, December 17th

At home was hunting afternoon got 1 rabbit - thare is skating from Canton to Clay Mills

Monday, December 18th

It rained most all day - We made out a bill of lumber for P Hertz

Tuesday, December 19th

At home forenoon to J Boyds after noon

Wednesday, December 20th

I went to Maquoketa

Thursday, December 21st

At Maquoketa

Friday, December 22nd

At Maquoketa

Saturday, December 23rd

Came home

Sunday, December 24th

Colder - The girls & I went to Canton on the ice - it is nice

Monday, December 25th

Cold - To Canton afternoon on the ice - Roy & Kate were here to dinner - Josie & i went to the dance on the ice

Tuesday, December 26th

Got home at 5 o'clock - I went to Canton on the ice forenoon - I sent some tools to Jim Boyds this evening

Wednesday, December 27th

Cold - I went to Jim Boyds & put up some stantions 7 hrs

Thursday, December 28th

Cold - Hung 1 door in the & put on window stops 7 hrs

Friday, December 29th

Cold - Put on door locks & put up shelves 5 hours & they brought me home

Saturday, December 30th

12 below - I cut some wood forenoon - Edie, Josie & i went to Canton on the ice - I went to Lodge on skates - Election to night - Allen Duke was taken in to night

Sunday, December 31st

Cold - At home




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