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Wednesday, January 1st

Very Pleasant - Jennie & Lue Mead were here & Ode Sinkey - We went rabbit hunting forenoon with F Smiths ferrett got 7 - Lue went with me up to Jo Hannas to rent his house

Thursday, January 2nd

At home & up to Lues afternoon & brought his saw down & filed it

Friday, January 3rd

At home

Saturday, January 4th

Mudy all afternoon - I was up to Al Sinkeys bought 12 hens then went up to Jack Orrs & Neelans was to Jacks to dinner then home

Sunday, January 5th

Pleasant - 6 above zero - I am 53 years of age to day - I went up to Al Sinkeys & paid them $3,00 for a dozen hens

Monday, January 6th

Very pleasant - Mr DeSart drawed me a load of wood up to Jo Hannas place

Tuesday, January 7th

I went up to Mr DeSarts got 3 hens went up to Lue Meads back & filed 2 saws for Mal Kelly

Wednesday, January 8th

Colder - Murl DeSart brought me 2 more hens - Lue & Charley were here to dinner we packed our fruit

Thursday, January 9th

Lue took our fruit up to Jo Hannas place they had a dance here had a good time

Friday, January 10th

Warm - Tady Milan & Jo DeMoss took me 2 loads of wood up to Jo Hannas place - I went to Lodge with I Eads

Saturday, January 11th

At home

Sunday, January 12th

Blustering - It is snowing hard this morning - It dident snow much

Monday, January 13th

Warm & thawed some - Irving Eads brought me a load of house hold goods we set up the cook stove

Tuesday, January 14th

Nice weather - We moved to day - J Neelans & J Orr & Will Mc & Lue Mead brought me loads

Wednesday, January 15th

Fixing up things - blustering

Thursday, January 16th

Very pleasant - Doing the same - Fred Smith brought me up a load of wood - Lue & Jennie was here

Friday, January 17th

I went to Onslow with Jo Hanna forenoon

Saturday, January 18th

40 above zero like summer - Clifford & i went & got 2 rabbits - Ivah & Ruth were here to day

Sunday, January 19th

42 above like summer - Mr Hannas house caught a fire this morning but we got it put out - we were up thare afternoon

Monday, January 20th

Very warm - Clifford started to school to day - I went & got 1 rabbit & 1 squirrel

Tuesday, January 21st

I went to Onslow with Tom Green he took a load of hogs for Jo Hanna - I came back with Jo Hanna - Edna Franks died at 1 o'clock this morning

Wednesday, January 22nd

We washed this morning - Grand Pa & Ma came up this forenoon - It snowed a little at 3 o'clock the wind blew hard in the eve

Thursday, January 23rd

Very pleasant 2 above - I was to M Supple & Hannah Snyders afternoon

Friday, January 24th

Cold to day - Edna Franks burried to day

Saturday, January 25th

Very warm all day - Clifford & i began to cut wood on Hannah Snyders forenoon - filed a saw afternoon

Sunday, January 26th

Blustering - I went to Mike Supples got 1 1/2 bu of Barley & Oats then went borrowed Orens sledge & weges - Frank Smith & Matie were here to day

Monday, January 27th

Helped to wash forenoon split some wood afternoon

Tuesday, January 28th

Clear but the wind blue cold - I cut a little wood forenoon went to Onslow afternoon with Jo Hanna

Wednesday, January 29th

10 Below - At home - very pleasant - P Mulvehill died afternoon

Thursday, January 30th

I & Clifford cut wood forenoon - Jack & Lizzie were up - Mal Kelleys child died this morning

Friday, January 31st

It began to snow last night & it snowed all day - Mr Mulvihill & Mal Kelleys child was burried to day

Saturday, February 1st

At home all day - It is an offell blizzard to day

Sunday, February 2nd

14 Below - At home - Lue Mead & Jo Hanna were here a while - Ollie & Alice & Howard Green were here with Eave

Monday, February 3rd

Pleasant - I went & got 2 rabbits

Tuesday, February 4th

Clifford & I cut wood down on the river untill 2 o'clock & it snowed so hard we stopped - It began to snow at noon

Wednesday, February 5th

Blustering & rain - It began to rain last eve & rained some all night untill noon then it begun to snow & blow

Thursday, February 6th

Pleasant - 8 above - some blustering - Fred Johnson died yesterday - I was up to Jo Hannas afternoon a while

Friday, February 7th

Pleasant 8 above zero - I went after the weges & sledge & i took the gun & got 3 rabbits went to Maggie Powers after butter took the gun & got 3 rabbits

Saturday,February 8th

Very windy - Clifford & went a hunting forenoon got 6 rabbits - Ora came up from Grand Pas this eve

Sunday, February 9th

Very pleasant 20 above - Matie came home to day - Rilla & Syble came over

Monday, February 10th

Misting - I went with Roy to Grant Beckwiths helped Jo Hanna to saw wood part of the afternoon

Tuesday, February 11th

Misting some - Finished Jo wood he drawed me a jag of wood afternoon the sleighing most all gone

Wednesday, February 12th

Jo drawed me 3 jages of wood to day - the river comeing up

Thursday, February 13th

Jo & I went after wood & the river all over the bottom

Friday, February 14th

I went to Mrs Streepers funeral with Jo

Saturday, February 15th

Pleasant - Jo Hanna & Ernie Horton F Smith & myself dug Mrs Herringtons grave this afternoon we herd later that it was a mistake - It was Mrs Henry Neelans

Sunday, February 16th

Very pleasant but cold - Jo & i went to the grave yard helped to dig Mrs H Neelans grave came home got dinner then went to the funeral

Monday, February 17th

6 above very pleasant - Helped to wash then went down to the river to see my wood & i couldent get to it for ice then i went to Hannah Snyders & Wm Morans bought 10 bu barley - It is like summer to day

Tuesday, February 18th

It began to snow some time last night & it is very hard to day this is the worst storm we have had snow & blow

Wednesday, February 19th

10 above - It is pleasant to day but drifting some - no mail

Thursday, February 20th

At home - Dimp Sinkey came here after

Friday, February 21st

Pleasant - Dimp went home this morning

Saturday, February 22nd

Very pleasant - Jo Hanna went to Harry Morans after some barley for me - I went to Onslow with him afternoon the sleighing gone again

Sunday, February 23rd

Very warm - Matie came home from J Neelans then Fred Smith & Hannah Ralston came then Henry Carson & family then Ode Sinkey - In the evening Oren came over a while

Monday, February 24th

Like summer - It thawed a lot to day - I made Jo Hanna a sled bolster & filed a saw for P Koppas

Tuesday, February 25th

At home forenoon & to the Carson Farm Sale after noon - It thawed some more to day River high

Wednesday, February 26th

A little colder - At home all day

Thursday, February 27th

6 above - I drove Tom Greens team to Onslow with hogs

Friday, February 28th

I was to Hannah Snyders in the morning - Lue fixed Jo wind mill - Ora came up

Saturday, February 29th

I went down to Lue Meads was thare to dinner & home - It begun to rain in the eve

Sunday, March 1st

It thundered last night & hard lightening rain - Grand Pa came up after Ora

Monday, March 2nd

I went to Wm Keating was thare to dinner then to Jack Orrs a few minutes then to Neelans - It is very mudy this eve

Tuesday, March 3rd

Pleasant - at home

Wednesday, March 4th

I went to John Supples in the morning

Thursday, March 5th

It rained to day thunder & lightening in the eve - Bell went up to see Edie she is sick

Friday, March 6th

The wind blew very hard to day

Saturday, March 7th

Very pleasant - I went down to the river in the morning to see if i could get to my wood & couldent for the ice - Bell & i went to Onslow after noon with Jo & Mary - Bell stoped to see Edie a few minutes - Matie came home this eve

Sunday, March 8th

Pleasant - Matie at home to day

Monday, March 9th

Very pleasant - I was to T Morans to day

Tuesday, March 10th

I was to Clay Mills to day came home & helped Tom Green saw wood

Wednesday, March 11th

Bell to see Edie afternoon - I helped Jo Hanna to butcher a hog we went to Caucus in the eve - Matie came home this noon

Thursday, March 12th

Like summer - Ma & Matie made her a dress - she went home the eve

Friday, March 13th

Pleasant - colder - I was at home all day

Saturday, March 14th

Very warm - I helped T Green shingle his porch - Ora came home from Grand Pas her & Clifford went up to see Edie

Sunday, March 15th

It rained a little last night cleared off this morning then it clouded again

Monday, March 16th

Colder snowing a little - I went to Jack Orrs & Jack Neelans forenoon

Tuesday, March 17th

I went to John Neelans to tare down the old creamery 9 hrs

Wednesday, March 18th

I worked untill 11 o'clock then came home with a cold - It was very damp

Thursday, March 19th

At home all day with a bad cold - David Orr died this evening at 8 o'clock

Friday, March 20th

Cold most all day - I was takeing the roof off the creamery 1 day - I came home in the evening

Saturday, March 21st

Very pleasant & windy - We were to Mr Orrs funeral to day

Sunday, March 22nd

Ode Sinkey was up to day Clifford went home with him

Monday, March 23rd

I was to the creamery to work 1 day Tuesday, March 24th

Working to day - It snowed some to day 1 d

Wednesday, March 25th

Worked to day 1 d

Thursday, March 26th

Worked to day came home in the eve 1 d

Friday, March 27th

Went back this morning it began to rain - I came home after noon It rained hard

Saturday, March 28th

At home all day with a cold - Ora went over to Neelans

Sunday, March 29th

Pleasant - Matie & Ora & Frank Smith came over to day

Monday, March 30th

I went to the creamery worked untill 2 o'clock then it rained

Tuesday, March 31st

Very mudy - We loaded the big churn then i came home before noon

Wednesday, April 1st

Very windy - At home - It rained some forenoon then cleared of - Bell went to Ella Orrs with Bell Green

Thursday, April 2nd

Very cold & windy - At home the ground froze hard to day

Friday, April 3rd

I went & finished takeing down the creamery then began to take down the barn 1 day

Saturday, April 4th

Finished the the barn & came home 3/4 d

Sunday, April 5th

At home to day

Monday, April 6th

I went to Tom Morans to make him a house for his engin - rain 3/4

Tuesday, April 7th

Working on the building rain 8 hrs

Wednesday, April 8th

Sheating siding & shingleing 1d

Thursday, April 9th

Finished this fore noon then helped Bart put up shaft & pulleys & set the engin 1/2 then came home - Bell went to her Fathers

Friday, April 10th

At home Bell came home afternoon Saturday, April 11th

Cold to day - At home fore noon - Clifford & i went to Onslow afternoon with Tom Greens horse brought Olie home

Sunday, April 12th

Fred Smith was here to day Matie was home

Monday, April 13th

I went to L E Meads to make a kitchen 1 d

Tuesday, April 14th

Doing the same

Wednesday, April 15th

Doing the same

Thursday, April 16th

Working on the kitchen 1 d

Friday, April 17th

I finished at noon & came home to work in the garden I put radishes & onions out 1/2

Saturday, April 18th

I went to Onslow with Jo Hanna

Sunday, April 19th

Easter - Very pleasant - Lue Mead & family were here & Mate was home

Monday, April 20th

Very warm - I was planting potatoes

Tuesday, April 21st

I made Jo Hanna a cane & worked in the garden

Wednesday, April 22nd

I was fixing Geo Scroggies barn doors 3/4

Thursday, April 23rd

It rained a little this morning then stoped - I made celler doors & began a privy 3/4 - It begun to rain at 4 o'clock again

Friday, April 24th

It rained hard forenoon - I went up to Scroggies & worked a while - I went up afternoon & finished the privy

Saturday, April 25th

It rained all forenoon - I went & got my tools afternoon

Sunday, April 26th

At home - Matie came home to day - Bell & i were over to Orens afternoon

Monday, April 27th

Some snow - I went to Wm Keatings & took the wind mill tower apart - It began to rain at 10,30 - It snowed afternoon - Lue came home with me - It stormed all afternoon

Tuesday, April 28th

Some snow - We went back to Keatings this morning I worked 7 hrs & came home to cold

Wednesday, April 29th

I went back this morning worked all day tareing down all day

Thursday, April 30th

Hard frost - Worked all day tareing down barn all day - Finished & came home this evening cold part of the day

Friday, May 1st

Chilley & windy - At home fileing my saws & sawing a little wood

Saturday, May 2nd

Hard freeze - At home I helped Jo Hanna cover potatoes a little while

Sunday, May 3rd

Hard frost - Our 1st Ducks hatched - Jack & Lizzie were here

Monday, May 4th

Cold & chilly - I went to begin Wm Keatings barn - I worked 2 hrs & it began to rain - I came home

Tuesday, May 5th

Cold - At home all day rain by spells all day

Wednesday, May 6th

I went to Keatings worked cutting rafters 1/2 day & came home - Lue came home with me

Thursday, May 7th

Set some poles & girting & put on plates 1 day

Friday, May 8th

Set perloin poles put on plates & 4 rafters & dug holes 1 d

Saturday, May 9th

Set the last of the poles & put on plates 1 day

Sunday, May 10th

At home all day Matie was home to day

Monday, May 11th

It rained this morning I went to Mr Keatings & worked 1/4 day & it rained hard from untill 2 then i came home It rained again in the eve

Tuesday, May 12th

Worked for Keating 9 hrs

Wednesday, May 13th

Was shingleing the house for Wm Keating on the barn 8 hrs - Edie was home

Thursday, May 14th

Shingleing the kitchen on the Dewitt house 1/2 day

Friday, May 15th

We raised the 4 last poles & put on girting all day 1 d

Saturday, May 16th

It rained last night again we went home this morning pleasant to day

Sunday, May 17th

At home Edie was home afternoon

Monday, May 18th

I went up to Wm Keatings & put on siding 1 hr then it began to rain I started home stoped to Ernie Hortons stayed to dinner then up to Orens stayed untill 5 o'clock then came home rained most all day

Tuesday, May 19th

I went to Onslow with Oren back at noon went to Keating & worked afternoon siding 1/2

Wednesday, May 20th

Siding all day 1 day

Thursday, May 21st

Girting & put up rafters 1 d

Friday, May 22nd

Put up perloin scaffold up raised top rafters & put in gable ends made big door 1 d

Saturday, May 23rd

Finished gable ends put up hay track & sheating came home

Sunday, May 24th

At home - Matie was home - Frank Smith was here

Monday, May 25th

Worked all day sheating & face boards & began to shingle 1 d

Tuesday, May 26th

Shingled all day 1 day

Wednesday, May 27th

Shingleing part of the day made 1 door 1 d

Thursday, May 28th

Shingleing all day 1 day

Friday, May 29th

Shingleing all day - Art Alexanders baby died this eve

Saturday, May 30th

I finished shingleing & ridge boards & fixed the stantions 1 d

Sunday, May 31st

I was to Art Alexanders childs funeral

Monday, June 1st

I fixed stantions 1 day

Tuesday, June 2nd

Made doors & went to Primary back at 2 o'clock 1 d

Wednesday, June 3rd

I shingled grainery 1 d 1 hr

Thursday, June 4th

Shingleing barn 1 d 1 hr

Friday, June 5th

Finished the barn put up a tie in the barn made stops & began a privy 1 1 hr

Saturday, June 6th

Shingled privy & siding - It rained at 11 o'clock - I came home afternoon 1/2 d

Sunday, June 7th

It rained this morning

Monday, June 8th

I finished to Wm Keating at noon

Tuesday, June 9th

Hoeing in the garden forenoon - I went to Scotch Grove station with Jo DeMoss afternoon

Wednesday, June 10th

Hoed potatoes in the morning - I went to the grave yard after noon

Thursday, June 11th

I went to the grave yard & mowed my lot & back by noon I howed potatoes for Jo Hanna a while afternoon

Friday, June 12th

I howed potatoes for Jo all forenoon - It rained some afternoon

Saturday, June 13th

Bell & Clifford & I went to Onslow with Jos team was to Barts to dinner - It rained all the way home

Sunday, June 14th

Very pleasant - At home Fred Smith & Hannah Ralston were here

Monday, June 15th

I went to Hannah Snyders & fixed her screen doors forenoon then howed my potatoes

Tuesday, June 16th

I walked to Canton & back to day

Wednesday, June 17th

At home forenoon went to Onslow afternoon with Tom Green

Thursday, June 18th

I went to Wm Carrs after my tools

Friday, June 19th

The wind blew hard last night - I was to Grant Beckwiths afternoon

Saturday, June 20th

I went fishing forenoon got 1 bass - At home afternoon - Matie came home this eve - Clifford stayed to Jacks - the wind blew hard this eve

Sunday, June 21st

Hot & windy - At home - Rose DeMoss was here afternoon

Monday, June 22nd

Hot - I went down to the grave yeard then to Jacks & Neelans then home I helped Tom Green fix his barn door

Tuesday, June 23rd

Howed potatoes forenoon - Bell went home with her Pa afternoon Ora helping Mrs DeMoss

Wednesday, June 24th

At home all day - set a hen on Duck Eggs

Thursday, June 25th

Uncle Toms Cabin in Onslow to day - I went to Onslow came back with Geo Scroggie to the corners - Bell came home afternoon

Friday, June 26th

At home all day

Saturday, June 27th

At home

Sunday, June 28th

It rained a nice shower last night & this morning - At home

Monday, June 29th

I walked to Onslow i shingled for Wm Paul 1 d

Tuesday, June 30th

Shingleing 3/4 d - Josie came home this eve

Wednesday, July 1st

Finished shingleing & came home 1 d

Thursday, July 2nd

It is raining a little - At home

Friday, July 3rd

At home all day

Saturday, July 4th

At home forenoon Bell & i went to Onslow afternoon with Tom Green

Sunday, July 5th

At home all day

Monday, July 6th

I went to Mrs D Orrs fixed her barn

Tuesday, July 7th

Howed my potaotes forenoon went after Raspberries dident get but 1 qt

Wednesday, July 8th

At home all day

Thursday, July 9th

I went to Onslow forenoon with Jo Hannas horse

Friday, July 10th

At home - Josie went to Grand Pas

Saturday, July 11th

I went down the river found a bee tree

Sunday, July 12th

I was at home

Monday, July 13th

At home forenoon - afternoon i put up a scaffold & began to shingle Orens barn 1/2 d

Tuesday, July 14th

Shingleing all day

Wednesday, July 15th

Finished shingleing Orens barn this eve

Thursday, July 16th

I went up to S Websters to finish his house 1 day

Friday, July 17th

Doing the same 1 d

Saturday, July 18th

I worked 3/4 day & came home

Sunday, July 19th

At home

Monday, July 20th

We went & cut my bee tree got over 100 lbs of Honey

Tuesday, July 21st

At home

Wednesday, July 22nd

Cut a bee tree & got nothing

Thursday, July 23rd

At home

Friday, July 24th

At home

Saturday, July 25th

I was up to Websters afternoon

Sunday, July 26th

Set some Gopher Traps for Clifford - All of our children were home to day

Monday, July 27th

Ora & i went after Black Berries - Ora found a bee tree

Tuesday, July 28th

Hot - I was to L E Meads

Wednesday, July 29th

Ora & i went after Black Berries

Thursday, July 30th

Hot - Bell & i went to Clinton

Friday, July 31st

Cool - At home

Saturday, August 1st

I went after Black Berries

Sunday, August 2nd

At home

Monday, August 3rd

I went to Websters to finish his house 1 d

Tuesday, August 4th

Was caseing & dressing caseing 1 d

Wednesday, August 5th

Doing the same 1 d

Thursday, August 6th

Hanging doors 1 day

Friday, August 7th

Caseing & hanging doors 1 d

Saturday, August 8th

Hanging doors & puting on base boards & came home

Sunday, August 9th

At home - It is raining a little - It hasent rained for over 3 weeks

Monday, August 10th

Hanging doors & putting down base boards 1

Tuesday, August 11th

Caseing windows & finished & came home 1/2 - It rained a little to day

Wednesday, August 12th

It rained a nice shower last night - I went to Onslow afternoon with Jo Hanna - W N Tippett & wife were up here afternoon

Thursday, August 13th

Went to Onslow to Ball Play - was taken sick in the evening had the Dr 10 o'clock

Friday, August 14th

Sick to day

Saturday, August 15th

No better had Dr again

Sunday, August 16th

The Dr was here again

Monday, August 17th

Worse had two Dr today

Tuesday, August 18th

No better

Wednesday, August 19th

About the same

Thursday, August 20th

Had two Drs Carson & Knittle

Friday, August 21st

About the same

Saturday, August 22nd

Not quite so well

Sunday, August 23rd

About the same

Monday, August 24th

The same

Tuesday, August 25th

Not so well

Wednesday, August 26th


Thursday, August 27th

Died this morning half past 4 o'clock
Josie died the 30 of September

EDITOR'S NOTE: Last entry was made by his wife Bell




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