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The photograph in the header is of Center Cemetery in Rome township. Thanks to Rosalie Ahrendson we now have a History of the Chapel and Cemetery for your enjoyment.


Over 5400 gravestones listed.

1482 0bits
of Oxford Junction
area residents from
Rita Balichek at the

Oxford Junction Heritage Museum.

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Women are listed by both their maiden and married names.
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Margaret Reade Mackerel
Donald Lee Mackey
Etta Mackrill
Electa Jane Day Main
Thomas Sydney Main
Velda Addie Mairie
Jane Catlett Majzel
Darrell William Malone
David Allen Manning
John "Jack" Manuel
Kathryn Wilson Mardorf
Wilhelm "Bill" Mardorf
Agnes E. Marek
Anna Bessie Marek
Lucille Wosoba Marek
Lydia Marie Marek
Anna Kohout Marr
Myrtle Garson Marshall
Linda Whetstone Martensen
Avis Armstrong Martin
Betty Lou Martin
Jean Israel Martin
Michael John Martin
Virgil George Martensen
Albert H. Marvin
Dianne Jane Mason
Henry George Matejka Jr.
Ivetta Bramer Matejka
Veronica I. Maternach
Clarence John "Fat" Matthiessen
Jacob Matthiessen
Daniel Joseph Matula
Kathryn Marie Maudsley
Charles William May
Mark Duane Mayberry
Margaret H. Mayfield
Jeanette Maynard
Shelley McAtee
John McBurney
Martha McKean McBurney
Lennie Mary McCartey
Betty Prull McCarty
Maggie McCarty
Brian Jerome McClain
Edith I. McCleary
Mabel L. McCleary
William H. McCleary
Mary Moyer McCleary
James Russell McClintock
Jessie McCollough
Albert Laverne McCloy
Bruce R. McCormick
Ellen McCormick
Velda Mairie McCormick
Mitchell Keith McCrea
Ivis LaBarge McCullough
Diane Clark McCutcheon
Mary McDermott
Betty L. McDonald
Rosemary Mae McDonald
David McDonnell
Gertrude McDonnell
William McDonnell
Margaret McElin
Debra McFarland
Gloria Darlene McGuire
Ronald Ray McGuire
William McIntyre
Fergus S. McKean, b. 1823
Fergus S. McKean, b. 1870
Martha Jane McKean
Karl Reed McKeeman
John McKenna
Jack G. McLaughlin
Lucy Osborne McMaster
Albert R. McMurrin
Bess E. McMurrin
Isabelle Moore McMurrin
John McMurrin
Lila McMurrin
Mary Wells McMurrin
Matilda McMurrin
Myrtle Brickley McMurrin
Nathaniel Moore McMurrin
William Larou McMurrin
Ella McNamara
Ellen Kelly McNamara
Loras E. McNamara
Mary McNamara
Patrick McNamara
Beulah Mae McNamee
Cynthia Ann McNeil
Albert J. H. McNeill Jr.
Margaret Rose H. McNelis
John B. McQueen
Mary E. McQuillen
JoAnn Rae McRoberts
Maria McVanna
Velma Lucille McVay
Dean Collier Mead
Lewis Mead
Simon Allen Mead
Neva Huffman Mead
Russell “Rusty” Lloyd Measels
Ann Clark Meek
Jacob W. Meek
Donald D. Meeks
Steven R. Mercer II
Marvin G. Merck
Regina "Gina" Hill Mere
Darrell Dale Meredith
Donna Soper Merrick
Audrey Schuman Merrill
Janet Merritt
Richard Clement (Dick) Merritt
Rodney Eugene Merritt
Shirley Taylor Merritt
Viola Homewood Messerli
Amalia Henrietta Messner
Margaret Alice Messingham
Georgina Knutsen Mettler
Alma Arnold Meyer
John Meyer
John Norris Meyer
Mary Fahrmi Meyer
Rose Wallace Michaelis
Timothy Milan
Bercitis Bickford Miller
Clifford I. Miller
Edward J. Miller
Frieda Mae Miller
Helen Arline Miller
James Miller
Jennie Hughes Miller
John Fred Miller
Leola Marguerite Miller
Mary Jo Miller
Phyllis Hulick Miller
Romancy Miller
Sandra Allen Miller
Vernon E. Miller
Neva M. Millard
Dorothy Blythe Milota
Gilbert Ray "Butch" Milota
Elizabeth Minglin
Janette Pruismann Minzenmeyer
Yvonne Freundt Mitchel
Elaine Reed Mitchell
James L. Mitchell
Thelma H. Mizaur
Garret Collen Moenk
George Ferdinand Mohr
Mary Green Moneypenny
Silas Moneypenny
Arlene Mae Monk
Gertrude Margaret Monk
Elvira Stivers Monroe
Donna Eileen Mooney
Carmelita Ann Moore
Carol Faye Moore
Carolyn Conner Moore
Christina "Tina" Koranda Moore
Edward Moore
Isabelle Moore
Kathryn Ambuehl Moore
Larry Joe Moore
Linda Fall Moore
Merlin Darrell Moore
Paula Fellinger Moore
Rachel Moore
Rose Moore
Shirley M. Moore
Velda Bulah Moore
Wanda Moore
William Moore
Vivian Calloway Moran
Dixie Sauer Morgan
John Milton Moran
Patrick Morgan
James Casper Morger
Carl Wilbur Morning
Carleta Morning
Thomas Morrison
Jennie Chesire Morrissey
John Morrissey
Mark H. Morse
Doris A. Moses
Gail Mosely
Dorothy E. Mott
Eunice Frances Mott
Eunice "Mickey" Mott
Harriet Rowe Mott
Philander Mott
Wallace Mott
Mary Moulton
Daniel Moyer
Daniel P. Moyer
Elizabeth Bechtol Moyer
Margaret Wilkinson Moyer
Mary Bechtol Moyer
Mary Elizabeth Moyer
Mary Estella Moyer
Samuel Moyer
Susannah Hotz Moyer
Margaret Mulconnery
Della Krebbs Mull
Jerry Linn Mull
Patrick Mulvehill
Patrick William Mulvihill
Thomas Mulvihill
Rebecca Murphy
Conner J. Murray
James J. Murray
Margaret Murray
Michael Murray
Thomas Murray


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