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The photograph in the header is of Center Cemetery in Rome township. Thanks to Rosalie Ahrendson we now have a History of the Chapel and Cemetery for your enjoyment.


Over 5400 gravestones listed.

1482 0bits
of Oxford Junction
area residents from
Rita Balichek at the
Oxford Junction Heritage Museum.

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Latest entries are highlighted with Red.
Women are listed by both their maiden and married names.
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Ann(e) Nash
Nick Nassif Jr.
Nick Nassif Sr.
Richard L. Nebergall
James Nelson
William Victor Nelson
Shirley Mae Neumann
Irene Margaret Neunaber
Jan Neunaber
Beatrice Kay Newell
Phila Dufloth Newhard
Rev. Jacob Newman
Anna Elizabeth Nichols
Berniece Violet Nichols
Emaline C. Nichols
Marie Theresa Nichols
Wesley Donn Nissen
Janette Nissen
Raymond Nodurft
Mary Lathrop Norlin
George Norris
Dorothy Kay Norton
Clarice Wessels Norton
Helen Lavonne Norton
Donna Mooney Novak
Frederick Nowlin
Gesina Behrends Null
Mary Hinrichs Null
Sarah Orr Null
Ronald C. Oberbreckling
David Edward Odeen
Catherine O'Donnell
Otto Lester Oellrich
Eldon Jack Oellrich
Betty Louise Ogden
Robert B. Ogden
Margaret Murray O'Hara
Judy Jo Oldorf
Emma Elfreda Oltman
Anna Gerdes Oltmanns
Margaret Mathilda Oltmann
Margaret Bodiker Oltmanns
John S. Oltmanns
Wuebke Bodiker Oltmanns
Pvt. Herman O. Onken
Sgt. John C. F. Onken
Glenn Rusty Orcutt Jr.
Catherine O'Donnell O'Rourke
Farrell O'Rourke
Joseph Edward O'Rourke
Thomas O'Rourke
Alvin J. Orr
Dorothy J. Orr
Elizabeth Tippett Orr
Jennie Orr
John "Jack" Orr
Kathryn Waggoner Orr
Lee Orr
Lester S. Orr
Margaret Mayfield Orr
Mary Elizabeth Orr
Nancy J. Orr
Sadie Orr
Sarah Carol Orr
William H. Orr
Pauline Wyrick Orris
Diane L. Ortgies
Helen M. Ortgies
Jennifer Ann Ortgies
Laura Caspers Ortgies
Leona Walderbach Osterkamp
Luella Matie Osterkamp
Helen Marie Osterkamp
Fannie Bedell Osborne
Louis David Osborne
Lucy Osborne
William Osterkamp
Elizabeth Quigley O'Toole
Michael O'Toole
Joanne Gayle Otten
Audrey Schuman Otten
Cindy Otten
Selena Otten
George Overholt
George Darrell Owen
LaVonne Harms Owen
Richard Wentworth Pace
Cindy Otten Pachtinger
Julia Panek
John Parham
Barbara Cummings Parker
Edwin Wayne Parker
Rose Marie Parker
Caroline Luce Parks
Jane Winey Parmer
Lefa Mary Pash
Ruby Engelbart Pashek
Elaine Marie
Joyce Morrissey Patnode
Louisa M. Patnode
Amelia Johnson Paul
Henry Paul
Isabella Wherry Paul
Elnora Zimmerman Paulsen
Jane Ellen Paulsen
Kathryn Hoffman Paulsen
Paul Ernie Paulsen
Ralph E. Paulsen
Ronald Paulsen
Thomas Jens Paulsen
Carolyn L. Paulson
Carter Louis Paustian
Jennifer Ortgies Payton
Rebecca Beardsley Peak
Edward Samuel Pealer
Ida Mae Ireland Pealer
Lavina Frank Pealer
Carol Swenson Peck
Donald Peck
Robert W. "Bud" Peck
Vivien Eloise Peck
Agnes E. Peckosh
Mary Jo Pederson
Ann Dallas Peet
Eber Gideon Peet
Margaret Lyon Pegariek
Betty M. Pegorick
Johnnie Pegorick
Herbert J. Peiffer
Margaret Cummings Peiffer
Wayne Pence
Francis J. Pepin
Catherine Smith Perry
Dorothy Norton Perry
Dwaine Russell Persels
Hazel Leona Persels
Carsten Peters
Betty Kernen Petersen
Bonita Streeper Petersen
Dale E. Petersen
Gary Dwaine Petersen
Henry W. Petersen
Johanna Petersen
John H. Petersen
Laurie L. Petersen
Leroy W. "Pete" Petersen
Lloyd T. Petersen
Lorene M. Petersen
Lorenz "Skip" Petersen
Neil Thomas Petersen
Robert Petersen Jr.
Sheila Rae Petersen
Thomas "Tom" Petersen
Verna Wulff Petersen
Wanda Moore Petersen
Ardella Hamad Peterson
Jane Marie Peterson
Leo D. Peterson
Magda Peterson
Robert Downey “Bob” Peterson
Wanda May Peterson
Diane D. Phelps
Delmar Phillips
Caroline Phinney
Shirley Harvey Pickler
Vernice Louise Pierce
Margaret McCrea Pilcher
Mathilda Piles
Clara Mae Pillard
Sandra Ford Pingel
Eliza White Platner
George Gordonier Platner
George Robert Platner
Robert F. Plattenberger
Shirley Mae Pleasant
Ruth Trula Pletsch
Carroll Edward Podhaski
Ruth Kasper Podhaski
Doris A. Podlak
Martin Podolak
Rosa Harazim Podolak
John Francis Poduska
Adelina Tobiassen Poppe
Anke Mary Poppe
Anna Margaretha Poppe
John Deetrich Poppe
Iris Maxine Porter
Jane Schreurs Porter
Nelda Jean Porter
Florence Postel Pospishil
Mary Ann Harding Post
Joan Eden Postal
Edward J. Postel
Florence M. Postel
Gertrude Monk Postel
Harold "Mick" Postel
Jean Ricklefs Postel
Lemuel Postel
Louisa Patnode Postel
Marguerite Elizabeth Postel
Russell Postel
Kathryn McNamara Pote
Frances E. Potter
Joyce Ann Potter
Joyce Sebo Poulter
Alfreda Gorman Power
David Powers
Statia Powers
Estella Matilda Preston
Wallace M. Preston
Lucille Holub Price
Joseph H. Price
Ella Cleasby Price
Michael Printy
William H. Proctor
The Rev. Frederick Lyman Provan
Janette Ann Pruismann
Betty Prull
Bonnie Kelley Prull
Emil Gerhard Prull
Ida Ketelsen Prull
William H. Prull
Mary Johnson Prussia


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